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"Like a cross between Space and Nova."

"KILLER minimal synth space disco"

Disco, Synth-pop, Ambient



COSMOS NO.1 (1977)

Written by Copperman(Gilbert Chemouny?) (track 01,02,06-12),Wickfields(Mathias Camison) (tracks 01,02,07,09,10),Ibach (03,04),Pierre Saka (track 05),P.Killy (track 06),Reilerg (track 11),Shessi (track 08)
Produced by Gilbert Chemouny (Copperman?)


01 Cosmos No. 1 (2:29)
02 Fly In The Night (3:07)
03 Safari Rock 1 (2:20)
04 Safari Rock 2 (2:20)
05 Interlude (3:00)
06 Daddy Music (2:40)
07 Crystal No. 3 (3:00)
08 Baby Moon (2:40)
09 It's America 1 (2:45)
10 It's America 2 (2:40)
11 Cyprus (2:30)
12 Silver Moon (3:00)

Link to download:

"Always in great demand this french disco LP includes many electro cosmic bombs like"Safari Rock II", "Crystal n°3", "Baby Moon"), the crazy tune "Cyprus", with huge hip-hop breaks at the intro or straight boogie disco oriented "It's America"! In perfect condition."

"The music on this album is in the same vein as Space, French early synthesizer disco, especially popular in France and Canada early and mid seventies. All titles are exquisite early Disco tracks, sometimes with Rock influences and strange space sounds. Great production!"

ENERGY-MC1 (1978)

Arranged By, Composed By - R. Davy
Artwork By [Front Cover] - Mike O'Brien
Photography - L. Aarons
Producer - C. Algarra (Charles Rinieri), Cooperman (Gilbert Chemouny?),H. Goldera (Humbert Ibach?)
Written-By - Albert Assayag (tracks: 04) , Charles Algarra (Charles Rinieri) (tracks: 10) , Copperman (tracks: 01, 10) ,H.Goldera (Humbert Ibach ”Goldera") (tracks: 10) , R. Davy* (tracks: 01 to 09)

Produced for Ibach Records Recorded at London, München and Paris

"Astro "9""


01 Energy-MC1 (3:04)
02 Supernova (3:10)
03 Nébuleuse (3:16)
04 Parsec (3:29)
05 Stratosphere (3:06)
06 Astéroide B 612 (4:02)
07 Psychozoa (2:53)
08 Call Back (2:29)
09 Net Work (2:21)
10 Astro "9" (3:00)

Link to download:

"I don’t go about searching out these obscure disco records, they find me! Moon Birds Energy-MC1 is French cosmic disco from 1978 on the Disques Lbach label. Listed as electronic synth-pop and disco, produced by Cooperman, H. Goldera and C. Algarra for Ibach Records. Much of the LP is hypnotic disco showing the influence of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder and marked by heavy use of moog synthesizers. Picked up at an anonymous location for one dollar.(

"Back in stock! Moon Birds Energy-MC1 is French cosmic disco from 1978 on disques Ibach label. Excellent electronic synth-pop and disco, produced by Cooperman, H. Goldera and C. Algarra for Ibach Records. Much of the LP is hypnotic disco showing that clearly influenced by Giorgio Moroder and marked by heavy use of moog synthesizers. An absolute classic must have for cosmic Baldelli collectors ..."(

Cosmos No.1 (1978)
Energy MC1 (1978)

Theres no info on them.The records were released by the French Disques Ibach ( and which was a disco label in the 70's lead by Humbert Ibach.Originally i thought that Moon Birds was the band of Roger Davy,but he is not on the first album.There are only two musicians on both releases: Gilbert Chemouny (Copperman) and H. Goldera (Humbert Ibach ”Goldera").It seems that all contributors used pseudonyms.According to some sources H.Goldera is not Humbert Ibach ”Goldera",but pseud.of Claude Morgan Goldera.The question is perhaps Humbert Ibach=Claude Morgan Goldera? As for Gilbert Chemouny:a source added that Copperman is Gilbert Chemouny actually.All right,but if it is true,why are Copperman/Chemouny as the song writers on track 08,11 on the first album??? Is perhaps Roger Davy also a pseudonym?Anyway someone released some albums under the name "Roger Davy" in the 70's.See below.So i have only questions so far,i hope some of you can solve the mystery.The fact is that the musicians appeared individually or together on many disco releases on the 70's by Disque Ibach.
For example Charles Algarra (alias Charles Rinieri) and H.Goldera (alias Humbert Ibach ”Goldera") on Karen Cheryl's albums.
Another example is here with Leslie O'Hara:

LESLIE O'HARA - Gipsy Boy (1978)


Arranged By - Cooperman , French Widling,Wickfields (Mathias Camison)
Artwork By - Mike O'Brien /Photography - Leo Aarons
Written-By - Copperman , F. Widling ,Pamela Marion Forrest (track 01),G.Shessi (track 02)Written By - F. Morgan , L. Gaste , N. Malkin (track 04/a)
Written-By - R. Rupen , Rossini (track 05)
Producer - C. Algarra (Charles Rinieri), Cooperman (Gilbert Chemouny?),H. Goldera (Humbert Ibach?)


01 Gipsy Boy (7:06)
02 No War Love (4:12)
03 It's America (4:40)
04 Disco Banjo (Medley) (7:00)
04/a Hey Mister Banjo
04/b Yellow Rose Of Texas
04/c Oh Suzannah
05 Figaro Baby (5:00)

Link to download:

The credits here is almost exactly the same as on Moon Bird's 1978 album,except Wickfields (alias Mathias Camison) who had written several songs for Moon Birds first album (he is not on the second one).G. Shessi is another who also wrote a song for Moon Birds first album.

"Gypsy Boy is my favorite song of the album, almost high energy disco with an excellent female vocal.. The Disco Banjo Medley is quiet good , with a distinct Southern flavor to it. The rest of the songs are uptempo disco as well. The album title is spelled "Gipsy Boy" on the cover.On the back cover it lists (A Cerrone Production)."

Two more from ROGER DAVY

ROGER DAVY - Sons nouveaux pour images contemporaines (1971)

Jazz, Rock
Lounge, Psychedelic Rock, Easy Listening


01 Pop attele
02 Quatre nages
03 What Time is It?
04 Multicords
05 Ricochets
06 Fuzz-marathon
07 Zombie
08 Rage montante
09 Control Department
10 Stratus
11 Nicotine
12 Tout comme l'oiseau
13 Crazy Flute Happy Guitar
14 Syncope Mind

Link to download:

An early work of Davy,this was his first release actually.The whole album is instrumental but the style not remind of his later albums.It is worth listening to it if you like 70's lounge music.I added two bonus songs whic came from Various - Luke Vibert's Further Nuggets (2002).They were unreleased before, the style is similar.

ROGER DAVY & ALBERT ASSAYAG - Régénération (1979)

Synth-pop, Ambient

Music By - Albert Assayag (tracks: 05, 10) , Roger Davy
Photography - Alain Pons
Recorded By - R. Davy

Subtitled "Synthese Électrique" Studio: R. Davy


01 Strings (3:12)
02 Poursuite Dans La Nuit (2:57)
03 Régénération (5:02)
04 Stress (4:49)
05 Triangulation (R. Davy - Albert Assayag) (2:53)
06 Blizzard Sur Hurlemont (2:36)
07 Olvidar (3:11)
08 Wake Up Suddenly (3:20)
09 Recorder (2:17)
10 Simulation (R. Davy - Albert Assayag)(3:00)

Link to download:

A great synth album,but a bit different from Moon Bird's style.It is ambient with less disco elements.
Albert Assayag ( also contributed on the second Moon Birds album as a song writer.His pseudonym was Sam Fenering.
I tried to find him on the web: one of them is a top accordianist in France, another Assayag is a dance professor also in France.This is all i know.

If you have any info about Davy and Assayag,please let me know!

If you are interested in Disque Ibach's sound,i added here three compilations :

Various - DISQUE IBACH VOL. 1 (1977)


01 Rod McKuen - Amor Amor
02 Herman's Rocket - Space Woman
03 Daniel Jackson Explosion - Cinderella
04 Paradise - Back To America (Producer - Charles Rinieri)
05 Claudia Cardinale - Sun... I Love You (Written-By - Ibach)
06 Amadeo - Moving Like A Superstar
07 Disco Reggae - Sticks Man
08 Claudia Cardinale - Love Affair
09 Top Stars - My Yiddishe Mamme
10 Chocolat's - If I Had A Hammer
11 Lovequake - Lovequake
12 Amadeo - Moving like a superstar (lp mix 1977)
13 Night Force - Dance (Instrumental)

Link to download:



01 Karen Cheryl - Sing To Me Mama (Producer - Charles Rinieri , Humbert "Meme" Ibach)
02 Dee Dee - I Put A Spell On You
03 Ruth Mckenny - Rocking In The Street
04 Chocolat's - Nostalgia Medley
05 Jean-Luc Drion - Disco Action (written by C. Algarra - Goldera)
06 Belle Epoque - Jump Down
07 Amadeo - Memories (written by H. Goldera)
08 MTL Express - Disco City
09 Night Force - Dance
10 Micky & Joyce - Ma' Jackson (Producer - Ch. Riniéri* , Meme Ibach*)
11 Paradise Birds - Love Affair
12 Disco Reggae Band (alias Black Slate) - Robber Man In Dub

Link to download:



01 Chocolat's - Baby Lets Do It The French Way
02 Amadeo - Real Magic (written by C. Algarra)
03 Herman's Rocket - Green Creature
04 Paradise - Don't Stop The Music (Producer - Charles Rinieri)
05 MTL Express - Feeling Of Love
06 Amadeo - 33rd Floor
07 Daniel Jackson Explosion - Hymn For Africa
08 Paradise Birds - I Am A Song (Written-By - Ibach)
09 Chocolat's - Cubanita
10 MTL Express - Dance All Night
11 Micky & Joyce - Hold Up (Producer - Ch. Riniéri* , Meme Ibach)
12 Belle Epoque - Lose My Man

Link to download:

MARSYAS - 1978 - 2004 Best Of
HARUOMI HOSONO - The Tale Of Genji(soundtrack) (1987)

TRICK 17 - Spiegelbilder (1983)
GANYMED - Takes You Higher / Future World

Katrina And The Waves (1985)

Original Recordings 1983 - 1984 (2003)
1st Album (1996)
Espina (1998)

Pandemic (1999)
Not my upload but you asked:
THE SPOONS (5 albums)

Talk Back (1983)

Vertigo Tango (1988)

Stick Figure Neighbourhood

Collectible Spoons

vol 1-6

vol 7-8
WHEN IN ROME - The Singles Remixed (


Anonymous dream chimney said...

thanks for this great post. connected many dots for me. i have a record O'HARA "Touch Me Baby" and its very cool and now i know why.

also another LP to mention is THE EVIDENCE which is some of the same producers and tracks.

10:41 PM  
Blogger Maestro said...

Hello Dream Chimney,
May I ask you to share "THE EVIDENCE "?
I have searched for it for a long time without any luck.

Thanks in advance.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi dream chimney thanks for your comment and yes please for The Evidence album if you have!!!


1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the link is dead to ENERGY-MC1. please i need this album !

11:10 AM  
Blogger the saucer people said...

I feel all giddy and a little light-headed: all three Disque Ibach compilations at 320 bitrate, why the comments section is not filled with high praise and offerings to the gods is beyond me (and thats just for the compilations alone, I already have the two Moon Birds albums but if I didn't and I saw them both posted here along with the Ibach compilations, I think I would have been rushed to hospital suffering from a heart condition!)
It seems every time I stumble across another seventies 12 & 7 Inch from Disques Ibach, I get more and more covinced they were time travelling prankster musicians from the 22nd Century scrambling the code of linear progression by releasing such futuristic music that only now is really been appreciated..same with the French library labels Telemusic & Montparnasse and the record label Malligator, the releases are jaw-dropping in their cosmic dimensions.
Thanks once more for making my day with these amazing releases!

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm amazed at everything there is to listen here! The research is thorough and deep! But I arrive a little late I'm afraid; is there any way you could repost the Disques Ibach Vol 1 & 3 compilations, or send them over to ? Links are dead.

I would be forever grateful.

2:03 PM  
Blogger mhdotcom said...

Help to identify some hot melodic cuts from the 80's

8:03 PM  
Anonymous de raaf said...

i'm pretty sure roger davy is another name from roger roger

7:43 PM  
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