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FRANK STALLONE - Frank Stallone (1984)

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Electronic, Rock
Disco, Pop

Tracklist :

01 Far From Over
02 Music Is Magic
03 Love Is Like A Light
04 Darlin'
05 If We Ever Get Back
06 Runnin' Far From Over
07 She's So Popular
08 Once More Never Again
09 I Do Believe In You
10 Fly Together

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Frank Stallone, Jr. (born July 30, 1950, in New York City, New York) is an American actor and singer, the brother of Sylvester Stallone.
He has appeared in many Hollywood films and television series.
He wrote and performed "Far From Over" for the 1983 film Staying Alive. A self-titled album soon followed from RSO, in the style of 1980s pop.
Frank Stallone has worked as a singer in the tradition of American big band jazz and popular music, in a vocal style reminiscent of his idol Frank Sinatra. He tours with his own orchestra under conductor Paul Vesco, and has also worked with conductors Sammy Nestico and Billy May. Stallone has released a number of albums, including Day In Day Out with Sammy Nestico (1991; A1 Records: FSTCD1) and "Close Your Eyes" with Billy May (1996; Coolnote).
Frank Stallone is also an amateur boxer and appeared as a boxing consultant on the NBC reality television series The Contender in 2005. Frank Stallone has appeared on the Howard Stern Radio and TV show on several occasions. During one appearance on the Howard Stern Show, Frank Stallone had a boxing match with TV reporter Geraldo Rivera; Frank Stallone won the bout. Stallone was also used as a punchline by Norm MacDonald on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, often inserting Stallone's name into the end of news stories in a ridiculing manner. One example would be rhetorically asking the audience who was responsible for some sort of adverse event or circumstance, " guessed it: Frank Stallone." Another example, "The most popular toy of 1996: 'Tickle Me Elmo'. And the least popular toy of 1996, you guessed it: 'Tickle Me Frank Stallone'."


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