Monday, March 12, 2007

THE PASSMORE SISTERS - First Love, Last Rites (1988) for DJ Wave

Pop Rock, Indie Rock

Martin Sadofski (vocals)
Brian E Roberts (Guitar)
Howi Taylor (bass)
Adrian Lee (Drums)

Other musicians were original vocalist Vic Wilford, guitarist Peter Richardson who along with Adrian was responsible for the bands distinctive sleeve artwork and drummer Robert Grace who replaced Adrian late in the bands career.

Tracklist :

01 Difficult
02 Every Child In Heaven
03 Goodbye Billy Wild
04 Shatter
05 Sally Why
06 A Safe Place To Hide
07 Dance The House Down
08 June In The Water
09 Foundry Of Lies
10 Grim English Joke
11 Red Star Blue Heart
12 All I Need Is Change

Link to download (224 kbs) :

The Passmore sisters formed as an art school band in bradford in 1983 with original vocalist Vic Wilford , plus Adrian Lee, Pete Richardson and Howard Taylor. This incarnation of the band played a few gigs and made some dubious demo recordings but it wasn't until 1984 when Martin Sadofski replaced Vic as the groups singer that things started to take shape. They released four singles and one album in their two year dash around the indie charts between 1985 and 1987.
Well supported by John Peel they recorded three Radio 1 sessions & were signed to Sharp Records, a label owned by the mighty Peter Sharp who ran a supermarket in Peterborough and liked good music. The four sisters (all male) turned in twenty minute live performances of ridiculous pace, which left the overcoated 80's indie kids for dead and singer Martin Sadofski hoarse and on his knees suffering from another asthma attack.
Their sound is probably best described as "C86" after the series of cassette releases the NME ran around this time featuring similar bands, although the Passmore themselves did not appear on the series.
Sadly TPS split up just as they were getting good, the sledge hammer pace of the earlier songs making way for a more cultured approach with their later releases. Songs such as “All I Need Is Change” and “A Safe Place To Hide”, show off the emerging guitar talents of Brain E Roberts, not to mention the song writing skills that would re-emerge years later when he, Sadofski & bassist Howard got back together to form Fever Hut - www.myspace/feverhut.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for Passmore Sisters...any chance you have the 2nd EP or 12" version of Violent Blue.

Thanks for keeping the music alive!! :-)*

DJ Wave

4:16 PM  
Blogger THE SCREENWRITER said...

what a great band they were. love derek

2:11 AM  
Blogger THE SCREENWRITER said...

what a class band they were. there new stuff is amazing.

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


been looking ofr the lp for ages. I've got it on vinyl and used to play it to death.

i'm afaid I'm a bit of a techno thicky. once I've downloaded it , do i need to download a rpogramm to unzip it or something as the file isnt recognised by windows media player?
Thanks for putting it up for download

11:57 AM  
Blogger Vince said...

Saltka and friends
you've made an old man very happy: one of my favourite lps, the poor thing was worn out. I have spend far too long playing the riff to every child in heaven desperately badly (sorry) but wth a smile on my face. Brilliant idea to release this - thanks again


3:22 PM  

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