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BROON - Broon (1992) / Egoism (1994) posted by Svabdos

Indie Rock

BROON (1992)

Tracklist :

01 Respect
02 Heard It All Before
03 On My Side
04 Forever Gone
05 Jolene
06 I Don´t Believe In You
07 Leave Us Behind
08 Even Daydreams
09 There She Goes
10 Pray

Link to download:

"Having departed the Sisters of Mercy to focus on his solo efforts, Andreas Bruhn metamorphisises into a god of Eurorock named Broon to bring us this self-titled debut. Within seconds of the title track Respect starting we are treated to soaring guitars and a unique vocal delivery that could only be delivered by a German-speaker singing in English. The album's motif is of the heartache of betrayal and Broon's often mournful guitar solos turn this pain into sound. Admittedly, this album does sound cliched but its earnestness and accomplished songwriting more than compensate for this. Any listener willing to drop their misconceptions and prejudices towards Eurorock will be rewarded with a pleasurable experience offered by few US or British rock acts. A word of warning, Sisters of Mercy fans will probably be horrified by this record! "

EGOISM (1994)

Tracklist :

01 Justify
02 Leave Me If You Can
03 All I Never Needed
04 Wherever You Are
05 Wasted Years
06 Falling
07 Grow
08 For My Own
09 Intruder
10 Black October
11 Despair
12 Pray (´94-Remix)

Link to download:

Andreas Bruhn started playing the guitar at the age of fourteen, laying the foundations for a pioneering career in music. He got involved with bands very young, soon achieving the distinction of being the only German member of the legendary THE SISTERS OF MERCY. His last day of community work (instead of military service) in April 1989 was also his first day with THE SISTERS OF MERCY. He had just turned 20. The SISTERS had not performed live for 5 years, but in 1990 the new line-up hit the stage for the worldwide 'Vision Thing' tour, with Bruhn as musical director. Andreas had worked with The SISTERS mastermind Andrew Eldritch on the 'Vision Thing' Album, composing the music for the B-side: 'You could be the one' and the Album track 'Detonation Boulevard', as well as working on the singles 'When you don«t see me' and 'Doctor Jeep', which also appeared on the Album . According to Andreas he was the only one besides Eldritch who really contributed to the record. He left the band in 1992 and entered the German top 100 with his solo Album 'Broon'. His second Album 'Egoism' soon followed. His songs are about cheating, lust, broken hearts and hope. The lyrics to his first single 'On my side' (remixed by David Z. in the Paisley Park Studios) deal with unfulfilled expectations. After years of successful producing at the Egoism Inc. Studio, Andreas Bruhn moved to a new studio, Ego Park in 1997. Now, predictably, he produces hit after hit, often in collaboration with fellow producer Oliver Goedecke (alias D.O.N.S.). He produced, composed and wrote the lyrics for the soundtrack to the film 'Freundinnen und andere Monster'. He remixed songs for Verena (DUNE) and SAMANTHA FOX as well as production work on three songs from DORO«s 'Calling The Wild' album which reached number 16 in the charts. While working successfully as producer, composer, author and re-mixer he also shares a studio with Michi Besler from Ear / Drum, where they work together on music for commercials (e.g. Dr. Oetker, Wella, Gammon, Nike, etc). This partnership has won several awards from the Art Directors Club Deutschland (ADC). In 2001 they won awards for sound design and cinema, as well as bronze medals in the categories of TV and promotion. The year before, they won a gold and a bronze medal in the cinema category, and a silver and a bronze medal in the TV category. The "Embryo" spot for Mercedes, received 2002 as one of two german contributions the Bronze Lion at the international "Advertising Festival" in Cannes.
One of their latest productions, the "Eurolingo" spot for the Inlingua language centre, recieved the most desired award: the Gold Lion 2003 in Cannes!
The successfull spot "Eurolingo" for the Inlingua language center, received another award in 2004, the "Klappe" which was awarded for the 25th time.Also in 2004 the Single "I Try" (written and produced by Michi Besler and Andreas Bruhn) was released by the Band Frameless. The Song was chosen by a major european car company for their TV advertising campaign and was shown on TV all over Europe.


Blogger Maia said...

Hello dear friends

Could u please reupload the Broon st album again.

Thanks, and cheers

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please, could you upload "Broon" 1992 album? big thanx

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could u please reupload the Broon st album again.

please, could you upload "Broon" 1992 album? big thanx

PORFAVOR sube el album del 1992 otra ves !!!!!!!!:)

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