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Electronic, Rock
Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Terry Sharpe: Lead Vocals
Pat Gribben: Guitars
Paul Crowder: Drums
Tony Ayre: Bass
Eileen Gribben, Spud Murphy: Vocals

"Broken Land"


Tracks written by P.Gribben except: 5,6. by Gribben / Sharpe 9. by Gribben / Leach.

Pure Gospel Choir ? /Simon Climie -Programming /John Whitehead -Keyboards /Charlie Morgan -Drums/ Eileen Gribben -Vocals /Gerard "Spud" Murphy- Percussion, Vocals /Nick Glennie-Smith - Keyboards /Tony Maronie-Percussion /Bob Sargeant -Producer /Tony Ayre- Bass /Pat Gribben -Guitar, Guitar (Electric)/ Paul Turner -Drums/ Terry Sharpe -Vocals/ Heff Morael -Engineer /Paul Crowder -Drums /Steve Harvey -Drums, Programming /Geoff Leach Keyboards /Billy Livesay Keyboards /Mixed By - Garry Bell (tracks 05,08)/Producer - Garry Bell (tracks: 01 to 04) , Steve Harvey (tracks: 05 to 10),Bob Sargeant (track 03)


01 Always (3:54)
02 Feel The Raindrops (3:45)

03 Send My Heart (3:45)
04 Two Rivers (4:25)
05 Don't Tell Me (4:30)
06 Another Silent Day (5:01)
07 When The World Turns Upside Down (5:01)
08 Love In Chains (3:36)
09 Lost In Hollywood (5:07)
10 These Children (3:17)
11 Another Silent Day (extended re-mix)
12 Happy Depression
13 Send My Heart (extended re-mix)
14 Send My Heart (band mix)
15 These Children (Live)
16 Life During Wartime (live)

Link to download:

"There is one enthralling moment in the Adventures' self-titled debut: During "Send My Heart" a choir unexpectedly engulfs the swell of swirling guitars, evoking a sense of wonder that can cause goose bumps. "Send My Heart" is dazzling; its lyrics break the heart while the music sparkles like Christmas lights. While the other tracks on The Adventures may not duplicate the song's breathtaking surge of emotion, the LP is a striking debut. "Two Rivers" is a soaring love song with toe-tapping percussion and shimmering riffs. Although the 12" mix of "Two Rivers" is preferable, the shorter running length doesn't taint its beauty. Even when a few of the tracks lack a hook or two, the stirring, crystalline vocals of Terry Sharpe are mesmerizing. Like U2, the Adventures write songs that are ultimately uplifting; even when there is sadness, the lyrics speak of hope. The group is also spiritual; religious references appear in "Always" and "When the World Turns Upside Down." In the latter, the Adventures warn listeners about the devil. If that sounds cheesy, then stay away. Nevertheless, they aren't a Christian band; the band is too preoccupied by love to find time for preaching. The Adventures is highly recommended to hopeless romantics with a hankering for ringing guitars and dulcet melodies." ~ Michael Sutton, All Music Guide

"This album is along with Dream Academy and Clannad's Macalla the year 1985's best albums. "Feel the Raindrops" (my favorite single of this year),"Send My Heart" ,"Always" and "Two Rivers" are all great songs.

"Q: Why do I have to pay between 50 and 60 Euros for a used CD of this album? A: Because the record company doesn't care to simply re-release it!
On their debut, The Adventures played well composed and well produced pop with some fantastic, wistful tunes like "Always", "Feel the Raindrops", "Send My Heart" or "Two Rivers". Their singer Terry Sharpe had a wonderful, revelling voice. In 1985 this recording was state of the art. Today it sounds a little bit dated, but is still well worth a listen.
Hello Chrysalis or whatever your company is called now: Wake up soon, do yourself a favour and release a remastered version on CD. I'm sure, you'd sell thousands of copies.
By the way: Great cover artwork!"

Send My Heart (Across The Sea Mix) US 12'' posted by Moroboshi

Chrysalis Records (US) / 1985 / 4V9 42901 12" Single 33 1/3 RPM Vinyl promo

Remixed By Ron Fair
Producer: Bob Sargeant


01 Send My Heart (Across the Sea Mix 6:15)
02 Send My Heart (Instrumental 5:20)

Link to download:


Backing Vocals - Brian Kennedy (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 8) , Pete Smith (tracks: 1, 4, 6),Billy Vanderpuye , McCarthy Sisters, The (track 01,04)Katie Kissoon , Miriam Stockley , Steve Lange (track 10),David Field , Pat Gribben , Paul Crowder (track06),Glissando Twins, The (track03)
Drums [Electronic Drums] - Roland Kerridge (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9)
Engineer - Dietmar Schillinger (tracks: 1, 3 to 9) , Rafe McKenna (track 02)
Keyboards - Jonathan Whitehead (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6 to 9),Nick Glennie-Smith (track02),Pete Vitesse (track05) Mixed By - Dietmar Schillinger , Jim Scott
Percussion - Maurice Pert (track03,05)
Keyboards, Piano [Acoustic] - Nick Glennie-Smith (track 02)
Piano [Acoustic], Strings - Pat Gribben (track 05)
Piano [Acoustic] - Jonathan Whitehead (track 04)
Pogo Bass - Andy Pask (track 02)
Uilleann Pipes - Bob White (track 02)
Whistle [Tin] - Andy Findon (track 02)
Producer - Pete Smith (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6 to 9),Garry Bell (track 02,09)
Programmed By [Keyboards] - Paul Fishman (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6 to 9)
Arranged By - Garry Bell (track09)
Strings [Arranged By] - Richard Niles (track 05)
Written-By - Pat Gribben


01 Drowning In The Sea Of Love (4:33)
02 Broken Land (5:00)
03 You Don't Have To Cry Anymore (4:05)
04 The Trip To Bountiful (When The Rain Comes Down) (5:05)
05 Heaven Knows Which Way (4:33)
06 Hold Me Now (4:01)
07 Sound Of Summer (4:45)
08 When Your Heart Was Young (3:45)
09 One Step From Heaven (4:32)

Link to download:

"It's probably not worth it at this price, but this is an excellent album from a band that took their stab in the mid to late 80's. Formed out of the remnants of the Starjets, the Adventures were at their most mainstream on "The Sea of Love," with polished production, gorgeous harmonies, and hooks that are catchy as all get-out. At the time it probably would've been called 'alternative,' but this is very accessible stuff. The first two tracks are sweepingly beautiful highlights. Subsequent to this, the band worked with Langer/Winstanley and went into a sound that can best be called Celtic country. If you wanna check them out, best to go with this one. ABBA meets The Waterboys? Crazy as it sounds, it's the best description I can give you. And it works"

"This is one of the best melodic rock cds from the late 80's. I have their debut self titled effort on cassett. It's pretty good too, almost as good as The Sea Of Love. It was issued in I believe the UK as 'Theodore And Friends' and sometimes goes for like $100 on ebay. Get with it people! When stuff goes for that high on ebay, it needs a reissue. By the way, before they were the Adventures, they were the Starjets (or at least 2 members or the Adventures were). If you like cool melodic power pop, you may REALLY enjoy GOD BLESS THE STARJETS."

"A talented Irish band featuring strong lead vocals, terrific guitar work and great backing vocals, The Adventures come across as an "alternative" sounding version of The Coors. "Sea of Love" is by far the best collective work of their 4 albums in my opinion. The self titled US release (a remixed "Theodore and Friends") prolly has my 2 favorite Adventures tracks on it; still this CD is outstanding from top to bottom. A large part pop, although not as poppy as "Lions and Tigers and Bears" and part folk, although not nearly as folky as "Trading Secrets with the Moon", this CD represented the pinnacle of the Adventures popularity. "Broken Land" is superb. Terry's voice is just something special, even more so on this song. "Sea of Love" is equally magnicficent, a great sweeping track. My favorite track on this CD has to be "When Your Heart was Young", it delivers a great punch. A great little CD, well worth acquiring"

"The Adventures probably got their greatest recognition in America with their second album, "The Sea Of Love." It is also quite a different sound from their debut and then their third CD, "Trading Secrets with the Moon." While "Trading Secrets..." was spare, folkish guitar pop, "The Sea Of Love" was heavy on the keyboards and took its cues from Simple Minds and U2. Like the best of those Irish/Scottish bands, "The Sea Of Love" found The Adventures in high epic fashion.
The title track opens with a breath-taking multi-tracked a cappella burst and then explodes with rich production and a soaring melody. It is a romantic song of falling head over heels, and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Love and all its side-effects cascade through "The Sea of Love," with the naive romanticism of new love in the title-track, the desire to protect that love in "You Don't Have To Cry Anymore" to the burned heartbreak of "Heaven Knows Which Way."
It is the love of country, however, that provides "Sea Of Love" with its finest moment. "Broken Land" echoes songwriter Pat Gribben's heartbreak at localized and global conflict with the plea;

"Show me the love to keep us together.
Open Your Hearts, don't turn me away.
Comfort me through this stormy weather.
From where I stand, I see a broken land."

It is also rich in minor key keyboards and choral harmonies. It was an epic song on a CD that didn't have a dog song on it. Released as a single (I even have a 3-inch mini-CD!), it's a shame that it - and by extension, this full CD -never fully caught on in the states."
As one of the CD's that slipped through the cracks of my collection many years ago, I was thrilled to find it here on Amazon as a not-too-pricey import. So if U2 circa "October" and "Unforgettable Fire" or Simple Minds' "Once Upon A Time" are essential records in your collection, I'd advise you to get some "Sea Of Love" in your life. The Adventures, for this one CD in their discography, matched the best of those albums.

More review:


Jonathan Whitehead - Accordion (track 01,03),Clavinet, Strings (track 01),Harpsichord (track 10)
Backing Vocals - Claudia Fontaine (tracks: 3, 6, 11),Liam L'Estrange (track 03), Brian Kennedy (track 06,08), Beverley Skeete , George Chandler , Jimmy Chambers , Katie Kissoon , Terry Sharpe (track09)
Producer, Keyboards, Backing Vocals - Pete Wingfield (track 09)
Liam O'Flynn - Pipes [Uilleann] (track 02,05)
Drums - Neil Conti (tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 7, 10,11),Graham War(track 04,08),Paul Robinson (track 09)
Mark Feltham - Harmonica (track 04)
ngineer - Stewart Day (tracks: 1 to 8, 10, 11) ,Hugo Nicolson (track 09)Engineer [Assistant] - Markus Draws (tracks: 1 to 8, 10, 11)
Mixed By - George Shilling
Organ [Hammond] - Jonathan Whitehead (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 8, 10, 11)
Guitar [Pedal Steel] - BJ Cole (track 07)
Percussion - Luis Jardim (tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 7, 10, 11)
Bodhran - Liam Ómaonlaí (track 05)
Bouzouki - Peter O'Toole (track 05,06)
Fianchna Óbraonáin - Whistle (track 05)
Saxophone - Gary Barnacle (track 06,11)
Trombone - Pete Thoms (track 06,11)
Trumpet - John Thirkell (track 06,11)
Piano - Jonathan Whitehead (tracks: 1, 4, 6 to 8, 11), Pat Gribben (track 10)
Pat Gribben -Producer (track 04,08)
Producer, Mixed By - Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley (tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 7, 10, 11)
Violin - Helen O'Hara (tracks: 1 to 5)
Written By - Pat Gribben (tracks: 1 to 6, 8 to 11)


01 Your Greatest Shade Of Blue (3:51)
02 Scarlet (4:57)
03 Washington Deceased (4:08)
04 Don't Blame It On The Moon (4:40)
05 Bright New Morning (4:54)
06 Love's Lost Town (4:51)
07 Desert Rose (4:33)
Written By - Lloyd Cole , Pat Gribben
08 Hey Magdalene (3:30)
09 Sweet Burning Love (3:41)
10 Never Gonna Change (4:03)
11 Put Me Together Again (5:52)

Link to download:

"For anyone who is (or was) a fan of The Adventures, I think most would agree that this is in fact a BETTER album than its predecessor 'Sea of Love' which was thier best selling LP. This was one of the first CD's I ever owned, and was the begining of that awful transition period of replacing all that Vinyl with CD's.This album wins over S of L, because it shows more maturity, great harmonies and a lovley continuity throughout the list of songs. The Album that followed (called Lions & Tigers & Bears) only served to demonstrate that this band had peaked and were now in decline - shame really.
Greatest Shade of Blue and Scarlet are very similar sounding tunes, that run next to eachother nery nicely, and set the tone for the album.
Washington Deceased is the briskest tune on the album, was the single and the most 'immediate' tune. One of those songs you love very quickly and tire instantly.
Most of the rest of the album takes the same form as tracks 1&2, but maintains its consistency throughout. There is some truly great musicianship and vocal work in this album, Desert Rose is another highlight.
This is one of those recoreds that saves the best until last!! Put Me Together Again, is a hypnotic and meaningful song, with great lyrics and a fabulous ballad. It is worth buying this JUST for this song! Worth Every Penny.
I think that band like The Adventures were the fore runners to the likes of Travis, Coldplay and the like. The difference is that The Adventures manage to keep your interest all the way through the album.
If you already like The Advantures, you MUST already own this one!! If not, its well worth a try. Good Housework music!!
p.s Thanks to everyone who read my Whitesnake - Lovehunter review and said they liked it!!"

More review:


Tony Ayre - Bass
Pat Crowder -Drums
Eileen Gribben -Vocals
Pat Gribben - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Gerard "Spud" Murphy - Guitar, Vocals
Terry Sharpe - Vocals


01 Monday Monday
02 Marianne
03 Raining All Over The World
04 Come The Day
05 I Don't Want To Play This Game
06 Only World I Know
07 This Crazy Heart
08 Impossible You
09 I Really Don't Mind
10 Here It Comes Again
11 Too Late For Heaven
12 Say I'm Sorry
13 Perfect Day

Link to download:

The first song "Monday Monday" posted by Redo, many thanks for it!!!

"This album came out in the early 90's and most certainly carries that familiar 80's sound with it although I would not dream of calling it an 80's album even though that is what it most closely sounds like. There is a lot of depth here in the songs aswell as some very catchy tunes. Raining All Over The World was a single off the album and gives you a typical pop track while a lot of the rest of the album is more mellow and rewarding, I Don't Want To Play This Game being an especially poigniant track. This is a wonderful album that is sadly little known to the world but would benefit anyone's music collection."

"The album's best track, "I Don't Want to Play This Game," is a hidden gem on a average album."



01 Another Silent Day (extended remix)
02 Happy Depression (b-side of ''another silent day'' 12'')
03 Stay Away (b-side of ''drowning in a sea of love'')
04 The Curragh Of Kildare (b-side of ''drowning in a sea of love'')
05 Nowhere Near Me (b-side of ''feel the raindrops'')
06 Broken Land (acoustic version)
07 One Step From Heaven (extended remix 88')
08 Instant Karma (b-side of ''one step from heaven'' cd5)
09 Tristesse En Vitesse (b-side of ''feel the raindrops'' 12'')
10 Straight To Heaven (b-side of ''raining all over the world'' cd5)
11 In The Garden (b-side of ''raining all over the world'' cd5)
12 Send My Heart (extended remix) (from ''send my heart'' 12'')
13 Two Rivers (extended version)
14 Lost Train (b-side of ''monday monday'' cd5)
15 Send My Heart (special remix) (from ''send my heart'' 12'')
16 Queen Of Sorrow (b-side of ''monday monday'' cd5')
17 Two Rivers (indie spiral remix)
18 Don't Stand On Me (from Broken Land ep 1988)
19 Break Me Down (from Your Greatest Shade Of Blue ep 1990)

Links to download:


The band of Terry Sharpe and Pat Gribben before they formed The Adventures :




01 Schooldays
02 Any Danger Love
03 Ten Years
04 Run With The Pack
05 What A Life
06 Smart Boys
07 It's A Shame
08 I'm So Glad
09 War Is Over
10 War Stories
11 Sitting On Top Of The World
12 Here She Comes Again
13 Watch Out
14 It Really Doesn't Matter
15 Schooldays
16 One More Word
17 Do The Push
18 Shiraleo
19 Standby 19
20 Donegal (As Tango Brigade)
21 In Vain (As Tango Brigade)

Link to download:

"First ever Starjets CD is a 21 track round up of all their releases for Epic Records. Their debut LP ''God Bless The Starjets'' is joined by every A and B side they issued in the late 70`s including the UK hit single - and Punk classic - ''War Stories''."

"I bought this CD having had the original vinyl album, and being overjoyed at it being available on CD . I read the first 2 reviews on this site, and I have to point out urgently to any other buyers interested: GET IT!! It has not only the complete God Bless .. album (as you might think from reading the reviews), but every other A and B side ever released (I think), including the wonderful 'Shiraleo' mentioned by another reviewer, and the haunting 'Donegal' (released by the Starjets who by this time had re-named themselves "Tango Brigade": it's a shame (!) they had to find an even more embarassingly bad name second time around). I remember the song 'Donegal' from a Starjets concert in a cellar bar in Taunton when I was 14, and I still had the melody in my head after 23 years! 70 minutes of overlooked and underrated New Wave music (even though this CD re-release is misleadingly named "A Punk Collection")."

"I used to have a very beaten up copy of this album on vinyl. The Starjets came from a similar environment to Stiff Little Fingers, and whilst they never came anywhere close to SLF, some of the songs on this album (even the soft stuff) is worth a listen. Definitely one of the lesser known albums of its era, but pleasing to see the CD release. If you feel the need to own everything good from the late 70's punk/ new wave era - then you really should get this album."

"God bless the Starjets and God bless the resurrector of this classic album! I thought this excellent piece of pop/punk had regretably vanished into oblivion, leaving me with only my old,scratched vinyl version and a bad cassette recording. One of the most memorable things about this album is the contrast in tracks. From the miserable desparation of 'What a life' to the bouncey, Beach Boys sounding 'Run with the Pack', it's certainly got variety! If you're a 'mature' New Wave addict like me, don't miss this one. Like it or loathe it, you won't forget it!"

"Starjets were the most refreshing band to leave Belfast since SLF. Never made such heights but what sounds! War Stories speaks for itself, but listen to Any Danger Lover, Ten Years, What A Life and you understand the Punk/New Wave era. An excellent Irish export! Look out for Dead Handsomes in the pub circuit in Belfast - awesome!"

"Spunky if unoriginal, this Belfast quartet showed some promise, but not enough to really count. The album consists of simple punky rock, with added melody and restraint (plus some clever touches, like Beach Boys harmonies), but not as poppy as the Undertones. The lyrics rerun predictable subject matter — school, camaraderie, war, stardom — and the music's not strong enough to divert on its own merits. Likable but lost. Some Starjets later wound up in the Adventures"


Biography of The Starjets:
The Starjets were a late 1970s power pop/punk rock group from Belfast, Northern Ireland.The band consisted of guitarist/vocalist Terry Sharpe, guitarist/vocalist Paul Bowen, bassist Sean Martin and drummer Liam L'Estrange. The group sported a mix of punk and mainstream pop influences. Early sets consisted of such 1960s pop standards as "Please Please Me" by The Beatles and "Sugar, Sugar" by The Archies at a time when such light, happy fare was an anathema to the punk community. The band also stood out from their punk contemporaries with their tight, sophisticated harmonies. Appropriately, they opened for groups as diverse as teen idols the Bay City Rollers and aggressive punk rockers Stiff Little Fingers. Because of their clean-cut, boys-next-door image, sugary songs, and amiable persona, they were sometimes even tagged the "Bay City Rollers of punk".The group secured a major-label deal with Epic Records; they were signed by Muff Winwood. They released a number of singles in 1979, with their biggest hit being "War Stories" b/w "Do the Push", which peaked at #51 on the UK singles charts. The A-side is a celebration of World War II comic book stories, such as those of Sgt. Fury. They released one album, 1979's God Bless the Starjets, but it failed commercially. Following the release of the "Shiraleo" single in March 1980, the band changed it's name to Tango Brigade and released one more single, before finally splitting up permanently. After a brief stint performing vocal duties with the Angelic Upstarts (most notably taking lead vocals on the song "Reason Why?" from the album of the same title), Terry Sharpe found greater success in the 1980s with the rock group The Adventures. Though the band is largely forgotten today, they do show up on major compilations from time to time (such as Rhino Records' "DIY - Starry Eyes: UK Pop II" [1]), and their one album, recently re-issued on CD by punk specialty label Captain Oi! Records, received 4.5 stars in the All Music Guide, the second-highest rating possible.

More bio:

Biography of The Adventures:
Formed in early 1984 in Belfast, the Adventures' story can be traced back six years to the Belfast, Northern Ireland power-pop/punk group The Starjets, which featured vocalist Terry Sharpe and guitarist Pat Gribben.Later they moved to London where they had hits in the UK charts during the 1980s and 1990s.A contract with Chrysalis Records brought minimal chart success during 1984 and 1985 when they released their Theodore & Friends debut album in 1984 (This was named The Adventures as a re-packaged version for the U.S. market containg remixes), but didn't find success until four years later, prompting the group to take a sabbatical in order to rethink their approach. A new contract with Elektra Records saw them achieve modest acclaim for The Sea Of Love, while the single, 'Broken Land', entered the UK Top 20 in April 1988. Although they attempted to consolidate their position, 'The Sea Of Love' failed to reach the Top 40.
Their next album (Trading Secrets With The Moon) which was as strong a musical masterpiece as 'Sea Of Love' again failed to set the charts alight but again gave the fans another album full of great material.
Their final album (to date) Lions and Tigers And Bears was released in 1993 and several singles from it hit the lower Top 50 but again it was the music world that missed out on this the Adventures most professional sounding production Their biggest hit "Broken Land", written by guitarist Pat Gribben, reached number 20 in the UK Charts, and was the most played song on BBC Radio 1 in 1988.(
Although the band have been quiet since 1992, they never actually split up.

Paul Crowder was in the mid 90s, the drummer with LA band the Delphines with ex GoGo Kathy Valentine on lead.

Pat Gribben working together with Brian Kennedy (he was the backing vocalist on "Sea Of Love" and "Trading Secrets With The Moon" albums) ,as a band member and still playing on guitars :

"With four albums under their belts, The Adventures have been using the latest studio technology to re-record some of their classic tracks such as Broken Land, Raining All Over The World and Send My Heart. They plan to release these together with a smattering of new material as a Best Of.. album next year. Although they've stayed closely connected with music over the last six years, Pat as a songwriter with major recording artists and Terry singing with covers bands, they are excited about concentrating on their own music again. "Doing TV shows around the world and touring all over the world is wonderful, and I think we miss it," says Terry. "It's one thing playing in a bar and doing other people's songs, but playing to live audiences who've come to see you, that's a great job to have.""

Thank you Moroboshi for the maxi!!


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hey salty here the missing track of adventuers , enjoy my friend and hello fron spain.

The Adventures - Monday Monday

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Hey Salty,
thanks again - you keep on amazing me with your excellent choices. I'm eager to listen to The Adventures, Send My Heart was a personal favorite in the eighties.
Time for another little request? You wouldn't by any chance have any Blow Monkeys stuff?
Keep up the good work!

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Hello, is there any chance you could repost Bill Wyman's self titled 1982 album. I'm amazed how difficult it is to find.
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Magnificent post, The Adventures is a great band with wonderful songs, especially those of the album "The Sea of Love": the songs were heavily played on radios here (Argentina) back in those days. A great contribution the B-Sides. Thank you very much for this great music.

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Thanks for turning me on to the Starjets...never heard of them before!

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Keep up the cool posts!

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"One More Word" on Starjets as a few encoding errors as well...nothing too bad, but something worth fixing down the road.

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Thanks Salty for this great and complete post about the Adventures. The sea of love was one of my favourite albums back in 1988...

Yes, you're definitely doing an excellent job !

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hey, and thank you so much for the adventures stuff. I come from Australia, and have loved their stuff for years now, but had to rely on internet downloads, couldn't find any albums til now, so to the uploader and to the host of the site, a big thank you from me.

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Does anyone has the single version of "Two Rivers"? Thanks!!!jhmgy

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hey salty, i've searched high and low for a posting on THE ADVENTURES. Thank you very very much. If it's not too much, can you, or Moroboshi, please re-post the SEND MY HEART (Across the Ocean Mix) Maxi?



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here is the missing song, enjoy:

The Adventures - Send my heart (across the sea mix)


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Great Post.
Does anyone have the singles & b-sides from the Theodore & Friends singles & the US Version of the 1st Album simply called The Adventures as Send My Heart was remixed for the US (See YouTube)

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Please please please repost the The Adventures b-sides and remixes. I just found this blog and this was something I have looked for for a long time.

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Hey thanks this post this gruop is awesome... i was trying to download the albums (tieger, lions and bear and de remixes) but the address doesnot work... plz could u post them again?

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The album
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