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JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA - "France`s most prolific producers of the seventies".

LES MALEDICTUS SOUND - Les Maledictus Sound (1968)

Jazz, Pop, Rock
Pop Rock, Jazz-Funk, Psychedelic Rock, Ballad, Prog Rock

Bass - Pierre Demaria/ Clarinet [Bass & Bariton], Violin - Georges Amadi/Double Bass - Edmond Aublette/Drums - André Ceccarelli/Drums, Timbales - Nicolas Montalbano/Guitar [Rhythm] - Jean-Claude Chavanat , Richard Pasero/Guitar [Solo] - Patrick Djivas/ Horns, Violin [Violins] - Opéra De Monte-Carlo , Opéra De Nice/ Kazoo, Voice [Effects] - Guy Sabato/ Organ - Bernardini/Piano - René Bec/Saxophone [Alto & Tenor], Arranged By [Orchestra] - Paul Baile/Trumpet, Violin - Jean Buzon/Written-by, Guitar [Solo], Recorded By - J-Pierre Massierra

Recorded in april 1968 in Studio SEM, Nice Re-released in 1999 with bonus track "L’Étrange Monsieur Whinster" recorded in 1973.

Tracklist :

01 Kriminal Theme
02 The Whistler
03 Inside My Brain
04 Blues Section Club
05 Concerto Genocide
06 Transfer From The Modulation
07 Ams Tram Gram
08 Entrac Theme
09 Radio Pirat Program
10 Stupidly Made In Gaulle
11 Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly
12 Dark Sky
13 Crazy Circus
14 Art Director
15 Heathcliff I Cry Your Name
16 Monstrer Cocktail
17 L’Étrange Monsieur Whinster

Link to download:

"This is Massiera`s first and probably most known "concept"album, mixing a kind of psychedelic exotica with lounge grooves, sound fx, and a general feel of the swinging sixties."

"LES MALEDICTUS SOUND are to instrumental rock what Frankenstein was toscience... a laboratory monster... a strange creature assembled from a mishmashof diverse musical sounds... psychedelic pop, romantic ballads, musicaltongue-in-cheek, drugged out chipmunks, near-delirium sound effects, horrormovie screamadelia and a mega-twisted 60s vibe... eclectic, epileptic... The doctor, here, is JEAN-PIERRE MASSIERA, the musical mastermind who gave birth to that monster.
Originally released in 1968, this is one of the most bizarre records ever released. Put out under 5 different covers in 3 different countries (France, Italy & Canada) and credited to several different groups, it became one of the most sought after titles on the collectors market.
This INCREDIBLY STRANGE collector's item is now brought to you with a bonus track from another J-P. Massiera project, L'ETRANGE MONSIEUR WHINSTER."

"“Who knows what personal demons chased freaky Frenchman Jean-Pierre Massiera from his nest in sunny Nice to Quebec back in '68. Could be the same ones behind the obsessive crusade, by new local label Mucho Gusto, to drag Massiera’s long-lost psychedelic studio clusterfuck back into daylight. Good on’ em for it though...”- Rupert Bottenberg (Montreal Mirror- 1999)

"... I have no idea why this was recorded, or what it all means, but I'm glad to have it in my collection. Great stuff to shake up the neighborhood, or piss off your parents with.” - Bill Johnson (Cool & Strange Music Magazine- 2000)

CHICO MAGNETIK BAND - Chico Magnetik Band (1970)

Tracklist :

01 Explosion
02 Pop Pull Hair
03 Lot Of Things
04 We All Come And Go
05 To Where I Belong
06 My Sorrow
07 Cross Town Traffic
08 Pop Orbite

Link to download:

"Rare French Dope here !!!!! Obscure & cult lp produced by the great Jean Pierre Massiera. Dark psyche with funky grooves breaks. Also Hendrix vein solos. A truly masterfull lp, one of best Massiera works. "

"Reissue of rare as hell 1973 French psychedelic heavy rock album that rides a strong Hendrix acid trip. This is a great album loaded with violent ripping fuzz lashes! "

"Mentalist heavy rock freakouts from a Parisian outfit circa 1970. Looks and smells like drugs, and could possibly get you arrested if NYC cops happen to search your person or bag. The kind of mad record with internal logic dictating all sorts of crude vocal sputum and intensely monged delivery, like it being chill to play an entire track backwards, one which fuses an understanding of wild, untempered psych and proto-metal in a way that bridges Funkadelic with Amon Duul II, or the Jimi Hendrix Experience as fronted by Themroc, by way of the Edgar Broughton Band. It's the sound of student revolt, full penetration, and hive minds. Thoroughly unrestrained, yet highly conceptual and pretty together, accomplishing more in one 30-minute album than most can in a whole career. The front cover, depicting that huge Afro and those nasty-ass feet, should tell you all you'd need to know. Buy a copy and throw rocks at a tank today."

Lot of info/review:

AFTER LIFE - Cauchemar (1975)

Prog Rock


01 Cauchemar
02 Really Love You
03 Exit
04 The Oldman
05 Rolling Down
06 Bible 1
07 Try People Try
08 La Vieille Dame
09 Your Mother
10 Poshologhy
11 Things Of The Life

link to download:

"After Life are one of those insane rarities, so obscure that it’s just now surfacing to the collector market. They were a French group whose only album gained a release in Spain. Turns out someone was digging through an old farmhouse in Aragon and found a stash under the hay, behind the pitchforks....or something… As for the music, it’s one of the most baffling releases I’ve heard in years. On the plus half, there’s a haunting progressive laced sound, with that doomy vibe only the French seem to conjure up. Recalls first album East of Eden or The Visitors, and the vocalist has that gruff voice which is very similar to the guy from Alusa Fallax. Most of these are sung, whispered, or narrated in French. The Visitors influence is not that surprising when one learns that the master of all things obscure is involved: J.P. Massiera. On the downside, and I mean really down, there’s these godawful rock-n-roll tracks, like Bad Company playing the most insipid Deep Purple tunes. Complete with honky-tonk piano, harmonica and badly accented English vocals. It’s not a good A-side, bad B-side situation, but rather they are intertwined for an entirely frustrating listen. Obtain a cheap copy, but don’t spend too much time digging for it – at a record show or in the barns of the Spanish landscape…. "

"One of the major discoveries of the last years in the world of collectable underground rock records is Cauchemar, the only LP by demonic french fuzzers After Life. Released only in Spain by Discophon in 1975, it remained virtually unknown until some copies started to surface in the late 90’s on the lists of some of the world’s most reputable record dealers. To make things more exciting, this french four piece was produced by no other than maverick Jean-Pierre Massiera (of Visitors, Horrific Child, Les Maledictus Sound fame) and includes nine tracks of heavy psych guitar action, screaming vocals and mysterious organ interludes in the best 70’s hard progressive tradition.Ultra rare Spanish-only LP, first time ever reissued. Not available on CD, this is the only way to get this mega rare album at a reasonable price. Includes two bonus tracks from a rare 45, not included in the original release. As usual, the sound has been digitally remastered by the DENIS BLACKHAM at SKYE MASTERING. Cut by YANN DUB at REVERSE. Top audiophile sound on quality vinyl. Limited edition, 500 copies pressed."

HORRIFIC CHILD - L'Étrange Monsieur Whinster (1976)

Pop, Rock
Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock

Tracklist :

01 Frayeur
02 Angoisse
03 Hia

Link to download:

"Sort of a follow-up to "Maledictus", a theme based audio horror story,mixing the psychedelics with kraut and tribal music.It is noted for being one of the holy grails in the infamous Nurse With Woundrecord list, and one of the most sought-after albums in experimental music."

"Horrific Child - L'étrange Monsieur Whinster - The Horrific Child album is, to me at least, the jewel embedded in the forehead of the golden idol that is the NWW List. Part rock album, part experimental album, part imaginary horror soundtrack, L'étrange Monsieur Whinster is a psychedelic pop audio show, flowing naturally from one surprising sequence to the next. Horrific Child was the creation of one Jean-Pierre Massiera, also the composer behind the Les Maledictus Sound project from 1968. Les Maledictus Sound were an inventive, high-brow concoction of Easy Tempo-style instrumental mod big band music, with heavy brass, plucky bass and fuzzbeat guitar. Horrific Child is certainly the logical stylistic next step from that record, evidence of the composer's having survived several years beyond the psychedelic era. A section from side 2 of L'étrange Monsieur Whinster was released in 1999 as a bonus track on the CD reissue of the Les Maledictus Sound album. Originally released on the Eurodisc label in 1976."

WAPASSOU - Salammbo (1977)


Members :
Freddy Brua -keyboards
Jacques Lichti -violin
Karen Nickerl -guitars

Jean-Pierre Massiera - vocals

Tracklist :

01 Salammbo Part 1 (18:04)
02 Salammbo Part 2 (19:05)

Link to download:

About the band:
Wapassou is one of those hard to classify prog group, not really on the rock side of prog, but it would be a shame not to include it, the same way Art Zoyd or Univers Zero are in the archives. Their music is a mix of classical with meditative (almost hippie) moments and spacey ethereal music. Their line-up is just about as unconventional as there is no drums and bass guitar, concentrating between violin, electric guitars and organs. Sounds intriguing? Well it is. Their first album is still a rough draft of their music to come, but by 76, they were really settled down with their unique sounds somehow between Popol Vuh, Catharsis, Univers Zero and Opus Avantra. Messe En ré Mineur is a double album, and was quite an artistic success. Understandably so, Wapassou repeated the formula for their next two albums with the same kind of success, those three albums apparently forming a trilogy (which have been re-issued by Musea). They had quite a bit of gigs for a period of three years, which left them quite exhausted by the end of the decade.The group went on to record one other album on a different label then folded as the decade unfolded into the next one.

Wapassou 1974
Messe en ré mineur 1976
Salammbô 1977
Ludwig 1979
Genuine 1980
Orchestra 2001 - Le lac d'argen 1986

""Salammbô" (1977) was inspired by the works of Gustave FLAUBERT. The enchanting ambiences develop along repetitive organ and violin sequences, which give this music a kind of dark solemnity and symphonicism. Not to be missed ! "

"Taken after Gustave Flaubert’s book, this is the group’s third album and as you might have guessed a conceptual one. Two tracks only each filling up a side of vinyl, both of them highly theatrical musically speaking, and no bass and drums, this is a rather puzzling but very charming, oscillating between classical music and rockier moments (the synthesisers moments). If the words descriptive music can ring you something, this might just a fitting definition of it. Enhanced by another Gustave’s artworks (Doré on this one) as a sleeve, this trio (violin, (sometimes) fuzzy guitars, KBs ranging from piano, organs and synths) augmented by Mrs Fizelson’s vocals here and there, is achieving quite an impressive show of mastery of their musical propos. The music peaks between the 11 th and 13 th minutes of the second track, sometimes reminding you of a much-happier Univers Zero. If you love grandiose ambiances, with aerial atmospheres, this little gem can be right up your alley, digging up a highway to your musical orgasmic fields. Do I make sense? No? Blame on this album ;-)"

"Upon examining the album art of the French band Wapassou's second release, with its paintings of tumultuous war scenes and crucifixions, one might expect to be in for quite a harrowing affair. And the two minutes which open the album are the most memorable, as dirgelike piano chords, haunting female vocals, a somber Latin soliloquy (reproduced in the CD booklet), and a frenzied Hitler speech converge to create a disturbing mood. From there, though, the music gets significantly lighter in tone, with gentle guitar and keyboard (mainly organ) washes, and infrequent female vocals. The sparsely decorated and extremely episodic music is less rock and roll, and more chamber-like, recalling a less oppressive-sounding, more euphonic Art Zoyd. Salammbô is split into two side-long sections, averaging 20 minutes each. An interesting work, but requires many plays, and even then fails to grab people."

ATLANTIDE - Atlantide (1978)

Prog Rock


01 Atlantide
02 Les Regards Des Dieux
03 Images
04 Soleil Noir
05 Reverie
06 Egg
07 The Lonely Man
08 Rainbows All Around
09 Delusion

Link to download:

" In the mid-Seventies, ATLANTIDE was the living proof that France too had was able to bear Progressive rock all star bands ! Around producer Jean-Pierre MASSIERA, the band was made of guitarist Bernard TORELLI (VISITORS), singer Patrick ATTALI (VISITORS), and drummer Jean-Marc MOUNTAIN (ORION). Their only album (1976) has also showed that, way beyond the all-star aspect, ATLANTIDE is very good in its kind, and even one of a kind ! Their music deals with intricate studied themes, sometimes as in YES (Just listen to the first 10 minutes of the CD, and "Heart Of The Sunrise” will come to your mind), as well as KING CRIMSON and VANILLA FUDGE. The instrumentation is enriched by some uses of mellotron and of sitar. The guitar’s acrobatic feats are worth Steve HOWE’s best times, and Robert FRIPP’s sharp electric solos. The rerelease by Musea includes four bonus tracks from the “Human Egg” album, recorded two years later with a similar line-up. That’s what they call opportunity !

"A milestone in french prog rock. This is ethereal floating cosmic stuff.At times, musically, a bit too over the top but really stunning production. The best stuff here is not too far off the sound of Vangelis`"Earth"album."

"The French band Atlantide released to my knowledge only this self-titled album in 1976. The major problem with this band was in my opinion their very shameless and unveiled stealing of riffs and themes from Yes. Every song on the album features parts and themes that are more or less lifted directly from various Yes-classics. The opening title-track has in the beginning and the end the same riff as "Heart of the Sunrise" and the short, acoustic "Le Regard Des Dieux" that sounds just like "Your Move" from "I've Seen All Good People" follows this track. "Images" is an acoustic instrumental where some chords sounds VERY similar to "Mood for a Day". The 12-minute "Soleil Moir" opens with the theme from the mid-part of "South Side of the Sky" but played on acoustic guitar instead of piano. And as if this isn't enough, a riff from "Sound Chaser" appears right after that part! Despite some good things, like the pleasant and melodic vocals (not too common in French progressive rock), I have problems with taking this album seriously. Cloning a band's sound is one thing, but to steal all their riffs and claim them to be your own is way too pathetic. "

More info:

SORAYA - Disco Star (1978)


01 If
02 Soraya Funk
03 I Cant Belive
04 My Life
05 Santa Claus
06 Get In Ghetto
Link to download:

"Pretty obscure French only release of hard hitting eurodisco, discofunk and a touch of pop. Finding any documentation of this LP is slim to none. I had got introduced to this LP a few yrs or so back when I was working at a Phoenix club spinning the deep classic disco sounds, and my boss had givin me this record to play and I was blown away by 2 cuts! Took me a long time to find my own copy..but luck struck after few yrs of searching like a crazy guy lol. My choice cuts off this were "My Life" and "If"..defenatly dance floor heavy material that works VERY well. The other 4 tracks are as follows:Soraya Funk - hard hitting disco funk, very american sounding with broken english vocalsI Cant Believe - a non disco piano ballad..again, broken english sung..very Billy Joel likeSanta Claus - rock/jazz mid tempo cut with of corse..broken english lol..def dig the sax solo on this oneGet In Ghetto - kinda reminds me of the Jimmy Goings era of Santa Esmeralda..sounds almost like something that coulda been on the "House Of The Rising Sun" LPIf you ever come across a copy of this LP I would def recomend getting a copy, not just for collector purpuce, but for a nice diverse blend of the top sounds of the time and espessaly for "My Life" and "If"." (

VENUS GANG - Galactic Soul (1978)


Producer - J.P. Massiera, Patrick Barbero
Arranged By - Bernard Torelli /Engineer - J.P. Massiera/ Engineer, Mixed By - B. Belan/ Written-By - B. Damiano (tracks: 06, 07) , B. Torelli (tracks: 01,03) , J.P. Massiera (tracks: 02, 03, 05, 07) , P. Barbero (tracks: 01, 05)

Tracklist :

01 Cosmic Daddy
02 Space Inferno
03 Take Me Back To My Planet
04 Telstar
05 Love To Fly
06 Dies Irae
07 Evil Times

Link to download:

"For years, Jean-Pierre Massiera's name has been the sort uttered in tones of hushed reverence amongst heavy duty psych/prog/experimental vinyl hounds (where originals of his trade hands for over a grand). Composer, arranger and producer extraordinaire, this shadowy figure has had his fingers in many of France's most arcane musical pies, from Visitors' (a Rockets realted band)surrealist sympho-prog anomalies and Horrific Child's deranged Igor Wakhevitch-like diversions to J.P.M. & Co.'s discombobulated disco aberrations, but pride of place in his oeuvre (and in the annals of French underground music) goes to his 1968 studio project Les Maledictus Sound. With this brain corroding concoction, he launched not only the first volley from a scene that would soon eclipse the rest of the continents efforts, but also one of the finest. "

VISITORS - Visitors (1974)

Prog Rock

Tracklist :

01 Dies irae (J.P.Massiera/J.P.Massiera)
02 L'extra-aventure de Villas-Boas (J.P.Massiera/J.P.Massiera)
03 Terre larbour (J.P.Massiera/J.P.Massiera)
04 Flatwoods story (J.P.Massiera/J.P.Massiera)
05 Nous (F.Lockwood/J.P.Massiera)
06 Visitors (J.P.Massiera)
07 Le retour des Dieux (J.P.Massiera/J.P.Massiera)

Link to download:

The pieces 'Terre larbour' and 'Flatwoods story' included in their first album were also recorded later by ROCKETS.'Terre larbour' in an identical version but shorter (1 minute instead of 3) was included in the album 'Rockets' and 'Flatwoods story' titled 'Astro storm' and with a new mixing was included in the album '¶ 3,14'.

"A dream come true ! Here is one of the most underrated French albums, but also one of the most sought after, finally reissued by Musea. VISITORS was actually a one-shot band gathered around producer Jean-Pierre MASSIERA, and including about twenty musicians. Besides the rhythm section, the stress was here put on the keyboards (Hammond organ & Mini-Moog) and on choirs that remind of VANILLA FUDGE. The band performs a sophisticated music based on numerous breaks and refined developments. Let's also mention beautiful parts by Didier LOCKWOOD's violin, who was here playing for the first time on an album. The music goes from a YES kind of Progressive rock to elaborated Seventies British bands (CRESSIDA, GRACIOUS !...) and to the beginnings of jazz-rock. To be urgently rediscovered ! "

VISITORS - Visitors (1981)


Engineer - Pierre Bucco , Thierry Rogen/Producer - Claude Lemoine/Producer, Engineer - J.P. Massiera

Tracklist :

01 V-I-S-I-T-O-R-S '81 (4:32) (Lignac/Massiera/ Lemoine)
02 Everybody Now! (3:05) (Lignac/Torelli/Attali)
03 A-E-I-E-O (3:37) (Lignac/Torelli/Despagne)
04 Reveille Toi - Svegliati - Get Up! (3:37) ( Lignac/Torelli/Massiera/Battarel)
05 Mental Slavery (3:31) (Lignac/Mekkaoui/Massiera/Attali)
06 Joyo Can You Hear (Part 1) (3:53) (Massiera/Battarel)
07 Joyo Can You Hear (Part 2) (4:32) (Lignac/Mekkaoui/Battarel/Attali)
08 Don't Squeeze! (3:37) (Lignac/Battarel/ Mekkaoui)
09 Try (3:43) (Lignac/Attali)

Link to download:

VISITORS history is indissoluble from the story of Jean-Pierre Massiera's career, that started in 1960 when he taught himself to play guitar.After a few years in changing band, components and musical styles (R'n'B, rock, jazz, progressive, and so on) in 1974, as producer with Claude Lemoine, releases the first VISITORS record, on 'Decca' label.Jean-Pierre Massiera and other 19 musicians partecipated to the realization of it.In 1981, exploiting ROCKETS success, was produced a new album with the same title but completely different, both in pieces and in style (still produced by Claude Lemoine and Jean-Pierre Massiera).

More info:

About Jean Pierre Massiera
Jean-Pierre Massiera-a cultic French producer/song writer and artist - (b.10.7.47), hailing from Nice, who had been a guitarist with two local rock bands in the sixties, Les Milords and Les Monegasques, before becoming a noted sound engineer, involved in various ways with the French rock scene in the seventies and eighties. As soon as 1966, he had opened his own eight-track studio in his home town, recording some of the pioneers of the local rock scene there such as Les Pyranhas, with drummer André Ceccarelli, later to become a well-known jazz artist and the female singer Jessie Joyce. Late in the sixties, Massiera went to Canada, then to Argentina and Italy where he worked as a sound engineer, returning to France at the height of the pop wave; he developed a reputation as a very resourceful engineer, skilfully managing sessions and aptly providing for replacements when musicians were missing. For example, he helped out the Tours band Belisama in a Parisian studio, calling upon his friends Alain Suzan and Doudou Weiss (both pre-Alice) and Tom and Jerry to sit in for their sessions. Particularly fond of studio devices and tape manipulations, he released a single under the name of Erik in 1970, with Tom and Jerry and Michel Libretti (later with Total Issue), playing a pop song larded with vocal and sound effects.In 1972, he started a new 16-track studio at La Fontonne between Nice and Antibes, which became known as the Azurville studio (a.k.a. Antibes studio " 16"). The same year, he pulled off a studio spectacular, resurrecting the legendary Nice rock 'n' roll combo Les Chats Sauvages, renamed Les Chats Renaissance for the occasion. In 1974, he produced the progressive Visitors album, the recording debut of youthful prodigy Didier Lockwood on violin.
Later contributed in many succesfull disco-synth/italo -disco production (Rockets, Visitors,Venus Gang,Fuego etc.) in the late 70's-early 80's.
Originally i wanted to post only his project with Venus Gang,but i recognized that i have more from him (for example some albums from Rockets,ive posted before). As i was searching for info on him ,found only a little info.It is strange ,because he was very prolific in his career.Ive excepted at least that he has an official page that he would deserve.on the net,but he hasnt. So i decided to show you more albums he taken part in. The list of the albums are not complete below,and many still missing .If you have more album or info ,let ne know please.

Most of the albums ive posted are rare or very rare. You will find here some disco,some experimentall jazz rock and some progressive rock albums.

Expore him and enjoy!:)

ALBUMS/SINGLES (not all,not complete)

Jesus - Le Calvaire (ep) (1968)
Basile and Ze Pech'Nouz Groupe - Ma charette est malade, mon cheval est cassé (ep) (1968)Richard - Isabelle (ep) (1968)
L'empreinte - Une Petite Fille (1970)
Pyranas - Got Enough Love / Time Passing (7") (1972)
Les Chats Renaissance - Hermaphrodites (1973)
Visitors -Visitors (1974)
Mona Lisa - Grimaces (1975)
Les Bourgeois - Oratorio ( J BREL - J P MASSIERA ) (1975)
THE PIRANHA SOUNDS – La Nef Des Fous EP (1976)
Jean Pierre Massiera & Bernard Torelli - Turn Radio On (1976)
Rockets - Rockets (1976)
Herman's Rocket - Space Woman / Green Creatures (7")
Wapassou - Salammbô (1977) (vocals)
J.P.M. & Co. - Phantasmes (1977)
Soraya - Soraya (1978)
J. Joyce And C° - J. Joyce And C° (1978) (producer)
Human Egg - Human Egg (1978)
Cortex - Pourquoi (1978) (choir)
Mickey And Joyce - Hold Up (1979) (producer)
Visitors - Visitors (1981)
Allo, Le Réseau - Allo, le réseau/Allo Maman Allo (7") (1981)
Usted Del Fuego - Cancion Del Fuego / Usted (12") (1981)
Fuego - Misa Criolla / Fiesta Argentina (12") (1981)
Fashion - Fabrique (1982) (engineer)
Orient Express -Inch Allah/Abdullah Dollar 12" (1983)
Sylver - Handsome Man / Let It Be (7") (1984)
Kalao - Ewuadi / Hona n'Akoko (1984)
Ange - Fou ! (1984) (pruducer)

More info:


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Hi, dont know where your blogging from
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Just to let you know
Mucho Gusto, our label, is about to reissue
two full CDs of Massiera's work
from 1963 to 1981
It's all there, except maybe for that Chico guy!

It's due this fall
The first CD is more psych-rock-turning-weird
The 2nd CD is the disco-transe-turning UFO

Go check on the muchogusto site if you want

And hope you'll like our choice


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Thank you but in the archive of VISITORS album track 05-"Nous" is missing!

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massive thanks for the Massiera material, you're a star!

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Thanks a bunch for this. But as another has said -- track 5, "Nous," is missing from the first Visitors LP download. I can't find the track anywhere. Could you please upload it?

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Hi with the missing song:

Visitors- Nous



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Wow! You weren't kidding about Atlantide being a Yes rip-off, but a good one as far as they go. Thanks for posting.

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HUMAN EGG - HUMAN EGG (1978 J.P. MASSIERA) is finally available here !

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This is a truly incredible post . . . I have never seen a motherlode like this. You are an incredible person to give a gift like this to the world!

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Mucho Gusto seem such cool people and its good to see that labels, especially ones that re-issue less known material understand that blogs like this far from take away any potential market, infact increase "market awareness" (to use the crass terminology of capital).
I just wish they released a CD version of their re-release of Hermans Rocket "Space Woman" album rather than just a vinyl version as I have nothing to play vinyl on anymore. I guess they will eventually as they have now released CD versions of their two rather sublime and cosmic JPM compilations...once a CD version becomes available I will rip it for everyone...unless somebody beats me to it with a 320 vinyl rip of said album ;)
On a separate note, it doesn't seem to matter how many music blogs I check-out, only a small number are returned to such as this blog, mutant sounds, frenchmusik and the growing bin and the various Durango incarnations...thank god for you all, you have transformed a jaded "heard everything before, nothing inspires me" 41 year old into a sonic neophyte once more!

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What a great joy your blog is - and finding a great new artist that I never heard of. Now I am a mega-fan of his work.

Thank you!

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could someone re-up track 5 from the Visitors 1974 lp ?

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