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"This is emotional darkwave music, at times melancholy, and at times energetic. These guys are simply unique, independent to a fault, and you never know what to expect from them next. "

Real Name:
Chris Reynolds (keyb.,synth.) & Mark Reynolds (singer)


BROKEN HEART -mcd (1988)


01 Broken Heart (extended)
02 Broken Heart (UK mix)
03 Re-Broken
04 Broken Heart (Radio edit)
05 Control

Link to download:

NAIVE ART (1989)


01 If I Ever
02 Pretty in Pity
03 Russian Radio
04 Give Me Your Hand
05 All Roads Lead to You
06 Count to Three
07 Save Me Tonight
08 Broken Heart
09 I Don't Know Why
10 Rain
11 Für Michelle
12 Russian Radio (Razormaid Dub)
13 If I Ever (Extended Remix)
14 Broken Heart (Dub Remix)
15 Rain (Remix) (Hidden Track)

Link to download:

"Probably the best -if not the only- band to come out of San Diego, CA, Red Flag's Naive Art has a very distinct machinery-techno like sound and it worked extremely well. The songs, both lyrically and musically, are quasi-reminiscent of Depeche Mode in that it is slightly melancholic and most songs are in the minor key. The techno-pop music is very upbeat and dancy, notwithstanding it's semi-"dark" nature and the hooks, though simple, are poignant and memorable. One of Naive Art's cons is that there isn't a whole lot of variation: Most of the tracks don't sound very distinct from each other, but still it's a cool album and brings a lot of late '80s nostalgia back to me."

"I am so glad this album is available as a reissue for those who missed it the first time around. Unlike many of the more recent synth bands that sound kind of amateur, the production quality of this album is on par with any major release. This album is like a cross between early 80's Depeche Mode and early Anything Box (a band that actually came later, but serves as a good comparison). More bubble-gum than Depeche Mode, but essential for any fan of dancey euro-synth style music (although Red Flag are American). My favorite song is actually the ballad "Rain" which to me is Red Flag's equivalent of the classic Depeche Mode ballad "Somebody"."

COUNT TO THREE -mcd (1989)


01 Count To Three (power mix)
02 Give Me Your Hand - Count To Three (razormaid mix)
03 Count To Three (house mix)
04 Count To Three (house dub)
05 Count To Three (7 inch edit)

Link to download:



01 Broken Heart (UK remix)
02 Russian radio (Glasnost Club mix)
03 If I ever (1000 years mix)
04 Count to three (house mix)
05 Pretty in pity (painless mix)
06 Russian radio (razormaid mix)
07 I ever (razormaid mix)
08 Give me your hand (razormaid mix)
09 Count to three (razormaid remix)
10 Broken heart (razormaid dub)

Link to download:



01 After Hours mix
02 After Hours Radio mix
03 Heart Of Darkness mix
04 Heart Of Dubness
05 After Hours instrumental

Link to download:

MACHINES -ep (1992)


01 LP edit
02 Metal shop edit
03 Tony's edit
04 Metal shop extended
05 House of sprockets mix
06 Hammer & Sam mix
07 Rythmik vibrations
08 Tekno vibrations

Link to download:



01 Inner Sea
02 Ambient Tier
03 Shame on the Moon
04 Cry Me a River
05 My Love
06 In My Dreams
07 Ruby Roses
08 Things We Say
09 The Lighthouse
10 Inner Sea Revisited
11 Cry Me a River Revisited

Link to download:

"Wow, how can I describe this particular work of art? I have many Red Flag albums, however, this one seems to capture me the most. As many others have most likely described, this whole musical-vocal compilation practically takes you on a wonderous, smooth, mind relaxing and oceanesque joy ride. The Lighthouse has music and vocals that are timeless and much more mature, enjoyable, romantic, and sophisticated sounding than those you would find in your typical pop album. This has been one of my favorites of Red Flag for years. You'll appreciate this music most at the end of a hard working day as you are looking to sit down, breath in and out, and relax. Some of my favorites in the album are: Inner Sea, My Love (one of the most beautiful love songs I have ever heard), In My Dreams, Ruby Roses, The Lighthouse (an instrumental), and Inner Sea (Revisited - an instrumental version of the first song on the album). More of this style of music is hard to come by and would be a great thing... alas, I have been left wanting for more... There are many other great artists out there, but this album is definitely in a class all of its own."

"When I write this review, I have had all Red Flag albums from "Naive Art" to their latest "Who Are The Skulls?" I ave to say "The Lighthouse" still ranks on top of all RF releases. There's just something 'coolness' about this album. It's a blend of synthpop, new age, & ambient. The closest comparison would be ENIGMA's "MCMXC A.D." album minus the Gregorian chants.
This is not a dark synthpop album. No depressing 'dark-tone' here. I just love to put on this CD everytime I feel like relaxing after a long stressful day. Just close your eyes & you'll find the healing of the mind afterwards. Definitely 10 stars !!! Peace !!"

EP (1996)


01 Ilumination
02 Deeper Shade of Blue
03 I Remember
04 Time
05 Illumintion (extended)
06 Deeper Shade of Blue (extended)
07 Remember (Extended)
08 Illumination (Something Mix)
09 I Remember (Amnesia)
10 Time

Link to download:

"red flag shows a maturity and more varied approach to music on this release. listening to their albums you notice that they continue to grow as artists while never losing what makes them special. very enjoyable!"



01 Sundown
02 The Web
03 Hollo
04 Love Lacks Gravity
05 Clich
06 Digital Sunris
07 Nevermind HTT
08 Aliv
09 Collid
10 Minuet in E Minor
11 Laying Low
12 Anti-Gravity

Link to download:

"This albums is great. I truly love it, maybe not as much as "Naive Art", but it has a different mood to it. It is definatly not as dancable and as happy as "Naive Art" but it is very melodic and will put you on a state of TRANCE. Great songs like "Sundown", "Love Lacks Gravity", and "Nevermind Http" are very TRANCEY and MELODIC. Other songs like "The Web", "Hollow", "Cliche", and "Alive" will leave you mezmorized from their soft, and dark musical beauty and fantastic lyrics.FUTURE OF SYNTH-POP IN FULL AFFECT. Chris and Mark Reynolds deserve big recognition in today's music scene from their great contributions to synth-pop world. All songs are written, produced, and mixed by the two brothers under their own label, PLAN B records."

THE CRYPT (2000)


01 Curtains (3:49)
02 I See You (3:21)
03 King Of Everything (2:59)
04 The Thought Of You (4:10)
05 Rejection (2:49)
06 Heaven In Medias Res (4:21)
07 For The Dark (4:36)
08 L.O.V.E. (3:46)
09 Tortured Daisy (4:47)
10 Goodbye (4:05)
11 Sanctum Sanctorium (2:11)

Link to download:

"I am not a huge fan of synth-pop, but these guys have a hold on me for some reason; on The Crypt they have put out a series of catchy tunes, a pretty (and pretty strong) 41 minutes of music. Red Flag is somewhere between the existentialism of "Click Click" (a fairly obscure band these days) and the sappiness of Depeche Mode. I would recommend this music to fans of either of those two bands; clubbers who are into EBM might even enjoy the tame sound of The Crypt. What i appreciate most about Red Flag is their DIY (do it yourself) philosophy, which often entails eccentric packaging of the CD.
Let me clear one thing up right now: This CD can hardly be called "dark" music when one considers the dozens of truly dark electronically-based groups available to choose from (e.g., velvet acid christ, skinny puppy, hocico, wumpscut, cruxshadows, kevorkian death cycle, android lust, dismantled, xorcist, in strict confidence, cenobita, etc.)"

"I have two other Red Flag CDs: "Naive Art" and "Caveat Emptor", and this one is definitely my favourite!!! It is darker than the other two, but I think it is more interesting musically than their earlier CDs. I would highly recommend this cd, and if you only plan to buy one Red Flag CD, then this should be the one!"



01 The Eagle and child
02 Disarray
03 Take Care Love
04 She's My Girl
05 Time
06 In My Arms Again
07 The Game
08 Synthpopalooza
09 Illumination
10 Deeper Shade of Blue
11 Disarray Alpha Remix

Link to download:

"This album leaves me breathless. It is just AWESOME! The music is very beautiful and inspiring. I just love the song "Take care love". I can just listen to that song over and over again. The lead vocals are so beautiful and the music very enigmatic and inspiring, one of Red Flag's best compositions. This is an album to have if you are a Red Flag fan."

"This is the last album by the band before moving towards dark/gothic synth. It is a very good album and I really like it.I enjoy most of the songs in this album. The lyrics are great as always and the music is fantastic (true synth-pop). The Reynolds Brothers have never let me down yet. The vocals are like the previous albums and Chris does a great job with it. Songs like "Disarray", "Synthpopalooza", "Illumination", "Take Care Love", "She's My Girl","Time",and "Deper Shade of Blue" are great to listen and dance to. Other songs like "The Game", and "In My Arms Again" are romantic and slow. Definate must have for all fans."



01 I Am The Wind (4:14)
02 Live Fast Die Pretty (4:37)
03 On The Highway (4:08)
04 So Lie With Me (3:45)
05 I Love You To Death (4:28)
06 Cause And Consequence (6:15)
07 Spiders Waltz (4:45)
08 Lullaby For A Restless Girl (4:41)
09 Mathematics Of Tears (7:51)
10 Destiny (Ode To Luscombe Close) (4:17)
11 Fear Of A Red Planet (6:12)
12 Coda Concerto (7:01)

Link to download:

"There is nothing to fear in listening to this album. Be sure that the material contained in this album is the very best so far from this Depeche Mode inspired duo. I have been a steady fan of this group since they came out with their debut album Naive Art in 1988. I am familiar with all of the albums that Red Flag has put out and this one is by far their best work. Fear of a Red Planet has some very beautiful music and the two members of the group make use of some very unique instrumentation that will send chills of inspiration down your back. This is probably the third best Depeche Mode sound a like group after the German group Camouflage. If you are familiar with Depeche Mode's Some Great Reward album and Camouflage's Voices and Images, Fear of a Red Planet offers the same high quality electronic gloom and musical enigma. If you liked those albums, then you will defintiely enjoy this one."



01 Eternal Flame
02 Shadow Warrior
03 Unbreakable
04 Never Leave
05 Reign Down on Me
06 Hard Times for Dreamers
07 Electromachine
08 Made for Love
09 Fallen Angel
10 Burning Man
11 Talk About the Future
12 Codebreaker T133

Link to download:



01 A Life Worth Living (6:24)
02 The Pyramid Song (4:20)
03 Metropolis Kiss (6:06)
04 One Plus One (4:55)
05 Nobody's Perfect (5:04)
06 Toy Piano (3:46)
07 Barbed Wire Cuts (4:22)
08 The Map Of Her Heart (8:07)
09 Thin Air (4:41)
10 Wind And Sea (6:54)
11 The Bitter End (4:09)

Link to download:



01 Nevermind http: (Cosmicity Remix)
02 Cause and Consequence (Information Society Remix)
03 On the Highway (Cause and Effect Remix)
04 I Don't Know Why (Shades of Grey Remix)
05 Russian Radio (Scribe Machine Remix)
06 Take Care Love (Wave in Head Remix)
07 Destiny (B.C. Remix)
08 Control (Craig DeGraff and L. Barron Remix)
09 On the Highway (Somegirl Remix)
10 Heaven in Medias Res (Voytech & the Vis Remix)
11 Things We Say (NewVember Remix)
12 Lullaby for a Restless Girl (ROOM 1202 and Aaron Messmer Remix)
13 If I Ever (Provision Remix)
14 If I Ever (B.C. Remix)
15 In My Arms Again (Scribe Machine Remix)
16 Remember to Forget (Tragically Hip Mix

Link to download:

"This is a great collection of remixes done by other bands and hand-picked by Red Flag.There are a couple of "bonuses" on this album - one of the songs is a rare b-side from their first single (the remix is actually better in my opinion than the original) and another is a song that will appear on a yet to be released album with different words."

"I purchased this C.D. a few months ago, and I love it. Tracks 5 (Russian Radio, remixed by Scribe Machine) and 14 (If I Ever, remixed by B.C.) really stand out. There is a lot of talent on this disc. All of the remixes were excellent. Long live Synthpop!"



01 Beautiful
02 Move On
03 In My Arms Again (Sm remix)
04 Dark Side Of The Sun
05 On The Highway (Mojave mix)
06 Rescue (Extended mix)
07 Forgiving Sea
08 Dark Side Of The Sun (Shadowles mix)
09 In My Arms Again(Voytech & Vis mix)
10 Rescue (Instrumental mix)

Link to download:


Red Flag was a synthpop duo founded in 1984 in San Diego by brothers Chris Reynolds and Mark Reynolds (vocals), born natives of Liverpool, England.
Brothers Mark and Chris Reynolds were born in Liverpool, England. Soon after their umbilical gleaning, their family headed to the U.S. and, after a few stops, settled in San Diego.
As teenagers, the brothers developed a love for the electronic dance sound best exemplified by the likes of Depeche Mode and OMD, and hit local stages under the name Shades of May.
In 1984 the duo scored an early coup when their song “Distant Memories” was included on 91X’s local music compilation, Local Heroes. More importantly, a few years later they were discovered at a Pacific Beach club date and signed a deal with Synthicide Records, an offshoot of Enigma Records (Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks). Re-christening themselves Red Flag, the duo scored a minor turntable hit in 1988 with their debut single, “Broken Heart.” But it was “Russian Radio,” released a few months later, that really scored, landing the band in the Top 10 of the Billboard charts.
They released their first album, Naïve Art, in 1989, which scored another Top 10 with the single, “If I Ever.” The duo were now huge favorites at dance clubs worldwide, and that same year MTV’s underground specialty show, 120 Minutes, added “Russian Radio” to its rotation. Already proven as a live act, the brothers toured extensively, moving to larger halls and opening for heroes of the day, from Devo to Thomas Dolby. They chatted it up with Dick Clark after they performed “Russian Radio” on his legendary hit-making TV show, American Bandstand. Sadly, in a tale all too common, Red Flag’s record label folded just as the band’s star was rising.
It would be three years (1992) before the duo released another album, Machines, on IRS Records. It managed to reach No. 44 on the Billboard charts, but the momentum was gone. In 1994, the band decided to go the DIY route, setting up their own label called Plan B. Since the label’s inception, Red Flag has been incredibly prolific, releasing 10 albums, 14 CD singles, two box sets and numerous compilation album appearances. Because of their lavish packaging, their releases have become bounty for collectors. Even recently, they’ve been asked to headline huge international dance events, timed to promote various releases. They took a European jaunt in 2000 to support The Crypt and were booked in Canada and Mexico while promoting The Bitter End (as well as shows in Lima, Peru, which the pair have described as a career highlight). Things were going very well for the band in 2003, with MTV recently using their music for the Road Rules series. They released a new album entitled Codebreaker T133 while 2002’s Who Are The Skulls (a compilation of remixes of their music) and an inspired take on Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” were still garnering attention. They undoubtedly would have continued their prolific pace, but as information was being gathered for this article, Mark Reynolds passed away. You often here the term “underrated” used for musicians, but in the case of Red Flag (and this is not posthumous ass-kissing) it really was true. Even many local music fanatics remain unaware of their San Diego connection. With 10 chart hits and a huge discography spanning a 20-year history, Red Flag remain one of the most successful dance acts to ever emerge from San Diego.
by Alan 'Scoops' Stevens

• Red Flag singer Mark Reynolds passed away earlier this month, on April 7. 2003

more info: past official site official site



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And is great to see people apprecate such a great and emotional band.

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Caveat Emptor

The Bitter End

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