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Electronic, Pop
Synth-pop,Experimental, Ambient, Modern Classical


Acoustic Guitar - Raymond Gimenes (tracks: 01, 03)
Arranged By - Ph. Pages* (tracks: 01 to 11) , R. Vimal* (tracks: 01 to 11), Claude Pavi(track 12) Artwork By [Cover Design, Illustration] - Maxime Benaim
Engineer [Assistant] - Yves Medvesky
Lyrics By, Music By, Guitar, Other [Bottleneck], Synthesizer - Richard Vimal
Acoustic Guitar, Other [Bottleneck] - Gérard Kawczynsky (track 07)
Photography [Lyrics Sheet] - Alain Marouani
Piano, Organ, Synthesizer [Moog] - Philippe Pages
Producer [Artistic Direction, Realisation] - Michel Elmosnino (from Kisrokos)
Recorded By, Mixed By - Jehol Van Bay


01 Transparence (2:58)
02 Âme Sour (2:50)
03 De L'Autre Côté Du Miroir (4:30)
04 Métamorphose (2:05)
05 Transparence (Interlude) (1:00)
06 Léa (3:07)
07 L'Ange Des Terres Brulées (3:46)
08 De Ce Côté Du Miroir (3:59)
09 Tu Es Douce Comme Un Fruit (2:45)
10 La Clé Des Songes (2:56)
11 Transparence (2eme) (3:03)
12 Derriere Moi (3:30)

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Credits for "Migrations":
Arranged By, Composed By, Guitar, Synthesizer - Richard Vimal
Arranged By, Keyboards, Synthesizer - Philippe Pages
Artwork By [Illustration And Concept] - Philippe Huart
Engineer - Didier Perrier /Engineer [Assistant] - Thierry
Guitar, Guitar [Electric], Effects [Voice-box] - René Lebhar (
Mixed By - Jehol Van Bay Mixed By [Assistant] - O. Santo*
Photography - Marie-Laure Besançon
Producer - Michel Elmosnino

Credits for "Aquarhythmies":
Mastered By [Gravure] - André Perriat /Mixed By - Henri Lousteau
Performer, Composed By, Arranged By, Artwork By [Illustration], Other [Concept By] - Richard Vimal
Producer [Réalisation] - Michel Elmosnino
Recorded By, Mixed By [Assistant] - Yves Saby

Titles 1-8 originally released in 1980 as "Aquarhythmies"
Titles 9-16 originally released in 1978 as "Migrations"
Title 17 taken from "Transparences", 1977
Track 18 additional, unreleased bonus track.


01 Elixir (3:04)
02 Aquarhythmies (5:11)
03 Arcanes (7:55)
04 Pavane (4:47)
05 Itineraire (4:20)
06 Les Yeux Cardenasses (3:47)
07 A Cloche-Pied (2:56)
08 Pavane (Reprise) (1:20)
09 Migration (5:17)
10 Nuance (2:54)
11 Evanescence (3:26)
12 Septentrion (3:43)
13 Les Litanies Des Animaux Cybernetiques (5:16)
14 Lunatisme (1:24)
15 Infinitude (4:03)
16 Onirie (3:06)
17 De Ce Cote Du Miroir (3:53)
18 Metamorphose D'Un Bal (7:07)

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Very rare! A must have for all electronic music fans!

"This is actually a compilation of two complete albums by French electronic musician Richard Vimal. Aquarythmies was originally released in 1980, and Migrations in 1978. Included also is one track from his rare 1977 album Transparencies (an album that, unlike his later work, was more pop oriented and included vocals - though the track culled for this compilation is instrumental), and one new track recorded in 2001. Vimal's music is of its age, and can be compared often to other popular electronic artists of the time, especially fellow countryman Jean-Michel Jarre, and Vangelis. The analog synths at the time were still fairly primitive, and required a bit of experimentation to get the kinds of sounds the musician was looking for. While Vimal's sound never gets quite as daring or far out as the other artists mentioned, he does create a soothing kind of music that perhaps presages the new age music boom of the 80's. Some of his pieces have an almost classical feel (in more of a chamber sense than a symphonic one) like the lovely Arcanes, the gentle Pavane, and the melancholy and mysterious Metaporphose D'un Bal (the new track recorded in 2001). But he does get a little more rhythmic and spacey, experimenting with sequences on pieces like Elixir and Itineraire, and the weirdly futuristic Les Litanies des Animaux Cybernetiques. He even includes some nice acoustic guitar on several pieces, including the plaintive A Cloche-Pied and the bright and airy Nuance. If you're looking for some relaxing and enjoyable instrumental electronic music, that's not too challenging, but isn't cloying either, Vimal's album may be your ticket. It's been very nicely digitally remastered for pristine clear sound and features the original Aquarythmies cover art. I should add that it's also fascinating to listen to this music from a historical perspective. As a long time fan of electronic music, this was an intriguing "piece of the puzzle" to put into place. Apparently, Vimal is recording a new album for release this year. It will be interesting to see how he puts all the new technology that has been made available in the intervening years to use."

"When it comes to French E.M. artists, immediately Jarre & Pinhas come to mind. But now the classic album Aquarythmies by Richard Vimal has seen the light of day after 21 years from it's original release. Which includes the album 'Migrations', one track from 'Transparences' and a bonus un-released piece, Richard musical career started in 1970 when he was only 18 with his first privately recorded single, a typical French 'Chanson' affair with drums, guitar, bass etc. Then in 1973 a second single appeared on the "Barclay Label' the A side 'je vous Salue leu France' was a satirical glance at French history. A quite uptempo piece which received many airplays on French radio but commercially was a flop. Between 1973 and 76 where lean years for Richard living for short spells in Madrid, London & Paris, working in vineyards, selling wine and as a travelling salesman for a short period of time.Then came the big break in 1976, getting a contract with Polydor.

His first album 'Transparences' came out in early 1977, it never sold well, around 800 copies. possibly because it was only distributed in France. The albums 10 tracks were very laid back ,romantic and melodic. Most were songs with French lyrics, with restrained synth arrangements.The following year saw 'Migrations' a completely instrumental album more electronic with guitar and drums on one track. This time the album was distributed in 19 countries and sold 6-7000 copies, an amount newer EM artists would die for. 1980 saw the best from Richard with 'Aquarythmies' which was recorded at his home on a mobile studio and mixed later in Paris. Another totally instrumental album with infectious sounds. The rhythmic tracks such as 'Elixir' and 'Itinerarire' are free-flowing, the later has Jarre type rhythms, it's hard to believe that the sequences were played by hand. 'Pavane' has quite strong classical overtones, with a romantic touch. Then there's the 3 parter called 'Arcanes' with stirring church organ chords, again showing classical tendencies.

Considering the limited equipment at his disposal the Korg polyphonic PS3300 and Roland Monophonic keyboards, echo box guitars and 4 -track Teac tape recorder, the music flows like a good wine. Funny enough in an interview in the early eighties Richard described the album as flowing, all down to healthy consumption of wine at that time, jokingly saying it could have been called Vinerythmies. The bonus track Metamorphose recorded in 2001 on the album reminds me of electronic chamber/ classical music, if you can image that, and certainly doesn't sound out of place with the older stuff.

After this classic release nothing was heard from Richard, although on the sleeve notes of this re-release it mentions that over the last twenty years he has made music for 100+ film & TV productions and is currently at the early stages of producing a symphony in 4 movements for synths & orchestra.Expect other releases in the future from a musician whose music in the 70/80ąs was like a breath of fresh air.Welcome back Richard."

"Today Richard Vimal works as a composer of music for movies and television as well as advertisements for companies like Peugeot, Michelin and Shell, to name but a few.After having played piano and guitar for some time, Vimal first discovered the synthesizer in 1974. Fascinated by its seemingly unlimited sonic possibilities he acquired a Roland SH3. A period of fanatic experimentation finally led to a recording contract with Polydor and the release of his first album entitled Transparences in 1977 (on which he also took over the lead vocals).However his first effort did not prove to be a success. His second, entirely instrumental album Migration fared slightly better.In 1980 he released Aquarythmies, which delighted fans everywhere. However, as Polydor and Vimal could not reach an agreement about a follow-up project, Vimal cancelled the contract and began to focus on working for the film industry (in 1981 he composed his first soundtrack for a short film for Aeronava).Now both instrumental studio albums have been released on one CD, which also includes one track from Transparences (certainly not too bad a choice) as well as a brand new and previously unreleased bonus track (with some classical overtones). Vimal’s current activities include the composition of a symphony in four movements for Synths and Orchestra. For the future other releases of Vimal’s music are in preparation.
The liner notes mention composers like Bach or Schubert as sources for his inspiration (amongst others) and particularly stress the fact that Vimal only listens to the works of ‘classical’ composers as this strictly prevents him from inadvertently copying contemporary musical styles, thereby following the example of fellow musicians like Vangelis, Tomita and Larry Fast. However, upon listening to this album I cannot shake off the feeling that a certain Jean-Michel Jarre did bring his influence to bear. As a matter of fact Jarre released his Oxygene a little earlier, he also had a record deal with Polydor at the time and is said to be French too….Anyway, these 73+ minutes of music are definitely worth a listen after all these years. Anyone who likes music of contemporaries like Jarre, Baffo Banfi and Michael Cretu should listen to this CD or just buy it right away!
By referring to ‘Electronic Classics’ Deimos Music seems to refer to future releases. I for one am looking forward to that!"

More review:,90&dispo=0&rformat=6 (German) (Spanish)

A classic of French electronic scene, Richard Vimal started in the earlly 1970's, doing typical French Chanson stuff. He released several singles but these were not particularly successful. After a period of silence he got in touch with Polydor, which, surprisingly, offered him a contract. A change in musical direction followed (Richard discovered the synthesizer in 1974), and the first full-length album was released, featuring Richard on vocals and subtle synth arrangements. He then released two more, completely instrumental albums, the second of which had considerable success.


Transparences (1977)
Migrations (1978)
Aquarythmies (1980)
Aquarythmies-Compilation (2001)

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Blogger Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

I have been looking for Vimal lps for years.
I don't know how to thank you for these sharings.
I think everyone who loves electronic music should listen to Vimal productions.

5:47 AM  
Blogger Paul Durango said...

Awesome blog as usual.. hard to compete ;-)

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Kevin said...

I actually bought the album, "Migrations" in 1979! So I was one of the 6-7,000 in the world to appreciate it then.

I lost track of that album but "Les Litanies Des Animaux Cybernetiques" kept gnawing at my consciousness ... over the years.

Here, you've provided it, I'm so thankful. Larry Fast, Jarre, Tomita and Tangerine Dream have been my longtime faves, too. "Electronic Realizations ..." and "Sequencer" sound as great today as they did then ... I still love listening to them.

Did you ever listen to the Canadian progressive synth rock band FM?

1:19 PM  
Blogger NedFlanders said...

There is a track missing from the original Migrations LP - 'Entre Deux Eaux' I wonder why that was left off the most recent compilation of the supposedly two full albums?

I know the track as I have it on cassette tape having copied the vinyl LP back in 1979.



8:30 AM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

I knew I would not have to come far to find some material by Richard Vimal..just discovered him through his track on the L'Age Analogue compilation and I was instantly seduced by his beautiful arrangements...its surfs the wave between more experimental electronics and bliss-bunny new age musak without ever falling into cliche and over into the mundane and with this in mind I cannot wait to hear some more.
What is it about these French musicians who produce two or three amazing records then stop! Zanov is another example, maybe they get taken off-world and are currently playing to packed arena's at a Galactic Federation gathering!

2:21 PM  
Anonymous xlpharmacy said...

My mother and my older sister love the music by Richard Vimal so I will so download this album, they will be so happy, thanks!

9:51 AM  
Anonymous niroa said...

The writer is totally right, and there is no skepticism.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Anyway you can repost these? I am in heaven listening to what I can on YouTube, but I'd love to hear more!

7:23 PM  

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