Thursday, December 21, 2006

I MUVRINI - á Bercy - Live (1998)

I Muvrini is a Corsican folk music group who sing traditional Corsican music in their native Corsican language.

France /Corsica
European Folk, Traditional, Ballad , Vocal

Jean François Bernardini - vocals
Alain Bernardini - vocals
Stephane Mangantini - vocals
Achim Meier - synthesizer & piano
Patrick Manouguian/Manu Vergeade/César Anot/Mao Otayeck/Abdenour Djemai - guitars
Batterie: Paco Sery
César Anot - bass & vocals
Amar Mohali - drums
1er violon Nicolas Stevens/2ème violon Laurence Ronveaux/alto Marc Pijpops/violoncelle Jean-François Assy, Paul de Rocca Serra/violons Djamel Benyeles,Bertrand Cervera, Florina,Dragan Urlic, Dominique Miletti

Tracklist :

01 Ne Fermez Pas la Porte (Don't Close the Door)
02 Aujourd'hui C'Est Toi (Today It's You)
03 Courage
04 Ne M'En Dis Plus (Don't Talk About It Anymore)
05 Lode Di U Sepolcru
06 Dis (Say)
07 Quand (When)
08 N'Oublie Pas (Don't Forget)
09 Tu Imagines (You Imagine)
10 Amers (Bitters)
11 Mort de Filicone (The Death of Filicone)
12 Berger de Ghisoni (The Shepherd of Ghisoni)
13 Ecoute le Niolu (Listen to the Niolu)
14 Je Vais de Par le Monde (I Am Going in the Name of the World)
15 Reponds Moi Oui (Tell Me Yes)
16 Demande (Ask)
17 Tue-Tete (At the Top of My Voice)
18 Terra

Link to download :

"I Muvrini is led by two brothers from Corsica, a tiny island off the French Mediterranean coast. Alain and Jean Francois Bernardini sensitively mirror both the music and culture of their native Corsica. Musically, they meld modern influences with traditional instruments like the citora (a 16-stringed Corsican instrument), hurdy-gurdy, and bagpipes, as well as guitar, keyboards, and drums. Their evocative voices soar and glide as they articulate the emotions and politics of their people in the Mediterraneans. The music builds steadily in contemporary fashion while the brothers Bernardini sing with elegance and poignancy. The spirit of this "world music" comes through loud and clear, making yet another strong case for remembering music as our universal dialect. Beautiful"

"The music is very unique in that it combines various elements from different ethnic backgrounds. There is a definite presence of the French influence in the accordion, but also some Italian and celtic elements. The music is very powerful , it transports you into a world of joy and deep happiness, sadness......I feel like laughing, dancing and crying. Rarely has any music touched my soul like that. I would love to see this group live in New York sometime. I can very highly recommend this CD, the music is beyond touches my soul....I hope lots of people will enjoy this music. Thanks to I Muvrini for their gift of music......

"i had the opportunity to see i muvrini in downtown Los Angeles last night... i had never heard of them before and nearly rejected the invitation... im glad i didn't as i have found a music group with such talent. What a joyous occasion when we find new music that truly moves us... from the moment i muvrini opened their set i was captivated by the sound of Corsican blended with Celtic, and other forms of world music. All the musicians seemed very professional in allowing the music to carry the evening instead of relying on gimmicks... they were up there to simply play great music.All the songs will speak to you in their individual fashion. Never mind the foreign language, the music will translate the spirit for you."

The group was formed in the early 1980s by the brothers Jean-François Bernardini and Alain Bernardini who were born in the village of Tagliu-Isulacciu in the north of Corsica. They are named after a type of wild sheep which live in the mountains of Corsica.
The Bernardini brothers were introduced to traditional Corsican music at an early age by their father, Ghjuliu, who was a well known poet and singer. They recorded their first single with their father in collaboration with the group Canta u Populu Corsu. Ghjuliu Bernardini died in December 1977 and I Muvrini's first album, I Muvrini ... ti ringrazianu, which was released in 1979, was dedicated to their father's memory.
In 2000, I Muvrini joined up with Sting to record the their most famous song, "Terre d'Oru" (English: Fields of Gold).
Throughout their career they have promoted the Corsican language and culture.

More info :


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