Monday, May 19, 2008

BAUMANN & KOEK - Baumann / Koek (1979)

Synth-Pop, Ambient

Wolfgang Baumann and Eta Koek

Composed By, Arranged By, Producer, Recorded By - Eta Koek , Wolfgang Baumann
Mixed By - Conny Plank
( and


01 Yarabbim (11:50)
02 TD-Mem (18:15)
03 Gamabol (11:39)
04 Where (5:20)
05 Sequencer-Roll (2:18)

Link to download:

"As long as I know Tangerine Dream and Peter Baumann some fans and collectors are thinking this is a Peter Baumann solo recording. To say it again: IT IS NOT! This LP was recorded 1978 by Wolfgang Baumann and Eta Koek. Both are in no releations to TD or Peter Baumann. O.K., there's a rumour that this "error" was expected or wanted e.g. for the track-name "TD-Mem", but this is not confirmed until today. But it helped selling the record.
I met Wolfgang Baumann serveral times in Kempten/Germany. He was the owner of a record store called "Francoise Records" and he was (is ?) an electronic musican, too. I remember the day I heard this LP the first time. It was in his shop (of course) and I was impressed. "What a great sound!" I sad and he told me: "Oh it's nice you say this because it's my own production I did together with my close friend Eta Koek"."


"the music is in a style similar to early 1970s Tangerine Dream and contains a track called TD-Mem." (

Italian review:

More info:


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Whoo-hoo! Thanks for this - I've been looking for it for ages, and I was beginning to think no-one had a copy!

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with pleasure,im glad you like it:)


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