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FRACOISE HARDY - 20 ans 20 titres (1989)

Jazz, Rock ,pop
Lounge, Pop Rock, Easy Listening


1. Des Ronds Dans l'Eau 2:22
2. Comment Te Dire Adieu 2:22
3. Où Va La Chance ? 3:09
4. Mon Monde N'Est pas Vrai 2:40
5. If You Listen 3:34
6. Prisons 2:37
7. Message Personnel 4:15
8. Musique Saoule 4:14
9. Que Tu M'Enterres 4:06
10. Tirez Pas Sur L'Ambulance 3:39
11. Moi Vouloir Toi 3:45
12. Partir Quand Même 3:51
13. Laisse Moi Rêver 3:35
14. La Sieste 3:53
15. Il Voyage 3:40
16. Je Ne Suis Là Pour Personne 3:21
17. Les Petits Garçons 4:09
18. Fais-Moi Une Place 2:53
19. En Résumé...En Conclusion 4:39

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Compilation of Greatest Hits from Famous French Diva!

some bio:
Françoise Hardy has been called the melancholly, timid chanteuse. Her songs sentimental, sad and at times sophisticated. Ophelia without the delirium.
Born in Paris on January 17, 1944, Françoise began auditioning for record labels in the spring of 1960. She was eventually picked-up by Vogue Records and in 1962 released her first single "Tous Les Garçons et Les Filles" ("All the Boys and Girls"). It was a massive hit in France and even made the British charts some time later. In an 18 month period it had sold two million copies. Her image was strong enough that several films of the time were definitely given a mod, hip look with an appearance by Fran&coise in them. In January 1963, Françoise was the first female singer of her generation to grace the cover of Paris Match the life magazine of France.

It is this elegant, calm quality that sets Françoise apart from the other yé-yé Girls (Vartan, France Gall, etc). More importantly though, she wasn't simply the product of some producer's vision of a hit singer. She wrote 80% of the material she perfomed meaning that she had an emotional attachment to her music. It showed through in the production of her songs and attributed to her success.
In spite of her new star status Françoise remained a very private person, who was never totally at ease with the flamboyant trappings of the showbiz world.
Meanwhile Mademoiselle Hardy’s fame continued to spread beyond French borders and, through the intermediary of her photographer boyfriend Jean-Marie Perier, the young French singer soon began rubbing shoulders with the top names of the day. Hardy would soon be hanging out with The Beatles, Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones.
Françoise soon turned her attention to her acting career once more, starring alongside Yves Montand and James Garner in the American director John Frankenheimer’s film "Grand Prix". The film was not exactly a box office smash, but it was successful in launching Françoise Hardy in the United States. Indeed, shortly after the film's release, the American company Warner Bros would go on to contact Françoise Hardy’s French record label, Vogue, to sign a distribution deal for the singer’s records in the States. After a long and extremely successful promotional campaign, Françoise Hardy became a star in the U.S. The young French star's image would soon be splashed across all the top magazine covers and her presence sought on America's leading TV chat shows.
Françoise soon became France’s most "exportable" female singing star......

Throughout her successful 30-year career Françoise Hardy has been renowned for her romantically nostalgic songs and her rather melancholy lyrics. These lyrics and the fact that the French star has tended to shun the glare of the media spotlight may lead music fans to conclude that Françoise Hardy is a rather moody person. In fact nothing could be further from the truth! It’s true that the French singer is an extremely private person, but Françoise Hardy’s rare interview appearances also reveal her to be an extremely passionate person, especially when it comes to her double raison d’être : music and astrology.

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