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EXPOSÉ posted by Anvilscepe

Downtempo, Synth-pop

Ann Curless
Jeanette Jurado
Gioia Bruno
Kelly Moneymaker


Exposure is the first studio album by Miami-based dance pop trio Exposé and it was released in 1987. It reached #16 in the US and went multi-platinum.

Tracklist :

01 Come Go with Me (4:15)
02 Let Me Be The One (4:18)
03 Exposed To Love (3:34)
04 Seasons Change (4:53)
05 Extra Extra (3:44)
06 Point Of No Return (5:20)
07 Love Is Our Destiny (3:16)
08 I Know You Know (3:57)
09 You're The One I Need (4:11)
10 December (6:06)

Link to Download :

Production description
Even greater than their Greatest Hits, Exposé's first album finds these club-and-chart divas in their most pure form, before personnel changes and the evolving musical climate sent them scrambling from their roots. Exposé were the queens of the Miami sound, and at many points in the 1980s and '90s, queens of the pop charts. But sales never translated to celebrity, and as the members were shuffled and the music grew increasingly anonymous, those who weren't watching closely didn't notice them. Exposure captures Exposé at their peak before the doldrums set it, and it's sure to get a party started, especially if your guests are older folks who remember this group from their first time around. --John Sanchez

"Call this a variant of the Florida dance-pop sound, with three cute singers, one white (Ann Curless), one Italian (Gioia Bruno), one Latina (Jeanette Jurado). In terms of really upbeat, they borrow from Miami Sound Machine's Latin rhythms, but producer Lewis Martinee saturates it with dance beats and keyboard synths to really make Exposure, the trio's debut album, a non-stop party save two heartfelt ballads."

"Okay Okay. It's not really TRUE Latin music, but this group led me to explore Latin Music. Back in the late 80s, I was hooked on Expose's music. I even joined their fan club. Expose consisted of three members (although the lineup always changed). Gioia was the more R&B singer (listen to Let Me Be The One), Jeanette was more the POP singer (Seasons Change is simply pretty) and Ann was more the Adult Singer (her vocals had a British element to it). They never became BIG stars and I believe it had something to do with their manager and producer. At any rate, these ladies brought me joy as a youngster and I still think they are great. This cd sounds just as fresh as it did back in the 80s and that is an amazing feat. Check it out! "


Tracklist :

01 What You Don't Know (4:43)
02 Stop, Listen, Look & Think (4:05)
03 Tell Me Why (5:22)
04 When I Looked At Him (5:31)
05 Let Me Down Easy (4:50)
06 Still Hung Up On You (3:57)
07 Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue (3:48)
08 Now That I Found You (3:43)
09 Love Don't Hurt (Until You Fall) (4:17)
10 Didn't It Hurt To Hurt Me (5:36)
11 Walk Along With Me (3:04)
12 What You Don't Know (In Effect Mix) (5:43)
13 When I Looked At Him (Suave Mix) (7:01)

Link to download :

"This is a good CD, not quite as good as their debut but still has lots of decent songs on here. My favorites are "What You Don't Know", "When I Looked At Him", "Love Don't Hurt" and "Now That I Found You", the last one being sung by Ann. There were no songs that featured her on lead vocals on the first CD so it was nice to hear her sing, she sings quite well! I have always liked Expose's sound, they came out with fun, upbeat songs as well as nice ballads, unfortunately you don't hear anything similar nowadays. I would recommend this one to any fan of Expose."


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