Monday, April 24, 2006

Alice Russell - My Favourite Letters (2005)


01 - All Else Can Wait
02 - What We Want!
03 - Humankind
04 - Mean To Me
05 - A Fly In The Hand
06 - To Know This
07 - I'm Just Here
08 - Munkaroo
09 - All Over Now
10 - High Up On The Hook
11 - Mirror Mirror On The Wolf - 'tell The Story Right'
12 - Remember To Forget

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Alice Russell's second solo album has been highly anticipated. Having slowly but surely build up her reputation as one of the UK's finest soul singers, through her recordings with a number of artists and live appearances, she is now concentrating on her solo career. My Favourite Letters has been produced and co-written by TM Jukes who has added his magic musical touch to Alice's gifted vocals. The album could be described as a kaleidoscope of soul music history with influences from Gospel, Hip-hop, Jazz, Northern Soul, Broken Beat, Electronica and Funk. 12 tracks.


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