Wednesday, April 19, 2006

SYNTECH - By Trial and Error (1989)

Real Name:
Edvin Van Der Laag & Huib Shippers
Edwin van der Laag, a graphic artist who is responsible for all Laserdance recordcovers became into creating music. Armed with Atari ST, Cubase and a few synthesizers he began to create his first tracks. Later, he was supported by Huib Shippers, known from Trilithon project



01 Byt & E

02 Reaction

03 Soundly Computed

04 Disconnected

05 we won't be long

link to download:


Anonymous Marcin said...

I think Syntech is making much more creative music than Laserdance - i mean it is less smashing and less melodious, but still more on the disco side - might be liked by artists who like "mainstream" electro music, like Jean-Michel Jarre.
It's very hard to get their records though

10:41 AM  
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