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T42 - Intruder (1992) posted by Tecno71

Real Name:
Jay Gillian, Will Loconto, David Sebrind, Eric Holt, Delon Muller


Artwork By [Art Direction] - Risa Zaitschek /Backing Vocals [Additional] - Debbie Cole (tracks: 4, 7, 9) /Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Drum Programming - Jay Gillian , Will Loconto/ Keyboards [Additional], Guitar [Machine Additional], Drum Programming [additional] - Fred Maher , Paul Robb/ Lead Vocals, Guitar [Machine] - Will Loconto/ Mixed By - Fred Maher (tracks: 2, 3, 5 to 7) , Lloyd Puckitt , Paul Robb (tracks: 1, 4, 8 to 10) /Other [Management] - Bang Communications /Producer - Fred Maher (tracks: 2, 3, 5 to 7) , Paul Robb (tracks: 1, 4, 8 to 10)/Written By - Jay Gillian (tracks: 4, 7, 9) , Will Loconto (tracks: 1 to 3, 6, 8, 10)
Recorded at Axis Studios & Platinum Island Studios, New York City.

Tracklist :

01 Desire (3:57)
02 The Perfect Kiss (3:58)
03 Come Back (3:44)
04 Hot Candy (4:26)
05 Let Me Go (4:17)
Written By - Glenn Gregory , Ian Craig Marsh , Martyn Ware
06 Don't Let My Love (4:07)
07 Day For You (3:19)
08 Never (3:53)
09 See The Sky (3:34)
10 No More Promises (3:47)

Link to download :;6471930;;/fileinfo.html

" bought this album for one reason...Paul Robb was a producer on it. i htought i would give it a listen, jsut to see what else he was foing, other then insoc. Well, it turns out this album is gold. super awesome tracks these are! some may find them a bit cheesy, but i think they are awesome. the synths are tight, and sounds awesome, the precussion is amazing, its a solid album. i dont remember them from when they were aorund, but i love them. the only issues i thinkt hey had were they were about 10 years to late for synth pop, and 10 years to early for the synth pop revival...(look up the band soviet). i think when this album came out, people were to busy rocking out to nirvana and STP to notice anything having to do with a synth. paul and fred did an awesome job producing this alubm, its crisp clean, and fun. i think the vocals could have been a bit better, (they are kinda lacking, and arnt very strong) but the lyrics are on target and are generally good. i reccomend tracks 3, 6, 7 omg yes 7!, 9 and 10. they rest are pretty cool, but these are the stongest. see the sky(9) is amazing. when i hear it, im reminded of 1983, aplhaville, human league type music. its jsut too bad t42 wasnt aorudn when synth were in, and no flannel. t42 is a forgotten gem, and if you like synthpop, insoc, and anyhting else synthy, this album will be perfect for yuor collection!"

"If you like the good old-school synth based music such as: Information Society, Anything Box, and older Depeche Mode. This album would well represent those spectrum. Don't hesitate to pick this one up either you are one of those old-school synth junkies or simply want to enrich your synth-based music library. This is one of those gems, that's really 'underrated.'"

by Steven McDonald
Originally a Dallas area duo, with members Jay Gillian and Jimron Goff. Vocalist Will Loconto replaced Goff in 1989. The band released a cassette EP, Hot on Top, to local acclaim and airplay on local station The Edge 94.5, which also included a version of the song "Ecstasy" on the first Tales From the Edge compilation. Oak Lawn Records picked up the band for a 12" single edition of "Don't Let My Love (Push You Away)", which did well enough to attract the attention of Columbia Records, who signed the group. Columbia sent them into the studio with Information Society's Paul Robb handling production duties, releasing Intruder in 1992. Loconto quit the band in 1993, setting out to work with Information Society, leaving Gillian to bring in other players for tours with Information Society and Anything Box. T42 faded into the background after 1993, with two songs appearing on compilations, and only a handful of Dallas-area live gigs since. The band has no affiliation with the Luxembourg-based band of the same name.

More info: the page of Will loconto

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