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GINA X PERFORMANCE posted with Anvilscepe

Genre: Electronic
Style: Italo-Disco, Electro, Synth-pop
,New Wave

Gina Kikoine: Vocals, conception
Zeus B. Held: Keyboards
László Czigány: Drums
Heinz Trewer: Synthesizer programming
Martin Hömberg: Additional sequencer programming


Drums - László Czigány/ Producer - Martin Homberg/ Programming - Heinz Trewer

Remastered reissue with four bonus tracks. Written by Gina Kikoine. Produced by Zeus B. Held & Martin Hömberg. "Big Brother": additional & backing vocals. Recorded & mixed at The Sound Experience Studio am Dom, Cologne in Summer 1978 by Martin HömbergKeyboard instruments: Mini Moog, Polymoog, ARP Synthesizer 2600, ARP String Ensemble, ARP Sequencer, Fender Rhodes Piano, Grand Piano, Hammond A 100, Sennheiser Vocoder

Tracklist :

01 Nice Mover (4:34)
02 No G.D.M. (5:57)
03 Plastic Surprise Box (3:09)
04 Casablanca (5:36)
05 Be A Boy (4:00)
06 Exhibitionism (4:58)
07 Black Sheep (3:49)
08 Tropical Comic Strip (5:08)
09 No G.D.M. (Berlin 1992 Mix) (4:58)
10 Nice Mover (7" Edit) (3:45)
11 No G.D.M. (7" Edit) (4:05)
12 Homage A B.B. (5:02)

Link to download: 192 kbs

Product Description
LTM is proud to announce the first release on CD of the debut album by Gina X Performance, an acknowledged new wave/electro classic first released in 1979. Formed in Cologne, Germany, the core of Gina X Performance comprised charismatic Gina Kikoine (vocals and lyrics) and writer-producer-musician Zeus B. Held. Between 1979 and 1984 the group released four albums of cool arthouse electro-disco: Nice Mover, X-Traordinaire, Voyeur and Yinglish. Their classic 1979 single No G.D.M. was a club hit on both sides of the Atlantic and remains a cult classic thanks to electro/synthcore compilations such as Nag Nag Nag. Slinky second single Nice Mover is also an established favourite, having appeared on the Andrew Weatherall compilation Nine O’Clock Drop. As well as stand-out tracks No G.D.M., Nice Mover and Be A Boy, this new extended CD edition also features four bonus tracks: two remix versions of No G.D.M. and two rare cuts, Babylon Generation and Homage a BB. In 2005 Q Magazine’s electro-pop special rated No G.D.M. as one of the most influential songs to come out of the Continent a fact made clear by even the most cursory listen to Ladytron, Goldfrapp or Miss Kittin and the Hacker.

The classic first album, first released on Crystal in the autumn of 1979 and now digitally remastered with 4 bonus tracks. Produced by Zeus B. Held and Martin Homberg, the album features the cult singles No G.D.M. (Dedicated to Quentin Crisp) and Nice Mover, as well as the original version of Do It Yourself. Booklet includes full recording information and artist biography.

"Like an artier Moroder, the noirish synth-funk textures provide the iciliy futuristic backdrop for gender-bending tales. 4 stars" (Uncut magazine, 06/05); "Pioneering electro-pop - hints of Kraftwerk, Nico and Studio 54-era Grace Jones" (Mojo, 09/05); "Did you ever wonder where Grace Jones and Miss Kittin learned all their moves? Look no further than Gina X Performances's 1979 electro new wave classic. The highly influential club singles Nice Mover and No G.D.M. are ground zero for the combination of cold-wave electro, cocaine-fuelled disco sleaze, dark cabaret and gender-bending performance aesthetics that would come to dominate the Berlin and NYC scenes during the early 1980s, and then again in the late 1990s" (, 07/05); "Toying with sounds that would later dominate the Euro new wave scene for the next several years, the album is filled with electro, funk and cabaret stylings. Nice Mover is a slinky sexy cold wave creeper that brings to mind Amanda Lear hanging with Kraftwerk at Danceteria" (; "This new wave avant-electro art prancing is so similar to today's product that I actually checked the CD case to see if this was secretly made in the past year, and packaged as a reissued for authenticity. But no, it's the real deal - tarty Cologne-tinged English lyrics of fashionable discontent (society, drugs) with music that could be Air around the time of their Virgin Suicides soundtrack. Hot damn, what a gem! Unlike your clothes that won't fit in the future, this does fit - and very very well" (Exclaim!, 07/05)

"Well, I had my doubts about this one. truth is, I hadn't heard it for maybe 15 years and was just playing the memory when I decided to pick it up on CD ... wow! Gina X is not, admittedly, so much about vocals as about attitude, and she has attitude to spare. Experimenting with gender and the illusion of reality (I guess) ranks this in alongside quite a number of early electronica recordings, but with Zeus B Held in control the whole project has an aural integrity and a surprisingly rich emotional tone. Now I guess this music represents a particular moment from the past - almost like a Midney recording. The sound of countercultural NY and Berlin for sure, but I think it survives enough beyond its time to retain some meaning even now. Considering the utter dearth of truly challenging popular music (or at least music purporting to work within popular structures), this CD will certainly reward the more adventurous listener. If you liked The Flying Lizards 'Top Ten' (and why in all hell is that one not on CD yet) you will probably get into Gina X almost immediately."


Classic second album (1980) digitally remastered with 4 bonus tracks: track 9 from the 7",track 10 and 11 from the "Yinglish" LP (1984),track 12 from the "Voyeur" LP (1981).

Tracklist :

01 Strip Tease (5:20)
02 Do It Yourself (5:22)
03 Opposite Numbers (4:18)
04 Cologne Intime (6:02)
05 Weekend Twist (3:02)
06 Nowhere Wolf (4:50)
07 Vendor's Box (4:48)
08 Ciao Caruso (10:05)
09 Do It Yourself (7" edit) (4:07)
10 Waiting (4:23)
11 Kanal Banal (3:16)
12 Hypnosis/Hypnose (4:17)

Link to download: 192 kbs

Second album, originally released in September 1980 and now digitally remastered with 4 bonus tracks. Again produced by Zeus B. Held and Martin Homberg, the album features Strip Tease and the singles Opposite Numbers and Do It Yourself as well as four bonus tracks.

"The album is a beautifully sleek and feline creature that retains a clear relevance to today through acts like Goldfrapp, Ladytron and more mainstream ‘pop’ artists such as Scissor Sisters, with whom GXP share a common flirtation with provocatively sexual lyrics and gay/androgynous imagery. Musically we’re in Berlin Bowie meets Chic meets Giorgio Moroder territory and it’s a heady and provocative mix, particularly on the opening triptych of Striptease, Do It Yourself and Opposite Numbers. All three tracks sound fresh and wonderfully hedonistic with their evocative suggestion of fetishist decadence and liberated carnality in some dark underground Cologne club. X-traordinaire holds interest far beyond being merely a curio from the dawn of electronica, thanks to its rich and glossy production and the sophisticated multi-layering of electro-beats and melodic rhythms" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 06/05); "Disco for the intellect, a new medium that's rich with style and provocation. Sexual sophistication, erudition, hipness and cosmopolitan lifestyle" (NME, August 1980); "Gina Kikoine's voice is spectral, witchy and quite compelling. Beneath the disingenuous Euro-disco surface there's a lot to absorb" (Melody Maker, August 1980)"

More review:

VOYEUR (1981)

Gina Kikoine: Vocals, ConceptionRalph Morgenstern: Backing vocalsHinrich Sickenberger: Backing vocals, Kettle-drums and gongZeus B. Held: Keyboards and vocoderLászló Czigány: Drums

Tracklist :

01 I.C.Code (3:26)
02 Horror Vacui (4:40)
03 Babylon Generation (4:07)
04 Kaddish (4:16)
05 Video Draguer (4:47)
06 Hypnosi/Hypnose (4:19)
07 Pederast Dissection (4:01)
08 Hom Intern (5:55)
09 Kiruna (5:16)

Link to downlad: 192 kbs

The third GXP album, again produced by Zeus B. Held and Martin Homberg, originally appeared in 1981 and was quickly deleted. In fact it's probably their most consistent long player, with stand out tracks including IC Code, Babylon Generation and Hypnosis.

"Voyeur was a radical response to the more straightforward synth-pop direction of the first two GXP albums, and is an enjoyable model of innovative club music that feels even more relevant now than ever. And tacked on to the end are some cool new remixes"(Exclaim!, 12/05)"

More review:


Written by Gina Kikoine & Zeus B. Held, except track 01 written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney, track 03 written by Serge Gainsbourg ,track 05 Written by Gina Kikoine, Zeus B. Held & Christian Gence/Recorded & mixed at Studio St. Nom, Parisby Christian Gence & Denis Vanzetto/Additional recording at Odyssey Studios, London by Marc Frank/The Garden, London & The Barge, Little Venice by Zeus B. Held/Fairlight Program & research by J.J. Jeczalik

Tracklist :

01 Drive My Car (6:12)
02 Die Kunst Des Liebens (The Art Of Loving) (3:38)
03 Harley Davidson (3:06)
04 Thanatos Tanzt (6:38)
05 French Lift (3:54)
06 Kanal Banal (3:17)
07 Londra (3:27)
08 Waiting (4:20)
09 En Vogue (3:34)
10 BB 50 (4:52)
11 Martyr To Music (4:52)
Vocals - James Thomas
12 Drive My Car (Dance The Car) (6:05)
13 Drive My Car (Drive On Film) (3:25)
14 Kanal Banal (Basic Move) (5:35)
15 Londra II (4:37)
16 Die Kunst Des Liebens (X-Tra Long) (4:55)
17 Waiting (V-Speed) (6:41)

Links to download: 192 kbs

The final album, from 1984, is credited simply to Gina X alone, but still produced and co-written by Zeus B. Held. Singles Harley Davidson and Drive My Car are joined by superior Gina X originals such as Waiting and Kanal Banal, as well as five bonus tracks from the remix album originally packaged with initial copies of Yinglish. 16 tracks, 76 minutes of music.

"It's a strong example of 80s left-field Europop, and if that era meant anything to you this will certainly work like a charm. Again bonus tracks are added, which only makes this an even bigger pleasure for maximum indulgence" (Exclaim!, 12/05))

"Gina X is beautiful Teutonic singer Gina Kikoine with backing by a German synths-and-drums trio (adding guitar for the second album) that plays technically impressive smooth (but dull) dance-rock. On Nice Mover and X-traordinaire, Kikoine's expressionless voice isn't exactly pleasant; her lyrics are in English (and occasionally French), but that doesn't help the lifeless songs any. Boring!
With Kikoine opting for solo billing, Yinglish continues her association with producer/keyboard player/co-writer Zeus B. Held (Dead or Alive, Fashion) and guitarist Dierk Hill; otherwise the cast is new. She sings nonsensical poseur lyrics variously in English, French and German; a cover of the Beatles' "Drive My Car" and a Serge Gainsbourg song offer some connection to the known world. The music displays an awareness of Yello and dance music developments like scratch mixing, while expanding the palette to include subtler forms. Gina'n'Zeus are reaching for a fey artiness that just isn't worth finding. Kikoine's vocal skills are improved, but sometimes misdirected; the album has its moments, but a lot of tedious patches as well."[Ira Robbins]

More :

NO G.D.M (Ep)

Tracklist :

01 original version
02 cat o'nine tales heavy guitar remix
03 psychonauts remix
04 headman remix

Link to download: 192 kbs

The Maxi No G.D.M., Gigolo Records proudly present Gina X Performance, the artificial fashion decadence band of German Electro-Wave Rock. Their 1981 classic is the first track in original version. In 2002 this song sounds fresh and modern which certainly is a result of Gina's fantastic voice and the dark bassline. Track No. 2, the 'Cat O' Nine Tale' remix of 1992 is dominated by a strong heavy guitar mix and sounds like trashy heavy metal destruction. The third song,'Nice Mover', Gina's second little hit, is an original backing track edit of the 1981 classic. The band used this version for performances in the 80s with a long 'We Are The Robots' -- like fantastic intro which sounds like an inspiration for the French band AIR. For their first LPs GINA X Performance were inspired by the vocabulary of sado-maso sex as well as by the transsexual and hardcore gay erotic scene. No G.D.M. went straight into the Austrian Top Ten and Gina X Performance had gigs in the clubs all over the world. They have always been more successful abroad while in Germany they kept their status as an Underground Wave act."

by Andy Kellman
One of the earliest proponents of chic, detached electro-pop, Gina X Performance (born Gina Kikoine) released a number of records throughout the late '70s and early '80s. A few of her songs, especially "No GDM" (a tribute to writer/actor Quentin Crisp) and "Nice Mover," have remained popular at dance clubs and within DJ circles; as proof of her lengthy shelf life, the latter was featured on Andrew Weatherall's Nine O'Clock Drop, a compilation of alternative dance tracks from the first half of the '80s, in 2000. Her android-like voice recalled obscure disco singer Amanda Lear and — most significantly — fellow German Marlene Dietrich. Most of her work featured the production skills of Zeus B. Held, who included Kikoine in his early-'80s Fashion project. She also took part in a duet with Associates' Billy Mackenzie during that group's Perhaps sessions, but odds are very slim that the unreleased song (a version of "The Best of You") will ever see the light of day.

More info:

Many thanks for Anvilscepe!!


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When she goes---

I will repost more within few days ,you will find them here...



MIXOLOGY 1 Limited Edition 1989 - 1995 (1995)

ELEKTRODELICA (An Exhibition For A Time Capsule) (1997)


naive art (in 2 parts)


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