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2003 reissue of his long unavailable solo album debut,includes six bonus tracks.


01 Lost In Your Love
02 Just The Thought Of You

03 You Keep Coming Back For More
04 For Your Blue Eyes Only
05 Fever
06 Riverside
07 Niver Give Up On Love
08 This Time
09 The Game Of Love
10 Freewheel
11 One Good Reason
12 Somebody Up There
13 Why Cant We Fall In Love (Bonus Track)
14 Theme No 7 (Bonus Track)
15 Close Up (Bonus Track)
16 Fever (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)
17 On And On (Bonus Track)

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"Tony's first solo album and it's great. I'm a melody freak and there are some great tunes on this album. 'One Good Reason' and 'Somebody Up There' are two of my all time favourite tracks and both are written by Tony. Eat your heart out Kemp.John Keeble also contributes a beautiful balled 'Riverside'If you want to hear a great voice with great songs this is the album for you."

TONY HADLEY (1997) posted by Trevor


01 Save A Prayer
02 Slave To Love
03 She's Gone
04 Maybe You And I
05 Wonderful Life
06 She
07 The First Cut Is The Deepest
08 Dance With Me
09 Have You Seen Her
10 Free Fallin'
11 Woman In Chains
12 First Of May
13 Love Affair

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1997 solo album for Slipstream Records by the former SpandauBallet vocalist. 13 tracks, the majority of which are coversof 'pillow talk' love songs from the '70s & '80s, includingBryan Ferry's 'Slave To Love', Cat Stevens' 'The First CutIs The Deepest' (the same one Rod Stewart made famous), Hall& Oates' 'She's Gone', Black's 'Wonderful Life', EugeneRecord & Barbara Acklin's 'Have You Seen Her' (that the Chi-Lites made famous), Tom Petty's 'Free Fallin'', Bee Gees''First Of May', Tears For Fears' 'Woman In Chains' and DuranDuran's 'Save A Prayer'

" I thought this album was pretty good. He does remakes of old songs but he does a very good job. This CD is definitely worth the money and his vocals are better than ever. He has a great voice and it shines throughout the CD. By the way, he also does some trance music with Milk Inc. and Marc Et Claude -- which are also really awesome tunes.Songs are well done and music are GREAT! For sure, Tony has the best male vocals to date. I hope his next CD will be all Vocal Trance, which he really shows his talents. No one has better vocals then Tony himself! I'm looking forward to his next debut and hoping he does more great music. In fact, he should do a remake of True--trance style--this would be a big hit! "

"Hadley should just give it up. His voice is great but he needs a producer, songwriter, and arranger to get him back on top. Singing old rehashed songs that nobody cares about isn't going to cut it. "

"Cover, after cover, after cover....Hadley sings boring songs that don't need to be done!...Free Fallin', Shes Gone, Save A Prayer...etc...The only standout is "She" which Hadley wrote.
Boring, Boring, Boring...he belts out like he is singing in a night club....All you need Hadley is a smokey bar and a pink boa. "

"Right up there with the talents of George Michael and Freddie Mercury, TOny Hadley is one of the finest voices to come out of the 80's pop world. This CD is a permanent fixture in the player. Tony needs some real promotion and management, but the talent will not fail "

"Hadley's version of these songs are excellent and very different than the originals. However, this is what I enjoyed. His singing is great. A fantastic surprise. "

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01 True - Spandau Ballet
02 First of May - Tony Hadley
03 Save a Prayer - Tony Hadley
04 Thorugh the Barricades - Spandau Ballet
05 After All This Time - Tony Hadley
06 Slave to Love - Tony Hadley
07 She's Gone - Tony Hadley
08 Only When You Leave - Spandau Ballet
09 Wonderful Life
10 She
11 First Cut Is the Deepest
12 I Can't Make You Love Me
13 Dance With Me
14 Free Fallin'
15 Woman in Chains

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Product DescriptionThe Voice of Spandau Ballet is Anthologized with this Special Collection of his Recordings, Capitalizing on the Grand Finals of the UK TV Special "Reborn in the USA", with the Theme "i Can Make You Love Me". Also Appearing for the First Time is "After all this Time" from the Bbc1 Show "Down to Earth". Includes Three of Spandau's Outstanding Hits as Well.

"To find some of Tony's solo work together with 2 of my favourite Spandau songs, 'True' and 'Through The Barricades' on 1 CD was a real treat. Pity 'Gold' wasn't included but nevertheless this is a great CD. Tony pours so much heart into the songs that the emotion is almost tangible. He is such an underrated singer and has not achieved the success that he deserves. I'm glad that Duran Duran's 'Save A Prayer' has been included. Tony visited South Africa about 10 or 12 years ago, maybe more, and on a night time live show performed that song as a duet with Claire Johnston (of Mango Groove fame, for those who know). True class from a class act!"
"well what a surprise i got when i listened to this album,sings most of the songs very well,could,nt believe how good he sang save a prayer by duran duran,obviously he still has a good voice.Nice cd to sit down to and chillout,but dont take my word listen for yourself."

"All I want to say this CD is pure emotion...Every song has its own personality, although some of them are covers. Listening to Duran Duran's hit, "Save a prayer", is an experience you can't miss. It's the magic of an eternal voice...Thank you Tony!"

"Tony Hadley will always be associated with Spandau Ballet. As a solo singer - he has not achieved all the glamour that Spandau Ballet have. However, he is still a great singer on his own. And a remake of Duran Duran's Save A Prayer - that song is never easy to sing, and Tony has done it well!"

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01 Boys of Summer
02 Shooting Star

03 Why Don't You Try Me
04 Don't Know Why
05 Walking In Memphis
06 Always On My Mind
07 Free Fallin'
08 That's Life
09 Don't Look Down
10 We Close Our Eyes
11 Drive My Car
12 Suspicious Minds
13 Simply Irresistible
14 Addicted to Love

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"A superb album recorded live during the recent Tony Hadley vs Peter Cox tour. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because it doesn't feature ANY of the Spandau tracks that Tony Hadley actually sings live on the tour. I understand that this is due to ongoing legal wrangling over ownership of the lyrics of these songs which is such a shame.However the album does feature excellent live versions of some of Go Wests greatest hits and a number of the songs that Tony and Peter performed on the 'Reborn in the USA' TV programme . With a great mixture of solos and duets, their version of Boys of Summer and Tony's Walking in Memphis are worth the price of the album alone. Their soulful velvety voices will send shivers up your spine!!"

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Swing, Easy, Vocal Jazz


01 Mood I'm In
02 Too Close For Comfort
03 Good Life
04 Passing Strangers
05 Just A Gigolo
06 Wives And Lovers
07 Don't Know Why
08 Tender Is The Night
09 Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered
10 Star
11 Wait For You
12 I Wanna Be Around
13 How Can I Be Sure
14 Love For Sale
15 Time In A Bottle
16 Leaves Of Love
17 Sea Of Love
18 There Must Be A Way

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"Rather like a fine wine (or more likely a good whisky) TH is maturing very well indeed. This CD shows off Tony's talent to its full potential. It would be a perfect honeymoon (or second honeymoon!) soundtrack as it features something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! The cd has been on in the car since I bought it and has been enjoyed by 3 generations of our family including our 3 year old daughter singing along to Wives and Lovers "Hey little girl, comb your hair, fix your make-up...." This really is a 5/5 album as every track works really well with Tonys vocals blending perfectly with an excellent band.
Best enjoyed with a large Jack Daniels and a fine cigar.
Nice one Tone."

"What a fantastic easy listening CD - a mellow voice with that still makes me weak at the knees. Beautiful songs from a great singer."

"I was not a Tony Hadley fan before I bought this album. I love swing music and I was very amused when Robbie Williams and Westlife recorded their tribute albums. Tony Hadley knocks them out of the park. This is not another rock star saluting Sinatra and Frank's era - there's no famous Frank track on the CD. "Passing Strangers" is not a pastiche of Rat Pack like performances. Hadley more than matches the solid arrangements and musical direction; he puts his stamp on both the old and new songs. His voice is superb on "Too Close for Comfort" and "The Mood I'm In": he gives real feeling to the dated lyrics of "Wives and Lovers". My only criticism is "Just A Gigolo": why did he have to follow the old Louis Prima medley of that song and "I Ain't Got Nobody", just as David Lee Roth did back in the 80s? But even that track is enjoyable. This is a wonderful album that 80s nostalgics and fans of big band music will relish."

"My favourite male vocalist of all time sings a genre of music that I'm not all that keen on. Nevertheless, you don't need a degree to realise that Tony's singing and interpretation of the songs is first class. Looking forward to something different next time though."

"The master voiceter is at it again. How can he fail? Even with a dodgy throat and chest he can still belt out those numbers. Superb. With the swing band in the background Mr. H is in is element. The whole CD is great, it only takes just a couple of listens to be in the 'swing' yourself, from 'The Mood I'm In' paired with 'Too Close for Comfort' (wise advice from the pen of Paul Francis Webster and Pete King/Holofcener Weiss and Bock) to the pleading tones of the Frankie Vaughan hit, 'There Must Be A Way': beautifully centered with versions of Time In A Bottle (Jim Croce), Nora Jones' I Don't Know Why and Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered (Rogers and Hart) the making of this gem, along with two self-penned/collaborated tracks, has been carefully mixed thoughtout and is stunning. BUY IT!!"

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Marc Et Claude - Feel You feat. Tony Hadley

Trance, Techno


01 Feel You (I Love Trance Radio Edit)
02 Feel You (Megra VS DJ Lee Dub Mix)
03 Feel You (Wippenberg Mix)
04 Feel You (I Love Trance Mix)
05 Feel You (Megra VS DJ Lee Vocal Mix)
06 Feel You (Original)
07 Feel You (World Clique Remix)

Link to download:

Tony Hadley (born Anthony Patrick Hadley, 2 June 1960, Islington, London) is an English pop singer who fronted the 1980s New Romantic band Spandau Ballet.The group disbanded in 1989, after their final studio album, Heart Like a Sky, failed to live up to the critical and commercial success of their earlier albums, such as True. As a matter of fact Heart Like A Sky was not even released in the United States. In April 1999 Hadley, along with fellow band members Steve Norman and John Keeble failed in their attempt to sue Gary Kemp for a share of his royalties, as the band's principal songwriter.After Spandau Ballet disbanded, Hadley pursued a solo career with considerably less success, signing to EMI and recording his first album The State of Play. After leaving EMI, Hadley formed his own record company SlipStream Records and his first release was to be the single "Build Me up" from the film When Saturday Comes. Shortly after that, in December 1996 Hadley embarked on an orchestral tour of Europe along with Joe Cocker, Paul Michiels, Dani Klein and Guo Yue, playing to 500,000 people in six weeks.On his return from that tour, Hadley signed a joint deal with PolyGram TV and released his next solo album which included covers and songs that were chosen to match his voice. The album also featured some of his own self penned songs such as "She", the song that Hadley wrote for his daughter, Toni. He is the father of four children: Thomas, Toni and Mackenzie by his wife, Leonie, and Zara (born 21 December 2006) by his girlfriend, Alison Evers. Hadley split from Leonie in 2003 after twenty years of marriage.To plug the gap between studio albums, Hadley also released a live album recorded in just one night at the club Ronnie Scott's in Birmingham, called Obsession.He also collaborated in the past and present with various dance acts and DJs such as Tin Tin Out, Eddie Lock, Marc et Claude, Reggie Penxton (Milk Inc.) and the Disco Bros., and played alongside musicians such as Alice Cooper, Paul Young, Jon Anderson, and Brian May. Hadley's permanent band line up features John Keeble (drums), Phil Taylor (keyboards), Phil Williams (bass guitar), Richie Barrett (guitar), and Angie Grant on backing vocals.Hadley was also the subject of some newfound respect in the 2000s, rooted in an "ironic" appreciation for his old group Spandau Ballet; John Darnielle of the indie folk rock group The Mountain Goats wrote about his admiration for Hadley's vocal strengths.In 2003, Hadley was the winner of the ITV reality television series, Reborn in the USA appearing alongside Elkie Brooks, Peter Cox and Leee John.Hadley recently had a busy performing schedule and recently toured with both Peter Cox (Go West) and Martin Fry (ABC). He released a jazz-swing album in 2006, and travelled on a "by request" tour from March to May 2006. This was followed by a big band tour in late the same year.In January 2007 Hadley performed in the West End musical "Chicago" as crooked lawyer Billy Flynn at the Cambridge Theatre. Hadley took over from ex-Emmerdale actor Ian Kelsey, and featured from 29 January to 14 April 2007. He said: "Three months was long enough, I didn't want to out stay my welcome.I got a phone call offering me the part. I went to see the show, which I thought was great. While I was in it I got great reviews.Chicago tied in with my swing album 'Passing Strangers', so the whole thing worked well."Hadley stated on the television show Loose Women (22 February 2007) that he is 6'4" and 17½ stone.[1]. He has a new role as radio presenter with Virgin Radio, taking over from Suggs in August 2007.Hadley performed a set with other 1980's acts at Retro Fest on 1st September 2007 at Culzean Castle in Ayrshire, Scotland. This appearance included a rendition of Addicted to Love (song) with Martin Fry of ABC (band) and Peter Cox of Go West (band). (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Hadley)

Hadley hints at Spandau reunion !





ARCADIA-Heaven's Eye posted by Pavelse

Thank you Pavelse!

If you have more from Tony ,please send me !!


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Hi Salty,many thanks for Tony Hadley.It´s one of the greatest voices of 80´s for me.Thanks!

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I agree with you,Tony rule!


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You have an awesome blog! Love discovering new stuff. Thanks!

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Several years ago I saw a live album of Tony Hadley which contained his cover of Gin Blossoms "Hey Jealousy."

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GREETINGS from Perth Australia.
Just wondering if you could post "Build Me Up" from When Saturday comes! Can't find it anywhere.

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Saw Tony Hadley in concert last night - still has got an awesome voice. Looking forward to hearing these - thanks ever so much.

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Thanks for a great blog, just wanted to share this link with you and others for a fabolous concert with Tony hAldey and Martin Fry Tony Hadley vs. Martin Fry


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Hi Saltyka,
This blog is awesome.
But some of download links are can't be used such as Tony's self tittled album released in 1997.

Could you please give us a new link?

Thank you very much and I've to let you know that your blog is a treasure for 80's sound lovers like me!

Thank you and thank you again!


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hello, very nice blog, but all the links are defunct. Can you re.post this, please!?


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Here is the first album, enjoy!
I will bring the rest as well

TONY HADLEY (SPANDAU BALLET) - Self titled (1997)

Thank you anonym for the live stuff!!!


i will bring the rest as well

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thanks salty, wait wishfully of the rest! bye

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Please repost the links of the Tony Hadley Albums- I am just waiting for Spandau Ballet to tour US as part of their world tour- Thanks salty

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Please reuploaded:

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The State Of Play (1992)

Tony Hadley (1997)

True Ballads (2003)

Live (with peter Cox)

Passing Strangers (2006)

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Hi! Great blog! PLEASE Please reuploaded: TRUE BALLADS (2003)
The last link is broke! PLIIIIIIS

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Hi Salty,

I am also a big fan of Tony Hadley since his Spandau Ballet days. Please reupload all of his albums and if possible, use another hosting site. All of your links on Rapidshare are no longer working. You can try sharing them if you have a live email account from MSN or in Google documents. You can just share folders. Thank you and more power.

Sept. 11, 2012

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