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GARY'S GANG - Dance party (1993)


Gary's Gang was comprised of members: Jay Leon-trombone, Bob Forman-sax/flute, Rino Minetti-keyboards/vocals, Al Lauricella-keyboards, Bill Catalano-percussion/vocals, Eric Matthew (Joe Tucci)-guitar/lead vocals and Gary Turnier-drums/vocals.

Disc 1

1. Keep on Dancin'
2. Let's Lovedance Tonight
3. Hot Hot Hot
4. Everybody Salsa
5. Mandolay
6. Colegiala
7. Hustle
8. Knock Me Out
9. Makin' Music
10. Sunshine
11. Runaway
12. You're My Everything

Disc 2

1. Round & Round & Round
2. Breakout
3. Free Ride
4. Into You
5. Hold On
6. Sunshine
7. Moody
8. Power of Love
9. Makin' Music
10. I Still Love You
11. People of the World
12. Knock Me Out
13. Keep on Dancin'

Links to download: part 1. part 2.


While the group was named after Turnier there is no doubt that the force behind it was Matthews (Tucci).
Matthews (Tucci), along with Turnier, turned in all the writing, arranging and production duties. And it was Eric's (Joe's) nasally vocals that made the group stand out.
Gary's Gang was a garage band in the truest sense of the word. Formed in Queens, New York in the garage of Joe Tucci (Eric), the group recorded their first 12" single to test a new studio that Matthews had built on Long Island. The year was 1978 and disco music was at a fevered pitch when Matthews (Tucci) and Turnier conceived the idea for what would become "Keep On Dancin'."
After the song shot to #-1 on Billboard's club charts the demand for an entire album caught the group off guard. "Keep On Dancin' " (the album) debuted in the spring of 1979 and rose to #-42 on the Hot 100 album charts and did even better on the Black charts (peaking at #-27). A second 12" single was released to eager audiences that summer. "Let's Lovedance Tonight" wasn't as quirky as their previous hit but it's essence was equally as powerful. The song had a respectable showing on the club charts and helped cement the groups status as a premier disco outfit. Not wishing to lose the momentum that had been established the group hastily assembled eight new tracks for a second album. Sal DiDonato was brought in for vocals on this venture. Released in late 1979 "Gangbusters" was not as the title suggested. Besides the mediocre 12" single, "Do Ya Wanna Go Dancin' " (the only one released from the album), the album bombed.
With the 1980 collapse of disco the group seemed destined to be regarded as a one-hit wonder. The members continued to perform and milk their "15 minutes of fame" from "Keep On Dancin' " by performing in bars and clubs. Eric (Joe) had the studio to also keep him occupied and he quickly branched out into producing. In the early 1980's he would produce hits for Sharon Redd, Secret Weapon, Passion and France Joli among others. By 1982 disco music had morphed into dance music and was on the rise again. Matthews (Tucci) seized the opportunity to form his own label. As he had done earlier when he created "Keep On Dancin' " to test the studio, he created "Knock Me Out" to test the label.
At this point Matthews (Tucci), who is very busy, utilizes Gary's Gang as his creative outlet for his performance side.
"Makin' Music" was released in the fall of 1983 and once again scored chart success. By now clubgoers could easily recognize his voice and he had formulated his sound to maximize profitability. In the spring of 1984 he released "Runaway" to similar results.

As Eric's (Joe's) other interests escalated, writing and producing for others, his Gary's Gang went dormant once again. But like the Phoenix the name Gary's Gang would rise again. In 1994 Matthews (Tucci) released "Gary's Gang-Dance Party." The compact disc was a combination greatest hits and new album combined. The 25 track disc contained: "Keep On Dancin'" (long & short), "Let's Lovedance Tonight," "Round & Round & Round," "Knock Me Out," "Runaway," and "Makin' Music" (long & short) on the greatest hits side. The new material, which was mainly cover versions, included Gary's Gang takes on: "Hot-Hot-Hot," "Mandolay," "Everybody Salsa," "The Hustle" and "You're My Everything." The disc, well worth owning, is still in print from Unidisc Records in Canada. Most of the original members of the Gang have gone onto other things, Bob Forman founded Faze 4 Orchestras in 1982, Gary Turnier is now a school principle on Long Island and no longer performs, Rino Minetti is a band leader in Jersey, Jay Leon is a Vice President of King World Productions, Al Lauricella is in construction, Bill Catalano is a garbage man, Sal Didonato was a partner in Faze 4 but stepped down due to health problems dating back to the 1980's and Matthews (Tucci) who has remained very active in the industry. In the new millenium he has produced albums for Kenny Dope and Boule Noir as well as a host of compilations. Our hats off to an often overlooked genius and disco inovator, and for giving us the enduring "Keep Ond ancing."

"This CD compilation gets you on your socks and hopping. I didn't grow up in the 70's but am a huge disco fan. The song "Runaway" is perfect to listen to and it gets your spirits up in just about any mood. The songs in here are timeless for any disco lover like me like "Keep on Dancing" and "Knock Me Out". The addition of "The Hustle" is good for anyone who likes the classic song. If you remember the disco era and enjoy songs with a fun beat this this is a definite recommendation!!"

some, who knows the original Lp told: its a bad stuff "messed and mixed to sound like psudo-house versions ". I dont know...i like it in some way or other ,and like to dance for it...and you?
maybe it's time to make a poll about it ...


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Gary's Gang was the brainhild of Gary and Tucci. Anything Tucci did after Gary's Gang totally missed the mark. Gary went on to produce such hits as This Beat Is Mine, Feel Alright, Rock Shock and Sure Shot. It's ashame Tucci's ego got in the way because Gary's Gang would have been biggr then Kool and the Gang.

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