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BELLE EPOQUE - Miss broadway (1977) / Bamalama (1978)

Real Name:
Evelyn Verrecchia, Giusy Fortes, Marzia Thear and behind them Albert Weyman (all songs arranged and conducted)


Produced: Prima Linea
most of the songs written by E.Lenton & A.Weyman

Miss Broadway (1977)


01 Miss Broadway (7:25)
02 Me And You (5:30)
03 Losing You (4:15)
04 Disco Sound :
/a Black Is Black
/b Why Don't You Lay Down
/c Black Is Black (reprise)

Bamalama (1978)


01 Bamalama (11:39)
/a Bamalama
/b Taste of Destruction
/c Bamalama
/d Medley: Good Golly Miss Moly/Lucille/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Jenny Jenny/Bamalama
/e Live Concert Medley: Summertime Blues/Let Men Be/Drink Me/Memphis Tenessee
02 Mister-Do-Right (4:04)
03 Drink Me (4:59)
04 Sorry (6:11)
05 Let Men Be (4:41)

Link to download:

A Paris-based female disco trio ( EVELYNE LENTON - with 2 couloured backing vocalists, JUSY FORTES (Portuguese from Capo Verde) and MARCIA BRISCOE (American, from Atlanta, Giorgia) ). Started in 1976 when -as Evelyn remembres - "my brother Albert Weyman phoned me up in London, and suggested to become indipendent producers, he wanted to record a dance version of BLACK IS BLACK, I got a real kick out of his idea, and I said “ yeeaaah! Great!
I went back to Rome. Albert spent 2 months writing the arrangements, and the scores for the Orchestra. 2 days before we started the recordings, Albert, who was at the piano, called me to listen to a song he just wrote… I was knocked out ! He wrote the arrangements in 2 days, and me, the lyrics. This song was MISS BROADWAY!!!!!!!! OUR MAJOR HIT! Funny how things happen. "

First continental group to hit N°1 in the UK with BLACK IS BLACK, MISS BROADWAY N°15 in the USA. Other hits followed : BAMALAMA , LET MEN BE , NOW , JUMP DOWN , COM’ON TONIGHT…etc...
The true singerin of Belle Epoque is Evelyn Lenton, who has very characteristic and "cool" voice,
and : "I am a song writer, I write lyrics in 4 languages, english, french, italien and spanish. I WROTE THE LYRICS of all my recordings,apart Black is Black, and many musics, I also write for other people, I translated into french Eddy Cochran's "Summertime Blues" and also other songs of his. Plus I wrote all the lyrics for the artists of the Weyman Productions."
She started in the french rock band Evy (1963 - 1976) -"my career as a rocker was launched! "
"The 2 singers who really influenced me are Ray Charles and Tina Turner. I have always been compared to Janis Joplin, I liked her very much, BUT she started after me !"
In 1982 she went back solo and "From Disco music to hard rock."
"In fact I keep recording under the 2 names, Belle Epoque or Evelyne Lenton."
1983 ALBUM "OPERATOR" and "TU M'FAIS DE LA PEINE" (Evelyne Lenton)

From 1987 untill 1992, she slowed down with music productions and opened the Belle Epoque Club, a wine bar with gastronomy and music.
In 1992 a new record: “SUNSHINE E.”. (Belle Epoque) ,later remixes of Black is Black and Miss Broadway (Belle Epoque) .
"I finally bought a PC, and started giving my own sounds to my songs.
2002 My first production «RISING SUN BLUES», (The House of the Rising Sun), a song I always wanted to sing. Now I am working at many new songs, so Keep Rockin’on with me! "

If you want a typical disco stuff with some number one songs ,this iy your music!!

"As a singer, I've always being a rocker"

photo of Evelyn " a perfect Sagittarius"

more info: official page of Evelyn lenton


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