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ESTACIÓN VICTORIA - Estación Victoria (1983)

"This is one of the best and most original synth pop bands that ever recorded - too bad they had such a short career. there's something really touching and moving about their music. "

Electronic, Pop, Rock
New Wave, Synth-pop

Casilda Fernández ( and - Vocals (1982-1983)
Guillermo Pérez de Diego ('Tota') - Guitars, Vocals
Francis Munoz (R.F.J. Munoz) - Keyboards, Vocals
Jenny Rodríguez - Vocals (1984-1986)

Bass, Piano - Carlos Rodríguez (from Mamá, see:
Drums, Percussion - Miguel Gutierrez (from Mamá)
Producer - Carlos Rodríguez
Written-By - Carlos Rodríguez , Guillermo P. De Diego , R.F.J. Munoz

"Galeon espanol"

"Contacto en Saigon"


01 Hollywood
02 Sol En Venus
03 Papa, Te Odio (Yo No Quiero Ir A La India)
04 Atentado En La Central
05 Contacto En Saigon
06 Rascacielos
07 Octubre Rojo
08 París
09 Galeón Espanol
10 Fashion

Link to download:

I think many of you still don't know how many good Spanish synthpop, techno pop and new wave bands played in the '80s. So let me introduce one of them i like very much.
Unfortunatelly it is terrible hard to find any English info (it is true almost all such 80s bands coming from Spain), but there is some info available in Spanish language, see their bio (google translation).
If you like this catchy and easy listening pop sound as me, then you should try such bands as Golpes Bajos (i have posted yet), Ultima Emoción, Waq, Charol, Tiempo 555, El Aviador Dro, Armas Blancas, Replicantes, Alaska Y Dinarama, V Congreso, Los Zombies, Glamour (all from Spain).... and the Yugoslavian Max & Intro and Denis & Denis, or the Swedish band Page are also have the same sound among others. (salty)

After Los Modelos ( and disbanded in 1982, Casilda Fernández and Guillermo Perez De Diego decided to form a new band. The keyboardist Francis Munoz (who earlier collaborated with Los Modelos) joined them.The new band Victoria Estacion (Victoria Station) provided a more melodic and melancholic synthpop music than Los Modelos. Their music is influenced by Japan, Culture Club and such British techno-pop bands like The Human League or OMD. Perhaps their best known song is "Contacto En Saigon". This was their first single released in 1982, and it is often compared to Japan's famous song "Canton". Yes though there is some similarities between them (the melody itself and even both based on an ancient Chinese anthem), to me this song is rather a mix of the style of Aneka's 1981 hit "Japanese Boy"( and some elements of Japan's music.

In 1983 Casilda left the band for the lack of support from the label, and not because she had a stage fright on live concerts as many sources said before.
Though they recorded the LP several months ago and it was ready to be on the market, their label -i don't know why- didn't want to release and promote it.

The young female singer Jenny Rodriguez arrived, "who had of one of the sweetest voice of Spanish pop in those years." Their only album came out finally, but soon after a tour in Spain the group disbanded.
I have no more info, except Tota recorded a CD with The Word and now he has a cover band, and Francis participated in a "great cover band", The Plinton Jumpers.

Interview (English translation):

If you need some albums of Los Modelos, then you can download them here (after registration):

Photo of Casilda Fernandez (on the right side)

More info:

I ask our Spanish visitors to twll us more about this great band please!


Blogger Tente said...

Hi, one of your Spanish followers here! I remember Estación Victoria quite well because we used to diss them because they completely ripped off the synth riff from Japan's "Canton" for their "Cita en Saigon" chorus... Now after all these years i must say they sound charming and naive, same as we all were then...
Keep up the good work!

1:00 PM  
Anonymous viagra online said...

Is really wonderful, i like the old pop the retro sounds are really nice and are easier to dance that the new pop, i also like darkwave but that's another kind of music.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Letitia said...

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