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LAURA BRANIGAN-the very best of CD (1992)

Dear Fans
,It was confirmed to OneStor earlier today from Joan Di Tursi Laura's previous manager that Laura had passed away in her sleep last night Thursday August 26th 2004 of a Brain aneurysm.

Laura Branigan was born in New York on July 3, 1957 just outside New York City. Although a performance career was never something Laura wanted in her childhood, her lead role in a senior play in high school quickly changed her mind and her future. In the mid-70s, Laura attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.
Laura was a former backing vocalist with Leonard Cohen in the late 70s and toured with him throughout Europe. By 1977, Laura had determination to become a solo artist and 2 years later was signed with Atlantic Record. A change in managers resulted in a breach-of-contract lawsuit, but it didn't deter Laura from becoming one of the biggest female pop artists of the decade.
Laura's first big appearance on pop radio was with the single "Gloria" which became a huge #1 hit and the staple song of her career. The track came from Laura's debut LP, Branigan released in '82. Although "Gloria" took several weeks to become a hit, once it did, the song remained on the charts several months. Another track from the LP, "All Night With Me," was a minor hit before "Gloria" hit big. Laura received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance Female ("Gloria").
Laura released Branigan2 and had 2 more Top 10 hits with "Solitaire" (in May) and "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" (hitting the Top 40 in August). Laura could also be heard on the Flashdance soundtrack with "Imagination."
Laura released Self Control and got as high as # 2 with "Self Control." Laura also had hits with "The Lucky One" and "Ti Amo."
Hold Me was released with the Top 40 hit "Spanish Eddie" and hits "I Found Someone" and "Hold Me."
Touch was released and the first single "Shattered Glass" was a minor hit. The second single "The Power Of Love" returned Laura to the Top 20.
The release of Laura Branigan in 1990 spawned a minor hit with "Moonlight On Water" and Over My Heart was released in 1993. In 1994, Laura could be heard dueting with actor David Hasselhoff on the Baywatch soundtrack with "I Believe." In June, 1995, Laura release a greatest hits collection called Best Of which Q magazine hailed as "...a hugely appealing belter of a voice... with distinctly epic and sometimes even moving qualities..." Laura's acting credits have included guest shots on television's CHiPs and the films Mugsy's Girl (1984) and Backstage (1988). Laura also appeared on German television in An American Girl In Berlin (1981(c)) Laura returned to the public eye in 2002, earning rave reviews with her portrayal of Janis Joplin in the hit New York City musical Love, Janis. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide. (c)

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Many years now, but Greg Prato's biography of Laura Branigan is full of wrongs. Laura was born 1952, she attended the American academy between 1970-1972, she was touring with Leonard Cohen in 1976, April 22 - July 7: 55 concerts in Germany, Ireland, England, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, France, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland.
Laura was 52 when she died.

All this can be found at the web

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