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STACEY Q - Better Than Heaven posted by Anvilscepe

Real Name:
Stacey Lynn Swain

Electronic, Pop, Rock
Pop Rock, Hi NRG, Synth-pop, Ballad, Disco

Tracklist :

01 Two Of Hearts (Extended Album Version) (7:13)
02 We Connect (4:14)
03 Insecurity (3:31)
04 Better Than Heaven (3:33)
05 Don't Let Me Down (3:53)
06 Music Out Of Bounds (4:24)
07 Love Or Desire (3:46)
08 Don't Break My Heart (3:33)
09 He Doesn't Understand (5:07)
10 Dancing Nowhere (3:46)

Link to download :

"Stacey Q's first album from 1986 was a fun first effort of dance pop. I didn't expect Two of Hearts to be 7 minutes long! I'm so used to hearing the single version that they played so much on the radio and placed on many compilation albums. I was thinking, the usual 3:56 song, next song, and so forth. It's so creatively done, with some sexy vibes within it. At times, Stacey reminds you of Madonna in terms of the dance tracks and the rhythms. The ballads on here are nice. And you have to credit the SSQ band for playing the music on here, loads of aggressive and dynamic rhythms and landscapes. Besides Two of Hearts, other standouts are We Connect, Love of Desire, the catchy Don't Break My Heart, and Dancing Nowhere. Back in 1986, people would say--She won't be talked about 20 years from now, nor that hit single. But in 2006, I still listen and hear echoes of Two of Hearts and some of the other album's songs. It's not about looking back or being retro, it's about how they sound today in 2006."

"I must say BETTER THAN HEAVEN has all the catchy, heavily synthesized, and completely superficial '80s dance songs you could possibly want. "

"This cd is one of the best of the eighties. Every song is energetic and powerful, especially Two of Hearts, which is one of the best love songs I have ever heard. The great rhythms, combined with stacey's sultry voice, makes this cd a classic."

Stacey Q (born Stacey Lynn Swain on November 30, 1959 in Fullerton, California) is an electronic dance music singer, best known for her 1986 hit single "Two of Hearts".
Early in her life, Swain studied classical ballet and theater. In the early 80's, she joined the dance music outfit Q (named after the James Bond character), which became SSQ. When she went solo as Stacey Q, she initially continued to work with her SSQ bandmates.
"Two of Hearts", the first single off her 1986 solo album Better Than Heaven, reached #3 in the U.S. in 1986. The followup single, "We Connect", released in 1987, peaked at #23. Both songs were featured on the TV series The Facts Of Life, in which she made guest appearances as the character Cinnamon (she would go on to appear in the sitcoms Full House and Mama's Family). Her sophomore album, Hard Machine and third album, Nights Like This, recieved more critical acclaim but went mostly unnoticed to all but dance music lovers and hardcore Stacey Q fans.
Initially written off as HiNRG fluff, Stacey Q showed a more spiritually-minded side of herself on the late-90's, folk-leaning release Boomerang (which included a version of George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord"). Though maintaining a fairly steady presence on the dance charts, since then she has yet to return to the Top 40. 1998 saw her make a "special non-sexual appearance" as a Chinese food delivery girl in the gay porn film Playing The Odds, and in 2000 she took part in the gay-themed comedy/drama/art film Citizens of Perpetual Indulgence. She's also appeared on Never Mind The Buzzcocks (2002), and voiced a character in the English-language version of the Japanese animation, Stratos 4.
VH1's Where Are They Now? produced a feature on the artist, in which she revealed herself to be a devotee of Tibetan Buddhism, having practiced under a teacher in Tibet.
As of 2004 Stacey still resides in California and is still in the music industry. Stacey is rumoured to be working on a new project titled, "Stardust" which has no scheduled release date yet.

More info :


Ganymed -Takes you higher / future world (

Silicon Dream - Time machine (

and two songs :

Prefab Sprout 02-cue fanfare---

Thompson twins -funeral dance

Lot of thanks Anvilscepe for the albums!!


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Hi Saltyka! I have just found your blog and I really like it. There are many rare and nice songs and albums. Would it be possible to re-upload Stacy Q album preferebly in best possible quality? Keep like that! UV

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Stacey Q's new dance album "Color Me Cinnamon" is now available at

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