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Synth-pop, Tech House,Downtempo, Disco

Ariel Wizman and Nicolas Errera

"Nothing To Say In A House Song"


Vocals - The Sparks (tracks 06,10)/ Tammy Glover (Sparks drummer) (tracks 06,10)
Producer - Nicolas Errera


01 Each Finger Has An Attitude (3:21)
02 Get Yourself A Loukoum (4:43)
03 Les Hommes C'est Pas Des Mecs Bien (3:21)
04 Arab Skank (3:51)
05 La Poesie C'est Fini (3:56)
06 La Nuit Est La (3:49)
07 One More Song On The Market (4:15)
08 Slap Bass (5:56)
09 Nothing To Say In A House Song (3:23)
10 Yo Quiero Mas Dinero (3:38)
11 Les Dorifores (3:32)
12 Cosmic (7:21)

Links to download:

"It doesn't take long to realise that Shampoo Victims by Grand Popo FC is a slightly bonkers proposition. The group--who are named after an imaginary football club in a real African town one of the producers spent some time in--have adorned the cover of their debut with some wacky cartoon artwork and added an obscure title that doesn't exactly create an image of seriousness or maturity. And yes, the LP is as "zany" inside as it looks on the outside. The duo, Ariel Wizman and Nicolas Errera, are big fans of monkeying about in the studio and concocting tunes they hope will get everyone a-grinning and a-bopping. The musical scope is broad, but the vocodered voices, springy basslines and quirky electronica elements are consistent throughout and are what give the LP an amusing and sometimes edgy feel. The effort of maintaining such a consistent level of "wackiness" can feel a little unbearable at times but for the most part, this is effortless good fun." --Paul Sullivan

"This album is fresh, funky, a touch weird and I love it! Some of the tracks are real upbeat electro-pop/dancy tunes that some how manage to make you turn it up full blast and dance about your bedroom giving it all you have got! Others are more relaxed and chilled but equally as good. If you like original electronica it may be your cup of tea"

"This album is worth the dosh if just for the Sparks collaborations on it. The other tracks are still worth a listen though."

"Sounds like an astonishing around the world electro-voyage, somewhere around 1985."

"I heard obne of the tracks "Men Are Not nice Guys" on a compilation album and just loved it- not that I'm anti men, but it just has such an addictive beat and is really quite fun! So- I bought the album and the rest is good too- the other song that stands out for me is "Yo Quiero Mas Diniero" (may not be spelt right there- apolgies if not!). So if you like a bit of a gentle bop, but also stuff that isn't too mainstream then I'd certainly recommend this little gem!"

"This electro-pop duo are French and their sound is suitably sophisticated, but this song (which was their debut single in the UK in 2003) still manages to be catchy and fun, with great lyrics. There is plenty of female-fronted electro-pop music around at the moment but these songs are always popular, especially with me, so discovering a new band (although this song is taken from their 2000 album, fabulously titled Shampoo Victims, they are entirely new to me) who make this type of music with an emphasis on the pop is rather exciting. I'm not sure who the singer is as both the band members are male, despite one of them being called Ariel and having a fondness for pink cowboy boots. Those of you who know a bit about French TV may recognise him as the presenter of l'Appartement, which I believe is similar to Big Brother. I would specifically recommend this to fans of Annie and Bertine Zetlitz, but the chorus is almost Alcazar-esque, so really anyone with taste should like it!"


More review: (French)



01 Salami Man (1997)
02 Each Finger Has An Attitude (De Cadix Remix)
03 Men Are Not Nice Guys
04 Men Are Not Nice Guys (goldrun remix)
05 Men Are Not Nice Guys (King Brain Remix)
06 Men Are Not Nice Guys (Away Team Remix)
07 Men Are Not Nice Guys (Grand Popo Extended Mix)
08 Kahimi Karie - Sleep Walking (Remixed by Grand Popo Football Club)(2000)
09 Grand Popo Football Club - My Territory (Krunk Remix)
10 Grand Popo Football Club - Smashing Machine
11 Rubin Steiner - On The Microphone (Remixed By Grand Popo Football Club) (1999)
12 Men Are Not Nice Guys (UK Version)

Link to download:

Grand Popo Football Club are a French electronic music group of Nicolas Errera and Ariel Wizman, best known for their 2001 hit song "Men Are Not Nice Guys" and to a lesser extent their underground dance hit "Each Finger Has An Attitude". They also released an album entitled Shampoo Victims. The band name originated when Wizman went on a trip to Grand Popo, a village in the African nation of Benin ( and and, and "we said to ourselves that there had to be a football club in this town, and that if not, we'd have to do something about it, urgently"

Grand Popo Football Club is a French band.Ariel Wizman is known as an extroverted tv anchorman. He performed electronic in clubs and on Radio Nova.Nicolas Erra was 5 years old when he played piano for the first time. He’s also a movie actor.Grand Popo is a benin’s village that Ariel Wizman have visited.

and (French):

More info:

Nicolas Errera
was born in Paris. He studied piano at Normale Superior School of Musique of Paris. He studied Electronic compositions with the GRM class in the National Superior Conservatory of Paris. First Price of Soundtrack Class in Normale Superior School of Music.He has composed over 20 soundtracks for french movies.He has composed music for Videos Art.He has founded Grand Popo Football Club with Ariel Wizman and ROUGE ROUGE with Jean Croc. He has a radioshow with Jean Croc every sunday at 7pm on RADIO NOVA. "LE PUDDING"

More info:

Ariel Wizman
is a French musician and journalist born in Morocco in 1962. His family, as many Sephardim North-African families, left Morocco after Six-Day War and settled in France in Paris,where he met the philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas and thanks to him, he attempted the École normale israélite orientale.
Wizman has worked for "Actuel", "Vogue Homme" and "20 ans" and produced several programs for France culture and also appeared in some tv programmes and films. He's a popular DJ currently.


More info for Grand Popo Football Club:


Blogger Susana said...

great band, thank you!
i love "men are not nice guys".

3:39 AM  
Anonymous Manchester United said...

Nice post. Really I liked it.


1:43 AM  
Blogger bathmate said...

Interesting posting. Thanks for the info. Keep up the good work.

3:33 PM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

It must have been two or three weeks since I went looking for an ultra-obscure release and found myself transported straight to this blog!

I have had the 'Cosmic' track for a couple of years and a very, well.... 'cosmic' track it is (and prefiguring the 'cosmic disco' resurgence by at least four or five years) but its only now have I gone hunting for the rest of the tracks.
Really glad I did! Some of the tracks sound so 'new' and probably the reason in the first place why it didn't make the impact it should have back in 2000; a little to ahead of its time....also its very 'knowing' and with a real satirical/subversive feel about it in a uniquely French way (something similar to what I imagine Jean-Pierre Massiera would creat if he were asked to make a 'house' record).

Anyway, thanks so much for rescuing this and the remixes album from the memory hole, its most appreciated.

1:00 PM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

I forgot to add a couple of snippets of information. The album actually came out first in France in 2000 and then a couple of years later in the UK & Canada (which is probably why you have 2002 as the date!).

Also with the 'Cosmic' track I mentioned, there are actually two tracks in the one MP3. The 'Cosmic' track stops at the 7.20 mark then there is a minute of silence before an unnamed 'hidden track' kicks in till 13.21.
On the double vinyl version of this release, instead of the hidden track there is an instrumental version of 'Men Are Not Nice Guys'.

Anyway, hope this tiny bit of additional info helps!

1:58 PM  
Anonymous athlete nutrition said...

Very unique football club. I would love to join one day.

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Blogger Eduardo said...

Bro, im downloadin their songs. thnks for the albums, and bless. so bad GPFC isnt more famous

5:26 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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