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TAXI GIRL for Boris

Synth-pop,Techno Pop, New Wave, French Pop

Daniel Darc (singer)
Mirwais Ahmadzai (guitar)
Stéphane Erard (bass)
Pierre Wolfhson (drums)
Laurent Sinclair (keyb.)
Pascal (Guitar) (1978)
Philippe Lemongne (bass) (1983-1986)



01 Jardin chinois
02 Cherchez le garcon
03 V2 sur mes souvenirs
04 Cherchez le Garcon (solitaire)
05 Mannequin
06 Les yeux des Amants
07 Triste cocktail

photo of Laurent Sinclair and JJ Burnel (The Stranglers)

Link to download:

The first The Stranglers influenced album,the song "V2 sur mes souvenirs" maybe the best example for it

SEPPUKU (1981)

Two StranglersJean-Jacques Burnel (producer) and Jet Black (drummer) — take part in it!

French album + 6 tracks from the English version of the album


01 Les armees de la nuit
02 Viviane Vog

03 La femme ecarlate
04 N'importe quel soir
05 Avenue du crime
06 Musee Tong
07 John Doe 85
08 Les damnes (chant des enfants morts)
09 Treizieme section
10 Les Armees De La Nuit (instrumental)
11 The Armies Of The Night
12 On Any Evening
13 Viviane Vog
14 Scarlet Woman
15 Avenue Of Crime
16 Tong Museum

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The second album from the "french Stranglers ",for example the runs of the keyboards, and slightly the guitar playing ( the almost same atmosphere) shows the huge influence of the Stranglers as they played their crystallized post-punk period (if you want more Stranglers-like album,try Mona Mur from 1988!!) Anyhow the songs of Taxi Girl are loaded with emotions and are very melodics.They are one of the best new wave band from french to my mind!

SUITE & FIN ?-Lp version (1989)

Compilation inc. Single B-sides and the Lp Quelqu'un Comme Toi (01-05) released in 1983


01 Quelqu'un comme toi
02 De l'autre cote
03 Plus je sais plus j'oublie
04 Cette fille est une erreur
05 Mona
06 Cherchez le garcon (version GB)
07 Devant le miroir
08 Like a rolling stone
09 Des nouveaux reves
10 Elegie

Link to download:

TAXI GIRL 84 - 86 (Mini Album; single compilation) (1990)


01 Paris
02 Les jours sont bien trop longs
03 Dites-le fort
04 Je reve encore de toi (Stephanie says)
05 Aussi belle qu'une balle
06 Je Suis Déjà Parti
07 Paris remix

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The last songs from Taxi Girl on an album is less new wave (less dark) and more pop or synth-pop-like than the previous albums , with beautiful melodies.



01 Triste cocktail
02 Position parallele
03 Avenue du crime
04 Mannequin
05 My generation
06 N'importe quel soir
07 All tomorrow's parties

Link to download:

DANIEL DARC - Nijinski (1994)


01 Nijinsky
02 Sur la route
03 Tournez, tournez
04 Toujours l'hiver
05 Pitchipoi Hotel
06 Haute surveillance
07 ...Encore jusqu'au jour
08 Il y a des moments
09 Brussel Serenade
10 Le feu follet
11 Nijinsky (version clown de Dieu)

Link to download:



01 La pluie qui tombe
02 La main au coeur
03 Rouge rose
04 Elégie #2
05 Inutile et hors d'usage
06 Je me souviens, je me rappelle
07 Un peu c'est tout
08 Mes amis (tour à tour)
09 Si tu vas là-bas
10 Et quel crime ?
11 Jamais, jamais
12 Psaume 23

Link to download:

MIRWAIS - Production/ MIRWAIS REMIXED (2005)

Synth-pop, House

CD 1.

01 Disco Science (3:34)
02 Naive Song (4:23)
03 V.I (The Last Words She Said Before Leaving) (6:51)
04 I Can't Wait (3:15)
05 Junkie's Prayer (3:50)
06 Definitive Beat (3:55)
07 Paradise (Not For Me) (6:28)
Vocals - Madonna
08 Never Young Again (5:37)
09 Involoution (5:38)

CD 2.

01 Can't Wait (Shakedown Remix) (6:33)
02 Naive Song (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix) (5:49)
03 Disco Science (Giorgio Moroder Blue Print Remix) (6:57)
04 Miss You (Thin White Duke Mix) (4:07)
05 Naive Song (Dave Clarke Remix) (5:44)
06 I Can't Wait (Mirwaïs Original Mix) (4:18)
07 Disco Science (Joey Negro Club Mix) (7:13)
08 Disco Science (Mirwaïs Electrobreak Remix) (8:20)
09 Naive Song (Olav Basoski Remix) (7:04)
10 Miss You (Micronauts Remix) (6:34)

Links to download: CD1 CD2

"French dance phenomenon, Mirwais Ahmadzai (known simply as Mirwais). Though he had been an influential part of the French musical landscape for years, his solo debut, Production, thrust the melodious marriage of 'human emotion and synthetic soul' and hit a chord with the Material Girl.
For electronic-dance pioneers like Daft Punk and Air, Mirwais' first band, Taxi Girl, was the source of much inspiration. Described as a cross between The Stooges, Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder (the musical mastermind behind disco divas, Donna Summer), Taxi Girl "diametrically opposed styles into an electrifying new-wave sound that entertained and inspired a generation of listeners bored by the complacency of 80s French pop."
After internal problems (much due to the drug-related death of the band's drummer), Taxi Girl disbanded in 1987. Mirwais didn't stay idle for long. He joined Juliette Et Les Independents in 1989 and started to explore the melodious introspection of acoustic pop. However, as French electronica started to erupt underground, Mirwais was drawn back into producing the music he loved.
"There are two sorts of people involved in music," Mirwais says. "People who like a specific style of music and want to do it better and people who want to experiment. Each new scene is a system and I don't want to be part of just one scene. I want to do something different."
-Leslie Simon

"I have a new favorite CD that I am introducing to everyone, Mirwais's Production, an international compilation. Mystical and rhythmic, the music transports one along rivers of electronic sounds from every continent. An acid dance and electronica beat blend vocals with synth-drum, African and Indian beats along with Arabic, Indian, African and Asian vocals (to name a few). Fusion that works and appeals to lovers of music. Mirwais starts mellow and progresses up from there, eloquently exploring the blazing sound and experience. Assembles 9 tracks that present a global late night journey of beat and dream. This is the music that you hear in the coolest of cafes and then ask, "Who was that? Where can I buy it?" "Junkie's Prayer" is a trip, while "Paradise Not for Me" is a beautiful vocal track, and "Involution" fuses funk, groove and Arabian along with submarine style sonic waves."

Biography of Taxi Girl
Taxi Girl formed in 1977 in the Balzac College ,was leading by Daniel Darc (Daniel Rozoum) who has jewish and catholic source by his parents. (he was given wide musical influence :his mother appreciates Dean Martin, Tino Rossi and Charles Trenet. His paternal grandfather sings Jewish songs and Russian songs in the family residence.His father listens to Glenn Miller and more-mainly- jazz swing records.)
At the beginning, the group plays only old recovered songs as : Sonics, Doors, Stooges, Seeds...,later Laurent starts to compose, followed by Mirwais. In July 1978, Taxi Girl gives its first true concert to Gibus where Alexis listens them and becomes their manager.Later they play with Pere Ubu,Sioux
sie and Talking Heads.
Their first really succes was the song "Cherchez Le Garcon" [Seek The Boy in english] (sold more than 350.000 pieces) .In 1981 after 3 released ep they've launched their own label Man' Kin Records (They produced the Civil ones, Clap Machine, Oberkampf, Radio Romance...)
Taxi Girl reduced to three (Daniel, Mirwais, Laurent) after Pierre Wolfsohn dies of overdose,and Stephan Erard left the group.Their only album, Seppuku (means japanese traditional suicide) , carried out by Jean-Jacques Burnel (producer) and Jet Black (drummer) of Stranglers. In 1982 they played with the Starnglers in England . In 1983, after Laurent Sinclair leaves the group, Darc und Mirwais continues in duet and stops the concerts and released a mini Lp only.Their last live shows
were in 1986.
Daniel and Mirwais do not want any more to make the same music. Mirwais is interested already in the machines and the synthetizers. He releases two albums with his partner Juliette Desurmont, under the name of Juliette and the Independent in 1989 and 1993, and a solo album in 1991. In 2000 he produces and composes six pieces for Music of Madonna, as well as a new solo album: Production. In 2003, he takes part once again in American Life of Madonna.
Daniel Darc in 1986: listens Who, Kinks, and wants to return to guitars, something moreover rock'n'roll,released his first solo Lp in 1987.His next album is "Nijinsky" (1994) (from rock'n'roll via cabaret to pop folk ballades) and the third is "Creve Coeur"with the same style.
In the 90s he published also some books. After problems with drugs he won the prize of music in 2005 with his last album (was the revelation album of the year)


Cherchez le garçon (1980)
Seppuku (1981)
Quelqu'un comme toi (mini album) (1983)
Suite et fin ? (1983)
Quelque part dans Paris (live) (1990)
84-86 (compilation) (1990)

More info: the official site od the band and Daniel Darc site of Mirwais

CD covers for the album "Cherchez Le Garcon":

next time more from Daniel Darc and Juliette & les Independants (project of Mirwais and Laurent Sinclair)


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What a surprise!
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Thanks for informations about this..!

ROb. ( with broken english :))

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The rar file of Taxi Girl's CHERCHEZ LE GARCON (1980)is corrupted (that's the message from win rar) I only can decompress till track 5, but the songs are very good!. Maybe the problem is from something in my computer. Somebody that already downloaded the file have the same problem?


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The files seem to be gone on RS (file not found!

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Could u please repost the Mirwais Remixed cd, been looking for this forever. Please ask of me if there is anything I can get for u I might have, thanks!

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hey any chance you could reupload these? these links seem to be dead.

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updated (20.11.2008)



Chercer Le Garcon

Quelque part dans Paris

Suite & Fin


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one of the underated french post-punk band!

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