Monday, May 08, 2006

STYLE latino lounge (2004)


01 Dalminjo -bossa note
02 Crystin -dance through the light
03 B-floor feat.Hillary Costa -meu amor(chill)
04 Los Costureros -quero mais
05 Stéphane Pompougnac feat.Clémentine -morenito (bossa mix)
06 Latino boy -get away
07 Ursula 1000 -samba 1000 (Nicola Conte mix)
08 P.A.O.L.O -liv it up
09 NightCruzer -beyond the sun
10 MarLina -hold on to my love
11 Zion Lockwood -jazzy june
12 Inflammare feat. Karim -seduccion
13 Markus Nikolai -bushes (the first re-creation version 1.2 edit)
14 AKMusique -besame
15 Fudge-X -i feel
16 ArtShahin -music
17 Latino lover -bailarina bailarino
18 Crystin -tiny samba
my bonus song for you:
19 Georgio Schultz -blossom

links to download: part 1 part 2

latino lounge
A compilation, that presents all genuine Latino-hits of the year! Dalminjo, a real shooting-star of the Latin-scene contributes the clubbing “Bossa Note“-track, whereas AKMusique offers dancebeats for your party. Crystin breathes her sexy “Dance Through The Light“ and Ursula 1000 presents you a real lounge-hit with “Samba 1000“ ...The whole CD is the perfect soundtrack for your summer and the ideal tool to bring back the sun into your winterdays! The noble cover artwork by M.Gockel from New York is a stylish eyecatcher in your CD-collection.