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DEPECHE MODE - Remixes 81···04 (2004) for Vasko

3 x CD, Promo

Techno, Downtempo, Synth-pop, Electro

Artwork By [Design] - Intro Compiled By - Roland Brown/ Mastered By - Mike Marsh
Mastered by Mike Marsh at The Exchange.This advance promo differs slightly from the commercial 3xCD release:* It Misses Lie To Me ('The Pleasure Of Her Private Shame' Remix by LFO).* Track 3-05 is the full version (About 1 minute longer)* 3rd disc is copy protected* Comes in thick jewel case

CD 1

01 Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix)
02 Policy Of Truth (Capitol Mix)
03 Shout (Rio Remix)
04 Home (Air 'Around The Golf' Remix)
05 Strangelove (Blind Mix)
06 Rush (Spiritual Guidance Mix)
07 I Feel You (Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery Mix)
08 Barrel Of A Gun (Underworld Hard Mix)
09 Route 66 (Beatmasters Mix)
10 Freelove (DJ Muggs Remix)
11 I Feel Loved (Chamber's Remix)
12 Just Can't Get Enough (Schizo Mix)

Link to download : 192 kbs

CD 2

01 Personal Jesus (Pump Mix)
02 World In My Eyes (Mode To Joy)
03 Get The Balance Right! (Combination Mix)
04 Everything Counts (Absolut Mix)
05 Breathing In Fumes
06 Pain Killer (Kill The Pain DJ Shadow vs. Depeche Mode)
07 Useless (The Kruder + Dorfmeister Session ™)
08 In Your Room (The Jeep Rock Mix)
09 Dream On (Dave Clarke Acoustic Version)
10 It's No Good (Speedy J Mix)
11 Master And Servant (An ON-USound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic)
12 Enjoy The Silence (Timo Maas Extended Mix)

Link to download : 192 kbs

CD 3

01 A Question Of Lust (Remix)
02 Walking In My Shoes (Random Carpet Mix) (Full Length)
03 Are People People?
04 World In My Eyes (Daniel Miller Mix)
05 I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia's Labor Of Love Dub)
06 It's No Good (Club 69 Future Mix)
07 Photographic (Rex The Dog Dubb Mix)
08 Little 15 (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
09 Nothing (Headcleanr Rock Mix)
10 Clean (Colder Version)
11 Halo (Goldfrapp Remix)
12 Enjoy The Silence (Reinterpreted)

Link to download : 192 kbs

Product Description
For nearly 25 years Depeche Mode has been making groundbreaking music, including being at the vanguard of remix culture since its inception. A "greatest hits remixed" collection, Remixes 81-04 is both a celebration and a flashback of the evolution of the remix and of Depeche Mode. Rleased as a limited-edition three-disc set, featuring a bonus disc of rare remixes, and a "best of" single disc, Remixes 81-04 features some of the most renowned remixers of the world, including Underworld, Goldfrapp, Air, Kruder+Dorfmeister, Timo Maas, Flood, Francois Kevorkian, Adrian Sherwood, William Orbit, Portishead and, of course, Depeche Mode.

"Your need to own this CD will depend on your tolerance for remixes and your desire to possess all things modal. Ranging from inspired to wretched, "Remixes 81-04" (even if it stops with "Ultra") has its moments. There are moments that the mixers actually catch the atmosphere of the song (Portishead with Johnny Dollar fare the best, on "In Your Room"), and the worst is when Underworld tries to claim that they remix "Barrel of a Gun." Sampling a snippet of vocal and putting it over a droning machine doesn't make for art. On the other hand, "Route 66" gets a joyous romp courtesy of the Beat Masters ("Personal Jesus" gets a similar treatment). Using a jazzier arrangement and clever drop ins, it is one of this compilation's highlights. Goldfripp, who doesn't make dance hash out of "Halo," even manages to improve a great song. "Remixes" functions as a quasi greatest hits, with extended versions of a few popular favorites. But frankly, if you don't have either for the "Singles" collections, they are a far better choice than this. For that matter, so are the majority of the Depeche Mode maxi-singles, most of which are still available."

"I haven't been a big follower of Depeche Mode. I like what I've heard so far though. I actually got this CD because of the bands doing the remixes. They did an awesome job; just like I thought they would. The Francois Kevorkian remix of Personal Jesus has great snapping beats and really moves along. I've been a big fan of Goldfrapp for awhile and their Halo remix is very reminiscent of their first album. It has an enchanted-forest-like feel. This CD is just fun and really makes you feel like dancing. A high recommendation."

"Some peeps might not like this album because it contains "remixes" wich are more Electro or Dance than the original one. Thats a reason why some of you people dont like it,Because you arent an adult,Maybe you are a teenager like me. Girls who go to the clubs like this kind of music for goin' out arround there and dance with their guys. It's not totally for just listening arround,It's more for like having it on a club. This CD is great,It tries to revive ssome of the old songs DM has made so far.These remixes might be kind of Electro or Dance but this new version of Enjoy The Silence that was made by Linkin Park is more rock wich I love it and I hear it all the time.But it would of been nicer if DM Makes again these songs with a better sound,I mean,Revive them theirselfs not asking help to other guys to remix it.It just keeps being the old thing but with a new sound.Wich i think that stuff from 2004 dont go with stuff from the 80s or close to the 90s.So thats what I think.But it would of been nicer if Depeche Mode itself revives these songs singing them again and giving it another sound,Or just remixing themselfs. Depeche Mode is a very good band,If a band like Linkin Park can remix songs,Why not DM? DM has more experience and would come up with excellent remixes."


Thompson Twins -Into The Gap bonus (1984)

out of the gap---


Y . Takahashi - A Day In The Next Life

OMD - lost mixes vol 1 (in 2 parts)

lost A---
lost B ---


rites of passage ---

and a new stuff!!

VITAMIN Z - unreleased demos (1990)

Tracklist :

01 Angel
02 Ever Changing Avenues
03 Breakdown
04 Hang My Head
05 Ordinary Day
06 Over The Moon
07 Trying To Prove
08 welcome To Hell

Link to download :



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hy Saltyka
by reposted albums is by
Thompson Twins (Plus)
The 3th Track Funeral Dance
0:06 Sec
Thx Tropper

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for filling my request of
Thompson Twins Bonus. Can't wait to get those.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your Blog is wonderful! I love the music that you include in your blog :-) Can I make a request? Can you repost Siouxsie and the Banshees' HAYENA album...Do you have JOIN HANDS? DO you also have

-Friends Again (Trapped and Unwrapped)
-The Colourfield
-The Glove
-Cocteau Twins (Peel Session)
-Duran Duran (Night Versions EP)
-Xmal Deutschland
-Kiss That

Hope you can post them. More power to you!


4:04 AM  
Blogger rick said...

On the Thompson Twins plus, some of the songs are cut at the end. Could you check that for me?

4:21 PM  
Anonymous GrumpyBear3 said...

Thank you so much for Vitamin Z - Rites of Passage. That's one of my all-time favorite albums. I used to have it on vinyl back in the day. I love your blog.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Saltyka,

First of all, this has got to be the best new wave blog. You got very rare materials.

Second, Vitamin Z's rites of passage and demos' posting have expired. Hoping that you will repost these in the near future.



2:26 AM  

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