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"Terry Hall's understated, evocative vocals has continued to be one of the most distinctive and recognizable voices in all rock music"

"Genius, my hero since he was in the specials, brilliant song writer, brilliantly dead pan vocalist, deserves far more success than he's had lately"

"Terry Hall is a very modest man. He's had an enormous influence on many artists today."
"Terry Hall is one of our finest singer/songwriters"


Electronic,Pop, Rock
Synth-pop, New Wave

Terry Hall - vocals, guitar
Toby Lyons - guitar, keyboards (ex The Swinging Cats)
Karl Shale - bass (from Solid Action and Aching Tongue,later joined The Candyskins and played with Ausgang in the late 90's)
Gary Dwyer - drums, 1986-87 (ex The Teardrop Explodes)

"Castles In The Air"

"Thinking of You"

VIRGINS AND PHILISTINES (1985) (Japan CD version)

Artwork By - T + CP
Drums - Paul Burgess ( 01 to 04, 06, 07, 09 to 12) , Pete De Freitas (from Echo & The Bunnymen) (tracks: 04,05)
Engineer - Chris Jones , Corinne Simcock
Percussion - Preston Heyman (tracks: 01 to 05, 07 to 11)
Clarinet - Ian Nelson (from Fiat Lux) (tracks: 11)
Photography - Ashworth
Producer -
Hugh Jones ( (tracks: 01 to 06, 08 to 11) , Jeremy Green (,,438143,00.html) (tracks: 07, 12)


01 Thinking Of You
02 Faint Hearts

03 Castles In The Air
04 Take
05 Cruel Circus
06 Hammond Song
07 Virgins And Philistines
08 Yours Sincerely
09 Armchair Theatre
10 Sorry
11 The Colour Field
12 Windmills of Your Mind
13 Pushing Up The Daisies
14 Thinking Of You (Singalong Version)
15 My Wild Flame
16 Little Things
17 Castles In The Air (Extended Version)
18 Your Love Was Smashing
19 I Can't Get Enough Of You Baby
20 Things Could Be So Beautiful

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"When it was initially released in the mid-'80s, the Colourfield's Virgins and Philistines had little in common with most of the albums recorded during that decade. The passing of years has only strengthened the LP's timeless appeal. Plucking sounds from the late '60s and early '70s, the Colourfield created an album that will never be dated because it cannot be attached to a specific era. The mournful violin and sultry Latin rhythms of "Castles in the Air" represent the apex of vocalist Terry Hall's artistry. Hopelessly romantic, "Castles in the Air" yearns for lost love with a filmmaker's eye and a poet's ear. There are two versions of "Castles in the Air" on the Japanese CD reissue of Virgins and Philistines, the second of which has a lengthy instrumental intro; both are stunningly beautiful. The Japanese edition of Virgins and Philistines actually eclipses the original. First of all, there are more songs: 20 instead of merely 12. The bonus tracks include a dreamy cover of "Windmills of Your Mind," an instrumental rendition of "Thinking of You," and the rare B-side "My Wild Flame," essentially a rewrite of "The Colourfield." "Pushing up Daisies" can be found on either version; however, on CD the track's thorny guitar riffs and sullen basslines have greater punch. "Pushing up Daisies" offers a sobering look at withering stardom; Hall may write from a downcast, cynical perspective, but his unpretentious, honest lyrics are always hummable. Hall expresses more emotion on Virgins and Philistines than he ever did with his previous groups, the Specials and Fun Boy Three. On "Take," Hall sings, "You just take/And pile on the agony." The pain in Hall's voice rips through the song's cozy layer of acoustic guitars. The remake of "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" is the only track on the LP that received radio airplay in the U.S., and it's misleading; nothing else on the album is that upbeat. Although the album looks to the past for inspiration, it's never retro; the music is frozen in suspended animation, always fresh whenever it's heard."

"Terry Hall split up The Specials in 1981 taking Neville Staples and Lynval Golding with him to form Fun Boy Three. By 1983 he had again become restless and split up FB3 with Toby Lyons from their touring band and forming The Colour Field with the like minded Karl Shale. Due to Terry's pedigree expectations where high for the new group and I remember spending an evening listening to the Janice Long Radio One show awaiting the premiere of their debut single also called `The Colour Field'. Second single `Take' is included on this album and it is no doubt one of Terry Hall's greatest songs, that it failed to make the top forty beggars belief. Follow up `Thinking of You' again showcases Hall's spot on song writing and this time the song went top twenty with a momentum carrying this album into the charts. The next song taken from the album `Castles in the Air' again failed to chart despite a similar approach to `Thinking of You'. The song writing and arrangements of the remainder of the album perhaps do not rise to the dizzy heights of it's 45's but it is a satisfying collection of indie pop gems. That this album is currently out of print is criminal."

"It is not often you see so many 5 stars for an album, buy it and totally agree. Like others I heard this when i was a kiddo and today it still sounds as fresh as a daisy. This really is timeless pop with songs both your Grandma and punk cousin will find acceptable. It is hard to say which singles are the best 'cos there really isn't a bad track on it, but my personal favourite is 'Sorry'.i know this is a lot of money, but I promise that it is a worth while investment. I don't know if Terry Hall is making any money from this Asian release but in my opinion he should be given a knighthood. THE BEST ALBUM OF THE 80's."

"Fantastically under-rated album with some of Terry Hall's best song writing - poetic yet humorous. The pained anger of a separation is exposed in "Take" with lines such as 'I bet you're in a bed of roses/Lying in a heap/surrounded by your new possessions/so tasteless and cheap'. A Japanese version of the CD contains all the B sides which are just as good and worth tracking down."

"Terry Hall's finest hour. Superb acoustic sounding album, some songs with a slight latin influence a la Love.It contains the brilliant "Take", "Castles In The Air" & the last ever hit single Terry ever had - "Thinking of You". I wish I could find this album on CD, but I don't think it exists."

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Terry Hall - all instruments and voices
Toby Lyons - all instruments and voices
Karl Shale - all instruments and voices
Gary Dwyer - Drums

Producer- Ian Broudie (The Lightning Seeds) and Hugh Jones


01 Things could Be Beautiful
02 Frosty Morning
03 Armchair Theater
04 Faint Hearts
05 Pushing Up The Daisies (Live)
06 Yours Sincerely (Live)

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The Colourfield was the second release by the British new wave band, The Colourfield. This EP was only released in the US. The UK had already seen all of the songs released as either a single or a 12".


Terry Hall - all instruments and voices
Toby Lyons - all instruments and voices
Gregg Mangiafico
( – Keyboards Sammy Merendino ( – Drum Programming
Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears) - Guitar (tracks 02,04)
Dollette McDonald, Deborah Malone & Janice Pendarvis - Background Vocals (track 08)
Co-producer, Engineer - Jeffrey Lesser (producer of Sailor,Invisible Zoo,Mental As Anything etc.,see:
Producer - Richard Gottehrer (ex The Strangeloves,also producer of Blondie,Dr. Feelgood,Go Go's,Yachts etc.;see:


01 Badlands (4:43)
02 Running Away (3:54)
03 From Dawn To Distraction (3:40)
04 Confessions (4:34)
05 Miss Texas 1967 (4:10)
06 She (3:17)
07 Heart Of America (5:00)
08 Digging It Deep (3:51)
09 Monkey In Winter (5:15)
10 Goodbye Sun Valley (4:36)

11 The Colour Field (Extended Version)
12 My Wild Flame (Extended)
13 Running Away (Long version)

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Deception was to be the last album released by the British new wave band, The Colourfield. During the recording of the album Karl Shale left during the sessions. Terry has since voiced his displeasure with the recording of the album because he did not feel he had the control of the session musicians and producers the way he needed to preserve The Colourfield’s sound.
"Deception isn't just the name of the Colourfield's second album; it's also vocalist Terry Hall's modus operandi. Underneath the surface of Hall's seemingly cheerful melodies is always a bummed-out lyric or two, and he wastes no time on Deception. Amidst the jolly xylophones of "From Dawn to Distraction," the second track on the LP, Hall sings, "Nothing is enough/In a world without love." "Digging It Deep" emulates the same formula: hook listeners with a danceable beat while hurling unsettling revelations like "Oh how I wish I love the human race/Oh how I wish I had a pretty face." There's probably no one who is having as much fun being depressed than Hall. While Deception is slicker than the Colourfield's debut album, Virgins and Philistines, Hall's songwriting hasn't softened; he can still tell sad stories with acid-tongued wit and a barrel full of empathy. On the haunting "Miss Texas 1967," Hall narrates a tale of faded beauty with deeply felt compassion. With its lovely acoustic guitars, "Miss Texas 1967" more closely resembles the intimate sound of Virgins and Philistines than Deception's glossy production. The robotic percussion and blaring horns of the band's cover of Sly & the Family Stone's "Running Away" might revolt indie pop purists with no tolerance for '80s dance music; however, it nicely shows off Hall's stylistic range, and "Goodbye Sun Valley" is a rousing homage to cabaret. Deception may wallow in its misery, but at least it does so with a smile on its face."

"This was The Colour Field's second and unfortunately final album. Marred by an acrimonious split in the band (Toby Lyons left during the recording of the album) the album was released in 1987 and I was fortunate enough to buy the album at the time, and to see the remainder of the band (Raquel Welch's band I am led to believe) live in Manchester just after the release of this. Ten splendid tunes including the sublime 'Miss Texas 1967', the poignant 'Goodbye Sun Valley' and the brilliant 'Confession'. Give this album a try - Terry Hall is one of the best singer/songwriters of the last twenty odd years. Buy It!"

By the summer of 1983, the Fun Boy Three were peaking in popularity and Terry Hall disbanded the group. Hooking up with ex-Swinging Cats members Toby Lyons and Karl Shale, Hall moved to Manchester and formed the Colourfield, a more lush and melodic outfit than the Fun Boy Three. In January of 1984, the band released their first single, "The Colourfield," which just missed the Top 40. It was followed later that summer with "Take," which didn't even come close to the Top 40. The Colourfield had its first hit in January of 1985, when "Thinking of You" reached number 12. It was followed by "Castles in the Air," another failed single that preceded the release of their debut album, Virgins and Philistines, by just a few weeks. Like the band's singles, Virgins and Philistines failed to gain a large audience for the Colourfield. The band released a second album, Deception, in the spring of 1987. During the sessions, Lyons left the band, leaving Hall to finish the album by himself; to complete the album, Hall hired Raquel Welch's band.

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Electronic, Pop, Rock
New Wave, Pop Rock, Ska, Synth-pop,Brit Pop, Downtempo

"Ballad Of The Landlord"

"Running Away"

TERRY, BLAIR & ANOUCHKA - Ultra Modern Nursery Rhymes (1990)

Electronic, Pop

Terry Hall
Anouchka Groce
Blair Booth (member of Oui 3)



Arranged By - Jeremy Green (tracks: 4 to 6, 8, 9)
Guitar, Backing Vocals - Anouchka Groce
Keyboards, Vocals -
Blair Booth (
Producer - Bob Sargeant (
(tracks: 1 to 7, 9, 10) , Jeremy Green (,,438143,00.html) (tracks: 4 to 6, 8, 9)
Vocals - Terry Hall
Written-By, Arranged By - Blair Booth , Terry Hall


01 Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme
02 Missing
03 Fishbones and Scaredy Cats
04 Lucky in Love
05 Day Like Today
06 Sweet September Sacrifice
07 Beautiful People
08 Three Cool Cats
09 Happy Families
10 Just Go
11 Hush Hush Baloo
12 Lush Will Keep Us Together

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"After The Colourfield imploded, Terry Hall formed a trio with an American actress called Blair Booth and a jeweler called Anouchka Groce. Terry, Blair, And Anouchka explored Hall's love for '60s pop, as well as kitschy mainstream pop, as evidenced on the trio's cover of Captain & Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together." "Missing," the group's first single, was released in the fall of 1989 and it didn't make much of an impact, peaking at number 75 on the British charts. The trio's second single, "Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme," didn't even chart. Terry, Blair And Anouchka's debut album, also called Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme, was released in February of 1990 to little attention." ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

"One of the most overlooked and forgotten gems. From the splendor of the Terry Hall tongue, this outing with Blair Booth and Anouchka is truly a great find. They blend whimsical lyrics, catchy hooks and uplifting rhythms. Think of Mamas & Papas meets Lighting Seeds."

"...Terry Hall was thinking when he decided teaming up with an actress and a jeweller and coming up with this fantastic album but whatever he was thinking that time, I'm glad he did it. Sadly, no one practically took notice when this great piece of work came out. Hall is a master of conveying the deepest emotions one can have from timely things like the ruins of a divorce. He can also get away with doing covers like Captain & Tenille's staple Love Will Keep Us Together (OK, let's give Blair & Anouchka equal credit as they are parts of the album as well!!). Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme, (..err, the song) is a happy song cleverly done by the trio. Equally good is Beautiful People but the real knockout here is Missing. Missing has a real honesty in it, lyrics-wise anyways. Quite seldom for a man to be admitting he misses a separated wife and Hall just does it with utmost truth in it. Still very visible are the traces of his prior group, The Colourfield, which also mastered melo-dramatic tunes. This is probably one of the forgotten chapters of Terry Hall's discography but if you liked him eversince, add a dash of influence from Mamas & Papas...then maybe, just maybe,'ll like this album."

"After The Colourfield split up Chrysalis slit had enough faith in Terry Hall to come up with the goods they allowed him to credit this album Terry, Blair and Anoushta when issuing it as a solo venture by cash cow Terry Hall may have appealed more to their accountants. With the two part harmony backing vocals the album is more attuned to Fun Boy Three than any other of the Hall canon and the feminine touch makes this a very light and poppy collection. This is most apparent on with jazz standard `Three Cool Catz' which is very reminiscent of FB3 45 `T-aint What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It) which was lifted by the backing singing of the then unknown Bananarama. Title song `Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme' sets the standard for the album with it's child like naivety being thrown into sharp contrast by the cynical and deadpan lead vocals. These work especially well on `Missing' a song on divorce which would dove tail nicely into any west end musical climax and the fantastic `Fishbones and Scaredy Cats' which still makes me laugh nearly twenty years after I first heard it. The arrangements on this album are perhaps a little samey however it is a fantastic listen, highly recommended."

"the first album by Hall's new trio with Blair Booth (vocals/keyboards) and Anouchka Groce (guitar/vocals) — drapes his usual lyrical dyspepsia in superficially simple light pop music that's too subtle for its own good. While several songs recall the Fun Boys' old partnership with Bananarama (minus the rhythmic intensity), there are fewer echoes of Hall's subsequent adventures: the faint accents here are Dixieland, swing and Latin. Booth, who shares songwriting and lead vocals, is a versatile, sympathetic collaborator, but the album is a bit down-the-middle dull, lacking any strong stylistic personality. After years of making music neck-deep in atmosphere, Hall isn't served well by such understatement; as pleasant as these tunes are, none of them has the memorable mettle of his best."


Terry, Blair & Anouchka was a musical outfit, active in the early 1990s. The group was formed by Coventry born singer Terry Hall, American actress Blair Booth and jeweler Anouchka Groce.Terry, Blair & Anouchka were formed shortly after the dissolution of Terry's previous musical project The Colourfield. All three members shared a love for '60s pop, as well as kitschy mainstream pop, as evidenced on the trio's cover of Captain & Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together." Their debut single "Missing," was released in the fall of 1989 and while it didn't make much of an impact (peaking at number 75 on the UK singles charts), it did have the distinct dishonour of making the Guinness Book of Records list of least successful singles by any act.The trio's second single, "Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme," didn't even chart. Terry, Blair and Anouchka's debut album, also called Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme, was released in February of 1990 to little attention. The group split shortly afterwards.In 1992, Terry Hall collaborated with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics under the name Vegas, before releasing a self-titled album in 1995. (,_Blair_&_Anouchka)

HOME (1994)

Bass - Les Pattinson (Echo And The Bunnymen,see:
Drums - Chris Sharrock (The Icicle Works,see:
Guitar - Craig Gannon (Adult Net,The Smiths,see:
Photography [Sleeve] - Juergen Teller
Producer - Ian Broudie (Lighting Seeds)

Recorded in Liverpool - Spring 1994
"Forever J"

01 Forever J
02 You
03 Sense
04 I Drew A Lemon
05 Moon On Your Dress
06 No No No
07 What's Wrong With Me
08 Grief Diguised As Joy
09 First Attack Of Love
10 I Don't Got You

11 God Only Knows
12 Suburban Cemetary
13 Guess It's Not A Great Day
14 This Guy's In Love With You
15 Forever J (Pulp Mix)

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"Home, Terry Hall's first solo album, is a surprisingly polished collection of mainstream pop/rock produced by the Lightning Seeds' Ian Broudie. Theoretically, the setting is entirely too smooth for Hall's limited vocal skills, but the results are quite enjoyable, since he and Broudie have cleverly arranged each song to emphasize the strengths of Terry's detached vocals. While there is a bit of filler scattered throughout the album, the record is supported by pleasantly jangling pop songs that help make Home Hall's strongest effort since the Colourfield." - Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

" I just found this album when looking to replace my much-loved copy of the excellent Virgins & Philistines and bought it on trust. The music has progressed from those heady days in the early 1980s but remains distinctively Terry Hall - bouncing guitar, cynical/humourous lyrics, some brilliant phrasing: if you liked the other stuff, you'll enjoy this from track one on! My favourite tracks so far: Forever J, I Drew a Lemon (Fool's Garden meets the Kinks), What's Wrong with Me, but as usual all the songs are strong."

"Terry Hall's career is the perfect example of the law of diminishing returns. After breaking up The Specials to form The Fun Boy Three it was apparent FB3 could never eclipse its parent group. The Colourfield failed to capitalise on the hit single `Thinking of You' and by the time the Vegas album had drifted effortlessly into the remaindered bin it was looking like Terry would never again trouble the pop world again. Not to be discouraged Terry recruited ex-Smiths sideman Craig Gannon, Lightening Seed Ian Broudie, XTC front man Andy Partridge and ex-Haircut One Hundred singer Nick Haywood as writing partners and began creating one of the most accomplished albums of his career. Terry and Craig put together a band and in contrast to most of Terry's previous vehicles went on the road. With Ian Broudie back in the producers chair he had occupied back in The Colourfield days the album was launched with 45 `Forever J' which put Terry back in the music press if not the charts. The album which followed lived up to all exceptions with the fantastic `You' and `Sense' the later of which became a hit for The Lightening Seeds. Over highlights would be `I Drew a Lemon', `Moon On Your Dress' and `No No No' which was going to be issued as a single but inexplicably deleted prior to issue. If not a perfect return to form this album was at least a precursor as to the heights Terry would later achieve with his next album, to paraphrase the song if ifs and ands were pots and pans, Terry would be a kitchen."

"A sadly neglected pop classic, sprinkled with sarcastic fairy dust."

"For Terry Hall's first solo album he was helped by people such as Ian Broudie, Craig Gannon, Nick Heyward, Andy Partridge and Les Pattinson however as ever with a Terry Hall record its his lyrics and distinct vocals which dominate. Tracks like "Forever J" "No No No" and "What's wrong with Me" find him lyrically and vocally reaching new heights."

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Track 01: Featuring - Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz,see:
Track 02: Featuring - Ian Broudie (Lighting Seeds)
Track 04: Featuring - Tricky

a 2 cd set. Tracks 3 and 4 are live covers of songs by Television and The Specials. Tracks 05 and 06 are from cd2.

01 Chasing A Rainbow
02 Mistakes
03 See No Evil (Live)
04 Ghost Town (Live)
05 Our Lips are Sealed (live)
06 Thinking Of You (live)

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"In 1995 Terry released a new EP called 'Rainbows'. This was released on two CD singles. The first single featured the main track 'Chasing a Rainbow' which was co-written by Blur's Damon Albarn. The second track, 'Mistakes', was co-written by Ian Broudie (Lightning Seeds) who also produced the first two tracks. The third track was a live recording of 'See no evil' taken from a 1994 Manchester University gig. This recording together with two live recordings on the second CD single also appeared on the promo version of the unreleased single 'No, No, No'. The final track of the first CD single was a live recording of the Specials 'Ghost Town' performed with Tricky during a 1995 gig. The second CD single also featured 'Chasing a Rainbow' and 'Ghost Town' but with two live versions of Terry's best remembered songs - The Fun Boy Three's 'Our Lips are Sealed' and the Colourfield's 'Thinking of You'. A promo video for the single was produced featuring Terry with a bevy of female musicians. Both Damon Albarn and Tricky had cited Terry as a major influence in their own careers."


VEGAS - Vegas (1996)

Dave Stewart ( - Guitar,Vocals, Keyboards
Terry Hall-Vocals
Olle Romo (Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys,State Of Play,see:, Programming
Manu Guiot
( - Mixing



01 Possessed
02 Walk Into The Wind
03 She's Alright
04 Take Me For What I Am
05 Trouble With Lovers
06 Nothing Alas Alack
07 Thought Of You
08 Anthem
09 Wise Guy
10 Day It Rained Forever
11 She

12 Lying In Bed Barefoot (from Possessed 12")
13 Infectious (from Possessed 12")
14 Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction (from Walk Into The Wind 12")
15 Art Blind (from Walk Into The Wind 12")
16 If You Kill My Cat, I'll Kill Your Dog (from She 12")
17 Tip Of My Tongue (from She 12")
18 She (Remix)
19 She (Disco Mix)

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"A fantastically stylish collaboration between Dave Stewart (ex Eurythmics) and Terry Hall. An early 90's comercial 'flop' from the musical genius of the immenslely talented Dave Stewart and the distinctive vocal talents of Terry-fun boy three-Hall. I thought this CD had disappeared into the mists of the 1990's!! Best described as stylish and cool, mixed in with a little camp uncertainty with a slightly tounge-in-cheek delivery, this albumn is a clear signpost to the brilliant, diverse and brave; yet commercially unsuccessful, work offered up by Dave Stewart throughout the 1990's during his time away from the Eurythmics.Great for Sunday afternoon listenings at home whilst drinking champagne and self indulgently complaining about the price of good domestic help."Mine has 10 tracks listed on the sleeve, but has all 11 printed on the CD."

"In 1992 I predicted this would be the hit album of the year; I've been wrong before and will no doubt be wrong again. It seemed the perfect duo, Dave Steward from electro pop band The Eurythmics and Terry Hall journeyman singer of The Specials pedigree. First single and album opener `Possessed' b/w `The Day it Rained Forever' was the perfect fanfare for this new group and it ticked all the boxes, that it failed to chart was a surprise not only to me but also to BMG who had put there whole corporate muscle behind the release securing the `Possessed' video being played on heavy rotation on all TV stations. Charles Aznavour's `She' was chosen as the second single to showcase the bands commercial side and again it failed to chart allowing the album to stagger uncertainly into Woolworth's where I got my copy still expecting to be the first to hear the next big thing. It is a great album with classic tracks as `She's Alright', `Take me for what I Am' and the brilliant `The Trouble with Lovers' but it turned out I was into a great underground band rather than the world beating act I was anticipating. By the time the third single `Walk into the Wind' was released the band had done just that. Even so the occasional detour into Vegas is always welcome."

"This is an odd one -- and one that should not have worked out nearly as well as it did. This is the debut album from Vegas, which is Terry Hall and Eurythmics' Dave Stewart with help from Eurythmics assistants Olle Romo and Manu Guiot. Trying to picture Terry Hall in Eurythmics just doesn't make sense, yet the result is simply stunning. Both Hall and Stewart branched out from their previous bands and experimented with different sounds, both lyrically and musically. The result is a real mixture of rock, pop, electronica, and reggae, and it all works. Hall's deadpan vocals sound yearning throughout as he sings about despair and the loss of trust and self. Stewart compliments the sentiments with unsettling music throughout, mixed with some of the strongest melodies he has ever written (just listen to the opening track, "Possessed," once and then try to shake it out of the brain). Other songs take sound textures to another level, such as the bizarre, yet wonderful "Nothing Alas Alack." Both artists seemed to have influenced each other and both were very willing to go out on a limb and try some very new sounds. On a technical note, it is interesting that there is not a production credit, although it is almost certainly a Dave Stewart production." - Aaron Badgley, All Music Guide

LIGHTNING SEEDS - What You Say part 1. and part 2. (CDS) (1997)

House, Synth-pop

Engineer - Kenny Patterson /Producer - Ian Broudie , Jonathan Quarmby , Kevin Bacon Written-By - Ian Broudie , Terry Hall
Remix [Credited To] - Touché (tracks 04,05)/Programmed By - Ashley Beedle , Marc Woolford (track 03)
Remix - Ballistic Brothers (tracks 02,03)
Remix [Credited To], Producer [Additional Production] - Ashley Beedle (track 03)
Remix [Credited To], Producer [Additional Production] - Ashley Beedle , Marc Woolford , Rocky (track 02)


01 What You Say (7" Version)
02 Wishaway (weirdaway version)
03 Blue
04 Be My Baby
05 What You Say (Psychedelic Beach Funk Vocal - Parts 1 & 2)
06 What You Say (Psychedelic Beach Trip - Part 3)
07 What You Say (Wiseguy Remix - Vocal)
08 What You Say (Wiseguy Remix - Instrumental)

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LAUGH (1997)

Terry Hall - Arranger, Vocals, Handclapping, Main Performer
Guitar, Arranger, String Arrangements - Craig Gannon (Adult Net, The Smiths)
Sean O'Hagan (from Microdisney and Stereolab,see:, Angie Pollock - Vocals (Background)
Jocelyn Pook - Viola/Julia Singleton,Elain Constantine - Violin/Caroline LaVelle - Cello (
Simon Rogers - Keyboards, Programming (Adult Net etc.,see:
Martyn Campbell - Bass (ex Lightning Seeds,see: Disley - Keyboards (
Drums - Chris Sharrock (
Ellie Warren - Flute/Rosie Lindsell - Bassoon/Mick Ball - Trumpet/Handclapping - Dave Auty/Susanna Warren - Clarinet
Nick Heyward - Vocals (Background) (from Haircut 100,see:, Remixing, Producer - Stephen Street (also produced: The Smiths,Blur etc.,see:


01 Love To See You
02 Room Full Of Nothing
03 Sonny And His Sister
04 Happy Go Lucky
05 Ballad Of A Landlord
06 For The Girl
07 Take It Forever
08 Summer Follows Spring
09 Misty Water
10 I Saw The Light
11 Music To Watch Girls By
12 Close To You
13 Anywhere
14 Working Class Hero (live)
15 Ballad Of Landlord (acoustic)
16 Love To See You (acoustic)
17 Bang Went Forever (from Ballad Of A Landlord 7")

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"Terry Hall is most engaging when he is miserable. Hall, formerly of the Specials and Fun Boy Three, began delving into his shattered heart with the Colourfield in the mid-'80s. On his second solo album, Laugh, Hall is again weeping in his ale despite the cheerful appellation. On the surface, this album is distilled sunshine: The blanket of tastefully strummed acoustic guitars of "Love to See You," the crystalline jangle and sweet harmonies of "Sonny and His Sister," and the soaring chorus of "Take It Forever" seduce the listener into singing along to Hall's lyrics without realizing how tormented they are. Like Morrissey and Robert Smith of the Cure, Hall can sweep his angst underneath toe-tapping hooks. The shimmering guitar pop of "Summer Follows Spring" sounds as if it were made for a Sunday afternoon stroll, but it's a booby trap; the track is actually about his lover having an affair. "Last night you slept with someone else," Hall plaintively sings, while ex-Smiths member Craig Gannon paints fluffy white clouds with his six-string. While Hall mined the '60s with the Colourfield, his affection for '70s AM radio fodder is proudly displayed on Laugh. The songs are straightforward and immaculately produced, lacking any quirks or rough edges. If Hall didn't have such poetic and biting lyrics, this could be described as an easy listening record. Nevertheless, his mournful voice merges beautifully with the soft rock of his band. On "Ballad of a Landlord," Hall's whispery tone is matched by subtle strings; the music slowly builds volume and tempo with the rising emotion in Hall's vocals and lyrics. When he exclaims, "So now the place lies in ruin/the way you lied and ruined me," the guitars suddenly become louder, capturing the pain and resentment in his voice and words. Hall chooses to cover Todd Rundgren's "I Saw the Light" at the album's end; however, beneath its bouncy, infectious beat, there are no barbed confessions. Then again, Hall didn't write it." - Michael Sutton, All Music Guide

"This album is so special.It was apparently written as a response to the breakdown of Terry;s marriage and this is some result. Touching beautiful songs,wonderful harmonies..I still havent stopped playing it yet... a song for every bitter sweet mood Essential!"

"Having adored Terry's earlier album Home (another five star release), I bought Laugh the day it came out and loved it too. But today, I listened to it all the way through for the first time in a while, and it really struck me all over again what a total work of melancholy genius it is. The melodies are enchanting, the lyrics heart-wrenching and beautiful - I was blubbing by the first chorus of the first track (again...), the production wonderful. I really can't understand why Laugh is such a little-known gem, as it's so lovely, honest and truly superb."

"This album is beautiful and moving,Terry`s vocals are exquisite,the lyrics touching and the production is great."Ballad Of The Landlord,"and "I`d Love To See You,"are my own personal favourites,but each song has it`s own merits.Beg,borrow or steal it!"

"Terry has always blended perfect sweet pop with wit and honesty. One of the most prolific artists in the UK, "Laugh" presents a darker, lonely side of Hall after his brutal divorce. The lyrics seem a little too introspective but his unusual since of pop and hooks delivers most nicely. Terry explores more of his falsetto range on this outting going in and out of high and low notes, but the result is very interesting. Love to See You and Sonny and his Sister are utterly divine and For the Girl will leave you smiling. From ska with the Specials to Fun Boy Three, Colourfield, Vegas and with Blair/Anouchka (which is an amazing rarity), Terry shines once again. Oh and the sleeve is perfect"

"Actually a good album from this both loved and hated singer, former of The Specials, Fun Boy Three, The Colourfield and featured in various collaborations... Not one annoying song, and lots of very nice ones! Feels like good old Terry Hall, and a perfect album to have playing in the background on a good busy day."

More review:



01 The Specials - Ghost Town
02 The Colourfield - Thinking Of You
03 Fun Boy Three - Our Lips Are Sealed
04 Fun Boy Three & Bananarama - Really Saying Something
05 The Colourfield - Colourfield
06 Special AKA - Too Much Too Young
07 Special AKA - Nelson Mandela
08 Terry Hall - Missing
09 Fun Boy Three - Farmyard Connection
10 The Colourfield - Castles In The Air
11 Fun Boy Three - Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum
12 The Specials - Man At C&A
13 Fun Boy Three - Things We Do
14 Terry Hall - Beautiful People
15 The Specials - Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)
16 The Colourfield - Windmills Of Your Mind
17 Terry Hall - Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme
18 The Colourfield - Yours Sincerely

Link to download:

A comprehensive collection of tracks from Terry Hall which span his career from the mid-eighties to the early nineties.Includes chart hits from The Specials and Fun Boy Three as well songs from his first solo album. A mixture of ska, new wave, rock and pop.

"Terry Hall - iconic former Specials/Fun Boy Three/Colourfield frontman and also a seriously talented singer/songwriter in his own right, incredibly influential (eg Blur quote him as a major influence). Responsible for some of the finest musical moments of the last 25plus years - and some of them are on this album. Of course, most people already know and love Ghost Town (the song was a final bow before Terry, Lynval and Neville left the specials to form the Fun Boy Three - what a way to go!), but some of the songs here are taken from albums and whilst not exactly mainstream, the craftmanship and sheer brilliance is clear throughout (even with the Fun Boy Three numbers - a band who admitted they didn't know what they were doing when they started out!)This album takes you from his early days in the late seventies through to the early nineties - unfortunately it has never been updated to include any of his more recent songs. However, the quality of the songs shine through and you are left admiring the man for his diversity and willingness to try new things.Give this album a go - I promise you that you will love this and hope that this is a stepping stone to buy more albums by Terry Hall, FB3, Specials, The Colourfield. Buy It!"

"`The Complete Terry Hall' like its predecessor `Terry Hall; The Collection' is a collection of the work Terry Hall put out with The Specials, Fun Boy Three, The Colourfield and Terry, Blair and Anoushta from 1979 to 1989 when he was signed to Chrysalis Records. From The Specials urgent debut `Gangsters' which put Terry on Top of The Pops to the final single by Terry, Blair and Anoushta `Beautiful People' which failed to find any radio play. Unlike it's predecessor the track listing is not chronological and the drop in quality after the break up of The Specials is disguised by mixing the bands together.
The Songs of Terry, Blair and Anoushta are here credited to Terry Hall alone and, as with `The Collection', would have been better served by omitting their last single. The Colourfield are better served by this album by ignoring their second album which I feel confident even Terry Hall would be pleased to be able to do.
Unfortunately FB3 are not well represented here, without essential single `The Tunnel of Love' and with `Really Saying Something' representing the collaboration with Bananarama despite being a Bananarama rather than a FB3 single.
The Specials representation here is okay but I think the omission of the final Hall Composition (the other been the included `Man at C & A') `Friday Night, Saturday Morning' been a mistake.
And so not a bad compilation, but as with all collections that span ten years, we would all make slightly different choices."

TERRY HALL & MUSHTAQ - The Hour Of Two Lights (2003)

Tribal, Downtempo

Terry Hall - banjo, Jews harp
Mushtaq (from Fun-Da-Mental)
Damon Albarn - vocals, melodica
Abdul Latif Assaly, Eva Katzler, Nathalie Barghach - vocals
Oujdi - rap vocals
Romany Rad - guitar, accordion, bass, background vocals
Louai Alhenawi - ney
Eddie Morden - clarinet
Mazin Abu Sayf - accordion, oud


01 Grow (5:53)
02 A Gathering Storm (5:05)
03 Ten Eleven (4:59)
04 Sticks And Stones (4:13)
05 The Silent Wail (7:08)
06 A Tale Of Woe (4:22)
07 The Hour Of Two Lights (5:55)
08 This And That (4:34)
09 They Gotta Quit Kicking My Dog Around (5:06)
10 Stand Together (4:46)
11 Epilogue (5:10)

Link to download:

"It seems like every few years Terry Hall pops up in some new outfit, puts out an album or two, then moves on to the next project. This time he's teamed up with Mushtaq, former DJ for FunDaMental, for a cross-cultural, strongly Middle Eastern-flavored pop album. As a touchstone, it's similar to Natacha Atlas' music, but with less emphasis on the dancefloor. Given Hall's detached delivery style, it might seem like a strange fit with the passion that generally accompanies Arabic music, but the amazing thing is how well it actually works. While the album has an Arabic feel overall, there are some interesting additional touches, like the scratching and reggae feel of "Ten Eleven" (co-written by Damon Albarn) or the almost-ska of "A Tale of Woe" with its Morricone-esque piano. "Sticks and Stones" has some cool beats and a queasy melody loop with English and Arabic vocals trading off on the same melody. Terry Hall took quite a chance on this one, doing something unlike anything in his catalog and pulling it off without a hitch. Well done."- Sean Westergaard, All Music Guide

"This is one of the most infectious things Hall has ever appeared on. Oddly enough, the further Hall has traveled from his musical roots, the closer he has come to building on them...\" (Mojo)

More review:



01 Squad - Red Alert (1977) (written by Terry Hall)
02 Squad - L8 a Week (1977) (written by Terry Hall)
03 Lightning Seeds - Sense (1992) (Backing Vocals,written by Terry Hall)
04 Lightning Seeds - Where Flowers Fade (1992) (Backing Vocals,written by Terry Hall)
05 Lightning Seeds - A Small Slice Of Heaven (1992) (Backing Vocals,written by Terry Hall)
06 Lightning Seeds - Lucky You (1994) (Written-By - Ian Broudie , Terry Hall/Background Vocals - Terry Hall)
07 Hiroshi Fujiwara - Getting Over You (Album Version) (6:04) (1994)(Vocals - Terry Hall)
08 Tricky - Slick 66 (1995) (Backing Vocals - Terry Hall)
09 "Andrew Carver" - Walk Into The Wind (1995) (Written-By - David A. Stewart , Terry Hall)
10 Salad - Dream A Little Dream 11 Nearly God - Poems (1996) (written by,vocals - Terry Hall)12 Nearly God - Bubbles (1996) (written by,vocals - Terry Hall)
13 Lightning Seeds - What If (1996) (Written-By - Ian Broudie , Terry Hall)
14 Lightning Seeds - Imaginary Friends (1996) (Written-By Terry Hall)
15 Lightning Seeds - Like You Do (1996) (Written-By Terry Hall)
16 Lightning Seeds - I Wish I Was In Love (1996) (Written by Ian Broudie,Terry Hall,Peter Green/ Backing Vocals-Terry Hall)
17 Lightning Seeds - Get It Right (1996) (Written by Ian Broudie,Terry Hall/Backing Vocals-Terry Hall)
18 Silent Poets - Sugar Man (1999) (Vocals - Terry Hall)
19 And One - Forever J (2000) (Written-By Terry Hall)
20 Spacemonkeyz vs. Gorillaz - M1 A1 (Lil' Dub Chefin') (2002) (Featuring - Terry Hall)
21 Junkie XL - Never Alone (2003) (Featuring - Terry Hall)
22 Ian Broudie - Smoke Rings (2004) (Written by Ian Broudie & Terry Hall)
23 Lautrec - Things (2004) (Written by Simon Rogers & Terry Hall/Featuring - Terry Hall)
24 Lautrec - Things (Club Mix)
25 Terry Hall & Sinéad O'Connor - All Kinds of Everything (2005)
26 Amy Winehouse - Hey Little Rich Girl (2007) (Written-By Terry Hall)
27 Dub Pistols - The Problem Is (2007) (Featuring - Terry Hall)
27 Dub Pistols - Peaches (2007) (Featuring - Terry Hall)
28 Dub Pistols - Running From The Thoughts (2007) (Featuring - Terry Hall)
29 Dub Pistols - Rapture (2007) (Featuring - Terry Hall)
30 Dub Pistols - Gangsters (2007) (Featuring - Terry Hall)

Links to download:

Some about the songs:

The Squad:
"Coventry band. Classic single Red Alert / L8-A-Week (Squad 1978) . Sing along a punk with great riff and tune and a touch of 'The Kids In America' style crooning !"The band were formed at the end of '77 and originally featured Terry Hall ( ater of The Specials) who is credited on the label of Red Alert. So many line up changes meant 6 months after releasing the two singles none of the original band remained !" (

Salad - Dream A Little Dream:
"in 1995 Terry dueted with Marijine (from the pop band Salad) on 'Help' the War Child album to raise money and awareness for the plight of children in the former Yugoslavia. They covered the Mama and Papas song 'Dream a little dream'. It's likely that Terry was introduced to Salad by Ian Broudie who had produced some of their records. Later Terry worked with Salad's Paul Kennedy on the track 'Bang went forever'. The 20 track album was recorded, mixed and released within record time - the final track listing was not even available to be printed on the CD sleeve. The album featured a range of artists including Oasis, Blur, Suede, the Charlatans, Sinead O'Connor and Neneh Cherry. An accompanying TV programme was also produced showing Terry and Marijine in the studio recording the song."

Nearly Good (Tricky's project):
"Nearly God is the first of Tricky's own releases in 1996.Tricky has already appeared on Terry Hall's Rainbows EP (released in 1995) - with a live version that they did together of The Special's song Ghost Town. The Specials were one of Tricky's biggest early musical influences"

"In 1996 Terry appeared along with a number of other artists on Tricky's 'Nearly God' project. Tricky had a made a name for himself with the album 'Maxinique' and a string of hit singles including an imaginative version of Public Enemy's 'Black steel'. The 'Nearly God' album featured 10 tracks of which Terry co-wrote and sang on two. Other collaborators on the album with Tricky included Bjork, Alison Moyet and Neneh Cherry. The aim of 'Nearly God' was to produce a raw, unpolished album with tracks laid down quickly. There were numerous rumours around that Damon Albarn refused to allow the track he recorded with Tricky to be used because he felt it was not polished enough. The album was preceded by the sole single released from the album - 'Poems'. 'Poems' featured three introspective monologues in sequence by Tricky, Terry and Martina Topley Bird tied together by the phrase "you promised me poems". The contrasting vocals and lyrical concerns over the linear musical backing make the song highly impressive and a lot more penetrable than some of Tricky's recent work.Terry, Tricky and Martina appeared on a number of TV programmes performing the single. One appearance was on the now sadly defunct 'White Room' where Terry and Tricky also performed a version of the Specials 'Ghost Town'. The second track on the 'Nearly God' album that Terry co-wrote and appeared on was 'Bubbles' with the line "if I wasn't a genius I'd lose my temper". The Nearly God album received numerous good reviews with many reviewers highlighting Terry's crucial contribution. 'Poems' was often cited as the standout track."

Silent Poets - Sugar Man:
"Terry Hall's vocals to synthy '80s backdrop"

"The other weak track is "Sugar Man" featuring ex-Specials vocalist Terry Hall. The blurb makes much of this "exclusive" but Hall's dreary non-voice has long since lost whatever charm it may have had."

And One - Forever J
originally is a song from Terry Hall's Home album.

Spacemonkeyz vs. Gorillaz - M1 A1 (Lil' Dub Chefin'):
"The two-tone skank of "M1/A1" (with Terry Hall) sounds as if it should have been the original version, but the real killer tracks are those injected with dancehall vibes by DJ U Brown and Earl 16."

"And if that's not enough proof, check out the stoney-goodness of "Lil Dub Chefin'" (M1A1). It's got Terry Hall for Christ's sake! If his seal of approval isn't enough, then God help you now."

"He’s a workshy fop, Damon Albarn. Not only does he get some cartoons to do his promotional work but, having got another band to squeeze the last pennies from the Gorillaz album, he sits back and watches the money flood in. So what do his primates do? Well, biting the hand that feeds them, the cheeky little monkeyz make Damon sound like a snivelling drunk next to guest vocalist Terry Hall’s nonchalant snarls. Principally, in rescuing ‘M1 A1’ from album-closing obscurity by tweaking it beyond recognition into mellow skanking dub, they’ve displaced the original motoring punky doodle for something that sounds more like Gorillaz than ever. And while such logic might defeat the object of the remix, it’s good stuff nonetheless."(NME)

Junkie XL - Never Alone:
" “Never Alone” by Terry Hall keeps the album chugging along while Phill Mills and “Logos” slows the album to walking pace yet again."

"The original 2 Tone hero returns to his ska roots for the first time since his all-conquering heyday with The Specials. Never Alone is a skanking roller-coaster of a tune destined for dancefloor rudeness and bearing close relation to one of Terry's finest moments. "With Terry, I thought it would be a great mix to do something with dance music but also have that ska vibe," says Tom. "The first time he listened to the track he really had to prevent himself singing (The Specials') Gangsters. Then he came to Amsterdam and started singing and was like, 'Damn I did it again!'""

Lautrec - Things:
"Lautrec is Simon Rogers of Slacker fame and the following song features the vocal of none other than Terry Hall of The Specials and Fun Boy Three. Terry Hall lends his uniquely emotive vocal to what can only be described as a sophisticated and very accessible house track"(

Sinead O'Connor - All Kinds of Everything
"Another familiar figure from Sinéad's roster of collaborations is former Specials singer Terry Hall. The pair initially got together in 1987 when O'Connor supplied the vocals on “Monkey In Winter,” the B-side to a single by Hall’s band the Colourfield. They were later reunited on a kitsch send-up of Dana’s 1970 Eurovision Song Contest winner “All Kinds Of Everything,” which is also included on this collection."

"The most unusual song on the album is “All Kinds of Everything” with former Specials lead singer Terry Hall. It sounded a little like that Greg Brady song “Till I Met You” (Clowns never laughed before/ Beanstalks never grew/ Ponies never ran before/ ‘Till I met you), but I still liked it. The most boring song on the album was “Harbour” with Moby, but even that song isn’t too bad."


"In 1998 Terry dueted with Sinead O'Connor on a cover of Dana's 'All Kinds of Everything' for an album of Eurovision covers. The project was tied in with Channel 4's Eurotrash programme with a special programme showing promo videos for most of the album tracks. The album sleeve notes suggest Terry had a organisation role in the album as well. He gave a short interview to 'The Times' promoting the album as well as going to Japan to promote it. The album features a number of artists including Kenickie, Dubstar, Edwyn Collins, St Etienne and a special one-off reformation of the original Bananarama line up. No singles were released from the album. On the Eurotrash programme Terry was shown claiming that if the lyrics to 'All Kinds of Everything' were copyrighted Leonard Cohen they would be seen as a work of genius, as opposed to being denigrated and overlooked due to the Eurovision connection. Viewers of the Eurotrash programme were asked to phone in and vote for their favourite track off the album and Terry and Sinead came second behind Bananarama. Terry had performed with Sinead before on a version of Terry's 'Monkey in winter' which was on the 12" version of the Colourfield single 'She' although that was not strictly a duet as Terry performed backing vocals only."

Amy Winehouse - Hey Little Rich Girl:
originally is a song from The Specials from 1980

Dub Pistols Feat. Rodney P + Terry Hall - Peaches
"Celebrating Sunday Best's landmark 50th release and in the shops for the 10th September, the latest single to be drawn from the critically aclaimed Dub Pistols album, Speakers & Tweeters, is a high-octane reworking of the Strangler's classic anthem 'Peaches'. Originally released 30 years ago, 'Peaches' was the Stranglers breakthrough hit, reaching number 8 in the UK charts and etching itself into the collective psyche of beach-bums across the globe.Fronted by UK Hip-Hop architect, Rodney P, who adds his own inimitable slant to the track's subject matter, the Dub Pistols have given 'Peaches' iconic bass line a new lease of life, as erstwhile Specials front-man Terry Hall's unique vocals colour the chorus. The single is available on 7", 12" and various digital bundles, boasting a massive amount of amazing mixes. Remixers inlude Utah Saints, A1 People, MYNC Project, Dogtown Clash, Ortzroka, Fear of Theydon, King Kooba, Merka and finally Dub Pistols themselves... and breathe... ahhhhh!" (

photo of Ian Broudie (The Lightning Seeds)
Friendship of Ian Broudie (Lightning Seeds) & Terry Hall:

Terry Hall:
"I met Ian in a field in Somerset in 1982 or 1983. It was the Womad festival. I was friends with Mac (Ian McCulloch) from Echo And The Bunnymen, who were playing. Ian had produced some of the Bunnymen's albums, so he'd gone down there to see them, too. We were introduced in their dressing-room, and I remember Ian was very polite and warm. That was good, because I find meeting new people quite an awkward thing. I'm always thinking, "Is this a possible friendship or not ?"

Ian Broudie (
"I vaguely recall seeing Terry at Womad, but I'd met him before that, too. In 1979, I was working as a DJ at a venue in Liverpool called Eric's, and the owner would give me an extra tenner to help the bands load their gear in and out. At that time, The Specials were called The Coventry Automatics, and they turned up one night to support The Clash. I remember being nervous about meeting Terry, because he was Terry Hall and I was a bit of a fan.
We started to get together for a kick-about in Sefton Park in Liverpool. It would be us, Mac from The Bunnymen, and some other guys. Not long after that, Terry was doing some stuff with Colourfield, and he asked me to produce him. Everybody had told me he was awkward to work with, but I thought he was focused and straightforward.
I think we're both moody bastards, and my friendship with Terry gives me the rare opportunity to go out with somebody who's gloomier than me. Initially, we bonded around music, but now we'll go out and drink and chat about all kinds of things. One passion we share is football, but he's into Man United, which is odd. Liverpool was dominant over United for ages, but now their positions are reversed. When United won the European Champions' Cup against Bayern Munich, I remember Terry saying "We were dead lucky," and me going: "If it was just luck, you wouldn't have got to the final, would you?" I'm sure we were both thinking the complete opposite, though."


Ian Broudie:
"There was a period after I produced Colourfield when I didn't see Terry for a while, but I still thought of him as a mate. Then he phoned up out of the blue and we decided to do a bit of writing together. People always think my stuff's really happy and Terry's is glum, but he's got this wry sense of humour and an odd take on life which makes you chuckle. The truth is that some of the Lightning Seeds' most positive and up-tempo songs are the ones Terry and I co- wrote.
I think our friendship developed because we both had a family, and we knew what it was like to try and gain some balance between home and work. Four or five years ago, we did some gigs together in Greece, and our families came with us. It was a bit like a Nineties version of the Grateful Dead, but fun. I also remember that, when I first started gigging with the Lightning Seeds, Terry would sing the odd song with me, and that was a real confidence- booster. It would have been a lot harder for me to make the transition from producer to performer without him.
When you're in a band and your face is known, there aren't that many people you can go out with knowing that it will be off-the- record, but with Terry, I can. It's always seemed like he's been a few steps ahead of me, and that's been very useful. He knows the score, and he has an amazing ability to plough his own furrow both as an artist and as a person."

Read more here:(

"Since the early 1990's Terry's name has been increasingly linked to the Lightning Seeds. Ian Broudie, the man behind the Lightning Seeds, is a prolific producer and in 1985 he produced the Colourfield's 'Things could be beautiful'. In 1992 Broudie released his second Lightning Seeds album 'Sense' which featured Terry's vocals and song writing talents. Terry co-wrote and performed on three tracks - 'Sense', 'Where Flowers Fade' and 'A Small Slice of Heaven'. 'Sense' was released as the second single off the album (after 'Life of Riley') however it was only a minor hit. Terry recorded his own version of the song a couple of years later on 'Home'. The other two album tracks stand out and without looking at the sleeve notes it is easy to recognise they are written by Terry. Terry sings the final lines of 'Where flowers fade'"

"1991 also saw Broudie's first song-writing collaboration with Terry Hall. Terry had been one of Ian's favourite lyricists and wanted to work with him again (they met before and worked on some material from The Colourfield). The first song to come from this was "Sense". This would also be the year that Ian would pen one of his most recognised tunes - "The Life of Riley". About his son, Riley, he wrote half of it waiting for him to be born, and half of it afterwards."

Lightning Seeds - Sense CD (1992) managed to climb to 31.So three songs were written by Terry Hall.

Terry Hall & The Lightning Seeds -"Sense"

"In 1994, before the release of the album, later to be titled "Jollification", Ian took a break and worked on Alison Moyet's album "Essex", and more importantly the album "Home" by Terry Hall. Ian would play guitar on the album and produce it, as well as co-penning the track "You". The album also featured Terry's version of the track "Sense", which was released as a single."

Lightning Seeds - Jollification (1994)
"However, the album was recorded in much the same way as Sense, except in a studio and it was taken more seriously. Most of the same cast were enlisted too, such as Simon Rogers for co-production work, Clive Layton for organ, Terry Hall made his appearances by co-writing and singing backing vocals, as did Ian McNabb. Much of the album was finished by the end of 1993."

"Terry also featured on the Lightning Seeds third album 'Jollification'. He co-wrote and appeared on the song 'Lucky you' which was the first single released prior to the album. However the single failed to make the Top 40. It is a great song however it does need time to grow on you and therefore after the success of other singles on the album, 'Lucky you' was re-released as the final single off the album - to much greater success."

Lightning Seeds - Dizzy Heights (1996)
"Of course, Terry Hall has co-writing credits on this album. The single What If... is the stand out track co-written with old Tel. This is a sweet poppy tune that is fairly reminiscent of the Turtle's track "Happy Together". It was a top 20 single and featured quite an amusing video. Other tracks co-written with Terry Hall include the bouncy Like You Do, and the album's opener, the spiteful Imaginary Friends."

"In 1996 Terry's fans could also look towards the Lightning Seeds for the release of new songs. The single 'What if...' was released to significant chart success. The single was co-written by Terry. Shortly after 'What if...' came the fourth Lightning Seeds album 'Dizzy Heights'. Along with 'What if...', Terry co-wrote two other album highlights - the deliciously cynical, 'Imaginary friends' and the sublime 'Like you do' which would have made a great single - indeed the title was used for the Seeds' Greatest Hits collection."

"The album reached 11 in the UK album charts, with the singles "What If..."In '96, Angie Pollock (sung on Terry Hall's album "Home", worked with Shakespeare's Sister) joined the group replacing Ali Kane."

"Ready for the 1997 Christmas market, the Lightning Seeds released a Greatest hits collection which featured nearly 1 of the tracks co-written by Terry. The only new one being 'What you say' - a single where Terry's backing vocals (along with the vocals of Angie Pollack) are integral. The song is darker and more reflective than most Lightning Seeds songs. The single unfortunately failed to hit the Top 40 probably largely due to the great success of the Greatest Hits album. In a recent interview Terry explained why he likes working with Ian, "I get to do what I love doing, which is writing songs, but then hand the responsibility of promoting it to someone else". Terry often performs on stage with Ian and they once appeared on TFI Friday performing 'Sense' together."

"The album, Tilt, features Ian collaborating with a few of his old mates (namely Terry Hall and Steven Jones from Babybird) plus some new friends to work with." Featuring the first single 'Life's Too Short' and 'Get it Right' co-written by Terry Hall Terry Hall, Angie Pollack, Carl Brown, Paul Roberts (background vocals). ...

"Ian He annouced that they would play a final Lightning Seeds gig at Liverpool to mark this, and so they played at Liverpool's L2, plus a small series of university graduation balls. Terry Hall joined them at the end of the L2 concert by singing a song called Our Lips are Sealed, originally written for Fun Boy Three."

Terry hall co-wrote a song "Smokes Ring" for Broudie's tales Told album

Terry Hall (born 19 March 1959, in Coventry, England) is the lead singer of The Specials, and formerly of Fun Boy Three, The Colourfield, Terry, Blair & Anouchka and Vegas. He released his first solo album, Home, in 1995. He has also worked with The Lightning Seeds, Stephen Duffy, Dub Pistols, Gorillaz, Tricky and Lily Allen.
Hall was an active member of the burgeoning Coventry music scene of the late 1970s, playing in local punk band Squad, and being credited as a composer on their single "Red Alert" / "£8 a Week". This scene also produced acts such as The Selecter and Hazel O'Connor.

As the frontman for The Specials (though initially called The Coventry Automatics and then The Special AKA), Hall primarily struck it big in Britain in 1979 when BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel played their single "Gangsters" on his show; the song was included in his Festive Fifty at #7 in that year. The Specials' first self-titled album features some of Hall's most recognizable and notable performances, including "Little Bitch", "Nite Klub" and "Concrete Jungle". This debut album also displays Hall's writing talent alongside Jerry Dammers.
In October of 1980, The Specials released their second album, More Specials. While singing such fan-favourites such as "Enjoy Yourself", "Rat Race", and "Hey, Little Rich Girl", Terry successfully helped the band recreate the upbeat music that the first album possessed. The next album The Specials recorded, 1984's In The Studio, did not include Hall.

After The Specials' last single with Hall, the UK #1 hit "Ghost Town", Hall left the band to start a new-wave group, Fun Boy Three, with two other Specials members, Lynval Golding and Neville Staple. Fun Boy Three's first hit single occurred in late 1981, entitled "The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum)", then followed-up in early 1982 with "It Ain't What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It)", a duet with Bananarama. Fun Boy Three then provided guest vocals for Bananarama's single, "Really Saying Something". That same year, Hall and his bandmates appeared in the video for "Driving in My Car" by ska band, Madness. In February 1983, Fun Boy Three released Waiting. It consisted of the Top Ten hits "The Tunnel of Love" and the classic "Our Lips Are Sealed". The latter was a song Hall wrote with Jane Wiedlin, who had already made it into a hit the previous year with her group The Go-Go's.

In 1984 Hall formed the Manchester based band The Colourfield, releasing the album Virgins & Philistines in 1985, which included the single "Thinking of You" (UK #12 hit single). This new musical direction would culminate in collaborations with the Lightning Seeds' Ian Broudie, contributing a number of songs to the Seeds' Sense (1992), Jollification (1994), Dizzy Heights (1996) and Tilt (1999) albums. Hall also co-wrote the song "Smoke Rings" for Broudie's debut solo album Tales Told. The track was subsequently released as the lead track on the Smoke Rings EP.
In 2001 he appeared as a guest on the Gorillaz-D12 single "911", which was a song about terrorist attacks in the U.S.
In 2007 he provided vocals for many tracks on the Dub Pistols album Speakers and Tweeters, as well he appeared live at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK on the Pyramid Stage with Lily Allen (and fellow Specials / Fun Boy Three band member Lynval Golding). He also played on the Park Stage, once again with Lynval Golding and also Blur frontman Damon Albarn and beatboxer Shlomo, playing a version of Specials classic "A Message To You Rudi". Later that year in July he appeared at GuilFest on the BBC2 radio stage with Dub Pistols and Lynval Golding.
On 30 March 2008 Terry Hall confirmed that The Specials would be reforming for tour dates in autumn 2008 and possibly some recording.



with The Specials (
Specials (1979)
Phone Call Tapes-Live (1979)
More Specials (1980)
Live At The Moonlight Club (1979,Released: 1992)

with The Fun Boy Three (
The Fun Boy Three (1982) (download here: or here:
Waiting (1983) (download here: or here:
The Best of Fun Boy Three (1984 )

with The Colourfield (
Virgins and Philistines (Chrysalis) (1985)
The Colour Field EP (Chrysalis) (1986)
Deception (Chrysalis) (1987

with Terry, Blair and Anouchka:
Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme (1990)

with Vegas:
Vegas 1992

The Collection (compilation) (1992)
Home (1994)
Laugh (1997)

Terry Hall with Mushtaq:
The Hour of Two Lights (2003)


The Specials reunion in 2008??

More info: Unofficial site

Interviews:,,1003367,00.html (2003) Vegas interview


Blogger RObert POland said...

Thanks for credits, salty :)
Awesome post, I know Terry Hall only from Fun Boy 3.


10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWSOME,,,,woahhh ,well worth the year n half wait...many thanks,,some tunes i didnt have,,

many many thanks


11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and thanks also for the good reviews,write up ....very good reading that was


11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Salty!!
I just hope Terry will release any new material soon.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Monkey Flinging Poo said...

I love you! Thanks much. Some stuff I didn't have or never heard before.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Jeff Wells said...

Loving all of the Terry Hall stuff. He has been around and seems so underrated.

Back in April, I was looking for Deacon Blue's Raintown lp that was on May 1, 1987. You had mentioned maybe in June. Let me know if it's still possible.

7:33 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Thank you for this!!!!

Quick request (not sure where else to put it). Saltyka, would you happen to have "Red Movies" by "Play" that you could post/share with us??

thank you!!!

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments!!:)


yes i have & i will post it in the end of the summer if it is ok to you:)

@Chubby Luv

im sorry i still havent been prepared for Deacons's post ,maybe sept. or oct. will be OK,but if you leave your mail here, i camn send you the album:)


4:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Salty :)

Thanks for Telex, and for everything that I can find here :). Thanks also for the Elso Emelet site – I’ve found there their discography, pictures and even some mp3. One of them sound a bit like Alphaville – so I am very happy because I like that sound :). I hope You will post their LPs here some day because in my opinion Elso Emelet is a missing gem, a band that is not very well known in Europe :).

I’ve also found the band “Mama Bubo” from then “Czechoslovakia” (now Czech Republic). They are great, and You’ve posted them here before :). But do You have other their albums apart from this one posted? Or their demo tapes from period 1983 – 1985?

The Last thing that I would like to ask You is about Re-uploading some dead links. Could You please re-upload the collection of Belgian Pop from 80s? Links are dead :/. The same problem occurs with East albums – Hungarian Progressive Rock band. I missed the links and discovered them lately, I would really appreciate and be thankful if You could re-upload them too :).



5:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello again Saltyka :). I've discovered some new bands :). From Hungary - So-Ho. They sound similar to Elso Emelet, but on their videos they are often joking and had funny lyrics :) (well, I guess so..). Rio - this is a Czechoslovakian New Romantic band. Their leader was Roman Pokorny. Now he seems to be playing rock and jazz. I don't know how many records they have recorded. The third band is from Spain but I think this one is the best from those three. Golpes Bajos - they mixed new wave with that “Spain feeling” and sound. Some say that this band is one of the leading group from "Golden Age of Spain Pop Rock" (1978-1990). “Malos Tiempos para la lirica” – I only know this track, but it is great! Drum machine, fat bas synthesizer, rhythm guitar, slapped bass (although hidden behind the synth) and that vocal… I wonder how their other records sounds. As far as I know, they recorded only one LP in the 1984, and two EPs (in 1983, and 1985). I hope that You know these bands, or/and have their albums :). Coming back to Elso Emelet – I have found few their videos, and the more I listen, the more I like their music. Especially that from 1983/4 – 1985 period. It’s a shame that bands like them from Eastern Block were almost unknown in the Western Europe. They really weren’t worse or bad sounding :/. But now we can discover it all :).


9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the Terry Hall stuff!! JM

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Tony!

So i reposted East albums ,check the reposted section with my The Darkside post.

I would like to get more from Mama Bubo,i know they have more but i dont have yet:((

As for Belgian Pop from 80s, i can share it only in september becuase my summer is too busy to continue the blog.I received some messages also from other people who want them. I hope you can wait:)

Also i dont have unfortunatelly Rio (i will as for it Pavelse,maybe he can help) and So-Ho,but you can download almost all from Első Emelet from here:

some more info :

and their official page: (kislemez means: single /nagylemez(ek) means LP(s)

and here is Golpes Bajos .Ive posted it in may,hope the links still ok:


12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A superb and extremely generous post! Fantastic links/info. Can't thank you enough. Cheers.

12:39 AM  
Blogger NakedReporta said...

Very nice post. Thought I should point out to you, though, that Deception is missing Heart of America, FYI.

Keep on keeping on.


9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incredible! Have been a huge Specials/FB3/Colour Field/Terry Hall fan since the early eighties. Over the years I collected everything I could find and you filled the gaps, especially with the Lightning Seeds stuff, great to hear. Does anyone have the tracks that the Specials briefly posted on their site a couple years ago? There was a really cool version of 96 Tears with Terry on vocals. Would love it if someone could post it.

Keep up the great work!

5:09 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I downloaded the Deception album by The Colour Field but it is missing track 7? Can you help

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the colourfield - deception - 07 - heart of america


9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

konstantinos was here..and thanks you!!!

5:57 PM  
Blogger discobunny said...

Thanks very much for a very comprehensive post. Terry has a great voice.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vegas album must be one of the best albums of the 90's - I love it and listens to it regulary.

Possessed is a real killer track!

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

VEgas album missed 8 track Anthe Please repost

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

teh vegas download link deosnt work?

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Wyn said...

Thanks very much for the great Terry Hall post. [Always a but...] Any chance of Heart of America from Deception and a re-up of Vegas?

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like all programs of his. This time I am searching TV Downloads of his program. You also suggest it here. So that it make easy to download it for other then it make your blog more popular..

4:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Salty,
the vegas download (first part) doesn't work, and it's the only Hall, I haven't got. Could u reup it, please?

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi try this and enjoy!:


12:46 PM  
Blogger Medodgers said...

Don't you think it's a bit off having the "he never got the success he deserved" comment at the top of the blog, when you carry on to steal his music and help others steal it too?

Loads of these tracks are available on CD and even more of them are available for legal and cheap high quality download.

At least half of what you have up here should be removed. If people want the Colour Field stuff, his solo stuff, the Terry, Blair and Anouchka album and the Vegas album, all they need to is buy them.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Roddyruddy1 said...

Thanks for the post .
Allways thought Colourfield split up after the two 12" singles,never knew of a lp or ep
Saw Specials at b/pool reuion shows all good #big up to you

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice review of Colourfield's Deception LP. I bought the recent re-release but it doesn't have the lyrics. Can you please scan the lyrics from the original Deception CD booklet, and publish them here or e-mail them to me? Thanks.

10:53 AM  
Blogger Medodgers said...

If I were Terry Hall I'd never make another second of music. What's the point when his fans are going to steal it and help others to do so too?

Almost everything on this website is available to buy legally, but people see it as so much better if they can steal it.

Buy the original Deception CD. That had the lyrics.

Had I known the stuff was going to be stolen I would never have bothered contributing to the four Terry Hall re-releases I've been involved in and there's certainly no point in attempting the Vegas and Home reissues.

Paul Rodgers

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff!! Any chance of fixing Vegas link as the download doesn't work?

9:28 AM  
Blogger Brød and Sirkus said...

I ♥ this post!

9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you be able to re-upload
LIGHTNING SEEDS - What You Say part 1. and part 2. (CDS) (1997).
The rapidshare link has expired.


8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you buy the CDs you cheap fucker? They will cost you less than 10 quid on eBay.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous peso said...

hi, the link for Terry Blair and Anouchka is broken:

possible for a re-upload of this album?


8:16 AM  
Blogger Medodgers said...

peso you cheap fucker, go buy the stuff. It is all available on eBay or from legal download stores for under a tenner if you can be bothered. Stop trying to steal Terry Hall's music.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,
as a supporter of freedom of speech I have no intention to confine or ban you (I never do that), just ask you not to use such nasty words....

Anyway you can scroll through my blog to see that you are maybe the only one here to oppose such vehemently free file sharing.
There are of course pros and cons why yes or why not....I can even accept and appreciate your point of view (there's no new links to download), but ask you again please avoid using such ugly words. Thanks


4:36 AM  
Blogger Medodgers said...

I don't care if I'm in a minority of one. When music is available commercially there is no excuse for people stealing it.

The ugly thing here is not my words, it is the theft of Terry's music, some of which I have helped get back on CD.

If you think swearing is worse than theft I think you need to get your priorities right, not least because Terry is well known for swearing on stage.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The ugly thing here is not my words, it is the theft of Terry's music" and "..there is no excuse for people stealing it"

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

maybe you are the rare expection out there...

I was fortunate enough here to get to know personally many great/nice musicians/bands in my work, and none of them had any problem with me so far, just wonder -because his word is really matter-
what Terry really thinks...

Anyways there's no link availale here to download Terry's music. Just check it out. Problem is solved isn't it?

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, a conservative elected just three weeks ago, said the tax on deposits was an alternative to a disorderly bankruptcy.

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2:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"All the ingredients of a self-fulfilling crisis are now in place: It will be individually rational to withdraw deposits from local banks to avoid the remote probability of a confiscatory tax. "As depositors learn what others do and proceed to withdraw funds, a bank run will occur. The banking system will collapse, requiring a Cyprus-style programme that will tax whatever is left in deposits, thus justifying the withdrawals. This would probably be the end of the euro."

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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This is a disaster on so many levels I can’t even count them all. First off, what happened to the rule of law? I thought that in a capitalistic society that equity holders lose first, then preferred shareholders followed by unsecured then secured debtors…DEPOSITORS are the absolute last in line to lose money. This is being called a “tax”, when in reality it is outright theft! In this case the depositors are first in line which will surely cause a bank run in Cyprus…which will be followed by runs in other places like Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Make no mistake, this could turn into something ugly and HUGE very quickly as the world runs entirely on confidence and won’t run without it.

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8:46 AM  
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