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SKYSCRAPERS - Mad Hatters And Autumn Rain (1981)

"must have for rare punk/powerpop collectors from Zilch Records."

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock


John Keegan - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ronnie Jones - Vocals, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Tubular bells, Front Cover Concept
David Carlisle Harding - Bass
Kevin Kinson - Guitar, Keyboards, synthesizer, backing Vocals
Mark Roberts - Drums, Percussions

Martyn Watson (from Pookah Makes 3??)- Acoustic Guitar (track 11)
Sean Tyla (from Tyla Gang, - Acoustic Guitar (track 01)
Daryl Way ( and - Violins (track 04)
Lapki and Sandy - Extra Vocals (track 10)
Produced By Ronnie Jones and Mark Dodson (
Executive producer- Fred Cantrell
Engineered by Mark Dodson/ Assistant engineer Butch Yates
All songs written by Ronnie Jones except track 03: written by Ronnie Jones & Steve Emberton
Photography - Paul Wakefield (

Recorded at Ramport Studios (, London



01 Hot Line from washington
02 Radio Show
03 Too Late Simone Lorraine
04 Chiffon Chiffon
05 Nobody's Fool
06 B.B. Air
07 Read The Papers
08 Another Guy
09 Jenny
10 Winston's Town Weather
11 Mad Hatters & Autumn Rain

Link to download:

Biography& review:
Very obscure band from - as far as i know- Liverpool, with only one album which is a rarity. Their style is somewhere between new wave and rock. The A side is definitely a really enjoyable with some excellent songs. Their most famous song is "Hot Line From Washington". If you like J. Geil Band's Centerfold, then this song is yours. There are also some Magazine's Real Life influenced songs among my favourites like "Chiffon, Chiffon", "Nobody's Fool" and "Winston's Town Weather".

I have asked their drummer Mark Roberts about the band, and he told me that he has no current info relating to the other band members. And "all but the vocalist had a reunion 3 years ago with no significant contact since." He also promised me to try to reach the bass player and to send some more info later. I will update this entry as soon as possible.

was also a member of Cry Cry Cry (1982), Some Party (1985-1989, see:, Tambourines (1990-1993) (, The Singing Ringing Tree (1992-96, see:, and now plays in the U2 tribute band Elevation:

"Mark's career began signing his first record deal with 'The Skyscrapers' for Zilch Records in 1979, releasing 3 single's and the album 'Mad Hatters & Autumn Rain' .
In 1982 Mark fronted his own band 'Cry Cry Cry' which ended in 1983 when he moved on to form 'Some Party', performing his own songs. The band signed a managent contract with London based 'Nomis' and recorded demo's financed by EMI. As a favour to a friend Mark became a backing singer, originally for a couple of gigs, but continued for 2 years! The band 'One More Story' released their own independent album and toured the UK. Mark then joined 'The Tambourines' (with Tony and Alan) chasing the illusive record deal, recording and touring until "desperation drove the singer off his bonce!" Soon after, Mark joined 'The Singing Ringing Tree', signing a publishing deal with Warner Chapel and record deals with Sire, Elektra and ultimately Elton John's Rocket Records. They played New York and shot a video in LA before the band finished in the Late 90's."
( and

More info:

played on Tyla Gang 1980 album, which is also produced by Mark Dodson. Since then whereabout unknown.

If you know more message me please!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Encore une découverte pour moi, certains titres me font pensé aux premiers albums d'Ultravox, The Tubes, Magazine et Industrials.
A découvrir.

6:11 AM  
Blogger John Mac said...

What else would you like to know about the band, and there is a video available. John Keegan

2:52 PM  
Blogger John Mac said...

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2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello John, thank you for visitng us, welcome here!:)

What else i wanna know...huh, i would be happy with every info you can share with us, as there is almost nothing to find about the band.
I would like to ask you especially for a detailed biography (incl. how did you start and why didn't you release more albums?), and if you have info on other members too, please let me know.

Also interested in to know what happened to you since left the band? And is it true that there was a reunion 3 years ago??? It means that Skysrapers is active again? Please tell me more about it. Skyscrapers has perhaps a Myspace site?

Finally can i ask you to send me a photo of the band please and can you provide me a link as well to the video, thanks in advance for everything!

Best regards
salty (

2:02 PM  
Blogger John Mac said...

That will take some time but will do what I can

4:05 AM  
Anonymous Per J. said...

I bought this album just a couple of days ago for about a dollar because i liked the cover, and when I heard the music I was splendidly happy with my purchase! Such a fantastic hidden gem, great, interesting production and songwriting. Why isn't this record more well known? Many, many thanks to everyone involved with making this album!

6:33 AM  

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