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YUKIHIRO TAKAHASHI from Yellow Magic Orchestra

Country :


SARAVAH! (1977)

Tracklist :

01 Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu) 2.26
02 Saravah! 4.03
03 C'est si bon 3.12
04 La Rosa 5.04
05 Mood Indigo 2.51
06 Elastic Dummy 5.03
07 Sunset 4.04
08 Back Street Midnight Queen 4.15
09 Present 4.46

Link to download : 192 kbs

Between Sadistic Mika Band and YMO. Sakamoto arranges and co-produces. RS was nicknamed The Professor back then. Hosono plays bass. Currently Budget priced. Here we have an early (if not the first) appearance by all YMO members. A good example of late 70s studio pop. Not really related to their later Technopop sound.


Credits :
Drums - Haruomi Hosono/ Guitar - Kenji Omura/ Keyboards - Ryuichi Sakamoto/ Quasimutant Voices - Chris Mosdell

Tracklist :

01 School of Thought
02 Murdered by the Music
03 Kid-Nap, the Dreamer
04 I-Kasu!
05 Radioactivist
06 Numbers from a Calculated Conversation
07 Bijin-Kyoshi at the Swimming School
08 Blue Colour Worker
09 Stop in the name of Love
10 Mirrormanic
11 The Core of Eden

Link to download :

A Technopop classic.Should appeal to early era YMO fans.

"The two 1982 albums are pleasant surprises, with playing and material that's at once aggressive and arty. Murdered by the Music (from 1980 but unreleased in the West for two years) is the more goofy and eclectic. The What, Me Worry? EP features three tracks from the LP of the same name — one with Japanese lyrics this time — plus another bright original and a sprightly cover of an old German tune."


Engineer - Steve Nye (from Penguin Cafe Orchestra) / Guitars - Kenji Omura , Phil Manzanera (from Roxy Music)/ Keyboards - Haruomi Hosono , Ryuichi Sakamoto , Tony Mansfield(from New Musik)/ Producer, Vocals, Drums, Keyboards - Yukihiro Takahashi/ Programming - Hideki Matsutake/ Saxophones - Andy Mackay

Tracklist :

01 Glass
02 Grand Espoir
03 Connection
04 New (Red) Roses
05 Extra-Ordinary
06 Drip Dry Eyes
07 Curtains
08 Charge
09 Something in the Air

Link to download :

A fine album . Should appeal to YMO fans though none of the YMO period solos tried to duplicate the more instrumental based YMO sound. There was a British music movement at the time called "New Romantic" which included stuff from for example Roxy Music, whom YT admired and OMD, a contemporary act. Possibly more an ironic connection with being neurotic, though I guess in its New Romantic attitude it, in coincidental hindsight (futuresight?) it might even have slight echos in William Gibson's novel Neuromancer, which was published some 3 years later. Recorded March-May 1981 with HH, RS, Omura, Tony Mansfieds, Manzanera, Andy Makay, Matsutake.
Recorded while Yukihiro Takahashi was in full swing drumming/singing with the Yellow Magic Orchestra, this album might as well have been called a YMO album because both Haruomi Hosono and Ryuichi Sakamoto play their instruments here. And naturally the mostly fast rhythms are very similar to those in YMO's music as well as the album's overall mood. But some other musicians make an appearance too, such as Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay both taking a break from Roxy Music.Takahashi is in decent vocal form throughout where the usual echoes of David Bowie and Bryan Ferry from, again, Roxy Music are never far off. On the cover a few pictures of a rather pensive-looking Takahashi are printed but the music is actually rather cheerful. The first few tracks are alright if a bit interchangeable but starting with 'Drip Dry Eyes' (a compilation album favourite) they become excellent.

"I'm not one for using 25 dollar I will just tell you that if you love synth, you will ADORE this album. I first heard the last song on the album, "Something In The Air" on CBC Radio 23 years ago (!!!) This song is NOT the one done by Thunderclap Newman or Tom Petty. It is ethereal and fabulous and man, I can't wait to get a copy of this album again!"

WHAT? ME WORRY? (1982)

Artwork By - Hajime Tachibana/ Backing Vocals - Tony Mansfield (tracks: B2, B5) , Zaine Griff (tracks: B1, B2) /Engineer - Julian Mendelsohn , Mitsuo Koike , Yoshifumi Iio/ Guitar - Bill Nelson , Kenji Omura (tracks: A1, B5) /Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Drums - Yukihiro Takahashi/ Mastered By - Hiroshi Yuasa/ Mixed By - Steve Nye /Saxophone - Mitsuru Sawamura (tracks: A1, B2, B4)/ Technician - Hideki Matsutake , Steve Rance

Tracklist :

01 What, Me Worry?
02 It's Gonna Work Out
03 Sayonara
04 This Strange Obsession (tune by Zaine Griff)
05 Flashback (with YMO)
06 The Real You
07 Disposable Love
08 My Highland Home in Thailand (with Bill Nelson)
09 All You've Got To Do
10 It's All Too Much (George Harrison cover)

Link to download :

The tune Flashback includes all members of YMO. YT duets with Bill Nelson (plays throughout the album), Zane Grif and Ronny. This album will appeal to YMO fans. The style changes drastically from track to track. Not really a problem since it's very good.
One of the best Yukihiro Takahashi album during his Yellow Magic Orchestra period, it is certainly a varied one. Melody-wise most songs are strong and a few additional singers provide some welcome relief to Takahashi's "characteristic vocal style" (to put it politely), although he does sing with real passion throughout this album. The two short tracks are instrumentals with a Japanese feel, whereas the songs are clearly influenced by, or themselves influenced the early eighties British synthpop scene featuring the likes of the Human League etc.The English-lyric songs are all co-written by Peter Barakan who also helped out YMO in this respect. As usual the other two YMO members help out their friend here, but they only make an appearance on the wonderful 'Flashback', for which Ryuichi Sakamoto also provides the music. Other highlights include 'Sayonara' which has Japanese lyrics, 'This Strange Obsession' (written and partly performed by Zaine Griff), the melancholic 'Disposable Love' about the effects of a relationship breaking up and the fun 'All You've Got To Do'.'The Real You' continues the vocal style first heard on YMO's 1981 album ‘Technodelic’ with its multiple vocal layers sort of sliding over the accompaniment. The last track on the album is a cover of a George Harrison song from the surreal ‘Yellow Submarine’ soundtrack and anybody who knows the heavily psychedelic Beatles original will raise an eyebrow because here Takahashi manages to turn it into a nice upbeat pop-song, although some psychedelic elements like a Hammond organ sound and the well-known Beatles trick of inverted drum-sounds are retained.


Tracklist :

01 Ripple
02 My Bright Tomorrow
03 Kagerou
04 Rokugatsu no Tenshi
05 Maebure
06 Coincidence
07 This Island Earth (Bryan Ferry tune)
08 Are You Recieving Me? (Remix)
09 Good Time
10 The April Fools (Bacharach tune)

Link to download : 192 kbs

Lots of synths, but kind of like an average pop album. A bit dull. Suffers from lack of guests.

TIME AND PLACE (1984) (Live album :16+20 Aug 1983)

Credits :
Keiichi Suzuki, Hajime Tachibana, Bill Nelson, Sandii and David Palmer

Tracklist :

01 My Bright Tomorrow
02 Kagerou
03 Drip Dry Eyes
04 Flashback
05 Maebure
06 Something in the Air
07 It's Gonna Work Out
08 The April Fools
09 Happiness Is Happening [bonus studio track from 1983]

Link to download :

"Selecting those songs that best combine melody and muscle, Time and Place is a strong live set mostly interpreting Takahashi's previous repertoire but also adding some new things (plus a version of Bacharach/David's "The April Fools"). The band giving it all a unified feel is keyboardist Keiichi Suzuki, Bill Nelson, Hajime Tachibana (ex-Plastics) and drummer David Palmer. Interestingly, Takahashi doesn't drum — he sings, plays keyboards and guitar."


Tracklist :

01 Wild & Moody
02 Stranger Things Have Happened (by Steve Jansen)
03 Kill That Thermostat
04 Helpless
05 The Price to Pay
06 Bounds of Reason Bonds of Love
07 Walking to the Beat

Link to download :

A short album. With Sakamoto, Iva Davies (Icehouse) and Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe). Takahashi is in very good form with excellent arrangements. One of my favorite post-YMO YT albums I've heard. Recorded Aug-Sep 1984 .
At barely thirty minutes more a maxi-single than a full-length album, this first post-YMO project by Yukihiro Takahashi is also a bit short on ideas. Its atmosphere is slightly lackluster – "moody" perhaps, but "wild" is a definite overstatement. Plenty of harsh industrial sounds and a few contributions from former YMO buddies Sakamoto (Fairlight) and Hosono (bass) as well as Bill Nelson on guitar/vocal can't conceal the fact that the musical material is a bit average. A significant pointer is perhaps the fact that all the song-lyrics come from writers other than Takahashi.On the plus side, Takahashi's voice has never sounded better, making it less of a potential irritation and the addition of a few female backing singers also help things along. The best song is perhaps the Neil Young cover 'Helpless' and the album closes strongly with 'Walking To The Beat', co-written with Iva Davies.

"Wild & Moody is an LP of pretty songs — mainly romantic, though a little lyrically offbeat — dressed (but not tarted up) in electro-dance clothing. Nothing awesome, but nearly all of it delightful."

POISSON D'AVRIL -Soundtrack (1985)

Leftfield, Synth-pop

Computer [Programming] - Takeshi Fujii , Yoshifumi Iio/ Engineer - Shinichi Tanaka , Yoshifumi Iio/ Guitar - Ryomei Shirai/ Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Drums - Yukihiro Takahashi/ Mixed By - Shinichi Tanaka , Yukihiro Takahashi /Piano - Koji Ueno/ Strings - Koji Ueno/ Vocals - Pierre Barouh

Tracklist :

01 Poisson D'Avril
02 Theme from Mari
03 Shohei's CM Song
04 Proud Toilet Attendant
05 Heart in a Hurry
06 Ordinary Day
07 Probably, South Pacific
08 Brand New Day
09 At Speak Easy Club
10 The Trouble with Shohei
11 Theme from Fujiko
12 Soap Opera
13 Poisson D'Avril (instrumental)

Link to download : 224 kbs

Light, pop-ish instrumentals plus 2 songs. Koji Ueno and Pierre Barouh appear. Takahashi acts in the movie.

"Poisson d'Avril (the French idiom meaning April Fools) is the soundtrack of a film starring Takahashi. (A large poster of "Yuki" is included.) He was apparently seized by the urge to become Burt Bacharach; a surprisingly large amount of it is movie music, in the style of "sophisticated" '60s romantic comedy."

ONCE A FOOL (1985)

Tracklist :

01 Harukanaru Omoi
02 Fuyu No Silhouette
03 Providence (Subarashiki Gensou)
04 Shigoto Wo Oeta Bokutachi Wa
05 One More Chance
06 Sailor
07 I Saw The Light
08 Konchu-ki
09 Nakitai Kimochi
10 Kyou No Sora

Link to download :

Sakamoto, Hosono and Kenji Omura play. Typical Takahashi, Nice but not very memorable as it's kind of middle of the road.

Yukihiro Takahashi and Steve Jansen: Stay Close (1986) EP

Tracklist :

01 Stay Close
02 Betsu-ni
03 Stay Close (Weirder World)- [instrumental]

Link to download :

Many thanks for the original uploader!Ive just got it few minutes ago to mye-mail:)

lassical, Experimental

Computer - Hiroaki Sugawara , Yasuo Kimoto /Keyboards - Takeshi Kobayashi/ Keyboards, Percussion - Yukihiro Takahashi/ Mixed By - Michio Nakakoshi , Shinichi Tanaka , Yoshifumi Iio
Theme and Concept : Yohji YamamotoMusic & Produce : Yukihiro Takahashi for Yohji Yamamoto & Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme spring-summer 87, autumn-winter 87-88 collection in Paris. All songs composed & arranged by Yukihiro Takahashi

Tracklist :

01 Parfum De L'aube
02 Memoires D'un Homme
03 Memoires D'une Femme
04 Brise
05 Entracte
06 Parano-Mania
07 Voyage A Travers Le Futurproche
08 Les Filles Qui Arrivent De La Chine
09 Professeur "Fate"
10 Bondissement
11 Errance

Link to download : 192 kbs

Instrumentals. Various pieces of fashion show music. Witty sophisticated listening.
I take it that this is music produced for a fashion show.The cd is credited as a collaboration between Yukihiro Takahashi and Yohji Yamammoto. On the back cover it says "For Yohji Yamamoto and Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme spring- summer 87, autumn- winter 87-88 collection in Paris. The music is a combination of piano and computer. You can't dance to it but it seems to have a sense of humor about it. I'm not sure how else to describe it.

EGO (1988)

Tracklist :

01 Tomorrow Never Knows
02 Look Of Love
03 Erotic
05 Sea Change
06 Dance Of Life
07 Yes
08 Left Bank
09 Only The Heart Has Heard

Link to download : 192 kbs

This is a fantastic album including Hosono and Sakamoto. Other guests include Iva Davies of Icehouse, Kenji Omura and Ray Ohara. Solid electronic pop music. Leads right into 'Broadcast from Heaven.


Tracklist :

02 No Tengoku
03 Fait Accompli (by Steve Jansen)
04 4.30am NO YET
05 1% No Kankei
06 The Sensual Object Dance
08 Forever Bursting into Flame
09 Rehabilitation
10 What the World Needs Now Is Love

Link to download :

This and Ego are more interesting than the last several or next few post-la Penseé.


Tracklist :

01 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
02 Furueru Hoshi
03 Ai Wa Tsuyoi Stronger Than Iron
04 360 Degrees
05 Kuuki Suudake
06 Betsu-Ni (by Steve Jansen)
07 Everyday Life
08 X'mas In The Next Life
09 Kami O Wasurete Iwaeyo X'mas Time
10 Nightingale In Heaven

Link to download : 192 kbs

The cover for this one is nice. It has a transparent plastic insert with Takahashi's face and title, underneath is the cd booklet which can be folded several ways to give various backgrounds to the picture of Takahashi. It also includes his business card.Takahashi plays everything with guest appearances by Kenji Omura, Keichi Suzuki and Steve Jansen. This is another great cd.

THE ADVENTURE OF GAKU -Soundtrack (1991)



link to download : 192 kbs

"Produced by Yukihiro Takahashi". All synth and samples. Gaku seems to be a dog, thus making this cd a good companion to Sakamoto's Adventures of Chatran. Comes with a 68 page b&w booklet about the film. The theme is full of clockwork percussion which is interesting. Overall pretty fun.


Tracklist :

04 Follow You Down
05 Good Days, Bad days
06 Fathers
07 Pursuit Of Happiness
08 Happy Children
09 Mis

Link to download : 192 kbs

This album also features arrangements that highlight acoustic instruments and an inner serenity that takahashi must have been feeling at that time. There is one absolutely killer techno-pop track included (Mis). Worth the whole cd for this track alone.
Steve Jansen appears

IT'S A Y.T. WORLD -compilation (1996)

Tracklist :

01 Futari no kage ni -4.37
02 Flashback -4.54 (karaoki)
03 Disposable Love -4.28 (Japanese version)
04 Sayonara -5.31 (karaoki)
05 Ich bin der gluckligchste Mensch auf der Welt -3.59
06 Are You Recieving Me? -4.06 (single version)
07 And I Believe in You -4.29
08 Another Door -6.32
09 Walking to the Beat -4.06 (Australian single edit)
10 Poisson D'Avril -4.46 (single version)
11 Kimi ni Surprise! -4.04
12 School of Thought -3.53 (live)
13 Disposable Love -4.27 (live)
14 Sports Men -4.01 (live with Hosono)
15 Key -5.00 (live with Sakamoto and probably Hosono)
16 It's All Too Much -4.28 (live)

Link to download : 192 kbs

this rarities disc is included only as a special bonus disc in Yen Box Vol.1 (17 CD set of YEN releases)


Tracklist :


Link to download : 192 kbs



01 UN HOMME ET FEMME (Lai/Barduh)
02 MY GIRL (White/Robinson)
04 MELODY FAIR (Bee Gees)
05 "non-english title" (O'riodan/Hogan - the famous Cranberries song which was a hit for Faye Wong))
06 WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMEN (Wright/Lewis)
07 AUJOURD ' HUI C'EST TOI (Lai/Barduh)
08 LAST TANGO IN PARIS (Barbieri) .

Link to download : 256 kbs

These are Takahashi produced, but not necessarily performed covers of film soundtracks in techno style.


Tracklist :

01 Run after You
02 A Sigh of Ghost
03 Inu ni naretara
04 A Smile
05 Trajicomedy
06 Set Sail

Link to download : 256 kbs

or: 256 kbs

This EP has 6 songs and clocks in at 33 minutes. The cover is styled like an old National Geographic magazine. Has some lite electronica type beats, bits of rock guitar, not much more or less than you expect from him.

A RAY OF HOPE (1998)

Tracklist :

01 I Need You (3:39)
02 A Ray Of Hope (4:22)
03 Te Wo Nobaseba - A Touch Of Love - (Album Version) (5:22)
04 Iron Man (4:55)
05 The Choice (5:14)
06 Taisetsu Na Hito - Voice Of The Earth II - (4:34)
07 Memory Without Consequence (5:01)
08 Inu Ni Naretara (5:17)
09 Boku Wa Matteiruyo (4:55)
10 Run After You (London Remix) (6:05)

Link to download : 192 kbs


Ambient, Experimental

Tracklist :

01 Life's Like That
02 The Choice
03 Wave
04 Memory Without Consequences
05 A River Dry
06 Prayer Of Gold

Link to download :

Limited edition six track mini-album by percussionists Jansen (ex-Japan) & Takahashi (ex-Yellow Magic Orchestra), with guests vocalist Zoe Niblett (Locust) and guitarist AzizIbrahim (ex-Simply Red, Stone Roses, Ian Brown). The CD booklet has a removable lithographic cover. 1998 Medium Recordings


Tracklist :

01 Sekaijuu Ga I Love You -Everyone Says I Love You- (5:12)
02 Kaze Ni Tuzuku Michi (5:28)
03 For Men -Medicine On The Life- (5:00)
04 Nantonaku Beatnik De Iku Tsumori Datta (5:27)
05 Kyou No Eien (4:18)
06 '00 (6:11)
07 This Beginning (4:06)
08 Re Up (4:28)
09 Kakaru Omoi (4:32)
10 Post Re Up (0:40)

Link to download : 192 kbs


Acoustic Guitar - Hirofumi Tokutake (tracks: 2, 12) /Artwork By - Marke Newton /Brass [Euphonium] - Tomohiko Gondo (tracks: 5, 6, 12)/ Computer [Programming] - Tomohiko Gondo/ Engineer - Tomohiko Gondo (tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12) , Yoshifumi Iio (tracks: 7, 9) /Glockenspiel - Tomohiko Gondo (tracks: 1, 4, 5)/ Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Drums - Yukihiro Takahashi/ Mastered By - Tom Coyne /Melodica - Tomohiko Gondo (tracks: 2, 10) /Voice [Swedish] - Chiho Shibaoka (tracks: 1, 2, 9)

Tracklist :

01 Something New (4:51)
02 Blue Moon Blue (4:47)
Electronics [Electronic Bass] - Haruomi Hosono
03 A Star Is Born (4:45)
Lead Vocals - Her Space Holiday
04 In Cold Queue (4:48)
05 Lay My Love (5:18)
06 I Like The Wright Brothers, But No Airplanes (3:33)
07 Still Walking To The Beat (4:58)
08 Exit To Reality (3:29)
09 Slow Turning Of My Heart (4:46)
10 Where Are You Heading To? (4:11)
11 In This Life (5:04)
12 Eternally (4:25)

Link to download : 320 kbs review for the album

Biography :
Yukihiro Takahashi (高橋幸宏 Takahashi Yukihiro, born June 6, 1952) is a Japanese musician, who is best known as the drummer and lead vocalist of the Yellow Magic Orchestra.
Yukihiro Takahashi first came to prominence as the drummer of The Sadistic Mika Band, and became known to western audiences after this band (led by Kazuhiko Katoh, formerly of The Folk Crusaders) toured and recorded in the United Kingdom. After the Sadistic Mika Band disbanded, some of the members (including Takahashi) formed another band called The Sadistics, who released several albums. Finally Takahashi recorded his first solo album Saravah in 1977. In 1978, Takahashi joined Ryuichi Sakamoto and Haruomi Hosono to form the Yellow Magic Orchestra.
After the Yellow Magic Orchestra disbanded in the mid 80s, Takahashi went solo and released a large number of solo albums, primarily intended for the Japanese market. Takahashi has collaborated extensively with other musicians, including Bill Nelson, Iva Davies of Icehouse, Keiichi Suzuki of the Moon Riders (often as a duo dubbed "The Beatniks," although Suzuki essentially functioned as a member of Takahashi's backing band during the Moon Riders' brief hiatus) and in particular Steve Jansen. Takahashi has released a single Stay Close and an EP Pulse as a duo with Jansen.
Takahashi participated in temporary reunions of both The Sadistic Mika Band (as the Sadistic Mica Band, missing the lead vocalist Mika who was replaced by Karen Kirishima), and The Yellow Magic Orchestra (as XYMO). Both of these reunions included tours of Japan, and an album of new material.
Currently Takahashi is a member of the duo Sketch Show, with Haruomi Hosono. Sketch Show has released two albums, one of which Loophole has been released in the UK.
His latest solo album Blue Moon Blue was released on 03/15/06 in Japan.

"Takahashi's albums are far less programmatic and predictable than YMO's. He'll go from a reggae-style version of "Stop in the Name of Love" to a new-romantic soap opera to tongue-in-cheek pop powered by galloping synths to poignant soul-searching to a loopy update of Duane Eddy guitar instrumentals. He gives prominence to guitar (mostly played by YMO pal Kenji Omura, although Bill Nelson's e-bow graces much of What, Me Worry? and Phil Manzanera, bringing fellow Roxy Musician Andy Mackay along for the ride with sax and oboe, is on much of Neuromantic)."(

Discography (Solo Albums)

Saravah (1978)
Murdered by the Music (1980)
Neuromantic (1981)
What? Me Worry? (1982)
Tomorrow's Just Another Day (1983)
Time and Place (1984) (Live Album)
Wild and Moody (1984)
Poisson d'Avril (1985)
The Brand New Day (1985) (Best of)
Once a Fool (1985)
Only When I Laugh (1986)
La Pensee (1987)
Ego (1988)
Broadcast from Heaven (1990)
A Day in the Next Life (1991)
The Adventures of Gaku (1991)
Umi Sora Sango no Iitsutae (1992)
Life Time Happy Time (1992)
Heart of Hurt (1992) (Unplugged best of)
Ahiru no Uta ga Kikoete Kuru yo (1993)
Mr YT (1994)
I'm Not In Love (1995) (Best of)
Fate of Gold (1995)
Portrait with no Name (1996)
A Sigh of Ghost (1997)
Pulse:Pulse (with Steve Jansen) (1997)
A Ray of Hope (1998)
Yukihiro Takahashi Collection - Singles and More 1988-1996 (1998)
The Dearest Fool (1999)

More info : here come the comments from the unofficial site one more unofficial site

More from Takahashi (Sandii & the Sunsetz, Sadistics Mika Band, The Beatniks, Sketch Show...)


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A Day Of Hope

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seems that someone made a two part rar archive from "page by page", but missed to upload the second part. so, only tracks 1-9 are here:
but that's better than nothing anyway. mayby someone will find or relink the second part.
thanks for this great blog !

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, ... again

"page by page", second part :

it's not the 'real' part2 rar archive - but works

artwork here :

track 2 from the first rar archive (previous post) has a crc error. you have to unrar it, ignoring the error.
UNRAR 3.11 freeware
"unrar.exe x -kb"
the track has a frame error at 2:42 min, its just a minor 'click'

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some stuff to you, enjoy! Im also trying to get the new album.

Poisson D'avril (1985)

Stay Close EP

Life Time Happy Time (1992)

It's A Y.T. World-compilation

Portrait With No Name (1996)

A Sight Of Ghost (1997)

A Ray Of Hope (1998)

Pulse (1998)

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And thank you anonym for your help with the new album!


4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please reupload "Saravah!!"and"Once a Fool"!!

5:14 AM  
Blogger Dylan said...

Please reup Saravah, thank you.

7:29 PM  
Blogger cindiot said...

how do you UNRAR part 1 of "page by page"? i can only get track 1 out of the first 9

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Troy said...

Thank you so much! Amazing to hear these Takahashi albums. I only have Neuromantic on vinyl (but all YMO on cd.) I love his sounds, and his voice sounds great to me.
The files are no longer available it seems, alas.

Thank you for writing a little review and saying who the musicians and producers are... I love connecting the dots (Roxy Music, Bill Nelson, Sylvian, Jensen, YMO, Eno, Ippy Du, Sandii, and so on...) The reviews are a classy touch that one doesn't find on many music blogs. Good work!

Cheers from freezing cold Halifax, NS, Canada.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great, great post.

For those looking, I found Saravah! here:

Also to anyone else out there, i've still not been able to find 'Heart of Hurt' so any link would be amazing.

Cheers all!

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im searchin for "Pulse Remix", someone got a link?

7:23 AM  
Anonymous PattyO said...

Thans so much for all your work.
I can't get any of the filesend files to download. What am I doing wrong?


2:08 PM  
Blogger Max said...

Saltyka -

Firstly, I LOVE your blog! Second, can you please re-up Ego? "file has been deleted!"


11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is Ego from 1988:

11:59 AM  
Blogger bloudie said...

thanks for many upload.
please reupload La passe
please! plase! please!

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Free Antivirus Download said...

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8:04 AM  
Blogger marioscafe said...

hello, this is a long shot, but can you re-up these albums? nowhere to be found unless someone else rips their vinyl and posts it too. thank you.

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. I wanted to download the Stay Close EP but the link on the blog doesn't work. I even saw a link mentioned in the comments where the file was uploaded to Rapidgator but that didn't work for me either :(

11:04 AM  

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