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SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Tinderbox (1986)

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Goth Rock, Synth-pop

Siouxsie Sioux: All Voices; Steven Severin: Electric Bass & Keyboards; Budgie: Drums & Percussion; John Valentine Carruthers: Guitars & Keyboards
All Songs Written and Arranged by Siouxsie & the Banshees


01 Candyman (3:43)
02 The Sweetest Chill (4:07)
03 This Unrest (6:21)
04 Cities In Dust (3:52)
05 Cannons (3:15)
06 Party's Fall (4:57)
07 92° (6:03)
08 Lands End (6:07)
09 The Quarterdrawing Of The Dog (4:58)
10 An Execution (3:50)
11 Lullaby (3:34)
12 Umbrella (4:11)
13 Cities In Dust (Extended Version) (6:49)

Links to download: part 1. part 2.

Sioux married Budgie in 1991. The following year, ostensibly "fed up with fans staring through the windows of their basement flat" in west London, she and Budgie moved to France. They now live in a converted farmhouse in a small village in south west France, where they have "a garden, cats and mountains of books." A few years ago, they set up their own label, Sioux Records, and they have recently finished building a studio in their house.

a fresh interview with Siouxsie made by Emily the "strange"

Emily: Where do you live?
Siouxsie: I live in an 18th century stone house in a cathedral town in south west France near Toulouse.
Any where you hope to live later?
Since living here in France, I've also fallen in love with the north east coast of Spain. Girona's' 'Dali Land' and Barcelona's 'Gaudi Land'. The call of the ocean is very strong. Either way, I know I haven't settled down yet and wonder when or if I ever will, but I want to try living in many more places.
Do you have any cats?
Do I have any cats? I should say so. I have three 12 year old orphans:Spooky - she's orange in colour and waspish by nature. Spider - a transformed sleek black prince of Siam. & Dandy - the white and tabby murderer come cutie pie. Cats rule O.K.
Do you like the ocean or the forest better?I love both, but unimpeded views of horizon with the sense of freedom and nature's power does it for me at this moment in time.
What are some of your favourite songs of all time?
Some being the operative word, these are just the tip of the iceberg: Johnny Remember Me - John Leyton, Riders on the Storm - The Doors, Wild Thing - The Troggs, Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones, Manic Depression - Jimmy Hendrix, Walking on Thin Ice - Yoko Ono,
Is that all there is? - Christina, Chain of Fools - Aretha Franklin, School's Out - Alice Cooper, Hey Ya! - Outkast.
What are some of your favourite albums of all time?
Castles in Spain - Miles Davis, The Idiot - Iggy Pop, Low - David Bowie, Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus - Charles Mingus, Requiem - Gorecki, Koyaanisqatsi - Philip Glass, Berlin - Lou Reed, Electric Warrior - T.Rex, Can Opener - Can.
What album of your own are you most impressed by?
I'm proud of all our albums but I'm most impressed with the Creature's last album 'Hái!', mainly because it was so unexpected and quick. Even though it was only for a day, finally working with ex-Kodo drummer Leonard Eto in Tokyo was a dream come true, planning couldn't have made it more magical or perfect. It also marks the first album to be entirely finished and mixed by ourselves here in France. I'm still surprised it happened at all, but both our confidence levels have been boosted by the experience.
Who is behind all of the art on your album covers?
Over the years many different artists have been used for our record covers but it's nearly always in conjunction with an idea for the feel of an album I have, whether found or instigated. The idea of handing it over to someone without any input is very alien to me.What drives you to be prolific and creative?What drives me on is to always do better. Plus the thrill and excitement you feel when working on a new project is very addictive. I'm well and truly hooked.
Would you rather have a pad of paper and a pen or a radio if you were stuckon an island for a year?
If it's only for a year then I'd opt for a pen and pad and treat it as an experiment. Although a bit scary to most people, I think it could be good for anyone to try to live without external distractions for a while and see if they discover something about themselves and/or life in general. Of course it could be a recipe for abject misery and insanity, like we know modern life can be, but at least you could end up with some entertaining reading, or just put it all down to experience.
Do you have any reoccurring nightmares/dreams?
I haven't had recurring nightmares since I was about 16. One was about being pulled out to sea by a huge wave and finding myself disorientated in the middle of an ocean with no visible landmarks. Feeling my panic rise I start swimming in circles trying to decide which direction would bring me back to the shore, whilst my arms and legs feel more tired by the second. My most common recurring dreams are of various forms of flight; one of which includes self levitation with balloons tied to my ankles.
What outstanding goals do you still have? if any!
I've got tons of outstanding goals. Fasten your seat belts 'cos here's another tip of an iceberg: Work on a film soundtrack. Make that elusive perfect album. Visit and play in Russia, India and Africa. Go on Safari. Learn to scuba dive on an unspoilt reef. Learn to ski and water ski. See the ring tail lemurs in Madagascar. See the Northern lights from a Husky drawn sleigh. Shoot the rapids in a kayak. Lay alongside a sleeping tiger and feel its breath on my face and hold its paw. Sit and socialize with some gorillas for an afternoon. I could go on......
What inspires you to continue...?
Apart from the things in my answer to your 9th question. Seeing other people's achievements against all odds is always inspiring.
Do ants make you happy or sad?
Depending on my mood, probably both. Size is relative and when I look at ants they make me wonder who's looking at us in the same way and so on, like an infinity mirror that just gets bigger and bigger, or is that smaller and smaller?
What is the strangest thing you've done lately?
Eight months ago I gave up smoking and became very ill as a result. It must have been a massive shock to the system which I've only recently started to recover from. I was exasperated and furious, but strangely for me, I continued to torture myself and not give in. Life still feels strange sometimes without my Mr Nicotine, but I'm looking forward to being completely free of him. (

"This really is the Banshees at their enigmatic best. Though the bonus tracks are 'interesting' for my mind this superb album is best remembered as 8 songs long, ending as it was intended to with the remarkable 'Lands End.' Tinderbox gives a hard sound that competes well with Siouxsie's unmistakable, punishing vocal delivery. If not already a fan, hear this and you'll really see what puts this band well ahead of their so called contemporaries."

" spent so many hours listening to this wonderful multi textured album when it was first released I never thought I would have the chance to share my thoughts with the world at large. Parties Fall has such heartfelt and shockingly open sentiments, Lands End makes you think of mist, dark, some sort of decaying castle, whatever for me evocotive, beautiful, dignfied.Candyman's oppressive, threatening, relentless.Well, you should listen for yourself, really you should."

more infos: the official home page a very nice page with million pictures etc. everything !!


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