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AFTERLIFE - Speck Of Gold (2004) for Carla

The most played artist in Ibiza last year, at least at the beach bars and anywhere into lush, lilting, chilled and totally saturated sounds of impeccable taste. He is the sunset phenomenon, purveyor of romantic and melancholic mood music.

Downtempo, Deep House, Trip Hop

CD 1

01 Speck Of Gold (5:38)
Featuring - Cathy Battistessa
02 Clear Blue Sky (4:55)
Featuring - Calladine
03 Shine (5:42)
Featuring - Cathy Battistessa
04 Like Prana (5:35)
05 How Does It Feel (5:01)
06 On The Inside (5:41)
07 Still (5:16)
Featuring - Melanie Williams
08 Smooch (5:12)
09 Rood Beatz (4:50)
Featuring - Holly Chand
10 Ozo (6:05)
11 Miracle (6:00)
Featuring - Neve
12 Sunrise (DJ Thunda And The K20 Allstars Mix) (6:27)
Featuring - Rachel Lloyd

CD 2

01 Take Me Inside (Christophe Goze Mix) (5:56)
Featuring - Dannii Minogue
02 Shine (Chris Coco Mix) (4:45)
Featuring - Cathy Battistessa
03 Miracle (Cantoma Mix) (6:01)
Featuring - Neve
04 Clear Blue Sky (James Bright Mix) (5:49)
Featuring - Calladine
05 Sunrise (Roger Sanchez Mix) (7:01)
Featuring - Rachel Lloyd

Links to download : CD 1 CD 2

Product Description
Afterlife Are Back from Basking on Ibiza all Summer Long and Opening Cafe Mambo Along with a Host of Other High Profile Events. Bar De Lune Bring You 'speck of Gold' the Essential Afterlife Album that Brings that Balearic Feel to the Fore with Subtle Rhythms and a Laid Back Aura. This is a Double CD Set that features Remixes from Roger Sanchez, Chris Coco and James Bright.

"This is probably one of the most sophisticated and beautiful CD's I have ever purchased in my life. The lyrics along with the title and group name flow in an almost esoteric fashion. The sound is classy, fun and exciting. I agree with the other reviewer. Definitely the best of 2004 maybe the some of the best out of my collection and I have well over 10k tracks."

"First, let me start saying that I found Afterlife's music thanks to Dannii Minogue. I heard that she worked with a brilliant person called Steven Miller and finally (After searching the album for a long long time) I bought It and I listened to the "Take Me Inside" track - My reaction was something like: "This Is MUSIC !!!!". Afterlife's "Speck Of Gold" could be seriously considered one of the best albums of 2004, not just because the material included on this CD will make you fly, it also has that "Special Touch" that some chill out albums doesn't have. This release has an underground feeling that will make you relax watching a sunset, and listening to this album in a rainy day will take you to "Heaven". Tracks like "How Does It Feel", "Clear Blue Sky" , "Shine", "Miracle" & "Take Me Inside" are the ones who truly represent "Speck Of Gold" as one of the most inspiring CDs of the last 5 years. Overall, you will love this CD if you like Zero 7's music style but this one has an unique and delicious edge. "

Top UK Chillout producer Steve Miller – The most played artist in Ibiza last year, at least at the beach bars and anywhere into lush, lilting, chilled and totally saturated sounds of impeccable taste. He is the sunset phenomenon, purveyor of romantic and melancholic mood music. As AFTERLIFE and LUX he created both opening tracks on last years’s Café del Mar vol.7 and 2 further tracks on Café del Mar vol.8 this year. With previous tracks also on volumes 3, 4 and 6. Steve produces Chill “classics” as his “Simplicity 2000” album has proven.Steve has been producing for a long while and has worked with K - Klass, Jose Padilla, Chris Coco, Lenny Ibizarre and others too numerous to mention. He comes from a jazz/reggae background cutting his engineering and production techniques with the legendary Karl Pitterson who produced Handsworth Revolution by Steel Pulse and engineered the Exodus album for Bob MarleyThe first ever Afterlife gig was played at The Glade in Glastonbury Festival 2000 to a very surprised audience - they were not expecting chillout but loved it all the same.Other gigs in Ibiza during july that year including the exquisite Dreamdaze at Kumharas, Pacha Playa, Base Bar and rounding off by headlining at Cafe Del Mar 20th anniversaryalong with A Man Called Adam, Mandalay, Levitation and Trumpetman.The gig was televised by MTV .During 2002 Steve played the sunset at Café Mambo before going on to chill the crowds at The Roof Terrace at Pacha, Ibiza every week complementing Roger Sanchez in the main room on his Release Yourself nights.This year sees him concentrating on completing the debut LUX album and working on the new AFTERLIFE album due for release early 2004 as well as attending to remix duties including Jakatta’s classic “American Dream” and Roger Sanchez’s “Another Chance”His chillout mix being the only remix making it onto the single which went to number 1 in the UK charts last summer.

More info :

This is the first part of Afterlife ,im going to continue ...


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disco fever 2Cd

Thompson Twins - into the gap 1984

I will continue to post your reqs..


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Your article is very informative and helped me further.

Thanks, David

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Thompson Twins: file not found. So sad... can u repost please?

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Portrait Of Handsworth Riot in 1985 - Pogus Caesar - BBC1 TV . Inside Out.

Broadcast 25 Oct 2010.

Birmingham film maker and photographer Pogus Caesar found himself in the centre of the riots and managed to document these images. The stark black and white photographs featured in the exhibition 'Handsworth Riots - Twenty Summers On' provide a rare, valuable and historical record of the raw emotion, heartbreak and violence that unfolded during those dark and fateful days in September 1985.

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I've heard it and it's amazing! this chillout sound is so great! I wish I could download it but unfortunately all links are down! can you upload it again? please? presonally I recommend you MEGA... fast, free and reliable!

Greetings from Venezuela!

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