Wednesday, December 27, 2006

DANCE FLOOR VIRUS - The Ballroom (1995) by REQ

Euro House

Tracklist :

01 Message In A Bottle (4:38)
02 Dedododo Dedadada (4:09)
03 The Bed's Too Big Without You (4:00)
04 When The World Is Running Down (3:49)
05 Walking On The Moon (4:27)
06 Synchronicity (4:27)
07 Every Breath You Take (4:07)
08 Spirits In A Material World (3:37)
09 Don't Stand So Close To Me (4:46)
10 Dedododo Dedadada (Police Woman Mix) (4:32)
11 Walking On The Moon (Floatation Mix) (4:26)
12 Message In A Bottle (Castaway Mix) (4:59)

Link to download : 192 kbs

I wasnt able to get info about them :(


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting. As a long time fan of the Police it's very strange to hear the songs in this light - also I noticed the vocals sound very different then the album versions...did Sting really re-record the vocals for this album? Thanks for sharing!

Also...don't know if you saw my req before...but I'd really like a re-up of the Harry Hosono album "Philharmony"...thanks!

3:07 AM  
Blogger joaorion said...

HAHAHAHA OHHH Salty i never thought you will have this request :) Thanks for filling it, as a fact its not sting, its nek the voice is almost the same.... thanks a lot m8 you really love to share, help, etc. Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!
This is hard to find.


P.D. When you have some time share some cause and effect. Rob Poland already shared Trip.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not really that important but the link

is broken. It's the back of the album at

Thanks for the post!

6:27 PM  

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