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A DROP IN THE GRAY - Certain sculptures (1985) for LUIS

Electronic, Rock
New Wave, Synth-pop, Indie Rock

Colin Campbell (Guitar)
Hans Christian Reumschuessel (Bass, Cello)
Marty Frederiksen (Percussion, Drums, Vocals (bckgr) )
Dan Phillips (Percussion, Vocals )
Hans Christian Reumschuessel

"Heartache Feeds Heartache"

"All The Same"
"Past Your Frame"


01 All the Same
02 Wide Eyed One
03 Fall and Cry
04 Heartache Feeds Heartache
05 A Place for You
06 Past Your Frame
07 No Light
08 Only Love
09 Turn Me 'Round
10 Be There
11 Alles Dasselbe

Link to download (new,check it!!):

"The good news about this California-based Scottish-American trio is that they're not as pretentious or as distant as the name. The bad news is they're close to it. Utterly without personality or purpose, the eleven slickly produced tracks (with titles like "Heartache Feeds Heartache" and "Past Your Frame") blur into one another, with the smooth, modern sound of guitars and keyboards approximating an updated Moody Blues. Except for Dan Phillips' cloyingly over-emotional and gimmicky vocals, these sculptures are faultless to a fault."[Ira Robbins]

When i heard them for the first time i thought i came across an unknown album from the early Waterboys (maybe the voice of the singer?) for example in "wild eye one"/"all the same" (my favourites!) and "heartache feeds heartache" (what a - get me the shivers-song!)
Its hard to get any info about them ,i dont know their bio and what happened with them after disbanded,the only thing i know,they are FANTASTIC!!If youre a new wave fan ,you will love it!

UPDATE (18.01.2008)

Marti Frederiksen Frederiksen
" who grew up in the Los Angeles area, began playing in bands and writing songs during high school. Upon graduating in 1984, he played drums for a band called Drop In The Gray, which signed a label deal and released an album with Geffen Records. Following the group’s breakup, Frederiksen developed his writing and producing skills with two other bands which he subsequently formed: Outlaw Blood on ATCO Records (with guitarist/vocalist Mark McCoy); and Motherland on 550/Sony Records (with drummer Jason Bonham).It was in 1993 that Frederiksen enjoyed his first, major success as a songwriter, co-writing and producing the #1 rock hit “Got No Shame” with Brother CaneFrederiksen continued his success with Brother Cane, co-writing another #1 rock hit, “And Fools Shine On,” for the group’s second album. These hits caught the attention of renowned A&R executive John David Kalodner of Columbia Records. “John really liked “Got No Shame,” so we met, and then he hooked me up with Aerosmith (for their Nine Lives album in 1998),” recalled Frederiksen. “It was great working with Aerosmith, and writing with Joe (Perry) and Steven (Tyler). We set up in a room; I programmed the drum machine and played bass, and Joe would play guitar.”After his collaboration with Aerosmith, many doors opened for Frederiksen. He wrote and produced cuts with a wide range of artists, including Ozzy Osbourne ("Dreamer"), Amanda Marshall, Jeff Healey, Mick Jones of Foreigner, Ritchie Sambora and Richard Butler. In 1999, Frederiksen received a Golden Globe nomination in the Best Song category, for co-writing “The Flame Still Burns” (from the film, Still Crazy). The following year, Frederiksen even demonstrated his ability as a strong vocalist, by singing (for the soundtrack) all the lead vocals by the mythical group Stillwater in the acclaimed, Cameron Crowe movie, Almost Famous.Read more here : "

Dan Phillips
still playing a very good and A Drop In The Grey -like music. I visited his page but its still not clear if he ever released a solo album or not .Anyhow his music is great and would be good to hear about him nice news .You can listen here:

Hans Christian Reumschuessel
"Hans-Georg Christian Reumschuessel (born May 20th, 1960 in Hannover, Germany) is acomposer, music producer, recording artist, and sound engineer. He is also co-founder of themusic group RASA.BioBorn to a Lutheran minister and a social worker, Hans’ earliest exposure to music came throughchurch events. He started formal cello studies in 1970 for a period of 10 years. In 1974 he tookan interest in the bass guitar and started to play in local rock bands, in addition to his classicalmusic activities.In 1979 Hans graduated from Lutherschule Hannover (a gymnasium), became a conscientiousobjector, and enrolled at the University Koeln for musicology, philosophy, and Germanliterature. In 1980 he transferred to the University Hamburg for the same subject matters. Hefirst visited the USA in 1981 (New York City) and enrolled at the Musicians Institute inHollywood in March 1982 as a bass player. He graduated with a professional degree from MI in1983 and lived in Los Angeles until 1988, at which point he moved to San Francisco. In 1989he started Allemande Music, a recording studio and production company. In 1998 he opened arecording studio under the same name in Fairfax, CA. In 2002 he moved to Sister Bay,Wisconsin.Early recordingsHis first recordings commenced 1976-1978 at a local recording studio in Hannover with thebands Duo Flamenco and Murphy, and with Sunset at the Deutsche Grammophon Studios inHamburg. After moving to Hamburg in 1980 he participated in recordings at TonstudioHafenklang. His interest in all aspects of the recording process was ignited during thesesessions.RASAHans met singer Kim Waters in 1998 and started RASA with her that year. From their first CD,Devotion, RASA was immediately recognized as a preeminent group in the genre ofDevotional/New Age music. Their recordings to date are: Saffron Blue (New Earth Rcords 2007)/Temple Of Love (New Earth Records 2006)/Shelter (New Earth Records 2003)/In Concert (Hearts Of Space 2002)/Union (Hearts Of Space 2001)/Devotion (Hearts Of Space 2000)
Detailed information about the group can be found at"

Colin Campbell
I found something but im not sure this Colin is our guy:
This source tells a Colin campbell played in Victims in the early 80's.

Here another or the same? Colin from Toronto :

Theres even a photo there about this Colin:

So i have only questions about the wherabouts of Colin.

More info: fan page


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks saltyka for this nice album from A Drop In The Gray.

and thanks for all the good new wave albums the last time.

Marcel from Holland

12:59 PM  
Blogger redoalfo said...

thanks saltyka i have this album , but have misssing , 2 tracks .now I have it complete

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Ryoga said...

Thanks for Taxi Girl - I've never heard this band, only read about them. Well, i don't know many bands from France - only Indochine, Desirelles... maybe something else, but that's all. That's why I'm happy when someone introduce me to another great band from that country :).

Is there a possibility for a re-upload of Thompson Twins 1983 Live Album/Bootleg? It looks like it was banned on Rapid Share :/.

By the way, have you heard about "Ippu-Do"? It is Japanese new wave band, they sound similar to Ultravox (1978 - 1982 period), early Simple Minds - but with something, that can be called "Japanese Sound". I've found only few tracks from their albums, but they sound (at least for me) very interesting and good. Do you know where to find their albums? They have released their third album "Radio Fantasy" (1981) in the UK along with best of collection “Lunatic Menu” in 1982, so there is a chance that someone have it. Their last album “Night Mirage” (1983) sounds like Japan’s “Tin Drum”, but with more pop touch. Their debut “Normal” (1980) and second album “Real” (1980) are Japanese new wave classics. I think it is worth to hear this. Their leader Masami Tsuchiya played guitar on last Japan tour in 1982 (“Oil on Canvas” – this funny looking guy with guitar and interesting haircut is Tsuchiya ;)). Don’t expect english vocals (is it a problem for someone, who like Soda Stereo or Indochine?) I would be very grateful if You would like to look for it :). From Japanese music it is essential to know Yellow Magic Orchestra – good one to start from, because they use english lyrics. Ryuichi Sakamoto – that should sound familiar for fans of Japan/David Sylvian – was a member of this band :). If someone is interested, I can write about few bands, although I don’t know much, and often haven’t heard many of their records.

Greetings! :)

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the into the gap reup

3:13 PM  
Anonymous 1980-F said...

Hi Saltyka,

good to know, that there are more people on this planet who remember this great album. I bought it back in the 80s, after I had heard "Heartache feeds heartache" on the radio (those were great times!). In the meantime I've got a second one from eBay (you never know!)
Unfortunately I don't know any biographical stuff about the band, either. But Google brings up some info on the guitarist Hans Christian Reumschuessel. He is a composer/producer especially for computer games (e.g. Monkey Island). There also is link, where you can download some of his tunes from ancient C64 times...

Keep up the good work!
1980-F from Germany

7:26 PM  
Blogger David Villagrán Ruz said...

Hi salty, I'am uploading the last two records of YMO, when they finish I'll send you the links and the images.

I found a web that have bit torrent files of bootlegs and unofficial dvd's, the url is I'am downloading now one dvd of tuxedomoon, other by penguin cafe orchestra and another by david sylvian (2 discs), I stop to use soulseek, and try to make hard disk space!!... Try to check it.

I really want to listen some records that you have uploaded, but that would be too much for my life now :-))


6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool blog. Heres some punk music
Migraines - Shut Up
160kbps WMA
128kbps mp3

Thanks for the awesome blog...

1:29 AM  
Blogger dj hojo said...

Great blog! Any chance you could do Meat Beat Manifesto?

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i did buy the album in 85 and i'm still love it


2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i´m the ONLY visitor from GUATEMALA every time, this is the BEST blog in the world if you are a wave music lover in all of his divisions.
Roger Marroquin

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. I bought the lp when it first came out and lost track of it. Thought I would never have this again.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Warwick said...


I'm desperate for a copy of Flame by Real Life, or early James Freud (before Models) stuff, particularly the Gary Numan track, Automatic Crazy...

Any help appreciated!

5:03 AM  
Blogger nightfall said...

hi everyone, i just stumbled on this site as i was looking for a drop in the gray cd. cant find one. anyway, how can i download that album you posted ?
i'm from the philippines. might have some stuff you might want as new wave was a great thing here. cheers everyone. really happy to know there is still hope for me to find the cds i want.


1:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, The rapidshare link is dead..would you upload a drop in the gray album somwhere?? I NEED IT PLS!

5:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Drop in the Gray -great band. But anyone yet hear/read anything more about where Colin Campbell might be?
He married my best friend model Ann Turner, in the late 1980's in Los Angeles. They moved to England. Never heard from them or about what Colin was doing again. Through myspace, I recently contacted Danny from their band 'Drop in the Gray' and he said he hadn't heard from Colin in a very long time (and did not add anymore information). If anyone knows, where he is or what he's doing, please post back. Thanks. Julia in LA

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:14 PM  
Anonymous Nono said...

Thank you very much for A Drop in the Grey's album!

9:25 PM  
Blogger mirrortime said...

Such a cool band. I'm not really a fan of the production. But the songs are great. Danny's vocals are beautiful and I hope he is well and rockin. I've known him for about 15 years now but haven't heard from him in a while. I just love this band. Danny DOES have solo stuff. It's more Americana- ish. very smart and great lyrics. I am a HUGE fan. God Bless A Drop In The Gray... From Dean

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi everyone, i was looking for a drop in the gray cd. Could you share a link to get Certain Sculptures album?

8:13 PM  

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