Saturday, May 06, 2006

MAGNUS - The Body Gave You Everything (2004)

Real Name:
Tom Barman, CJ Bolland

Electro, Synth-pop


1 Rhythm is Deified
2 Summer's Here
3 French Movies
4 Soft Foot Shuffle
5 Jumpneedle
6 Hunter-Collector
7 The Pick-Up
8 Rock Chick
9 Pistolero Savvy
10 Buttburner
11 Assault on Magnus

link to download:

GOD is great, after dEUS and The Prophet comes Magnus. Magnus is a joint dance project of Tom Barman - heart and soul of Antwerp rockers dEUS - and CJ Bolland - DJ-producer and key figure in the international techno scene.
C.J. Bolland’s interest in electronic music started at a very young age. His inspiration came from artists as diverse as Jean-Michel Jarre to Kraftwerk. Although world renowned as the master of Techno, C.J. has experimented with all aspects of electronic music - not only on his own albums, but also on remixes for pop and underground artists alike.
The Magnus debut album aims to hit body rather than mind and is totally dedicated to rhythm. Tom Barman calls the opener - uncoincidentally called 'Rhythm Is Deified' - a declaration of intent, while the moody closing track 'Assault on Magnus' should be regarded as the ‘hangover after the party’.
Magnus stands for funky. Which means party. Magnus is an uptempo CD meant to be played loud, if possible at club volume - so you can get your feet on the floor and shake your booty. '
Guests on the Magnus CD are, a.o.: Mauro Pawlowski, Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire), bassplayer Tomas De Smet (Zita Swoon, Think of One), drummer Didier Fontaine, Anton Janssen, singer Angelique Wilkie (ex-Zap Mama) and the Sissy Spacek Singers, the three heavenly voices that previously featured on the dEUS single 'Nothing Really Ends'


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This is the GREAT Album and,unfortunately I've lost my copy:(..Was very surprised to see link for download but it does not works:((..Can YOu please upload album again and post the link..please.please.please
Thank You

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