Tuesday, May 02, 2006

DALMINJO - one day you'll dance for me Tokyo (2006)

Real Name:
Ole Roar Granli
Org Lounge

House, Deep House


1.wouldnt wanna go without you
2.kosmisk brekt lapskaus
3.never sure
4.there is a light that never goes out
5.its all i am
6.everytime you go

7.this time
8.come here
9.uchu ryokou

link to download:

Dalminjo is norwegian House/broken beats/drum'n'bass/electronica producer Ole Roar Granli aka ORG Lounge.
Now 24 years old he has 3 albums released.Hos musical carreer started back in the mid 90s playing around with synt sequencers making electronica influenced by names like Orbital,Adam F and Masters At Work just to name a few.
Around 97-98 ole discovered the sounds of drum'n'bass pioneers 4 Hero and that changed his music for life...
In 2000 Ole signed a deal with US Water Music Records and his self titled debut"Org Lounge" was released 2001 with good words from the press.
As the Org √Čounge project was mainly in the drum'n'bass/downtempo genre Ole formed the Dalminjo name for his house and broken beats music in late 2001.
The project soon caught the attention of Martin Brodin of swedish Deeplay Music and in May 2002 the "Solitude Jazz EP" 12" was released with massive props from dj's who loved the deep,techy "And She Said"
The debut album "Fjord Fusioner" is set for release early decembre 2003
This is his second full album out now!!!


Anonymous Dalminjo said...

I prefer people paying for my music

1:52 PM  
Anonymous dalminjo said...

just kidding, I allow people download for free from web sites =)

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome here Dalminjo!

My girlfriend wanna send you a big kiss ,because your music is one of her favourite!:)

Thanks for your great music!
Are you palnning a new album to release this year?


2:18 PM  

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