Friday, April 21, 2006

PAUL LEKAKIS - Tattoo It (1990)

this is the original front cover of the CD

House, Electro, Synth-pop

Paul Lekakis sings the classic hit songs "Boom Boom Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room)", and "Come Over to My House". He still performs these songs, but they have been revamped and brought up to date.Paul also acts and stared in the hit movie "Circuit" which is now available on DVD.The Spring of 2004 find Paul with a brand new record deal, with the first dance single being released in the Summer.Paul lives in West Hollywood, Ca.


01 Tattoo It On Me (4:46)

02 My House (4:33)

03 You Know You Want It (4:08

04 I Will Be There (3:58)

05 One Step Closer (4:08)

06 Lips (5:02)

07 So I Heard (3:59)

08 You Blow Me Away (4:05)

09 Are You Man Enough (Duet With Lisa Bellamy) (4:10)

10 Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) (4:11)

link to download:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooops, i´m late, the link is dead, someone can re-upload paul lekakis?

sorry for my english....

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! » » »

9:10 PM  
Anonymous geejay said...

Oh shucks... I couldnt find this long lost song... I will be there... the link is gone..... sigh..

3:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


PAUL LEKAKIS - Tattoo It (1990)


5:33 AM  

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