Saturday, May 06, 2006

VIKTER DUPLAIX - International Affairs (2003)

Original Release Date: 2003


1. Departure
2. What We Want
3. Lust For Life
4. I Got You
5. Looking For Love (Critical Point 58th Street Mix)
6. Morena
7. Yesterday's Pain
8. Fahmina Speaks
9. Wherever You Are
10. Come See Me
11. Tropical Girl
12. Desperately
13. Late Night Rendezvous
14. Looking For Love (Original)

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On the surface, producer / DJ / songwriter / vocalist Vikter Duplaix looks every bit the international man of mystery whose affinity for the James Bond lifestyle seems a perfect fit for this smooth crooner. But before you get too comfortable with that perception, Vikter himself is quick to refute the notion as he reveals a childhood lived on the frontlines of volatile Philly streets and as a member of a large musical family where diversity was a way of life. Something of a child prodigy, Duplaix has sung with everyone from Teddy Pendergrass to Pavarotti, worked with everyone from Phyllis Hyman to Jazzanova and been mentored by everyone from Kenny Gamble to King Britt. But as with the perfect joint, when all the elements are all rolled up together, allowed to blaze and slowly savored in deep pulls, there's just no doubt how good it really is. From the release of his first headlining single "Messages" (Masters At Work) to his first full-length original album INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (Hollywood Records) it's been first-class all the way and a wild ride on which he's learned more than most of us will ever know.

"...With Soul and with Chillout and Lounge we came to the creator of it all. This man is featured on so many lounge compilations and chillout compilations as well. Demonstrating his vocal skills, his euro feel, and exactly how he takes a variety of put-togethers and creates such a diverse sound. If you're into a techno feel with a bit of soul or an insteresting play on instrumentation, this might be for you. His name is Vikter Duplaix and the evidence is International Affair. With a few tracks produced by soul producer, James Poyser. He definitely gives you International Affairs. With various cultures being fused together from African polyrhythms and chantings, a little bit of spanish being added to the melting pot, and of course your R and B ballads to season and drizzle passion over each track. Late Night Rendezvous, Morena, and Looking for Love are all prime examples of his "move your body, get up and dance" feel added to this EP. One of the chill tracks is the one produced by James Poyser, I Got You. He explores the sultry 3/4 beat by telling the listener with faint background and mocking basslines how Desperate one's heart can get. Definitely a must have for the lover of Turntabalism, DJ'ing, House, and techno. But of course for those that are into instrumentation, diversity, and interesting ways of breathing life and exuberate Soul."