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Can you imagine as Air playing with Cocteau Twins and Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) together?

Real Name:
Örlygur Þór Örlygsson


ÖLVIS (2004)

Tracklist :

01 Goodnight
02 The Sea
03 Go Very Far
04 Say
05 Tonight
06 Fonia
07 Orion
08 Do You See The Light?
09 Look Around
10 The Sun
11 Waterfall

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"The Resonant label seems to be fast making a name for itself as one of the most consistant leftfield / acoustic hybrid labels working in the UK today. Following on from excellent debuts by Borko, Stafrann Hakon and Sk/Um, Resonant look towards the unusual climes of Iceland once again for another fine discovery – Olvis. The music here inhabitsmore familiar territory, concentrating almost solely on warm, engaging guitar-based instrumental pieces - hugely accessible but without being generic or staid in any way. The first release of 25 year-old Orlygur Thor Orlygsson, this also features contributions from several leading lights on the vibrant Reykjavik music scene, but the album is essentially the work of one man; all written, recorded and played by Orlygur, with drums and synth added by his guests. There is a serene, twilight quality to “Olvis” that makes itself familiar from the first listen onwards – a cinematic glide of tracks will no doubt work its way onto adverts and countless film scores once discovered by the “right” people. In the meantime, keep it close to your chest. Wonderful."(


Tracklist :

01 Acid Trip Festival (3:54)
02 Time Capsule (3:33)
03 Pacific Island (3:34)
04 Mental Freedom (3:47)
05 Moving to Mars (3:23)
06 Warfare & Welfare (4:06)
07 Jupiter (3:47)
08 Sound Sleep (3:09)
09 Whispering Glades (3:30)
10 Blue Sound (3:34)
11 End of a Night (5:04)

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Album Description
Second album from Orlygur Thor Orlygsson, almost exactly a year on from his self-titled debut - an album that garnered rapturous praise in certain quarters. Orlygur is a 26-year old philosophy student from Reykjavik who has been interested and involved in music for half of his life. The overall feel of "The Blue Sound" follows on from where his first album left off, packed with warmth and emotion, and without any obvious comparisons in the current musical climate. Whereas his debut was effectively instrumental, aside from occasional understated background vocals, "The Blue Sound" heralds a massive progression for Olvis; six of the eleven tracks here feature Orlygur singing in Icelandic, layered over epic, lush orchestration, to stunning effect. Intriguingly, the album also features SIGUR ROS drummer Orri Dyrason on four tracks, and fellow Sigur Ros member Georg Holm on two tracks - the first time they've appeared together as guest musicians on a record. Similarly, also guesting on "The Blue Sound" is Maria Huld Markan Sigfusdottir, violinist with AMINA, Sigur Ros' string quartet. Elsewhere on the album are members of APPARAT ORGAN QUARTET and SK/UM, as well as other highly respected Reykjavik musicians. The entire album was written and produced by Orlygur himself, and has undoubted crossover potential, with potential appeal to the chillout crowd (a track from his debut album opens the new Global Underground "Afterhours 2" compilation) as well as followers of Sigur Ros, Stafraenn Hakon and beyond."

"Either I'm losing my marbles, or Mogwai's 'Rock Action' seems to be having an inordinately large influence on recent releases. The newest artist to stride forth wearing their Scot Post Rock armband is Iceland's Olvis (aka Orlygur Thor Orlygsson) whose second album, 'The Blue Sound', is an orchestra drenched collection of understated songs which radiate naturally towards the less boisterous end of the musical spectrum. Opening with the beautifully fermented beats of 'Acid Trip Festival', Olvis goes on to pull a whole load of jazz from his hat and ends up sounding not unlike the theme tune for 'Tales of the Unexpected'. But in a good way. With an almost 50/50 split in terms of tracks with or without vocals, when Olvis does sing it is always in Icelandic, lending the songs a sense of mystique and heritage that would easily have been lost in English. With loquacious musical flourishes springing up like Juturna, Olvis dabbles in some sunshine-drenched psych-rock on 'Mental Freedom', has a bout pop writing on 'Warfare and Welfare' and thoroughly proves my Mogwai thesis on 'Moving to Mars'. This is a simply exquisite album, those of you who picked up this guy’s debut will more or less know what to expect, those of you who didn’t will have just discovered a real hidden gem. Highly Recommended."

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BRAVADO (2007)

Tracklist :

01 Intro
02 Future Is Now
03 Wintertime
04 Dream On
05 Go Ape
06 War Chant
07 Wake Up Now
08 Fight The Power
09 Space Mission
10 Vincent Price
11 Song For Love
12 Everything Is Energy
13 Bravado
14 Merge With The Infinite

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"Third album from Icelandic maverick Orlygur Thor Orlygsson, following last year's much-adored second full length "The Blue Sound" and the previous year's eponymous debut. Continuing the linear progression evident from first album to second, "Bravado" raises the bar further, with an equal split between lush instrumentals and hypnotic full vocal tracks (in his native tongue). With comparisons and appeal across the board, from chillout to Richard Hawley, Olvis' music defies classification, but ultimately has a heartwarming, relaxing, all-encompassing feel that renders pigeonholing unnecessary.As with "The Blue Sound", "Bravado" features the A-list of Reykjavik musicians as a supporting cast within its fourteen tracks: SIGUR ROS drummer Orri Dyrason plays drums on four tracks, with fellow SIGUR ROS member Georg Holm playing bass on two tracks, along with percussion and drums on three tracks from APPARAT ORGAN QUARTET's Arnar Geir Omarsson and violin from Maria Huld Markan Sigfusdottir from AMINA (Sigur Ros' string quartet) on one track. The whole album was written and produced by Orlygsson himself, and was recorded mainly at Sigur Ros' Sundlaugin studio during the fall of 2005, and lyrically touches upon Orlygur's disillusionment with global capitalism and US hegemony - not that you'd know it, unless you speak Icelandic..." "‘Bravado’ is the reverb-drenched third album from Icelandic feller Orlygur Thor Orlygsson and for those of you not in the know, Ölvis is pronounced Elvis, hence making it funny… or something. Still, as soon as you fire up the amplification circuits on your home stereo system you’ll realise why the man known as Orlygur has named himself this way. Beneath a quagmire of reverb you’ll find some kind of distorted vision of rock ‘n roll, something like David Lynch reworking the Back to the Future soundtrack assisted by Stereolab… yep it’s good stuff and as hazily beautiful as you’d hope. We all fell in love with the man’s ‘The Blue Sound’ a couple of years back for similar reasons, that Scandinavian prog-rock sensibility crossed with some kind of washed-out lounge, but this is even more honed, even more intimately realised and comes across as his best work yet. He even ropes in some famous friends to help him along a little; Sigur Ros drummer Orri Dyrason lends his sticks to a few tracks, his bandmate Georg Holm plays bass, Apparat Organ Quintet’s Arnar Geir Omarsson percussion and AMINA’s Maria Huld Markan Sigfusdottir helps along with some of her haunting violin. It’s a pretty stellar lineup of Icelandic talent so it’s hardly surprising the end result is so effortlessly good. With one foot in 1955 and one in 2010 we get an album which truly feels like it has scope, and while the songs can occasionally wash over you like space-dust the record as a whole is hard not to get caught up in. An exercise in style and effortless cool, I’m sure Mark Lamarr would approve..."


OLVIS 'Olvis (RESCD008) CD 2004
OLVIS 'The Blue Sound' (RESCD014) CD 2005
OLVIS 'Bravado' (RESCD021) CD 2007

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