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"I keep Peter's five original albums as a treasure. His solo work has something I can't explain. Honestity, rhythm, "savoir faire", craftmanship..."

"You are simply ageless and as gorgeous as ever. You music makes me feel! Your voice is heaven!"

"I have never heard anyone play like you do, I think your style is utterly unique and incredible." (Peter Koppes's Comment Board on MySpace)

"Peter? has made some of the beautiful music, with The Church and as a solo artist!"

Alternative Rock, Pop Rock

MELODIE - Love Can't Imagine (7") (1984)

Peter Koppes and his wife, Steve Kilbey (The Church), and Richard Ploog (The Church) all play on this record.


01 Love Can't Imagine (3:20)
02 Show Me That (3:45)

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This is one of the rarest Church-related releases.!!!!

"Up for auction is my rare gem from my collection. It's the single for a side project by the guitarist of The Church, Peter Koppes. Melodie is the name of his then wife and the other guests on the track are bassist Steve Kilbey of The Church and Richard Ploog, then drummer of The Church. On vocals is Melodie.

This rare two track single never made it to mass production. Only a handful of discs were printed up for promotional giveaway. But due to legal issues, the single had to be withdrawn and the disc never made it to the record shops. All copies carry the promo stamp on it. This single is so rare that not even Peter Koppes has a copy, from what he told me.

For all you Church Army fans, this is the rarest of all singles to obtain. I've only seen three surface in the last 3 years and one back in 1986."


Mixed by Paul Simmons
Produced by Peter Koppes
Recorded at La Maison (Bondi) except "At The Castle"
Mixed at Fatboy Studios except "At The Castle"
All instruments and voices by Peter Koppes
Additional lead vocals by Melodie

Tracks 14-16: When Reason Forbids - A Requiem EP (1987)

"Take A Vow"


The Present

01 Take A Vow
02 These Three Things
03 The Wise And The Wicked
04 What's The Matter?
05 Quest
06 Comes As No Surprise

The Past & Future

07 Opus
08 Sahara
09 The Colosseum
10 A Drink From The Cup
11 Into The Bright Light
12 Let You Walk Away
13 Our Love
14 When Reason Forbids
15 At The Castle
16 Air

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Peter Koppes’ initial solo album 'Manchild and Myth' including the 'A Requiem' EP has now been re-issued on the Immersion label as a CD after being deleted by RYCODISC(USA) 15 years ago. Manchild and Myth was in Billboard USA magazine's Recommended section 6 August 1988: "Self-written solo effort from Church guitarist makes one wish he would take a more prominent role in forging that group's musical identity; songs are a swirling miasma of guitar and melody, not unlike The Church's but more diffuse in an appealing way”

"Guitarist Peter Koppes' solo work has a strike against it straightaway: he can barely carry a tune (although he's trying). On Manchild & Myth, he's surrounded by other voices and buried in the mix (his monotone mumble can't cut through anyway), but that does nothing for the vocal melodies and lyrics. Worse, the LP's arrangements and production lack dynamism. The only good tracks on the album are two stylistically routine ones that are simply a cut above the rest and one atypically moody Eurosynth instrumental. (The US CD and cassette include his so-so 1987 three-track When Reason Forbids EP.)" (

"I've always loved this album because it's not the same as The Church, yet it has all the trademarks:Beautiful textural guitars, great songwriting, and a great vibe. Mr. Koppes is not the vocalist that Steve Kilbey is, but who cares? With songs like "Take a Vow", "These Three Things", and "Comes as no Surprise", you're in for a real late eighties pop treat. There's sixteen songs on this CD, and it can be had for pennies. Check it out."

"A great effort from Peter Koppes. It could have been far better without that drum machine."

"First solo release from The Church's guitarist Peter Koppes. Kind of a sleepy, bedroom feel, most of the songs are pretty and poppy with nice guitar tones. The 80s drum machine and Peter's often nasal vocals are not spectacular, but they actually do well in the context of these atmospheric songs. This remains one of the better Church solo offerings."

"Koppes produces the most lavish, finely arranged collection of multi-tracked, melodic psych-pop in a semi-concept format (side one: "The Present", "side two: the past and future")."

DAMIEN LOVELOCK - It's a Wig Wig Wig Wig World (1988)

Damien Lovelock (The Celibate Rifles) - Vocals, 12 String Guitar
Richard Ploog (ex-The Church) - Drums, Percussion
Peter Koppes - Guitar
Joe Latty - Guitar, Backing Vocals (ex-Itchy Rat and Wigman)
Rick Grossman - Bass (ex-Hoodoo Gurus/Divinyls, see:
Reeves Gabrels ( - Guitar (tracks 11, 12)
Jim Bowman (, Mark Dawson (The Aints, Ed Kuepper etc, see:, Warren McLean (ex-Machinations, ex-Divinyls, Flotsam Jetsam etc, see:
) and Genevieve Davis all play on "In The Big World"
Produced by Bruce Calloway (ex-Saints, Ed Kuepper Band, Cab Callaway and The Cult etc, see:
Engineered by Roy Cooper
Cover Design by Jon Watkins, Damien Lovelock and Richard Ploog

Peter Koppes plays solos on "Harper's Bazaar" and "Over You," and the last solo on "Indian Ropeman."

"Disco Inferno"


01 Harper's Bazaar
02 Indian Ropeman
03 Janni
04 Chilly Winds
05 Pretty Pictures
06 Over You
07 Waterfall
08 Ghostown
09 You Say
10 Wig World
11 Sisters (Bonus track on CD version)
12 Disco Inferno (Bonus track on CD version)
13 In The Big World (Bonus track on CD version)

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Lovelock's studio band included Peter Koppes (guitar; from The Church), Rick Grossman (bass; from Hoodoo Gurus), Joe Latty (guitar; ex-Itchy Rat) and Richard Ploog (drums; from The Church). Guitarist Reeves Gabrels, from David Bowie's band Tin Machine, also appeared on "Disco Inferno"." ( and

"A great Australian classic album with a host of great players including Rockard Ploog, Peter Koppes, Joe Latty, Rick Grossman, Bruce Callaway, Barton Price and Brett Myers. A strong mix of songs with some "Pretty Pictures" from the Rifles and "You Say" from No Dance. A must have independent album."

Some more on Damian Lovelock:


Peter Koppes - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drum Programs, Producer
Melodie - Lead Vocals (tracks 03, 08)
Melvin Stewart - Bass, Backing Vocals (track 04)
Lindsay Buckland ( and - Dulcimer (track 05)
David Moor (he also guested on Churchs's Remote Luxury '84 CD and played with Mark Callaghan and The Slim Guys)- Piano (track 04)
Susan Turner - Second Vocals (track 05)
Michael Hamer - Backing Vocals (track 04)
Bulle-Neige and O (Neige and 'O' Koppes, see: - Vocals (tracks 08, 10)
Johannes Rombouts - Assistance with percussion programming

Recorded at La Maison and Trackdown studios.
Engineered by Peter Koppes, Simon Leadley (Owner at Trackdown Digital), Kirke Godfrey ( and Tim Ryan (
Mixed at Trackdown by Simon Leadley and Peter Koppes.
Cover and sleeve photography by Ilona Angel.
Cover design by Peter Koppes.
Art direction by Gail Force Marowitz (
Track 10: Written-By - Russel Grigg


01 In The Wake
02 Her Mark
03 Only Wait
04 Horses In The Sand
05 The Lost Peace
06 Pyramid Building (She's Leaving)
07 I Wonder
08 Lullaby
09 Desert Flower Bride
10 Nursery Fugue
11 Testing 3.2.1.
12 Aural Garden
13 Anthem
14 Mae Moore feat. P. Koppes on electric guitar - Full Circle (from Mae Moore's "Bohemia" album 1992. Notes: Steve Kilbey also plays on the album and produced as well)
15 Steve Kilbey - Danielle (from Kilbey's "Remindlessness" 1990 album: Guitar and Written By - Peter Koppes)
16 Steve Kilbey - Soul Sample (from Kilbey's "Remindlessness" 1990 album: Guitar and Written By - Peter Koppes)

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Product Description
The re-release of Peter Koppes (Church guitarist) 1989 TVT released opus 'From The Well'. Soft, textured songs that will suit the mood of just about any fan of the Church.

Originally released in 1989 by TVT Records New York.

A limited release of the second solo album featuring lavish production and a cast of many.
Exquisitely layered and with immense variety, including contributions from his young family on Lullaby. Includes songs that were performed live by the band The Well.

"Leaving behind the demo-song sheen and buried vocals of his debut solo release Manchild and Myth, Peter Koppes emerged the better for it with 1989's more purposeful From the Well.
The production value, for starters, seemed to have moved out of the bedroom and into a proper studio. The keyboard and drum-machine-reliant backing tracks that seemed cheap and tinny on Manchild and Myth finally got the attention they needed on From the Well, sounding richer and adding to the overall drive of the album (rather than wallowing in an incoherent wash of reverb). The vocals, too, had improved, sounding less like Mick Karn being smothered under a pillow, and more like a guy that was at least trying. This wasn't to say that Koppes' voice had blossomed from caterpillar to butterfly (his vocal delivery still made Steve Kilbey's dour crooning seem positively animated by comparison), yet there was a new found confidence that was glaringly absent on Manchild and Myth. The addition of female vocals on many of the tracks helped to break up the monotony by providing moments of Maureen Tucker-esque innocence ("Lullaby") or Dominique Durand sultriness ("Only Wait").
Improvements aside, Koppes' songs still didn't drive as much as plod, and the album lacked any truly standout tracks because of this fact. Diehard Church fans could probably find a few rare moments to latch onto on From the Well but, for the majority of listeners, the album just served as a reminder that Peter Koppes, the solo artist, still remained a work in progress."

"From the Well, Koppes' next album, actually follows that Eurosynth direction more thoroughly, and profitably so. In fact, the whole LP is a step forward. No more burying his voice — although he's not averse to singing duets with his sweeter-voiced lady, Melodie (!) — and he no longer makes Leonard Cohen sound like Pavarotti (only just). The synth (drums and keyboard textures) plus bass and guitars often assume a dark tone, but the tunes aren't bad, and overall it's quite listenable, if a bit on the dark, moody side."

"This solo outing from one of the Church's guitarists is a fairly melodic and colorful record in a somewhat poppy vein. The playing of the instruments (mostly by Peter) is competent, but lacks some of the prettier solos often found on the parent albums. Speaking of parents, Peter gets a little assistance from his wife, and evidently his daughter.

Unfortunately, not one of them possesses vocal skill at this point. The songs themselves resemble some of Peter's b-side Church efforts, like "As You Will" from the Heyday sessions. This is not an essential purchase."

"Being the avid Church fan I purchased this a long time ago, but it would appear that it is now back in print. Overall a good start to Peter Koppes solo career. I Wonder & Desert Flower Bride are great upbeat songs. The lyrics are better than I would have expected and PK's voice is solid considering he's the main guitarist of the band. I am still amazed at how many good side projects the members of The Church have out. Overall I found this disc slightly better than Manchild & Myth but not as creative as Water Rites or Love Era. It's more upbeat than Simple Intent but lacks the maturity. Definitely check out PK's CD's Water Rites & Love Era."

PETER KOPPES AND THE WELL - Iridescence EP (1991)

Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Peter Koppes - Vocals, Guitar
Richard Ploog (ex-The Church) - Drums (he also played with The Name Droppers, The Brats, Exhibit A, The Church, The Beasts of Bourbon, Salamander Jim, Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides, The Wigmen, Deadly Hume, Funkicide )
Jim Leone - Bass, Back. Vocals (he also played with Mercy Killers, No Man's Land, Roddy Radalj and The Surfin' Caesars, Roddy Radalj Band, The Celibate Rifles, Grapefruit, New Monk, Angeldust)
Anthony Smith - Keyboards, Back. Vocals (he also played with The Flowers, Icehouse, Flying Doctors, Matt Finish)

Robin Haider - Percussions (Robin Haider & Azadoota, see:
Maria Govorko ( on "The Destroyer"
Recorded at The Powerhouse and The Vault, Mixed at Studios 301
Produced by Peter Koppes and Ted Howard/Engineered by Ted Howard
Mastered by Leon Zervos (


01 Peak To Peak
02 Her Mark
03 The Destroyer

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Peter Koppes is better known as guitarist from The Church. Complete with drummer Richard Ploog (also previously of that band), Anthony Smith (ex- Icehouse) and Jim Leone (former Celibate Rifle bassman) he has formed a band called The Well.

THE WELL - Water Rites (1995)

Peter Koppes - vocals, Guitars
Richard Ploog (ex-The Church, see: - Drums
Anthony Smith (ex-Flowers/Icehouse, see: - Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Leone (see Iridescence EP) - Bass, Vocals

Peter Pix - Mandolin
Robien Haider (Azadoota, see: - Percussion
Derek Austin - Didgeridoo
Zoom - Percussion
Sonja Chemarin ( - Vocals
Manny Lieber - Flute
Mark Wood - Percussion, Vocals.
Matthew Hartley ( and Sophia Rose Zybert, Russell Grigg and Jane Cox - additional vocals. April, Jenny, Thai, Neige, Tatiana, Stella, Lidia, Nelson - choir

Produced by Peter Koppes
Co-produced by Ted Howard (award winning engineer, see:
Mixes by Greg Courtney with Peter, Anthony and Jim
Graphic design and digital layout by Debbie Tinker ( and Alex Clarke ( Cover photograph by Steve Young (
All songs by Peter Koppes


01 Caravan
02 Finest Hour
03 Sublimation
04 Arabia
05 House Are
06 Spirit March
07 Brave
08 Liberation Dance
09 Faith
10 Wolf Run
11 On Wings of Love

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"I will probably not have the opportunity again, sadly. That was a great band."

"A favourite among the fans of Peter's material. After his second solo album, The Well was formed to perform live and record the songs for this album. The members were Richard Ploog, the previous drummer of The Church, Anthony Smith inaugural keyboardist for Flowers/Icehouse and Jim Leone of The Celibate Rifles on bass.

The songs are panoramic sometimes even with an Arabian flavour and subjects - a feast of delights."

"Miscellaneous output and pseudonyms abound: the Well is a group featuring members of Icehouse and the Celibate Rifles (and former Church drummer Richard Ploog) Koppes formed to tour behind From the Well"


THE REFO:MATION - Pharmakoi/Distance Crunching Honchos with Echo Units (1997) (the Church minus Willson-Piper)

Alternative Rock, Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Steven Kilbey (The Church) - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Peter Koppes - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
Tim Powles (The Church) - Mapex Drums, Percussion, Bass, Lead Vocal on "Take Your Place"
Sandi Chick (played with Church drummer Tim Powles in Johnny Bachelor's Pleasure Planet (1989), also in The Rockmelons, see:, Al and The Gators, One Franc, Fake (with Steve Kilbey)) - Vocals
Chris Campbell - Guitar on "5:28"

Recorded at Karmic Hit Studios, Rozelle, Sydney, Australia
Engineered & mixed by Tim Powles/Assistant Engineer Chris Campbell
Produced by The Refo:mation/ All songs by The Refo:mation



01 1:07
02 Don't Move
03 Traitor
04 She Comes In Singing
05 All See It Now
06 Trying To Get In
07 Florian Trout
08 5:28
09 Who Is The One?
10 Get Over It
11 Take Your Place
12 Towards Sleep
13 The Moon And The Sea
14 Stop

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Product Description
A sensation of travel pervades this multifarious music, not unlike a lyrical soundtrack to a road movie that encompasses space travel. The songs seemingly evoke the anticipations, shuttles, flights, contacts and satisfactions of destinations and arrivals. A perspective divorced from technology and at the same time, with an emotional adaption. The Refo:mation is a word-play on the name for the historical reformation in western religion, and the reunification as The Refo:mation of the two founding members of the group The Church - Steve Kilbey and Peter Koppes. The light-heartedness is supported by The Church having had a reformation in itself at the time, with rejoining of errant former member Peter Koppes. The Refo:mation also includes the current drummer of the Church, Tim Powles. Distance Crunching Honchos with Echo Units is a line of lyric from the "Move" song, variously interpretable, possibly a travel reference. Your embarkation is requested. Happy vacation!

As with many Church-related projects this has been in the works for quite a while. Recording was in progress as far back as June 1996, though it was still instrumental-only at that stage, and was going to be called The Reformation. The change of name came about because Tim Powles didn't like the second 'r'...these artistic types ! But what are you gonna do, huh ?! :-)

"In between "Magician Among the Spirits" and "Hologram of Baal," The Church (minus a vacationing Marty Willson-Piper) released an album under the assumed name "The Refo:mation" (that's not a typo), called "pharmakoi / distance-crunching honchos with echo units." It is a great, if slightly bizarre, album, and deserves a place alongside the band's later oeuvre." (

"the CD is known to fans, focused the uncontrolled psychedelic experiments of Magician Among the Spirits in more concise songs. Peter Koppes received more space for his guitar play and showed that his meticulous yet open style could carry and album comfortably. According to Kilbey, it was only as a gesture of courtesy towards Willson-Piper that the album didn't get released under The Church moniker."

The rather odd title for the album came about because they couldn't decided on one or the other, so Peter Koppes suggested using both.

Cover info:

More info:


"I am very proud of it and am very happy it is appreciated."

"There's another album [by] The Refo:mation that Steve, myself and Tim did previous to the Church reforming which was another stint towards us deciding that The Church is just gotta get back together in that format. It would be like something to really come back together for. It was a big, big evolution in our songwriting style and relationship, musical relationship, that worked toward the new album."


"Largely improvised during two weeks. They should have replaced cHURCH'S Magician Among the Spirits with this."

"A must-have for The Church fans, but it's not the masterpiece some people say. Five great tracks (1,2,3,4,5), three not so great (6,7,8,9) and five great ones again (10,11,12,13,14). Anyway, a great album."

"This album is basically Australia's The Church, minus one of their guitarists (Marty Willson-Piper). With recent addition Tim Powles on drums, who adds a harder punch than previous drummer Richard Ploog, Steve Kilbey and Peter Koppes create a sound that will be familiar to Church fan ears.

Despite Kilbey's increasing reliance on ominous keyboards that sound appropriate for an historical motion picture epic, his songwriting and musical composition is more experimental and drawn out than much of the Church's more streamlined efforts. And the sharp, pecussive, semi-tribal drumming of Powles makes this album sound a lot like Julian Cope's then-recent interpretations of early Krautrock. Guitarist Peter Koppes seems to have expanded his already impressive uses for the instrument, whether he's devising a neat hook, or (mostly) shading in the songs with colorful rhythm or repetitive lead patterns.

Most Church fans should like at least half of the tracks on this lengthy disc. And the album is catchy and cool-sounding enough (despite length) to turn on many who have never heard the Church."

"Love the Church? Then listen to this! Kilbey,Koppes and Powles going "ape". This album is nothing short of wonderful. Immediate, strange and complicated...what more temptation do you need? Stick the headphones on and be transported...where?...who cares so long as these guys are leading the way!!!!! Excellent album from 3 experts."

"STEVE KILBEY is on this cd. If you like great music get this cd and any other cd with Steve Kilbey on it."

More review:

MARGOTH SMITH - Taste (1998)

Margot Smith - Vocals
Steve Kilbey (The Church) - Guitars, Bass, Piano, Harmonium on "All Talk, No Jugular "
Peter Koppes (The Church) - Guitars, Drums, Guitar Synth on "All Talk, No Jugular "
Tim Powles (The Church) - Drums, Bass
Michael Wade (Toxic Garden Gnomes, see: - Guitars, Drums
David Rule (Toxic Garden Gnomes) - Bass, Guitars
Ben Kross (Toxic Garden Gnomes,see: - Guitars
Boris Goudonof (aka Alan Hunt, played in Fake (with Kilbey) and in Warp Factor 9, see: - Hammond Organ
Boris Goudonof - Effects/Vocals (track 15)

Front and back cover photoart by Adrienne Overall (
Graphic design by James Petheridge
Produced by Steve Kilbey and mixed by Tim Powles.



01 Hope
02 Bleedmore
03 Creature
04 Stretches
05 Everything
06 Fight it Out in Heaven
07 Totalled
08 Profit
09 Righteous
10 Drunk As...
11 Desperate to Pack
12 A Matter of Taste
13 2nd Hand Soul
14 An Arrangement
15 All Talk, No Jugular (Smith/Kilbey/Powles/Koppes/Goudonof) (from va-Bloomers One: Australian Women Singer-Songwriters (1998))

Link to download:

A sound stripped back, seductive and raw with tracks that instil energies that range from power to childlike trepidation on a halloween night. TASTE, released in January 1998, is the culmination of two unigue recording sessions where all the tracks were written straight to tape. MATT URBAN, journalist for USA publications SPIN, MAGNATE and THE NEW YORK TIMES received an advance copy and described TASTE as "the freshest thing I've heard in years".

Features songs also written with STEVE KILBEY, PETER KOPPES and TIM POWLES of THE CHURCH.

"Margot Smith has an emotive voice and writes the songs to match--atmospheric, lyric, allusive. Her voice isn't conventionally pretty but it's strong and she knows how to use it effectively. Her work seems to be getting more and more powerful as she goes along. Her work is in the Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Sara Craig, Sandra Lockwood, Kerri Simpson vein of strong creative songwriting that is emotive enough to push the limits but for me never ceases to be effective."

"I wonder why Margot doesn't have success worldwide."

"It is pretty amazing. It is dark and moody, somewhat in the diva tradition, of say Sarah Craig.... Yes, there is something that makes me think of Sarah Craig--perhaps the voice, perhaps the general attitude. If you'd like to hear what practically amounts to The Church with a female frontperson try this. Personally I like this one better than The Church as such. Not that I have anything against The Church--I think this is just my own preference for female voices rearing its ugly head :)"

"Hard to imagine, but I like this album even more than Sleeping with the Lion. While still musically beautiful, it seems even more complex and a little more angry. Deeper. I'm still learning it and I think I will be learning it for a long time to come--there's a lot to hear, a lot to sink in. Powerful music. Dark and a little messy. This album proves Margot Smith's talent for me, and I play it often. Highly, highly recommended, and definitely one of the best albums of the year."

"I initially did not care for this when I first picked it up, but I listened to it again a month or two ago and was quite impressed. None of the songs on it grabbed me like "Bellyman" did, however. It's well worth picking up though, that's for sure."

"I have to admit there are not too many people who know of Margot Smith. This is a phenomenal artist who has slipped under the rug in a sense. Those who are familiar with her will tell you she is beyond words. Her lyrics are thought provoking, dark and almost haunting. Her freshman effort "Sleeping With the Lion" gained her a nomination for an ARIA award for Best New Talent. Backed and supported by Steve Kilbey and The Church she has gained fans through association with those who have been behind her full-steam.
"Taste" is a wonderful exploration of the sheer talent posessed by this tremendously talented woman. It should not be passed up!! Her talent is beyond words. Please support this artist, she is a one of a kind find."

"'TASTE' is Margot Smith coming into her own, more an expression of her unique individual style complimented by the the genius of singer/songwriter Steve Kilbey amongst others who worked closely with her and producer Tim Powles of 'The Church'. Margot begins the journey with the haunting, yet hardhitting track 'HOPE' and ends with a wonderful throaty interpretation of 'AN ARRANGEMENT' that I've heard. In between the songs sweep along with intensity, passion and a combination of dangerous intelligence that only Margot Smith can convey. The lavish guitar work of Peter Koppes and fellow musicians/writers Michael Wade, Ben Kross, David Rule and Boris Goudonof leaves your ears yearning for more ...I also love the bass line in TOTALLED, a hardrocking number and the classic tracks of CREATURE, the single 'BLEEDMORE', PROFIT, DESPERATE TO PACK, A MATTER OF TASTE, the beautiful RIGHTEOUS are songs that will remain a testament to a singer who deserves more recognition not to mention EVERYTHING another song with the potential to be a single. This album seems biographical, it's so intense and personal, an insight to her, do yourself a favour, go and see what the fuss is about!

"You say it's love, It's not enough for me, You see this gash, I bleed too much And this facade, hard as it was, It's what the strangers see, Don't fall in love with it, Don't fall in love with me' - DESPERATE TO PACK."

More review:

More info about Margot Smith:


Peter Koppes - Producer, Singing, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Electronic Rhythms and Percussion Tim Powles (The Church) - Mapex Drums, Non -electronic Percussion
Sonia Chemarin - Vocal
Suzi Kivi - Vocal (tracks 09, 10)
Ryan McKay - Vocal (tracks 03, 05), Guitar (tracks 04, 05, 07), Bass (track 04)
Michael Cook - Guitar (tracks 06, 09)
Melvin Stewart - Bass (tracks 05, 09, 12), Vocal (track 07)
Robert J. Howarth - Vocal (track 09)
Tex Tunks (Purple Vulture Shit) - Harmonica (track 10)

Recorded by Peter Koppes at La Maison, Bondi Beach, Australia and mixed by
Tim Powles and Chris Campbell and Peter Koppes at Karmic Hit Studio, Rozelle, NSW, Australia. Cover Design: Photography/Photo Manipulation: Tyrone Kallmeier, Direction: Morgan Newell, Graphics: Trevor Savage, Layout: Julien Klettenburg.



01 Celebration
02 Thank You
03 Two In A Million
04 Come A Day
05 Sound
06 Apex Farmer
07 Oblivion & Beyond
08 Message
09 Make A Move
10 Luminous
11 Esoterica

Link to download:



"I don't think there is much difference - half the songs were written on keyboards and half on guitar where as From The Well and Water-Rites were sequencer created mostly. Also Love Era/Irony has many more co-writes which stretches the writing into different field sometimes. Open tunings on guitar experiments too."

The double titled 'LOVE ERA/IRONY' is the fourth album release of primarily PETER KOPPES compositions, and is significant for the greater content of co-written material.

The cover art accurately suggests a dark and moody rich music. The lyrical content is romantically mature and messages of respect and love prevail. The compassionate perspectives are positive insights for coming to terms with modern existence.

A powerful tapestry of meshing sounds and rhythms. Mixed with deft textural manipulation.

"Maybe the best Peter Koppes' solo album. "Message" will blow your soul."

"Koppes added to his solo catalogue eight years later with the self-produced Love Era / Irony. His voice hasn't improved — songs that most resemble the Church dreadfully miss Kilbey's precision — but the mix of rock and dance grooves works fairly well. Some of the songs essay '80s-style gloom 'n' doom a bit too enthusiastically, but others ("Two in a Million," "Make a Move") are superior to what the Church was playing during the same time frame."

"Just received my copy of Love Era / Irony also. I've only listened to itonce, but my first impressions are good. It's a lot more experimental than "Water Rites". I wasn't too impressed with the first track (Celebration), but it really picks up on the 2nd track for me, with some beautiful guitarwork with a very "clean" guitar sound. "Two in a Million" also has some guitarwork that recalls the early Church records. It's amazing how different Peter and Marty sound these days... Peter seems to be "the arranger" of the two, as Peter's work seems to have better (fuller) guitar arrangements than Marty's recent stuff.
It seems like Peter has tried to improve his vocal performance on this one too. He seems to be singing in a different range, especially on "Make A Move". Suzi Kivi adds to the singing also, and although they're no Dylan / Emmylou Harris, it works quite well IMO. :-)

After listening to most of the album a second time while I wrote this (I'm a slow typist) I am starting to really get into it. It may actually end up being even better than the Refo:mation! (Oh, I may regret that one! :-)

Just run out and buy it, ok??? "

"I am listening to the new CD from Peter Koppes called Love Era/Irony. In a word, fantastic. This is a record for all Church fans. It has the classic Peter Koppes style with lush production and great sound.
I should also mention this CD has a secret track, at the start of the CD,that is before track one. Go to track one, and rewind to -3:45 and you'll hear it. The song is an instrumental, and it will blow your mind. Very nice.

Other standout tracks include "Thank You" - Peter really cuts loose on guitar on a that one. "Sound" is a really nice laid back songs that rocks along. "Make a Move" is also excellent - I can't stop playing it!

Highly recommended."

"Peter Koppes, the founding member of 'The Church' has released his latest excursion 'Love Era/Irony'. As the title suggests the lyrical content is romantically mature and messages of respect and love prevail. This like other Koppes releases has a dark, moody and rich atmosphere."

"full of dreamy pop psychedelia."

More review:


Produced, mixed and engineered by Peter Koppes and Russell Grigg

Peter Koppes - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Programming
Margot Smith (see above), Neige Koppes (the daughter of Peter Koppes, see: and - Lead Vocals (track 05)
Iain Martin (ex The Celibate Rifles) - Lead Vocals, Guitar (track 10)
Tamster - Guitar (track 01)
Jane Cox, Gerry Caulfield - Additional Vocals
Russell Grigg - Programming, Backing Vocals


01 Naked Soul
02 Blame
03 Dedication
04 Drink?
05 Leaving
06 Met Her Today
07 Natural
08 Sleeping in My Heart
09 Voyager
10 Walk with You
11 Winter
12 Figgkidd - My Oh My (2004, Peter Koppes plays on guitar)

Link to download:


WERE SOME OF THE SONGS ORIGINALLY INTENDED FOR USE BY THE CHURCH? A LOT OF THE SONGS SOUND LIKE CHURCH SONGS.( In fact Peter, a lot of your music is very Church sounding do you think too?).

"It has been a constant source of intrigue for me that our musics can be similar or different and how different or similar they would have been had we not met. I know Steve has credited me with the guitar style that he incorporated in writing for the band and I know that he inspired me in a style of writing also. It does not surprise me that my albums sound more similar to The Church in some ways due to the production in which I have a big hand in both."


"The new album has many piano written songs and is very sincere and direct (not dangerously hopefully). It has come full circle production wise and may end up very simple production wise."

This fifth album of new material is a collection of adult love songs not for adults only and fresh perspectives on universal questions in life such as BLAME, DRINK? and the NAKED SOUL. Organic modern songwriting often driven by piano and acoustic guitar, juxtaposed with inventive layers of drums, strident bass and laced with luscious electric guitar themes. The operatic LEAVING also features lead vocals by Margot Smith and Neige Koppes. Graced by the magnificent orchestral variety of the instrumental WINTER, this album is contemporary and traditional at the same time and appreciable by experienced listeners.

"A fine, intelligent and well crafted pop album."

""Blame" and "Met Her Today" instantly likable tunes. Voyager sound like fun spaceguitar-adventure. In unChurchy fashion contains lyrics even though they dont mean that much.

Pete gets the award for best looking Churchy coverart."

"Simple Intent also merges throbbing electro numbers ("Naked Soul") with more rock-based sing-alongs ("Blame"). The album works best when Koppes has fun with the boppy rhythms and fancy guitar handiwork; it fails on more traditional compositions that fail to distract from his limp singing."

Peter Koppes (b. 21 November 1955) is a guitarist and founding member of Australian independent rock band The Church. As well as his contributions to The Church (except between 1992 and 1996), he has also released several solo albums.
His career started as a drummer in a glam rock band Precious Little in 1974, where he first met Steve Kilbey. In 1978 he was involved in another Canberra band called ‘Baby Grand’. Later he formed the short lived band Limosine with Steve Kilbey and Nick Ward before they launched The Church.

He guested on:
Damien Lovelock - It's a Wig Wig Wig Wig World (1988)
Steve Kilbey - Remindlessness (1990)
Mae Moore - Bohemia (1992)
Margot Smith - Sleeping With The Lion (1993)
Stephen Cummings - Escapist(1996)/ Sometimes EP (1996) (see:
Margot Smith - Taste (1998)
Figgkidd - What Is Figgkidd?(2004)
Psychedelia - Full Moon Dance (2008) Peter Koppes on drums! (

Koppes lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where he also produces albums (e.g: Grimpen Mire - Fortunes Sung (1990) and Outgo - Hope (2004)) and teaches songwriting ( He is the father of O Koppes and Neige Koppes who have their own band, Bright Red. ( and

One of the most important lessons Koppes says he wants to deliver is to remind students that music is deeper than the dollar.

"Although you have to pay homage to the fact that you have to be economic to exist, the pursuit of that usually produces crap music," he says.

"I like to try to really encourage people to discover themselves artistically and out of the bunch of songs that you write there will be some that are popular and some that are going to be satisfying as an artist.

"I'm trying to encourage the young people to really go for that instead of aiming for the dollars, or the fame, which seems to be the motivation in a lot of the music that's being produced which is here today and gone tomorrow.

"I mean, the worst thing you can do is win an ARIA."



"I am a person first and a musician second. I am very acquisitive and find interest in almost any suject, situation or person. I have done many things to support myself and my family including painting, print-media advertising, installing sound insulation, and teaching (songwriting and music business) which is the more rewarding. Although the exchanges with the real world can help an artist form becoming dis-associated, they can also interfere with creativity."


"Celebration of all things in life - sometimes melancholy."


"Mine has always been a spiritual and sharing objective - The Church could be but Steve does it differently and sometimes accusatively."

Manchild & Myth (1987)
From the Well (1988)
Love Era//Irony (1996)
Simple Intent (2006)
Misty Heights and Cloudy Memories - Compilation 2CD (2008)

with THE WELL:
Water Rites (1996)

Pharmakoi/Distance Crunching Honchos with Echo Units (1997)

More info: (his record label)

INTERVIEWS: (Sounds Unlimited Interview 1984)


THE CHURCH - Concerts (1982-1990)

I have just received via email a bunch of concerts from The Church they added between 1982-1990. The sender asked me to share. Lot of thanks to him and enjoy!

THE CHURCH - Live At Ritz Stockholm, Sweden 02.10.1982


01 You Took
02 Secret Corners
03 Field Of Mars
04 Is This Where You Live
05 The Unguarded Moment

Encore 1:
06 Fraulein
07 Just For You

Encore 2:
08 Fighter Pilot... Korean War
09 Is This Where You Live (Live Melbourne '82)

Link to download:

THE CHURCH - Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, 18 December 82


01 When You Were Mine
02 Tear it All Away
03 Almost With You
04 The Night is Very Soft
05 You Took
06 A Different Man
07 The Unguarded Moment
08 Is This Where You Live? (cut)
09 Just for You
10 Chrome Injury
11 Life Speeds Up
12 Bel-Air
13 Fighter Pilot - Korean War

Link to download:

THE CHURCH - Live At Wolfgang's San Francisco, CA, USA October 22, 1984


01 Fly
02 One Day
03 Electric Lash
04 Tear It All Away
05 Constant In Opal
06 Volumes
07 The Night Is Very Soft
08 Bel-Air
09 You Took
10 10,000 Miles
11 Just For You
12 It's No Reason
13 A Month Of Sundays
14 Almost With You
15 Shadow Cabinet
16 The Unguarded Moment
17 When You Were Mine

18 Is This Where You Live/ An Interlude

Link to download:

THE CHURCH - Live At The Club, Collingwood Melbourne, VIC, Australia June 22, 1985


01 For a Moment Weíre Strangers
02 One Day
03 Electric Lash
04 Volumes
05 Life Speeds Up
06 The Unguarded Moment
07 Almost With You
08 Now I wonder Why
09 Constant in Opal
10 An Interlude,
11 You Took (short cut in middle)
12 Shadow Cabinet
13 Is This Where You Live?
14 The View
15 Porpoise Song
16 When You Were Mine

Link to download:

THE CHURCH - Live At Pier Hotel Melbourne, VIC, Australia 05, November, 1985


01 For A Moment We're Strangers
02 One Day
03 Electric Lash
04 Volumes
05 Life Speeds Up
06 The Unguarded Moment
07 Almost With You
08 Constant In Opal
09 An Interlude
10 You Took
11 Shadow Cabinet
12 Is This Where You Live
13 The View
14 The Porpoise Song (Monkees song)
15 When You Were Mine
16 Tear It All Away

Link to download:

THE CHURCH - Live At Village Green Melbourne, VIC, Australia November 7, 1985


01 Already Yesterday
02 Tantalized
03 Shadow Cabinet
04 Life Speeds Up
05 Fraulein
06 Fighter Pilot... Korean War

Link to download:

THE CHURCH - Live from Studio 54, Barcelone, Spain 23 May 86


01 Tristesse
02 Already Yesterday
03 Columbus
04 Life Speeds Up
05 Almost With You
06 Fly / One Day
07 Shadow Cabinet
08 Constant in Opal
09 Secret Corners
10 Tantalised
11 Is This Where You Live?
12 The Unguarded Moment
13 You Took

Link to download:

THE CHURCH - Live At Bochum Zeche, Germany June 29, 1988


01 When You Were Mine
02 North South East and West
03 Blood Money
04 Columbus
05 Constant In Opal
06 Destination
07 A New Season
08 Almost With You
09 Fly
10 A Month of Sundays
11 Under the Milky Way
12 Spark
13 Shadow Cabinet
14 Reptile
15 Hotel Womb
16 Tantalized
17 Cortez the Killer
18 Myrrh
19 You Took
20 Set The Controls For T

Link to download:


there are two missing tracks on it

THE CHURCH - Live at the Ritz NYC 6 September 1988


01 When You Were Mine
02 North, South East, West
03 Blood Money
04 Columbus
05 Constant In Opal
06 Destination
07 A New Season
08 Almost With You
09 Fly
10 A Month Of Sundays


11 Under The Milky Way
12 Spark
13 Shadow Cabinet
14 Reptile
15 Hotel Womb
16 Tantalized
17 An Interlude
18 Is This Where You Live
19 Myrrh
20 You Took

Links to download:

THE CHURCH - Leeds Polytechnic Leeds, England May 18, 1990


01 North South East and West
02 Terra Nova Cain
03 Destination
04 Under The Milky Way
05 Fading Away
06 Reptile

Link to download:

THE CHURCH - "Alive On The Milky Way" Live in Chicago, Navy Pier 23 June 90


01 Pharoah
02 North, South, east And West
03 Terra Nova Cain
04 Hotel Womb
05 Metropolis
06 Transient
07 Destination
08 Don't Look Back
09 Under The Milky Way
10 Dancing Barefoot
11 Grind
12 Russian Autumn Heart
13 An interlude
14 Essence
15 Reptile

Link to download:

Further info on these concerts:

If you have any personel memory about these concerts, please write a review and share your personal ecxperiences!

Some more info of The Church:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWESOME Post. Thanks!!! Loads of CHURCH-related side projects I've never had a chance to hear. Do you have that Steve Kilbey FAKE record? I've been searching for that one for ages.

9:00 PM  
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You made my day with the Church. Could you perhaps post the original Sing Songs ep. The cover in your post is the actual original cover and i never seen it on LP since i sold my copy of the 12 inch in 1990!.

6:36 AM  
Blogger Uncle Bear said...

Stunning. Thanks so much for your effort.
Many years ago I was talking to Mr. Koppes and when Melodie was brought up, he said he doesn't even have the disc. He said the distrubuter folded the day it was released. (This would repeat for MATS)
I had given him a Psychedelic Furs broadcast from WBCN (Boston) and he sent me a cassette of the single!!!


2:45 AM  
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the church? what a strange name for a band, there's no doubt about it! anyway he is a great musician.

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Great post, thanks a lot. I've always enjoyed Peter's work, especially Manchild & Myth. Could you update the link to the Melodie single please?

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing blog. Unfortunately all links are dead. Any change of updating links? I'm sure many more onlookers would dearly appreciate the work.

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Is there anyway you could re-upload The Church concerts?? Thanks!!!

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Is there upload the Church concert live one more time ?

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