Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Indie Rock ,Alternative Rock, Power Pop


01 The Idea - It's About Time
02 Material Issue - Merry Christmas Will Do
03 Leroy - Santa Stole My Baby
04 Shoes - This Christmas
05 Matthew Sweet - Baby Jesus
06 Spooner - The Saddest Time Of The Year
07 The Cavedogs - Three Wise Men And A Baby (Xmas Song)
08 The Spongetones - Christmasland
09 92 Degrees - A God Of My Own
10 Marti Jones And Don Dixon - Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday
11 Bill Lloyd - Underneath The Christmas Tree
12 Kelley Ryan - It's Not Christmas
13 Herb Eimerman - You Gave Me
14 Big People - Piece For Christmas
15 The Critics - She Feels Like Christmas Day
16 The Puddles - The Christmas List

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"I'm not a big fan of holiday or Christmas music and albums. They tend to be sappy affairs full of renditions of "classics" made worse by somebody's latest "improvements". Not this album. The songs are all originals and hold up quite well as songs, not just "holiday" songs. 'Tis a hard album to find though. I first heard Material Issue's "Merry Christmas Will Do" whilst I was working out in the gym and recognized Jim Ellison's vocals and thus my quest began. That one song alone would be worth the price of the CD but you get other great songs. Spooner's "The Saddest Time of the Year" is absolutely gorgeous, full of longing and wistfulness. One word of advice to those who would record Christmas songs: listen to this song and if you can't record something as good as this, do us all a favor and don't bother. It just doesn't get any better than this for Christmas tunes.
Other standouts on this album are Shoes' "This Christmas" which features a very active bass line, "It's About Time" by The Idea, and Kelley Ryan's "It's Not Christmas". Really there's not a bad song on this CD although it may take some time to warm up to the Cavedogs' "Three Wise Men and a Baby (Xmas Song)" - I mean I like it 'cause it's offbeat and all but to each his own.
One other thing - the cuteness factor is kept to a minimum so there's not a lot of kids singing badly just to be cute on this CD. That seems to be limited to one song here - The Puddles' "The Christmas List" and it's not even that annoying like most kid songs are. All in all, this is just an excellent collection of tunes that you'll be listening to even when it's not holiday season, like I have been this week. That makes it the only Christmas album you'll ever need."

"Inspired by The Beatles Fan Club Christmas EPs and Phil Spector's Christmas LP, popmeisters The Shoes put together this compilation of 16 bands, most relatively obscure, and came up with some pure pop delights. This Yule punch bowl is filled with jingly-jangly guitars, Beatlesesque melodies and harmonies, Spector Wall of Sound sleigh bells, and more to brighten your holiday listening. Standouts are many, including The Shoes' "This Christmas," Bill Lloyd's Marshall Crenshaw-ish "Underneath the Christmas Tree," The Idea's Byrdsy "It's About That Time," Matthew Sweet's "Baby Jesus," and The Cavedogs' "Three Wise Men And A Baby," which sounds like an outtake from The Beatles White Album." - Dennis MacDonald, AMG "I searched everywhere for this CD after hearing the Shoes song "This Christmas" in a store. It is so beautiful and non-christmasy as is the rest of the CD. I am a big fan of Christmas music, but as another reviewer mentioned, I can't stand anything with sappy kids choruses or gimmicky tricks.This CD has some of my favorite performers doing interesting songs.As a side note, it is possible to get this CD new from the label. Its on Black Vinyl records out of Zion Illinois." "Maybe it's because it exceeded expectations by so much. "The Christmas List" is quirky, but it's grown on me. The rest are all winners, particularly "This Christmas" and "You Gave Me". The latter is ...well, touching. If you like the following CD's: "Winter, Fire & Snow", "New Wave Xmas" and "The Edge of Christmas", this one is for you. Buy it and your holidays will be happier."

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