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PLANET P.PROJECT - pink world (1984) (by req)

Real Name:
Tony Carey

Rock, Electronic
all instruments and voices played by Tony Carey

Track Listings:

1. In the Woods
2. To Live Forever
3. Pink World
4. What I See
5. To Live Forever, Pt. 2
6. Power
7. In the Forest
8. Boy Who Can't Talk
9. Stranger
10. What I See, Pt. 2
11. Shepherd
12. Behind the Barrier
13. Pink World Coming Down
14. Breath
15. This Perfect Place
16. What Artie Knows
17. In the Zone
18. Behind the Barrier, Pt. 2
19. March of the Artemites
20. This Perfect Place, Pt. 2
21. Letter From the Shelter
22. What Artie Knows, Pt. 2
23. One Star Falling
24. Baby's at the Door
25. Requiem
26. Boy Who Can't Talk, Pt. 2

Link to download:


Anthony Lawrence CareyBorn Oct., 16th in 1953When Tony Carey (T.C.) was a young child, his parents realized the incredible talent he possessed for music and whole-heartedly supported him. The talented young Tony became a multi-instrumentalist and one of the best singers and songwriters in the world.One of Tony's earliest musical experiences was in a band called "Blessings". Tony was in "Blessings" until 1975 when Ritchie Blackmore discovered and hired him as keyboardist of "Rainbow". In 1977 after 2 successful years and 2 world tours Tony Carey left "Rainbow".
In 1978 Tony met Peter Hauke, a German producer. Together they released Tony's first solo-albums - first as instrumental albums, later sung with TC´s expressive voice. Tony also released 2 albums with a band called "Planet P Project" ("Planet P Project" - Self Titled (1983) & "Pink World" (1984). The second "Planet P Project" release, "Pink World", could definitely resist the comparison with Pink Floyd's legendary recording - "The Wall".While working with Hauke, Tony met Peter Maffay. Since their meeting, Tony and Maffay have played together on many occasions; the most notable for Tony Carey fans is "Der Joker - Bedtime Story". To this day, Tony's not only bound with Maffay by the music but a deep friendship as well. In 1982 Tony reached the US-charts with "I Won't Be Home Tonight", in 1983 with "Planet P Project's - Why Me?", and in 1984 with "Fine, Fine Day" and "First Day Of Summer". The videos could be seen on MTV. In Germany (1988), Tony had a stroke of luck with the title song of a TV-show called "Wilder Westen Inclusive - Room With A View".Until today the multi-talented Tony Carey has not only over 30 albums, but he became a demanded producer and has worked with many artist such as Joe Cocker, John Mayall, Peter Maffay, Eric Burdon, Milva and many more. Tony has also become a sought-after composer of film-music and soundtracks.Since February 2003, the thoroughbred-musician, Tony Carey, has been touring - together with the brilliant musicians Martin Hämmerle (drums), Winnie Bucher (bass) and sometimes Pascal Kravetz (keyboard, guitar, background vocals / who worked with Bruce Springsteen). Tony exults not only the audience (people from all over the world: South-Africa, USA, Sweden, England, France, Norway) but the journalists, too.Tony has been very busy with many projects while fans (and those who have become curious by reading the reports of the last concerts) are waiting for the next concerts (take a look at press). Tony was also on a promotion-tour with Peter Maffay and Jose Carreras for TABALUGA! At the moment he works in the studio and as producer for some new projects and was on tour with Mandoki & Soulmates.

"In 1984, multi-talented singer/songwriter/musician Tony Carey released his second album under the group name Planet P Project, "Pink World," a sprawling concept album about a mysterious young boy named Artemus who saves the human race (or, at least, a large chunk of it) from a nuclear holocaust. Comparisons between this album and Pink Floyd's classic epic "The Wall" are inevitable, as "Pink World" has a very Floydian/"Wall" feel to it in both it's sound and structure (and even the acoustic number "A Boy Who Can't Talk" sounds like a total re-working of the acoustic Floyd favorite from "The Wall," "Mother"). But make no mistake, "Pink World" IS a phenomenal album, with an intriguing story, powerful, dramatic music, and outstanding production. Many of the album's songs and soundbites linger in the mind long afterwards, such as "To Live Forever," the title song, "What I See," "Power," "Behind The Barrier," "In The Zone," the instrumental "March Of The Artemites," "One Star Falling," "Baby's At The Door," and the already-mentioned "A Boy Who Can't Talk." This is truly wonderful progressive rock from beginning to end.That Tony Carey created this rock opera virtually single-handedly (with only the odd bit of help from studio musicians) is truly a testament to the man's talents, and I greatly congratulate him. 20 years after it's original release, Planet P Project's "Pink World" still stands today as a magnificent entry in progressive rock music. Like Tony Carey sings in the title song, "It rolls like an avalanche, and it will sweep you away."

"Pink World is one of the all time great concept albums. Tony Carey in a spate of creative energy put out about 5 or 6 albums in a period of two years and Pink World stands above them."

more info-Tony Carey home page with full discography:


Anonymous dvkingman said...

Hi. I was the guy who asked about this on the Robert Poland site. Thank you so much! You rock. I had a cassette of this, dubbed from the LP, that I lost a long while back. Can't wait to hear it again. Many thanks.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger ZE said...

can you upload that?

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Blogger Billy D said...

Hi. Was wondering if you knew of any songs that are available that were left off Pink World besides The Red Door and Artie When We Need You both available on CD or YouTube. Thanks.

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