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"Nina Simone meets Janis Joplin"

"A female Tom Waits !"


Funk / Soul, Jazz, Pop
Smooth Jazz, Jazz-Funk,Soul-Jazz, Downtempo, Synth-pop, Acoustic

"Into My Arms"



01 Loving A Dream
02 Me And Mrs Jones
03 I'll Be Your Angel
04 Sunny
05 She's Leaving Home
06 Can't Get To Sleep Without You
07 This Ain't Livin'
08 This Will Be
09 Alone Again Naturally
10 The Rains Have Failed Again
11 Hello Like Before
12 Me And Mrs Jones (Minneapolis Version)

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HEAVEN (1992)

Alastair Gavin-Keyboards, Organ (Hammond)
Andy Houston-Assistant
Chuck Sabo-Drums
David Coulter-Didjeridu
Gavyn Wright-String Conductor
Graham Bonnet-Engineer
Helen Terry-Vocals (Background)
Ian Shaw-Vocals (Background), Choir, Chorus
Jeff Scantlebury-Percussion
Kick Horns-Arranger, Brass


01 Heart To Heart
02 You'll Never Know
03 I Am A Woman
04 Cry
05 Heaven
06 Never Gonna Give You Up
07 Tomorrow
08 I'm Missing You
09 The Right Track
10 Heaven (Reprise)

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"I just bought "Fallen Angel", which I will also reveiw, but nothing beats "Heaven". I bought the CD in 1992 in Tokyo. Had I purchased a tape or LP, it would have been worn out years ago. The material is wonderful, and Ms. Morris' voice is amazing. I would agree with the other reviewer that her voice is like Lisa Stansfield's, but much lusher. I also have "Blue Valentine", which was recorded live. It too is wonderful with a very blues/ jazz feel to it. Just buy them all."

"I heard her perform in London, was blown away and immediately went out and bought all of her CDs. She reminds me of Lisa Stansfield (but with a much stronger and richer voice)."


John Marshall - Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals (Background)
Sarah Jane Morris- Vocals, Producer, Main Performer, Mixing
Kwaku "Reg" Dzidzornu - Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Ray Staff - Mastering
Scott Firth - Guitar (Acoustic), Bass (Electric), Vocals (Background)
Mornington Lockett - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Martyn Barker - Drums
Chris Lewis- Producer, Mixing, Engineer

Recorded live at Ronnie Scott's Club, London on 15th September 1994.


01 Closest Thing to Heaven
02 TKO
03 My Day Will Come
04 Leaves Around the Door
05 Me and Mrs. Jones
06 Too Close for Comfort
07 Haunt Me
08 Butterfly
09 Wake Up Everybody
10 Love Me Like You Used To
11 Sweet Little Sister
12 Afraid of Dark
13 Fragile
14 Up from the Skies
15 Blue Valentine

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"As I said in my Fallen Angel review, the lady is dynamite and album after album keeps amazing me. She's definitely my favorite singer. When I'm happy, I listen to her. When I'm down, I listen to her. I never seem to tire of her incredible voice, which is kind of a jazz-soul-bluesy-funk, three-and-a-half octave range thing she's got going on. Believe me, she's for real. I saw her at Ronnie Scott's in London last December and she rocked the house. On stage, she's like a Janis Joplin - you can't help but be moved and fall in love. Word has it that she's appearing in New York in September 2001. For now, if you live in or are going to England, check out her website: She performs in the UK a lot, and also in Europe. Talk about England's best-kept secret! Time to share her."

"Sarah Jane Morris has the most incredible voice and this CD is her best. Everyone who I take to see her in concert becomes an instant fan."

"Sarah Jane Morris's voice has a fantastic haunting quality and all the songs on this album are sung in a way that is beyond perfect. Sarah's voice has pathos, longing and heart breaking sincerity. Buy this album for listening to on cold winter nights as a storm brews outside."

"Nice laidback album of jazzy vocals with a sort of tight modern sound. Recorder Live by British singer Sarah jane Morris at London’s club night Ronnie Scott’s in 1994. She’s backed by a band that has nice electric keys and a good mellow jazz feel. The set includes some originals plus some excellent covers such as “T.K.O.” and “Wake up everybody” or the most popular Billy Paul’s “Me and Mrs. Jones” from Philly sound!!"


Adaesi Ukairo-Vocals (Background)
David Coulter-Mandolin, Theremin, Violectra, Bullroar
Henry Thomas-BassIan Shaw-Vocals (Background)
Kate St. John (from Dream Academy!)-Oboe, String Arrangements, Cello Arrangement
Marc Ribot-Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Soloist
Martyn Barker-Guitar (Acoustic), Programming, Darbouka, Drums (Snare), Bodhran
Matt Backer-Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Talk Box, Soloist
Mornington Lockett-Saxophone
Paul Hirsh-Piano, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Piano (Grand)
Rod Beale-Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Rhythm), Programming, Producer, Engineer, Mastering
Sarah Jane MorrisArranger, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Noise, Producer, Main Performer


01 Dream On Baby
02 I Don't Believe
03 Miracles Don't Come Easy
04 Right Now
05 Living For The Flame
06 Remember Me
07 Somewhere
08 Ever Gonna Make it
09 Ta Ta Ya Baby
10 I Don't Wanna Know About Evil
11 Am I Dreaming?
12 Only To Be With You

Link to download:

"This lady is brilliant. What a delivery! her unique phrasing is so magnificient. Cliches are often used (as this line is), to attempt to portray those persons so original as Ms. Morris. This album is one of my favorites: it is not boring. It is sultry and mean, delicate yet raw. Sensual and powerful. Soulful and earthy. No words can portray my emotions as I listen to this recording. A well produced (yet not overly so), CD. Well recorded as well.I bought Fallen Angel after garnering her "Live at Ronnie Scotts" CD and what a dramatic change. This CD (Fallen Angel) is not 'pop' in the classic sense and it isn't jazz so please listen to the sound bytes on here (if any). These tidbits will grab you and pull you in. A must have for any discerning yet avid music lover. After you buy this CD it will be a recommended title to your friends and Ms. Morris will be on [rightfully] the map."
"Sarah Jane Morris, with her three-and-a-half octave range fired with jazz-soul-blues-funk fuel, continues to be my favorite singer (be sure to check out her latest CD, I Am A Woman). Her voice could blister tar on a frozen winter night. Her turn of a musical phrase is so emotionally potent that it's almost scary - I don't know how the heck she does it, and to top it off she's got incredible musicians working with her. What many of her fans might not realize is that she writes most of her own material, too. I saw her perform at Ronnie Scott's in London last December (it was completely sold out the two nights I was there), and no kidding, the lady took my breath way. She had the whole club on it's feet dancing until 2 am. She may be England's best-kept secret but her website,, indicates that she'll be playing New York in September 2001. I can't wait!!"

"She's a Brit based in Italy. Sarah's voice is smoky and powerful. The songs are grown-up-R&B/jazz-funky. Bought the album after catching her act at Ronnie Scott's in London. Great album. It is unfortunate that she is not well known outside of Europe for we are all missing an enormous talent."

"Another excellent album from Sarah Jane. This album is more angry than previous albums with many tracks on the theme of relationships breaking up.It seems that many of the track in this album are close to home for her and are sung with great feeling.Excellent album "



01 Never Gonna Give You Up
02 I'm Missing You
03 Me And Mrs Jones
04 Leaves Around The Door
05 Ta Ta Ya Baby
06 Love Me Like You Used To
07 Cry
08 Sweet Little Sister
09 Remember Me
10 Never Gonna Give You Up
11 Living For The Flame
12 Rains Have Failed Again
13 Fragile
14 I Am A Woman

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"Probably the most underated British female vocalist, Sarah Jane Morris deserves a whole lot more recognition. With a set of vocal chords that wipe the floor with likes of Sade, the woman has soul. Not only that she has the guts to take on covers from the likes of Barry White & Johnny Guitar Johnson and carries the songs beautifully without overdoing the schmaltz. A joy. "

AUGUST (2001)

Marc Ribot-guitars,bass,drum programming
David Coulter-reco reco (track 02) / violectra/snare (track 04)
Guily Briern-percussions (track 06)
Martin Barker-loops (track 07)
Kwaku Dzidzornu-bongos (track 08)
Mornington Lockett-sax (track 09)


01 Don't Leave Me This Way (4:24)
02 I Can't Stand The Rain (4:07)
03 Into My Arms (4:28)
04 Chelsea Hotel (3:05)
05 You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory (3:16)
06 Piece Of My Heart (4:20)
07 Blind Old Friends (4:47)
08 Move On Up (4:37)
09 Mercy Mercy Me (5:01)
10 Try A Little Tenderness (5:16)
11 Don't Explain (3:58)
12 Whatever Get's You Through The Night (4:19)

Link to download:

"... can this lady sing. Smoky, haunting, soulful, sultry, uplifting, pretty darn breathtaking and terrific all the way around. The album's songs, ranging from Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye to Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, have been reinvented acoustically with American master guitarist Marc Ribot, and her voice and phrasing are powerful matches to his strings. I've loved her voice and music for a long time, and this album, while very different from her earlier ones, packs the same punch."


Martyn Barker - Drums, Programming, Tambourine, Vocals (bckgr), Multi Instruments, Producer, Shaker David Coulter - Jew's-Harp, Didjeridu, Saw, Omnichord
Simon Edwards - Bass, Double Bass, Sentir
Calum MacColl - Programming, Vocals (bckgr), Multi Instruments, Producer, Engineer
Paul Madden - Engineer
Annie Whitehead - Trombone
Sarah Jane Morris - Vocals, Producer
Duncan Cowell - Mastering
Elena Fiumi - Art Direction
Mornington Lockett - Saxophone
James Halliwell - Piano, Organ (Hammond)
Heather Ackroyd - Artwork
Lorenzo "Moka" Tommasini - Engineer


01 Mad Woman Blues
02 Once in Every While
03 Love and Pain
04 'It's Jesus I Love'
05 Blind Old Friends
06 Arms of an Angel
07 Innocence
08 Nothing Comes from Nothing
09 Cowboy Junkies
10 A Horse Named Janis Joplin
11 I Get High
12 Fields of Wheat

Link to download:

"To underpin her classic blue-eyed soul voice with electronic swoops and programmed drums is a very clever entrance into Sarah Jane Morris' Love and Pain. The swirling organ and sparse bass do their jobs as well to further bolster the acoustic guitar-driven opening track, "Mad Woman Blues." It serves as the signature, cornerstone piece setting the tone and kicking off a terrifically intriguing series of 12 tunes. These juxtaposed instrumental choices and themes weave in and out of the sonic landscape, making room for other just as titillating production elements such as world-tinged percussion grooves, guitars on the brink of distortion, way-hip sampled bits and beats, processed vocal parts, and more. Morris' smoky voice is the common thread holding it all together. Her performances dance from sultry to sassy in the blink of an eye (or the change of a track, as the case may be). From moment to moment, you might think of Garbage, Moby, Alison Moyet, or Primitive Radio Gods, or even reach as far as Erykah Badu. But while those works might seem similar, Love and Pain is something else altogether, and it's pretty darn cool."


CD 1

01 Me And Mrs Jones (Bossa Version)
02 Do It The Hard Way
03 Never Gonna Give You Up
04 Don't Leave Me This Way
05 Ever Gonna Make It
06 Piece Of My Heart (Live In Rome)
07 Sunny
08 I'm Missing You
09 River Man
10 Butterfly
11 Mercy Mercy Me
12 Only To Be With You
13 Mad Woman Blues
14 Move On Up (Live In Montreal)
15 I Don't Wanna Know About Evil (Live In Rome)
16 The Right Track
17 Cowboys Junkies
18 Don't Smoke In Bed

CD 2.

01 Get High (Live In Rome)
02 The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (Live In Montreal)
03 Fragile (Live In Rome)
04 A Horse Named Janis Joplin
05 Heaven
06 Chelsea Hotel
07 Innocence
08 Tomorrow
09 She's Leaving Home
10 Fields Of Wheat
11 It's Jesus I Love
12 Nothing Comes From Nothing
13 Visions Of You
14 Don't Believe
15 Don't Go To Strangers
16 On Suicide

Links to download:

"A double album celebrating the 25th anniversary of sarah jane morris's career. Including tracks taken from her 7 solo albums and collaborations she made with other artists (the single "don't leave me this way" where she sung in duet with jimmy sommerville", the song "i'm missing you", english version of a track by cocciante)"

"If anyone understands anthems it's flame-haired, mahogany-voiced Morris. With the Communards she rebooted Thelma Houston's disco hymn 'Don't Leave Me This Way' to a global number one in 1986, and scored a BBC ban for her lesbian-kissed 'Me and Mrs Jones' three years later. This 2-CD retrospective offers a bossa version of the latter (with Marc Ribot on guitar), but is mainly a showcase of Morris's talents as jazz diva, as she explores Nick Drake, Chet Baker and Brecht with tenderness and grit. Her 'Mad Woman Blues', a tale of tragic cross-dressing, adds a shiver of modern pathos."

"Intense, passionate and sensual, singer Sarah Jane Morris has built her fame without compromise, thanks to a love for music that comes from her heart and crosses jazz, blues and funk. The critics refer to Sarah's voice as reminding of Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday, but her own description is 'Nina Simone meets Janis Joplin', two of her main inspirations. To celebrate her 25 years of career Irma Records have put together a double CD titled 'After All These Years' that covers her seven solo albums plus a selection of her main collaborations throughout the years. Like the hit 'Don't Leave Me This Way' by The Communards (where Sarah sang together with Jimmy Somerville) which went to no.1 in the European charts in 1986 or the winning song at the 1992 Italian Sanremo Festival (with Riccardo Cocciante) 'I'm Missing You'. The songs included in this collection are from Sarah's repertoire that goes from pop hits to jazz-soul standards, all revisited with the four octave range of her voice. Intimate acoustic productions (often together with top guitarist and producer Marc Ribot) along with live and studio recordings made with her band of experienced rock and soul musicians. Sarah Jane's first Italian hit, back in 1988, was her extremely personal reinterpretation of Billy Paul's 'Me And Mrs. Jones' and a new, unreleased 'bossa' version of this classic, re-recorded with Marc Ribot, is the opening tune of 'After All These Years'."

Sarah Jane Morris (1989)
Heaven (1992)
Blue Valentine (1995)
Fallen Angel (1998)
I Am Woman-The Best Of (2000)
August (2001)
Love And Pain (2003)
Live In Montreal (2004)
After All These Years (2CD) (2006)
Angels At Christmas (2007)

Sarah Jane Morris (born in England), is a popular jazz, rock and R&B singer and songwriter. She found fame initially with the Communards ("Sarah Jane Morris is a controversial vocalist who does not care what anyone thinks about her politics, though her music is not usually political itself. Her biggest international hit remains as a guest vocalist on The Communards’ remake of the Thelma Houston classic Don’t Leave Me This Way in late 1986, where she was a duet partner with Jimmy Somerville, who had made a name for himself as the lead singer for Bronski Beat. Somerville and Richard Coles crated Communards and that song remains the biggest in the career of all involved.),who are best known for their hit Don't Leave Me This Way. She has also recorded as a solo artist, releasing seven albums. These have enjoyed most popularity in Italy and Greece .Morris also contributed to the opera The Fall of the House of Usher (1991) by Peter Hammill and Judge Smith, singing the part of the chorus.

What the press say:

`Soaring, swooping, sensual and sophisticated, this voice is more than a style, it’s a force of nature’ – The Observer

`Her voice sounds so deep as to be almost scandalous. More than a great voice, she is several great voices’ – Harpers & Queen

`A young, hip, deep voiced version of Sarah Vaughn’ – Q magazine

`River deep, mountain high, Sarah Jane Morris has a magnificent, enormous voice’ – Sunday Times

`She joins a club of vocalists that admits only the best’ – The Guardian

`If you could hear voluptuousness, it would sound like Sarah Jane Morris’ – Evening Standard

`Her excellent voice soars and swoops with the agony and ecstasy of the delta, and smokey Chicago clubs’ – Daily Telegraph
The "Blue Valentine" live album is highly recommended,some songs are very close to the style of Sade!!!
Don't miss it if you want a very good jazz pop album!
I will continue tomorrow or after tomorrow with more jazz..


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Saltyka you defenitly Fantastic...Thanks for all that...

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thanks for these, been looking to buy the august cd for ages but cannot find it, so this is great. I've been a fan since her debut,(bought after reading a fantastic review in the nme).

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thanks for sharing the music of this amazing artist... great job!
enrico form melbourne

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can someone help me with sarah jane morris lyrics? the song is #2 "i don't believe" on the fallen angel album. at 1:48 into the song, she sings two verses, but i don't understand what she's saying! i think the second line is "you talk about democracy but all i hear from you is lies." do you know what she says right before that? please help!

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HY I'm looking for one track for Sarah Jane Morris. This is a remix. The track title: SARAH JANE MORRIS / IT’S JESUS I LOVE (Max Sedgley remix). I will be very happy if you can help me. Thank you. Adam. Please send email if you find anything. I have a blogger account.

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Thank you for this great singer.Link is dead for Heaven - Sarah Jane Morris ? Any body got a new link please?

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@TheAdamField IT’S JESUS I LOVE (Max Sedgley remix).
It's track 11 CD 2 of "After all these years" link on this excellent blog.

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