Wednesday, May 03, 2006

THE QUICK - International Thing (1984)

Released: 1984
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synth-pop, Disco


A1 It's An International Thing
A2 This City
A3 Missing You Now
A4 Love In Motion
A5 Where Is The Lion In You
B1 Listen To Your Heart
B2 Do Not Erase This Heart
B3 No Day At The Beach
B4 The Biggest Factor
B5 All Hung Up On You

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The Quick was a dance pop duo from England that consisted of vocalist Colin "Col" Campsie and bassist/keyboardist George McFarlane.
McFarlane and Campsie originally met in California in 1978, and began working together when they returned to England, taking the name "The Quick". Their debut single, "Sharks Are Cool, Jets Are Hot," was released on Epic Records in 1979. The following year, the duo's single, "Hip Shake Jerk," became a huge hit in Australia, and their first album," On the Uptake "was quickly released there. Remixed and repackaged as Fascinating Rhythm, the album was released to the rest of the world in 1982, spawning a U.S. dance hit, "Zulu." A second album, "International Thing", followed in 1984.
By that time, McFarlane and Campsie had started doing studio work for other musicians, producing an album for the band, Endgames. Their last album, "Wah Wah", came out in 1986 on AM Records. McFarlane and Campsie would resurface as the Giant Steps in 1988.
Giant Steps was a dance duo and their's only album, "Book of Pride", was released in 1988, and the single, "Another Lover," from the album became a huge hit in Amercia, peaking at #13 in the Billboard Hot 100.
In 2006, Campsie became infamous for writing the Kandy Floss record and was mistakenly credited as being a famous member of Go West by Mr Holy Moly in Metro's 25 February edition.


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Wow! Can't thank you enough for this.
Mainly for 'Missing You Now' a song I've been after since 1984!
Thanks again!

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