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DAVID JAVELOSA and his early 80's projects

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Electro

DAVID MICROWAVE - David Microwave EP (Posh Boy) 1980

Tracklist :

01 I Don't Want To Hold You
02 Clear Eyes
03 Echo Night
04 Last Night
05 No Way
06 Off Track Betts
07 Permissive
08 Record Player
09 Today's Days
10 Young & Ready

Link to download (192 kbs) :

LOS MICROWAVES - Life After Breakfast (Posh Boy) (1981)

Tracklist :

01 Time To Get Up
02 What's That Got To Do (With Loving You?)
03 Reckless Dialogue
04 T.V. In My Eye
05 Home Alone
06 Forever
07 Postponed Is Not Forgotten
08 La Voix Humaine
09 Coast To Coast
10 Is There Life After Breakfast?
11 You Bet
12 If You Want It....
13 Radio Heart

Link to download (192 kbs):

"Los Microwaves — David Javelosa (aka David Microwave), Meg Brazil and Todd Rosa — were a San Francisco trio in which synthesizers predominated. Although they issued 45s as early as 1979, their debut album came out in 1981, by which time leader Javelosa (who's done other production/playing jobs since) had done a five-song, 12-inch EP on his own, using musicians outside his band.
Life After Breakfast shows promise, employing machines to make music that is arty but not obtuse; the vocals (shared by Brazil and Javelosa) don't display the same restraint, too often wandering off into dissonant unpleasantness. On the whole, while the album has its moments, too much draggy material and annoying passages ankle it.
Javelosa's solo effort is much better, offering straightforward (for synths, that is) pop music with swirling keyboards (including familiar-sounding organ), acoustic drums and engaging vocals. The record shows polish, but retains a slightly amateurish sense, making it paradoxically complex and simple at the same time.
Baby Buddha, which involves Javelosa and some of Los otro Microwaves, is a concept piece — one side of his originals, the remainder irreverently synthed-up covers of such standards as "My Generation," "Stand by Your Man" and "All Shook Up." Although portions are both funny and fun, too much of it is merely an overly weird in-joke."[Ira Robbins]

"Posh Boy's synth/wave band. Like their previous single, this is generic early 80's synth pop with sound effects you just can't listen to anymore today. Some of the tracks aren't that bad, but all in all this remains a third-class clone of second-class UK bands"

"The FLEX! Discography of U.S. Punk and Hardcore very unfairly trounces upon this album by Los Microwaves, a squelchy synth outfit who were contemporaries of Tuxedomoon, Factrix and Dead Kennedys in the San Francisco scene. I originally heard of them through the more snotty and modern band
Le Shok, who did a great cover of the Los M. song “TV In My Eye” back at the end of the last century; upon digging deeper, I found the original Microwaves sound to be a little bit unsettling. Even when the band tried to sound happy — it came out weird! Who knows if this was intentional or not, but in any case, their album’s lead-off track, “Time To Get Up”, gives off the feeling of the ground underneath the listener buckling."

BABY BUDDHA - Music for Teenage Sex (Posh Boy) (1981)

Credits :
Charles Hornaday - vocals, guitar, electronics, drums
David Javelosa - vocals, electronics, clarinet

Tracklist :

01 We Are Not
02 Stand By Your Man

Vocals - Kathy Peck , Meg Brazill
03 All Shook Up
04 Your Cheatin' Heart

Vocals - Kathy Peck , Teena Rosen
05 Then I Sleep
Drums - Todd Rosa
06 My Generation
07 Little Things

Poet Laureate - Robbie Fields/ Vocals - Meg Brazill
08 All Night Long
09 Robot Police
10 Stand By Your Man - Part Two
Synthesizer, Vocals - Meg Brazill/Vocals - Kathy Peck

Link to download (192 kbs) :

Born from late night improvisations in the San Francisco new wave club scene, the live band featured different players from several other bands in the scene at the time. Performances would include music, projections, dance and performance art in both clubs and gallery spaces. In 1980, Howie Klein's 415 Records released their first single of Tammy Wynette's Stand By Your Man at 45 rpm on one side, and as an extended mix at 33 rpm on the flip side.
In 1981, "Music For Teenage Sex" was the first full length recording project with Poshboy Records. It featured Los Microwave's Meg Brazill, Poshboy Record's Robbie Fields, and Kathy Peck as "Tammy Why-not", who later went on to found H.E.A.R. The album was toured winter '81-'82 with a variety of different artists on each coast. The 1987 release of "Everyone Is My Age" on Hyperspace Communications, included players from both the east and west coasts. Guest artists included most notably: Kathy Peck, singer/songwriter Bonnie Hayes, soul diva Todd Lyon, ex-GoGo/BrianBrain bassist Margo Oliveria, journalist/guitarist Fred Schuster, and Meg Brazill as "Maria De Janeiro".Still performing together as a duo in Southern California after the turn of the 21st century, and continuing to evolve as a recording project, Baby Buddha looks forward to performing more music festivals, club venues and special events.

"Even in 1981 we had to be careful with the law ... the model used for this front cover shot was in her 20s even though she looked 12 or so. San Francisco's 415 Records had issued a single of BB's off the wall techno rendition of Stand By Your Man. Its interpreters, Charles Hornaday and David Javelosa then approached me about doing a full length effort. As "borrowed" vocalist Kathy Peck was still involved, I agreed. Kathy is now executive director for the H.E.A.R. foundation, educating the public and musicians in particular as to the dangers to hearing posed by amplified music. "

About Los Microwaves
Formed in 1978 during the height of the San Francisco punk/new wave scene, Los Microwaves was in the vanguard of synthesizer bands. The trio of Meg Brazill (bass guitar and vocals), David Javelosa (keyboards and vocals), and Todd “Rosa” Rosencrans (drums and bass) polished their signature techno-salsa groove (think Kraftwerk meets Tito Puente at the B-52’s house) as they toured the United States and Canada.

David Microwave
David Javelosa is a composer/technologist and game industry specialist based in Santa Monica, California. Previously he worked with Yamaha Corporation of America as an evangelist for their game audio technology. David is currently an instructor at Santa Monica College's Academy of Entertainment and Technology teaching interactive media; and composes electronic music for the Internet and live performance. He has created soundtracks for most of the major game consoles and has been involved with digital media since its inception. His interests include vintage synthesizers, remixing pop bands and sci-fi soundtracks, yoga, scuba diving, skiing and raising his protégé. Examples of his work can be heard at: David Javelosa, AKA David Microwave, began by releasing a solo EP in 1980 with catchy Synthpop and the Zonk (Zolo+Punk) "Record Player". In 1981, his Los Microwaves group puts out "Life after Breakfast", which contains Zolo, Synthpunk, and New Wave. The same year he collaborates with Charles Hornaday and members of Los Microwaves in the group Baby Buddha, which releases only "Music for Teenage Sex". That album includes dissonant electronic cover tunes and some wacky originals. All work on the Posh Boy record label. From San Francisco.

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