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Electronic, Pop, Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Indie Rock, Prog Rock, Ambient

Ingo Ito
Susa Lie
Gabriel Le Mar
Hans Schumann
Lorenz Allacher and
George Din (only Bamboo Industry)


BAMBOO INDUSTRY - Tortured By Pleasure (1989)

Ingo Ito - Guitars (tracks01-06,08-13);China Loop (track 02,07); Vocal(tracks 02-06,08-14);Keyboards (tracks 04-05,07,09-11);Mirage (tracks 06,08,12);Drum Programming (track 07,12)
Susa Lie - Bass (tracks 01-06,09-12);Vocals (tracks 03-04,06,09-13);Solo Piano (track 04);Keyboards,Drum Programming (track 08);El.Solo Guitar,Oboe Solo (track 09);Oboe Solo (track 12);Keyboards (track 13)
Robin Loxley - Keyboards(tracks 01-03,05,07 ); Drum Programming (tracks 01,02,07,09,10,13),Vocals (track 05,13);Organ (track 06,08);Piano (track 13)
Sax - Eberhard Schmid (tracks 01),Oliver Hafke (tracks 11-13)
Heiko Maile (Camouflage) - Keyboards (tracks 01,02,04,11-13);Drum Programming,Percussion (track 04,06,11,12);System 1000 Sequence and solo (track 05);Cello Section (track 08);Kurzweil String Arrangement (track 10);Trumpet Section (track 11)
George Din - Drum Programming,Vocal (track 05);Basic Drum Loop (track 11)
Hans Behrendt (ex-Ideal) - HiHat (tracks 01,02,05,06,08);Snare,Crashes (track 03,05,06,08);Tambourine (track 06);Shaker (track 09)
Ernest Gabriel - Bass (tracks 08,13)
Steffi "Zaza" Land - Back. Vocals (track 02)
Noel O'Callahan - Back.Vocals (track 05)
Roy Batty - Voice (track 07)
Kim Kübler - Soul Choir,Voice (track 12)
Producer - Heiko Maile (Camouflage,see:
Written-By - Ingo Ito , Susa Lie

the album is dedicated to Mr.Peter Ustinov


01 The Rusty Colours Of Sundown (1:22)
02 Catherine Wheel (3:39)
03 These Two Hands (4:34)
04 The Game (3:52)
05 Welcome To Rome (3:54)
06 When I Was Alive (4:15)
07 New Territories With China Motor Ways (4:33)
08 Riding The Nighttrain (4:16)
09 Shake Hands With The Devil (4:47)
10 Time To Die (4:34)
11 Wheels Are Turning (4:29)
12 Empty Churches (4:55)
13 F.F.A.R.M. (5:31)
14 On The River (4:20)

Link to download:

Berlin in 1983: Bamboo Industry was founded by Ingo Ito and George Din - originally conceived as a pop-duo project, mixing industrial sounds with influences of traditional asian music.After their first demo-tapes they were joined by additional musicians and the musical concept shifted to an alternative pop band of the eighties with a touch of Bamboo.

The first band line-up was:
Ingo Ito - Guitars,Lead VocalsGeorge Din - Acoustic Guitar,Lead Vocals
Susa Lie ( - Bass
Robin Loxley - Keyboards.(Lovepump/Pipettes)

After many years of live concerts and some records, a new line-up was formed in 1991 for recording and playing live:
Ingo Ito - Lead Vocals,Guitar
Susa Lie - Bass,Vocals
Gabriel Le Mar - Bass,Guitar
Lorenz Allacher (Rosenstolz,see: - Saxophone,Keyboards
Hans Schumann ( - Drums.

Unfortunately their major record company wasn´t interested in continuing the project, despite to Bamboo Industry´s successful life concerts and finally, after a few more appearances on German television, the chapter Bamboo Industry was closed.
But in the vaults there still are many tapes with unreleased material by Bamboo Industry and in the upcoming time you´ll find information about new releases on the News page at Itofarm.
The first of this releases is a live album, which was recorded on two occasions at the famous "Quasimodo" Club in the heart of Berlin, Germany, in January/February 1991."Bamboo Industry - Versus The Sham Man - Live" shows the band in a play- and powerful mood and the outstanding performances will surely enthuse listeners today all the same as the audience 16 years ago."(

"A German production from Berlin. Bamboo Industry were Susa Lie and Ingo Ito; ten other musicians helped in the studio, for example Heiko Meile (Camouflage) and Hans Behrendt (ex- Ideal).
The music was intelligent keyboard pop, influenced by Japan, Roxy Music, Depeche Mode, maybe by Johnny Warman, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel. If they had had more catchy tunes, they could have been more successful than they were."

RAIN ON BAMBOO - Sleep & Poetry (1994)

Artwork By - Susa Lie
Drums - Hans Schumann (ex-Scala 3 ,also in Die Geschwister Pfister,FLUCHT NACH VORN)
Ambient Guitar, Bass - Gabriel Le Mar
Producer, Mixed By, Recorded By, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Electronics - Ingo Ito
Producer, Recorded By - Susa Lie
Producer, Recorded By, Bass, Vocals - Susa Lie
Saxophone, Flute - Lorenz Allacher
Lisa Wicklund ( - Vocals

Recorded at Riet and Itofarm Studios, mixed at Riet Studio, Berlin (thanks to Johannes Schmölling).


01 Preface (0:24)
02 The Man Who Would Be King (4:33)
03 Breathless On The Run (6:40)
04 No Burning Soul (6:40)
05 Viking (9:01)
06 Boat On The Backwater (5:21)
07 Reading, Writing And Tying Poem-Slips To Bamboo (6:12)
08 Painted By Eisen (7:33)
09 Drifting Monsters (7:27)
10 Red Sails Into Dusk (3:07)

Link to download:

"Rain On Bamboo was founded in 1992 by Ingo Ito as an open band project with varying musicians. After the basically pop-orientated music of Bamboo Industry, Rain On Bamboo shifted to a different, rather "avantgardish" style of music influenced by artists like Brian Eno, King Crimson, David Sylvian (especially track 07) or Ryuichi Sakamoto. There was much space for improvisational performances within the loose framework of the songs of their first album "Sleep & Poetry" and the recording approach was regarded as a piece of art in itself with the music painting a colourful picture for the listener´s own imagination. "

RAIN ON BAMBOO - Suburban Skirmish (1996)

produced by Ingo Ito, additional engineering by Heiko Maile (Camouflage)
Ingo Ito
Heiko Maile (assorted synthesizers and cars)
Lisa Wicklund - Bass,Vocals
Sven Küster - Drums


01 Backyard Blues # 1 - a Happy Son
02 Sweetest Hell
03 Point - Blank
04 Evil
05 Backyard Blues # 9 - Ghosts at Noon
06 Ju - Ju Man Song
07 Pride (Only Hurts)
08 The Wild Wind
09 Lugosi
10 Backyard Blues # 7 - Call Me Winston

Link to download:

"Rain On Bamboo´s 2nd album "Suburban Skirmish" was nearly completely recorded by Ingo Ito on his own as a multitrack studio album, due to the lack of time of the originally wanted fellow musicians.Only the basic recordings for two songs were recorded as a three-piece band with Ito on guitar, drummer Sven Küster (Legendary Golden Vampires, Space Kelly) and bass player Lisa Wicklund (7th Heaven, Kuusimäki).
The album was completed in Hamburg at the Camouflage studio and Heiko Maile added some sounds from his famous old-fashioned synthesizer collection."


"Very good work from Ingo Ito from Camouflage. But this album not for Eelectro-pop fans. If you know who is David Sylvian - thia album for you!"

More review:


"Ingo Ito started his musical career as a sound engineer at the famous Hansa by the Wall studios in Berlin.During the 80s he worked as a session guitarist for, among others, Inga & Anete Humpe (Ideal), Thomas Fehlmann (Ready Made, The Orb) and as a sound engineer/producer for local Berlin bands.In 1984, he and George Din founded the band Bamboo Industry and a few years later he started the dance-project "The B.h.h."In 1989, his interest in mixing electronics with modified guitar sounds brought him together with Heiko Maile of the german synth-band Camouflage and soon afterwards he joined them for their second album "Methods Of Silence" and the succeeding tour. For the next 6 years he worked with Camouflage on all of their albums, singles and concerts and also wrote some music and lyrics for them. Parallel to Camouflage he continued working with Bamboo Industry and the follow-up band Rain On Bamboo.In 1998 and 2002 Ito worked on ambient music installation for exhibitions of the german painter Karmers in London and Hamburg and in 2004 he wrote the music to the much noticed audio book "Kokain", a double CD about the life and death of the german poet Walter Rheiner (1895-1925).For some time past, Ingo Ito has been living in Spain and has recently started to work on new projects. In Zen Hanami he summarizes his many years of experience in the field of ambient music."

More info:

Gabriel Le Mar
was born in Germany in 1966, the son of Greek parents, and grew up in Berlin, Germany. Around 1984, he gets his first stage experience as a professional club dj and bassman of a band experimenting with electronic sounds. In 1987, Gabriel studied at the HdK, Berlin (University of Fine Arts) and got a diploma in Society and Economy Communication. Shortly after, he started to work as an art director for various agencies. Through his co-student, George DIN, he gets in contact with the art pop project Bamboo Industry, in which he gets involved as guest musician and later as an official band member. 1991 sees the release of a 12 inch and a longplayer on a major label plus an extensive German tour with appearances at big festivals. Besides Bamboo Industry, Gabriel is also part of the Berlin based experimental electronic project, Cosmic Trigger, which includes George DIN and Mike V.A.M.P. from the Märtini Brös.
The following Banned_X debut album, "Songs An´ Trax“, featured Gabriel´s production alongside guest MC`s like Jah Meek, Markie J. and George DIN and finally appeared in 2000 on the Frankfurt-based label multiColor, delivering a combination of electronics with dub/reggae sounds and song structures
By the end of the year, Gabriel entered the studio alongside Alex Azary and Pascal F. E.O.S. to record tracks for the long awaited second Aural Float album, which was released on Elektrolux in spring 2001. It featured guests like Anthony Rother, George DIN, and Patricia Onyewenjo, showing a musical spectrum including ambient, downbeat, and electronic sounds.
In 2003, Gabriel Le Mar and George Din released “Studio India“, a sample CD (on, and also produced “Short Stories“ – his 4th album on SpiritZone Records, which became album of the month in Raveline magazine.

Gabriel Le Mar and George Din still work together:
they are the members of Cosmic Trigger,Banned-X and Aural Float:

More info:
I've got a message from Bob Edwards:
"I have just added a new page to my live80 site, 8 unreleased studio tracks from the perfect zebras recorded in 1984 for a 3rd album which never got released. if your interested you can check them out"


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very nice collection of infos!

Maybe you are interested in a new release by Bamboo Industry called 'Hong Kong Memories'. This album is a collection of previously unreleased material from the eighties. Some tracks are demos, some are studio rough-mixes and some are final studio productions. You can find more info at .

Best regards
Ingo Ito

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Welcome Ingo, im glad to see your messsage!
Thank you for telling me about the new Bamboo Industry CD. Great to know it! I will visit your site soon:)

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