Thursday, March 01, 2007

THE LUSHLIFE PROJECT - Budapest Eskimos (2005) i hope not only for Carla! :)

Nujazz /Headz/Groove, Trip Hop, Future Jazz, Downtempo

Tracklist :

01 Budapest Eskimos
02 Soul Reservation Morning
03 Popular Secret
04 Essence Of Our Origins
05 Grandmother Lovebox
06 Wurlitzer
07 Danubian Breeze
08 The Mushroom Man
09 Spacephone
10 Small Town In Your Eyes
11 New York Mystic
12 Spielplatz

Link to download:

"The Lushlife Project -- two Hungarian DJs, Zoltán Palásti Kovács and Konrád Pilisi -- are apparently dabbling in just about every kind of electronica imaginable. Their debut album "Budapest Eskimos" includes all sorts of chilly, delicate, almost upbeat music, from straightforward house electronica to electro funk to airy soundscapes. It suffers a bit from having no personal "sound" yet, but most songs are good individually. It opens with a funky beat and some robotic notes, and as "Soul Reservation Morning" gets underway, it settles into a solid downtempo tune with swooshes of smooth synth. watery sound effects, and a crystalline beat. But it doesn't lose that funky sound -- call it alien space funk, if you like. But they drop the funk with "Popular Secret," a sparkling house track, as well as the watery klezmerish "Wurlitzer," and discoey "Mashroom Man." The title track is the only one of these dancier, harder-edged tracks that doesn't quite work out -- despite its airy edges and pan pipes, it's all very mundane. But they also dabble in less ordinary fare -- the eerie "Essence of Our Origins" with its "ooooooo" voices, church bells and hollow pan pipes,as well as electropop flavoured with splashing noises, sensual beats, gypsyish melodies, and futuristic swooshes and croons of "spacephone!" "Budapest Eskimos" sounds like the soundtrack to an avant-garde sci-fi movie, with its earthy instrumentation to ground the chilly electronica. There's even a twenty-second clip of a music box playing, which fades away as the rippling wurtlitzer kicks back into play. It has the usual spacey, cold beats, deep grinding tones, and waves of rippling, shivering synth, put together in surprising ways -- and the melodies don't get repetitive. Sure, it helps to dabble in different kinds of electronica, but Lushlife Project doesn't wait long enough for the music to get monotonous before throwing in odd ripples and twists. The mellow, watery synth is grounded with more earthy instruments -- hints of piano, some solid basslines, and those pan pipes. There are samples of water splashing and phone conversations, adding to the slightly surreal feel of the music, as well as soft vocals from an unnamed woman, and growly announcements from a man. "Budapest Eskimos" is a charming first release, fitting into a space similar to Thievery Corporation -- which is a pretty hefty comparison to make. Mellow, cheery and spacey."

About the band :
In Hungary, and especially in Budapest, Zoltán Palásti Kovács and Konrád Pilisi are an integral part of the music and underground scene. They are the pillars and pioneers of an electronic music that is fascinating people far beyond the borders of its home country.They have brought their decades of experience in music into their "Lushlife Project", which has started about two years ago. To their experience, they added hungarian heart, temperament, and their history. Zoltán Palásti Kovács is musicologist and historian. He has studied singing and plays all sorts of instruments. Under his pseudonym "zoohacker", he has already published on internationally known compilation tracks. Konrád Pilisi is a radio presenter with his own radio show, and a well-known DJ with excellent references.Trip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Ethno - a seemingly neverending row of elements makes up the wonderful Lushlife project sound. It creates emotions, pictures, and atmosphere. What is special: The sources from which the two artists draw their inspiration are inexhaustible - Hungarian traditional music (see for example the title "Essence Of Our Origins") and the complete history of music, which Zoltán Palásti Kovács knows from his heart due to his studies. Tibetian folk songs cannot be blended into Trip-Hop? They do not harmonize? Wide of the mark! Zoltán Palásti Kovács and Konrád Pilisi prove the contrary. Their creative and innovative music has vision and future. Special highlights are their live performances which both artists appreciate and love. On stage together with other professional artist, soon everyone knows: If you are hot and cold at the same time, it must be the "Budapest Eskimos"!
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