Thursday, May 10, 2007

ANIMAL NIGHTLIFE - Unleashed -The Best Of

Synth-pop, Disco, Acid Jazz

Andy Polaris: Vocals
Billy Chapman: Saxophone, Keyboards
Declan John Barclay : Trumpet
Mae :Bongos
Paul Waller : Drums, Drum Programming
Steve 'Field' Brown : Guitar
Dee C. Lee (Wham!; The Style Council) :Vocals
Steve Shanley : Bass
John Crichinson : Piano

Tracklist :

01 Mr Solitaire
02 Preacher Preacher
03 Love Is Just The Great Pretender 85
04 After Hours
05 Between Lovers
06 Native Boy
07 Lazy Afternoon
08 I Was Yours But It's All Over Now (Throw In Th
09 Basic Ingredients
10 Waiting For The Bait To Bite
11 Perfect Match
12 Insomniazz
13 Who's Fooling Who
14 Bittersweet
15 You've Lost Me
16 Girl At Large
17 Mr Solitaire (Us Remix)

Link to download:

Product Description
The Early 80's Spawned an Eclectic Mix of Music, Bands and Fashion. Animal Nightlife Fitted Nicely Into the Dawning of a New Clubland Epitomising the Style of the Decade, Blending their Jazz-laden Rhythms to the Smooth Vocals of Andy Polaris and the Soulful Side of the New Romantic Movement but with a Funkier Cutting Edge. Includes a Full Color 6-page Booklet with Sleevenotes by Uncut Magazine's Associate Editor, Paul Lester. 2004.

"This group is wonderful and jazzy! I'm waiting for some filmakers to incorporate one of their songs in a movie. I don't have all their stuff but if you'd like to listen to a sample, you should check the "New Wave Hit's Of the 80's" cds. That's where i found "Love is just the great Pretender". I recommend this group to all. "

"I never knew this group existed until I discovered them by sheer internet surfing looking up rare musical European groups of the 80's. Now, this is a permanent favorite c.d. of mine ! Animal Nightlife is (or was) a British group from the early to mid 80's who unfortunately got lost in the uprise of the "new romantic" euro- movement (Sade, Spandau Ballet, ABC, Style Council, Matt Bianco and the now defunct Roxy Music).This is more than just a noirish retro band fusing a few simple, catchy pop-jazz melodies;there is defintiley style and substance in large doses.There's also a strong sense of class and sophistication possibly unmatched by some of today's so-called trendy pop groups. Lead vocalist Andy Polaris lends smooth lounge-like vocals reminiscent of a suave jazz crooner with a casual modern twist to keep from sounding like a cheap Las Vegas bar act. The tracks consist of various mulitcultural elements from Latin to Bossa Nova to Jazzy R&B. The Best Of Animal Nightlife exhudes an atmospheric guilty pleasure of taking a party well beyond the breaking point of midnight and into the waking hours !"

"Animal nightlife should have been huge but they hardly got any chart time,I think Mr Solitaire a laid back jazzy treat just about charted and Love is the great pretender also but otherwise they dropped off the radar,anyhow this collection is well worth getting for the two tracks named above and a few other tracks are also excellent,there is also some dross but then they only did two studio albums. Great to listen to after a hard days work or a lazy doze in a deck chair in summer."

"I saw this band in the early 80's at a club in Birmingham called The Powerhouse & they really should have been destined for big things, but it didn't happen! ........ so this cd will bring back all the memorys of real dance/club music, it's swing, jazz & dance music at it's very best. So if you like proper dance music then buy this cd & get dancing!"

About the band-Just click the pictures below :


SHANGRILA (1985) (

Hit singles:

More info: a very good fan page dedicated to the band with lot of info about Dee C. Lee Dee C. Lee's myspace page about Steve Shanley about John Barclay

John Crichinson is still an active jazz musican ,about Andy Polaris i didnt find more info than this:

A pretty good ,underrated band playing such music as Blue Rondo A La Turk or Matt Bianco on its first album from 1982. Check "Mr.Solitaire" (was a hit single in 1985) . It is something like "Digging Your Scene" from The Blow Monkeys


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never heard of this band until now. wow, amazing music. thanks Saltyka!! great job!!!

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Saltyka, your blog is great, no doubt. Could you post a complete thing about Wall Of Voodoo, including rare Stan Ridgway (Rumble Fish OST)? Thanks!!!!!!!!

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...


Great blog - Animal Nightlife were a band who didn't get the recognition they deserved.

I've just started a website dedicated to them because the lack of info currently on the internet.

Please visit -


6:59 AM  
Anonymous mike said...

Hi Salty

Many thanks for putting my link on your page.

Unfortunately I don't know the current whereabouts of Andy Polaris. He seemed to disapear after the band broke up. I'm hoping the website may generate some interest in the band and may find out what happened to him and the rest of the band.


2:23 AM  
Anonymous mike said...

- We should try to connect some of the ex-members!

That would be fun!

- I like very much the voice of Andy,the pity is he stopped(?) singing:((

Yeah, I agree.

- Are you in touch with any member of the Animal Nightlife?

No I'm not but I'm probably going to email Billy Chapman soon. I'll let you know how I get on.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks in advance Mike,im looking forward to hearing from you!

kind regard

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

REUP (05.2008)


12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Saltyka. I wonder if you got the Love is just the great pretender original version from 1982 (i remember even an extended version) I prefer this one better than the compilation one of 1985, as this original has more jazzy big band arrangements and it´s cooler..If you get it, please post it, as i cannot find it in the web-Thank you as always

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They were great, I was one of the Staines Fusion Few we used to follow them around...also with Tony Jenkins who was DJ at the Playboy Club at the time, and the gang who used to do the weekly tape cassette "Soul On Sound" with James Hamilton, Chris Ellis (now a famous lawyer in China) et times

5:02 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks. You do a wonderful job I know that your blog is not right place for this mine request but anyway if you come across it's a french disco/pop band Soul Iberica Band with Linda and the song is Hey Gipsy it was anthem back in time

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Health News said...

I can't believe how much of this I just wasn't aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. I'm truly grateful and really impressed.

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

still got 12" Vinyl records of the Band. Love this band.
Thanks 4 the Block

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up of this cheers

10:47 AM  

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