Friday, May 05, 2006

FRESH COLOR - Nightdreams (1986) LP

Real Name:
Gutze Gautschi, Humphrey Robertson, Danny Amsler


01. Don’t shoot me
02. Automatic
03. Disco Future
04. D.J. Track Vol. 1
05. Number One
06. Modern
07. Sing with me tonight
08. It’s so crazy
09. Nightdreams
the last two tracks still missing,i dont have sorry, but i try to look after
10. Doo Dup
11. Island Dreams

link to download:

Swiss group initially formed circa 1978 in Aarau. They started as a punk band backing DieterMeier (who went on to form Yello) on his first 7" record, the noisy and angry "Cry For Fame". Meier did guest vocals on Fresh Color's own debut single, "No Chance". Fresh Color released a further single and a 12" in 1979 before switching to German lyrics and poppier sound. The band called themselves Frische Farbe during that period and released further 12" maxis. In 1984, the name Fresh Color was reinstalled, as band founder Gutze Gautschi and Danny Amsler went for an electro/italo disco sound with "Disco Nature" and "Get On Up". When songwriter and vocalist Humphrey Robertson joined the group, they had their biggest success with "Disco Future" and released their only album, "Nightdreams", in 1986. Soon after, all of the three went into producing a large number of different projects. At the end of the nineties, Gautschi tried to revive Fresh Color.


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