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New Wave, Power Pop, Pop Rock

Wally Palmar (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica 1977-Present)
Jimmy Marinos (drums, vocals, 1977-84/1996-97)
Mike Skill (Guitar Player, Backup Vocals: 1977-1981/
Bass Player, Vocals & Backup Vocals: 1983-Present)
Rich Cole (bass 1977-1982)
Dave Petratos (drums, 1985-87)
Coz Canler (Guitar Player, Backup Vocals: 1980-Present)
Clem Burke (Drums, Backup Vocals 1990-96/1997- )
Brad Elvis: Drums (2004-current)

"Talking in Your Sleep"



01 Little White Lies
02 I Can't Tell You Anything



01 Tell It To Carrie
02 First In Line

Link to download for the 2 EP:

Little White Lies was their first 7" on Spider Records


Bass, Vocals - Rich Cole/ Drums, Vocals - Jimmy Marinos /Engineer - Steve Brown /Guitar [Lead], Vocals - Mike Skill /Guitar [Rhythm], Vocals - Wally Palmar /Mastered By - Greg Calbi /Producer - Peter Solley


01 When I Look In Your Eyes (3:00)
02 Tell It To Carrie (3:24)
03 First In Line (2:37)
04 Keep In Touch (3:41)
05 Girl Next Door (4:42)
06 What I Like About You (2:56)
07 She's Got Everything (2:34)

08 Till I See You Again (3:55)
09 Hung On You (3:25)
10 Little White Lies (2:38)
11 Gimme One More Chance (4:27)

Link to download:

"Metaldiva is proud of these homegrown Motor City boys who did good. This is a must have for 80's afficionados, sometimes referred to as the RED album, it contains the best line up the band ever had. It was the vocals and harmonies of the drummer and bassist combined that really sold this album. This is a bit of 50's rockabilly with 60's pop combined with 80's new wave all together in a hit making combo that has boosted "What I Like About You" into the national best loved-played-at-every-game-hit that it is. "Talking In Your Sleep" was a great follow up, but no sooner did the band start to get attention, they changed the line up. "In Heat" has some of the tracks with original members, but the on-stage performances were a let down and the band clings on the edge of oblivion. Their "Strictly Personal"or "Pink Album" was confusing, and latest live offerings, extended offerings and the awful 61/49 are better left behind. Cole and Marino were the sound, and they could be like their peers, enjoying a renaissance of their own if only they could get it back together today. Metaldiva Sez: Great addition to your collection. This was the band at it's peak, it brings back memories of shoulder pads, high heels, teased hair and boogying at Bookies in Detroit. Music was fun then and this must have album personnifies this great 80's rock band and makes you pine for Jimmy and Rich's touch today."

" A rock 'n roll treasure, it simply doesn't get any better than this!"

"The Romantics' 1979/80 release (self titled) is the finest powerpop release of the last 25 years. The track "what I like about you" has risen to the status of "legend" and has become one of the most played and recognizable rock 'n roll anthems of all time. "What I like" exists in the same timeless and cherished rock 'n roll universe as songs like "you really got me", "louie louie" and "wild thing". But, before you label the Romantics as one hit wonders you'll need to get your facts straight; "What I like about you" never reached the top 40 and was never a "hit", the highest billboard chart position of the song was #49. The album itself turned in something less than a stellar performance. The HUGE success of the song in later years is a testament to its "magic" and the raw talent and brilliance of the Romantics. There are too few "happy endings" in Rock 'n Roll and these guys DESERVED the long over due success! It's an absolute shame that the Romantics are continually neglected in various rock 'n roll "guides", books and by the many so-called "authorities" and "critics" of rock. The Romantics kept the flame of powerpop alive in the early 80's and finally had a pair of hits with "Talking in Your Sleep" and "One in a Million". These tracks represented a turning point within the group, away from raw guitar riffs and toward a more "mainstream" rock sound. The group continued to grow and tour (even during a decade long legal battle for their rock 'n roll soul) and eventually released the CD titled 61/49 in 2003. When sampling the Romantics catalog of material you'll learn that they managed to churn out "hit worthy" songs by the truck load. You'll also find a group that never lost sight of it's roots and that will take you on a ride through sweet powerpop, raw garage rock, a bit of funky R&B tinged rock, a few Motown inspired efforts, British invasion inspired tracks and of course blues based rock. This release can stand solid next to the best efforts of the Kinks, Who, Stones and Beatles. In an era ruled by disco and dinosaur rock the Romantics had the heart, vision and talent to bring the Rock 'n Roll dream back to life! If you claim to be a collector of REAL rock 'n roll your collection will not be complete without this CD. ***TEN STARS***"


Producer - Peter Solley /Written-By - Jimmy Marinos , Mike Skill , Wally Palmar


01 Tomboy (2:28)
02 Forever Yours (2:52)
03 Stone Pony (2:37)
04 New Cover Story (3:02)
05 A Night Like This (5:05)
06 National Breakout (2:33)
07 21 And Over (4:08)
08 I Can't Tell You Anything (3:35) Written-By - Cole*
09 Take Me Out Of The Rain (2:27)
10 Friday At The Hideout (3:00)
11 Poor Little Rich Girl (3:30)

Link to download:

"The Romantics have delivered some of the best power-pop and garage rock of the last 25 years. Taking a cue from the early Kinks, Rolling Stones and the Who, the Romantics excel at beat and riff driven rock 'n roll. If you're a fan of any of the aforementioned "legendary" rock acts from the 60's and have never taken a listen to the Romantics you'll be amazed at the sonic GOLD they created! Fans of modern "revival" groups like JET should certainly check out the Romantics.
Nothing quite compares to the debut release by the Romantics, but "national breakout" is a very strong release with some very cool tracks.

Tomboy - a bit weak lyrically, but strong on riffs.
Forever Yours - The Romantics deliver some sweet power-pop.
Stone Pony - Plenty of Power Riffs here! Great song!
New Cover Story - Another "sweet" power-pop effort.
A Night Like This - More Riffs from garage heaven!
National Breakout - Lots of Power on this Track!
21 and Over - Cool!
I Can't tell you anything - Kind of sounds like a Rolling Stones song.
Take Me Out of the Rain - A great "pop" effort. Very Cool!
Friday at the Hideout - An Amazing track, the RIFFS will blow you out of your chair!
Poor Little Rich Girl - Great track with a "fierce" ending.

There isn't anything on this release on the scale of "What I like About You" or many of the other essential tracks off of the debut effort, but a song like "Friday at the Hideout" cannot go overlooked, it's a garage rock classic!
The Romantics would falter (only once) with their next release titled "strictly personal" (due to the HORRIBLE production of Mike Stone). They would recover nicely with "In Heat", an effort that would finally generate two top 40 hits (One in a Million and Talking in Your Sleep) and which had some major riff driven tracks like "Rock You Up", "Got Me Where You Want Me" and "Love Me to the Max". Strong releases "Rhythm Romance", "Made in Detroit" and "61/49" would follow.
If you consider yourself a fan of Power-Pop, Mod, or Garage Rock and you don't own this release, your collection is not complete!"

"This a good "Romantics" album-but the question is-WHY IS IT SO DARN EXPENSIVE?! I originally got this 'way back in the Early 80's when it first came out on vinyl and I remember thinking it was a little harder edged than their first album. Are there just certain "Romantics" cds that are out of print? It's too bad if they are-they're a great "Party Band" "

VA - Romantics And Friends-MIDWEST POP EXPLOSION! (1980)


01 Romantics-Tell It To Carrie
02 Romantics-First In Line
03 Singles-You're For Me
04 Singles-Thinking Of Ways
05 Nikki & The Corvettes-Gimme,Gimme
06 Romantics-Runnig Away
07 Romantics-Let's Swing
08 Stiv Bators-Its Cold Outside
09 Stiv Bators-The Last Year
10 Nikki & The Corvettes-Let's Go

Link to download:

More info:

More info about Nikki & The Corvettes:

More info about Stiv Bators:



01 In the Nightime 3:41
02 Look at Her 2:58
03 No One Like You 3:08
04 Bop 2:03
05 Why'd You Leave Me 3:27
06 Can't Get Over You 3:09
07 C'mon Girl (Work Out With Me) 2:28
08 Spend a Little Love on Me 2:41
09 She's Hot 2:35
10 All That I Want 3:31
11 Don't You Put Me on Hold

Link to download:

"Between their 2 sonic-defying debut albums and their pop breakthrough album "In Heat". "Strictly Personal" finds the band rocking along, oblivious to a new phenomenon called MTV and unwilling to change a thing about their delivery. This is both good and bad as the band delivers reliable Romantics standards on songs like "In The Nightime", "Spend a Little Love On Me", "She's Hot", and "Bop!". Things get dragged down into repetition on tracks like "Why'd You Leave Me" and "Can't Get Over You". There are no great Romantics tracks here, but no real bad ones either. Pick your 4 or 5 favorites and add them to your iPod playlists, then forget about the rest."

"Another great Romantics album. This was there third release and they tinkered with sound a bit before going back to basics with the next album, "In Heat". When it came out a friend of mine likened the more aggressive sound of this album as, "Romanitcs meet Kiss". I still think he was right. The sound is dirtier, with more punch. Fans of the band and power pop will love this...if you can still find it! Should been huge, ya know? "

"This album probably is my favourite one from this band, though the first one is better in general, but man, how the drums sound in this one!! Good songs, good harmonies, don't understand why this one is always so underrated and overlooked, it's a mistery to me (just because it was a total commercial disaster???)come on, listen to it.
this album can't be with a lower rate than In heat, fuckin hell., it pisses me off!!!!!!

IN HEAT (1983)

Bass, Guitar, Vocals - Mike Skill/ Drums, Percussion, Lead Vocals - Jimmy Marinos/ Engineer - Hal Hansford , Jim Sessody /Guitar [Rhythm], Harmonica, Lead Vocals - Wally Palmar /Guitar, Vocals - Coz Canler/ Keyboards - Peter Solley /Mixed By - Neil Kernon , Peter Solley /Producer - Peter Solley


01 Rock You Up (3:34)
02 Do Me Anyway You Wanna (3:19)
03 Got Me Where You Want Me (3:02)
04 One in a Million (3:40)
05 Open Up Your Door (3:57)
06 Talking in Your Sleep (3:54)
07 Love Me to the Max (3:06)
08 Diggin' on You (2:58)
09 I'm Hip (2:40)
10 Shake a Tail Feather (3:28)

Link to download:

"1983 hit album "In Heat" is one of my all time favorite CDs. It includes "Talking In Your Sleep" oft-played 80's hits. But you can dig it out more from this CD. Rock You Up is Hewy Lewis styled uptempo fun pop rock. One In A Million is another hit from this album. My personal pick is "Digging On You", a bit similarly styled as The Hooters' "And We Danced". I'm HIP is really fun hip/rock that will please the appreciators of J.Geils Band or The Knacks. Dig much from this CD. Recommended for The Hooters, J.Geils Band and wide range of 80's pop rock fans."

"In 1983 I was lucky enough to see this band live right at their peak. "In Heat" is one of those special albums. The production is perfect on every level possible. The band puts in 110% on each track which really shines through making it an all-time classic. Most people know the hit "Talking In Your Sleep" and pretty much write off the rest of the record. Shame on you! This album is what all great pop rock records should aspire to be... The Romantics do the 1960's style as well as any band that was actually relevant in that decade. Whether its an original song or a cover the band just kicks. "One In A Million" which also broke the top ten is a great song with a gigantic hook. Don't get me wrong this is unabashed power pop music. The bands not trying to be Pink Floyd or U2. They are paying homage to music that made them become musicians and there is nothing wrong with that! The band somehow digs up a "Richard & The Young Lions" song which was a minor hit somewhere in the bottom half of the 60's British pop charts. This song is nearly good enough to recommend the album alone. It has a killer drum stomp with a sing along chorus. The kind of song that all bands wish they had to play live. The quintessential pop song and it should not be missed. If you really want to experience a great power pop album then "In Heat" is the album. Band like Weezer and Fountains Of Wayne take much inspiration from this band and album even though they don't admit to it. Don't dismiss this band or think "What I Like About You" and "Talking In Your Sleep" is all they have to offer."

more info:


Artwork By [Art Director] - Chris Austopchuk/ Bass, Vocals - Mike Skill /Co-producer, Artwork By [Cover Concept] - Romantics, The Drums, Vocals - David Petratos /Guitar [Lead], Vocals - Coz Canler/ Lead Vocals, Guitar [Rhythm], Harmonica - Wally Palmar/ Mastered By - Mike Fuller /Other [Stageskins] - Caprice Chapman/Designs In Leather Photography [Cover] - Larry Williams /Producer, Mixed By, Keyboards - Peter Solley/ Producer, Recorded By, Recorded By [Additional], Mixed By - Gordon Fordyce/ Recorded By [Additional Recording: Assistant], Mixed By [Assistant] - Ted Stein /Recorded By [Assistant] - Dave Axelbaum /Written-By - Canler (tracks: 1 to 9) , Skill (tracks: 1 to 9) , Palmar (tracks: 1 to 9)


01 Let's Get Started (3:59)
02 Mystified (3:32)
03 Be My Everything (3:53)
04 Test Of Time (3:24)
05 I Got It If You Want It (3:27)
06 Rhythm Romance (3:47)
07 Never Though It Would Be Like This (3:34)
08 Better Make A Move (3:20)
09 Make It Last (3:41)

10 Poison Ivy (2:56)

Link to download:

"Romantics fans seem to give this release a bad name because it's a bit more "produced" or doesn't have the "edge" found on most of the earlier albums. I actually enjoy it for those very reasons and think it contains some great tunes. "test of time" is one of the best songs EVER by the romantics! If you liked "one in a million" off of "in heat" there's more you will like here. This is a great "feel good" effort and certainly NOT the groups worst effort (as some say). The only stinker the romantics delivered was the "strictly personal" album which suffers from a horrible "new" direction in production by mike stone."



01 When I Look Into Your Eyes
02 Do Me Any Way You Wanna
03 Give Me One More Chance
04 Love Me To The Max
05 Stone Poney
06 Keep In Touch
07 Come On Girl (Work Out With Me)
08 Got Me Where You Want Me
09 Rock You Up
10 Night Like This
11 Tomboy
12 Open Your Door
13 Talking In Your Sleep
14 I'm Hip
15 Shake A Tail Feather
16 What I Like About You
17 Little Latin Lupe Lu

Link to download:

The King Biscuit Flower Hour, a mainstay of weekend late-night FM radio throughout the late-'70s and early-'80s, tended to catch groups on the way up. But this live set, recorded in San Antonio in late 1984, not only features the Romantics five years after their definitive single, 1979's garage-rock stomper "What I Like About You," it comes over a year after their comeback hit, 1983's slickly-processed "Talking In Your Sleep." Recorded just before drummer/singer Jimmy Marinos left the band--their last album, 1985's RHYTHM ROMANCE, was recorded without him--this set strips away the soulless over-production which mars the band's later efforts. Without the layers of electronics, "Talking In Your Sleep" and its brethren are catchy, politely rocking pop songs. The set ends with a medley of '60s raveups culminating in the one-two punch of "What I Like About You" and a smoking "Little Latin Lupe Lu."

"First, a few of the previous reviews are incorrect when they state that Drummer/Singer Jimmy Marinos is not on this CD. He was STILL with the group here (plays drums on every song and sings on many including "What I Like About You"). The Romantics are one of the best live groups I have ever seen and this CD certainly captured a great performance! The first release by the romantics is still the best, but this is a close second! Even if you're a music buyer who doesn't prefer live CD's I think you'll be in for a surprise with this one."

"Places the Romantics right up there with the Kinks and Stones when it comes to live power! I cannot say enough about this CD, if you call your self a fan of real rock' n roll - it doesn't get any better than this. Buy this disc and go see them live TODAY they're still touring and giving it all they have 20 years later!"

"Absolutely, one of the best live albums ever produced and a must have for people who love the Romantics. All the Original members are here, Jimmy Marinos, Wally Palmar, Mike Skill and Coz Canler, with the exception of Bassist Rich Cole, who left the band after the third album. Great Hooks, Gritty Vocals and Powerful performances make this CD stand out.All the Hits are here (What I Like About You and Talkin' In Your Sleep)with the exception of 'One In A Million', but there are numbers from everyone of their first four albums.Marinos sings about a third of the Songs here with Palmar singing the rest. The first ten cuts of this album are non stop party fun! If you thought that The Romantics were some cute cuddly pop rock band, think again. Their brand of Detroit Rock & Roll is amazingly sharp and smokin'."
Arguably the group's best album, and one of the best live albums ever released by anybody. This concert, recorded on Oct. 30, 1983 in San Antonio, at the peak of the group's popularity, captures them in a powerful, energetic performance, displaying their best garage punk attributes full force along with a surprisingly melodic sound that put them a few steps above bands like the Ramones. It's all here, including "Talking In Your Sleep" and climaxing with "What I Like About You," covering a big chunk of the band's history as well as some pre-history, like "Little Latin Lupe Lou." Along with Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians' Gotta Let This Hen Out, one of the great 1980's live albums, and only a step short of classics like Live Kinks and the Stones' Got Live If You Want It. Great sound, too, with some really cool crunchy guitars--a must-own collection. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide"

61/49 (2003)


01 Devil in Me 3:30
02 61/49 3:48
03 Midnight to Six Man 3:20
04 When Will It End 3:36
05 Out of My Mind (Into My Head) 3:31
06 When the Angels (Hear Me Callin') 4:17
07 New Kinda Pain 3:23
08 I Need You 2:29
09 Paint the Sky 4:37
10 Still We Remain

Link to download:

Product Description
Long before Detroit became an adjective, the Romantics were delivering REAL rock 'n' roll with a fire and conviction that was downright palpable. Power pop gems like "That's What I Like About You" and "When I Look In Your Eyes" set a new standard for the genre, injecting it with an urgency and a raw passion that could only come from the Motor City. This fall the foursome returns with "61/49," its most rock solid offering in years. Named for the storied crossroads near Clarksdale, mississippi where bluesman Robert Johnson made his pact with the devil, "61/49" is intended as a tip of the hat to the roots of rock 'n' roll and the nucleus of the Romantics' fervent pop. "61/49" features members Wally Palmar, Mike Skill, Coz Canler, and their current drummer Clem Burke (a founding member of Blondie and now a permanent member of the Romantics). The album's opening track, "Devil In Me" exudes the sexy swagger that is the hallmark of the band's sound while its first single, "Out Of My Mind (Into My Head)" showcases Palmar's ruggedly charismatic voice and flair for melody.

"These songs kick some serious butt! GREAT songwriting, (a few standouts upon my first listen are the leadoff track "Devil in Me", Out of my mind(into my head), New Kinda Pain, love the Kinks cover "I need you"), and I LOVE the production...all this delicious analog...gorgeous warm and fuzzy guitar sounds, phenomenal vocals, what more can a person ask for??? This is what a record is supposed to sound sucks. Kudos to The Romantics!"

"It's been one long-ass haul for Detroit's Romantics. Nearly a quarter-century since their debut album was released, these guys have pretty much seen it all, both good and bad. At their peak, they were world beaters atop the power pop mountain. Their nadir was seven years spent in litigation limbo, successfully battling ex-managers for control of their publishing rights and music catalog. I'm sure they're tired of hearing the "S" word (you know - the one with a first syllable rhyming with "cur" and a second rhyming with "jivers"), so I won't mention it here. Although their commercial zenith came in the form of two top 10 singles from 1985's "In Heat" album, it's those first two hook-riddled discs ("The Romantics" and "National Breakout") featuring the original lineup (with the band's alpha male, drummer Jimmy Marinos, and bassist Richie Cole), and those red leather suits, that punters here in the Murder City will forever hold close. Working a little lower on the radar than say, The Knack, both albums are overflowing with tough, energetic, and loose rave-ups like modern-day frat rocker "What I Like About You," "Little White Lies," "Tomboy," "Stone Pony," "21 And Over," and "Girl Next Door." Doug Fieger may well have offered up his left nut for such a canon.
Which brings us to 2003 and "61/49," the first Romantics album proper in nearly 20 years - I'm still trying to decide if 1994's "Made In Detroit" EP counts - either way, the very thought makes me cringe. Original members Wally Palmar (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and Mike Skill (bass) are once again joined by long-time bandmate Coz Canler (guitar) and have implemented a revolving stool policy behind the drum kit, with Marinos, Clem Burke (apparently double dipping with Blondie), and ex-Detroit Wheel Johnny "Bee" Badanjek all taking a turn.
Besides finally getting to hear some new tuneage from these hardscrabble survivors, uh, veterans, "61/49" is especially heartening in that the group have decided not to tinker too much with their trademark punchy, fiery, guitar-driven blend of British Invasion and scrappy R&B. The title is a tip of the hat to the crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi where seminal bluesman Robert Johnson allegedly cut his deal with the de'bil but it's doubtful the band had to resort to such drastic measures to craft what can't rightfully be termed anything but a "comeback," although it may have seemed they were fighting a fallen angel or two during that protracted court battle. Based on some of the song titles and lyrics on this album, it may appear as though they've found religion anyway. "Devil In Me" swaggers in with Canler and Palmar's instantly recognizable chiming guitars, Palmar grunts "Owwww" and two things are immediately apparently: these guys haven't lost a step and Palmar isn't singing about the Goat Lord. Skill, Canler, and Palmar have certainly perfected the perfect pop song about girls, if not raised it to an art form, and this one has radio airplay written all over it. Palmar ain't half bad on harp, either, and isn't afraid to stretch out a bit (actually quite a bit - he blows the hell out of it on several songs).
What's immediately noticeable about "61/49" is that it may be the noisiest Romantics album yet, thanks in part to it being recorded at Jim Diamond's Ghetto Recorders on vintage analog recording equipment ("'cause digital's for suckers"). The title track, in particular, benefits from a thick layer of fuzz and distortion that really packs a wallop, almost like a demo submitted as an audition for the house band at Fat Possum Records. If you're still not convinced this is a group on a mission (from God or otherwise), check out yet another nod to a higher power, "When The Angels (Hear Me Callin')," with its velvety harmonies, jangling guitars, and enough hooks to reel in a school of pirahna, or "Out Of My Mind (Into My Head)," which is cut from the same sonic fabric as their early singles on Bomp. Coming full circle, the band knock the snot out of another Kinks song, "I Need You," like they did on their first album with "She's Got Everything," and end the album with the dreamy psychedelia of "Paint The Sky" and the rather solemn Beatlesque "Still We Remain," a song almost guaranteed to inspire flickering cigarette lighters in a live setting.
During The Romantics' long, lost weekend, while the band was spinning its wheels in a nightmare world of subpoenas, motions, suits, and countersuits, Palmar and Canler would occasionally come out of hiding in and around Detroit, looking rather downtrodden, but still holding their heads up high enough to sit in with locals like Black Market. The low point for Palmar may have been when some mental midget half-heartedly chucked an empty beer bottle at him across a crowded St. Andrew's Hall lobby. The look in his eyes is something I'll never forget. "61/49" is the return volley he and the rest of the group have been waiting too long to launch. Welcome back, guys! First round's on me."

More review:



01 I'm Hip 2:45
02 Love Me to the Max 3:07
03 C'mon Girl (Work Out With Me) 2:30
04 Do Me Any Way You Wanna 3:13
05 Gimme One More Chance 4:43
06 When I Look in Your Eyes 3:18
07 What I Like About You 3:37
08 Stone Pony 2:43
09 Rock You Up 3:24
10 Keep in Touch 3:38
11 Got Me Where You Want Me 2:56
12 Open Your Door 4:47
13 Tomboy 2:37
14 Talking in Your Sleep 4:28

Link to download:


The Romantics are an American rock band from Detroit, Michigan. The band adopted the name "The Romantics" because it formed on Valentine's Day, 1977.

"E.C.: The band's bio on the website says that the band was formed on Valentines day in 1977? Is that how the name came about, a tie-in with that date?
The Romantics: I remember there was an article in Creem magazine with Brian Ferry, and we were really big fans of Roxy Music, and all through the interview he kept saying 'romantic' this, 'romantic' that. And that sparked something in Jimmy's [Marinos] head. Yeah, but Valentine's day makes for good press [laughs]"

The Romantics achieved moderate popularity in the United States, Canada, and parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, and Latin America during the first half of the 1980s on the strength of the band's catchy, energetic songs and stylish, memorable music videos. Influenced by 1960s British Invasion rock (most notably the music of the Kinks, the Who, the Beatles, the Hollies, and the Rolling Stones), 1970s Detroit garage rock and hard rock (as represented by such performers as Iggy Pop, the Stooges, the MC5, and the Rationals), and the punk rock of the Ramones, the Romantics play a more pop-oriented variation of punk rock known as power pop. The band is also commonly classified into the category of "New Wave" (probably due more to the band's image and era than the sound of its music) by pop music historians.Read more here:(

The Romantics (1980) #61 US
National Breakout (1981) #176 US
Strictly Personal (1982) #182 US
In Heat (1983) #14 US
Rhythm Romance (1985) #77 US
Made In Detroit (EP) (1993)
The King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents: The Romantics Live In Concert (1996)
61/49 (2003)
What I Like About It (2005)

More info: (spanish) guitar tabs, guitar chords and lyrics

some spanish/portugese sites: about Detroit Bands a very good page dedicated to the city of Detroit and its great local music scene

If you have these albums - "Extended Versions" (2000) /"Made In Detroit" (1993) and "From The Front Row...Live "- from this great band ,share with me/us please !!


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Follow-up to the Prince song - Erotic City (clean edit / radio edit). Both versions say fu_k.
Some think the word is funk. Not sure how long the clean edit / radio edit is.
1993: B-Sides = 3:55
1996: Girl 6 Soundtrack = 3:55

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@chubby luv

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prince-erotic city from girl 6 soundtrack

prince-erotic_city from B sides



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SIOUXSIE A Kiss In The Dreamhouse

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Greg Kihn Band - Jeopardy 1983


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Wow...This is one awesome post!
Thanks for sharing so many Romantics albums. I just posted Midwest Pop Explosion on my blog and thought no one else out there had even seen it before. I Googled the album title looking for a convienient photo of the album cover and up popped your blog. I copied your pic, hope you don't mind. Thanks again and come visit me sometime.
I have a lot of WHFS to share. The best station of the late 70's to early 90's, that anyone visiting herw would be interested in.

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WOW what a beautiful Romantic Story.
I love them since first album, most have in vinyl but i love have as mp3 too.

Sorry don't have neither yours request.


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WOW what a beautiful Romantic Story.
I love them since first album, most have in vinyl but i love have as mp3 too.

Sorry don't have neither yours request.


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Blogger Mykl said...

Salty -

Many thanks!! I've been looking for the vinyl copy of 'Strictly Personal' for quite sometime and while I'm still searching, it won't be as frustrating now that I've got the .mp3 files. The 'King Biscuit...' files are an added gem that I didn't expect, so again to you sir, kudos!!


2:15 PM  
Blogger douglas said...

Olha todos os links do rapidshare estao com defeitos, favor arrumar para mim.

5:10 AM  
Anonymous iservepharmacy said...

It is interesting to see how the album cover evolved in all those years and how fashion changed with it.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous site said...

It won't truly have success, I believe so.

7:26 AM  

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