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Various - Erotic Lounge (series) Lounge Day for Carla :)

Deep House,Downtempo, Ambient ,Trip Hop, Acid Jazz

VOL 1. (2003)

CD 1- Soft And Lazy

01 Tosca -Honey (Supatone 1 Dub)
02 Jaffa - Be Nude, Baby
03 DJ Cam - Romantic Love
04 Naomi - Anybody Here?
05 Akmusique - Café Noir
06 Mo' Horizons - Dance Naked Under Palmtrees
07 Yonderboi - Another Geometry
08 Bobby Hughes Combination - Olympic Girls
09 A Guy Called Gerald - Fever (Hotter Than Georgia Asphalt Remix)
10 Recloose - Absence Of One
11 Stargazer - Slomotion
12 Kruder & Dorfmeister - Original Bedroom Rockers
13 Strike Boys, The - Go Back Home (6:02)
14 Moodlex - Unlikely (5:58)

CD 2 - Quick And Dirty

01 Mez - Fuck'n Jazz
02 De-Phazz - Happiness
03 Antonio Carlos Jobim - Brazil (Alternate Take)
04 Maxwell Implosion, The - The Upper Lefthand Corner Of The Sky
05 Thievery Corporation - It Takes A Thief
06 Audio Lotion - Azul De Você
07 Mo' Horizons - Yes Baby Yes
08 Waldeck - Slowly
09 Spiller - Cry Baby (Röyksopp's Målselves Memorabilia Mix)
10 Funkaroma - Funkachild
11 Moodorama - Are U Comin'
12 Blue Six - Love Yourself
13 Genf - Aachen-Brüssel (Hans Nieswandt Whirlpool Remix)
14 Minus 8 - Badman & Throbin (Gábor Deutsch Lovely Vocal Remix)

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""Lounge" is a term often over-used in compilations these days. Some people wil slap that label on anything with a beat (that's not hard trance) or anything remotely soft (New Age/meditative or World music is NOT necessarily 'lounge' or 'chill.') But in the case of this collection - they actually have labeled and named it correctly! As for the "Erotic" portion, these CD's will definitely help with the right person(s) in the room ... just like listening to Barry White by yourself - in a blizzard - inside a Greyhound bus station in Fairbank, Alaska may not help you much, these CD's deliver on the promise of great 'lounge' music - the rest is up to you :-) There are four in the series so far. They are all excellent with only a few tracks not up to par on each set so you can't really go wrong but there are differences. EROTIC LOUNGE: The first is the softest of them all with lots of minimalist lounge. A perfect CD to end your evening or the first CD in the morning. EROTIC LOUNGE - DELUXE EDITION: It's exactly what a 'lounge' CD should be - full of chill beats backed by light jazz beats or bossa nova-like beats. If anyone wants to know what 'lounge' should sound like - this CD pretty much encapsulates what it should be. EROTIC LOUNGE - SENSUAL PASSION: Along with great 'lounge' tracks, they pick up a beat a bit with tracks that go into trance chill or trip hop - again, all tasteful, fun and aptly cool. On the slightly exotica tracks, they veer from bossa nova to light samba. EROTIC LOUNGE - BARE JEWELS: This is the least lounge of the collection with most tracks really more trip hop, light trance or melodic acid jazz - nothing wrong with - still a great collection of tracks - just so you know exactly what you're getting. So whatever the mood you want to set - from 'lounge' where you can easily converse over the instrumental tracks to tracks that will get you in the mood for a fun samba or tracks to lead to you to the bedroom - they're all here. Pick and choose or get them all - you can't go wrong with this series, so far, they're all great. And hey, the CD cover alone is worth a star :-)"


"i just have to say whoever made this cd really put their foot in it. i mean you can listen to this cd all the way through, forget about switching songs. soft and lazy side was my favorite"

Vol 2. - Sensual Passion (2004)

CD 1

01 Sweet Coffee -No Ordinary Love
02 Jazzamor- Ain't No Sunshine
03 Dublex Inc. (feat. Alice Russel)- Dont Make Me Want You
04 Hooverphonic -Mad About You (LLorca's Radio Shot)
05 Beanfield (feat. Ernesto) -Kiss
06 Raul Paz -Mulata
07 Stephane Pompougnac (feat. Juliette OZ) - Fast & Loud
08 Sofa Surfers -Wittness (Thievery Coorporation Remix)
09 Pauline London- Love Can Sing
10 Jazzanova -Soon (P Smoovah Mix)
11 Fous De La Mer -Never Stop Loving
12 Etro Anime -Let it Go
13 Zero 7 - Passing By
14 Moodorama - I Think It's...
15 Zeo Noel - Toi et Moi

CD 2

01 Hacienda -Be With Me
02 Korsakow -Sweet Poision of Your Love
03 Micatone -Sit Beside Me (Club Mix)
04 Carmen McRae -How Long Has This Been Going On (MJ Cole Remix)
05 DJ Friction -Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Dublex Inc Remix)
06 Planet Funk -Under The Rain
07 Ian Pooley (feat. Rosanna & Zelia)- Me Leve
08 Shakedown -At Night (Afterlife Remix)
09 Miguel Migs -The Night (RK's Vocal Mix)
10 Mousse T. with Roachford -Pop Muzak (Ian Pooley Radio Edit)
11 Kosheen -Hide U (John Creamer & Stephane K Radio Edit)
12 Sensecity -Enlight My Day (SDeep RMX)
13 So Phat! - A Love Bizzare (Club Mix)
14 Rodney Hunter- Electric Lady ( Electrische Bidde Mix)
15 Schiller (feat. Heppner) - Dream of You

Link to download:

Deluxe Edition (2003)

Cd 1

01 Boozoo Bajou - Second To None
02 Thievery Corporation - Until The Morning
03 Malia - Yellow Daffodils (feat. Erik Truffaz)
04 Morcheeba - Slow Down
05 DePhazz - Anchorless
06 J.P. Juice - Fukai
07 Zero Noel - Mes Yeux Fermis
08 Afterlife - Breather
09 The Dining Rooms - Dreamy Smiles
10 Ive Mendes - Nao Vou Fugir
11 Roger Sanchez - Another Chance (Afterlife Remix)
12 Naomi - White
13 Alex Gopher - Quiet Storm
14 Vargo - Get Back To Serenity
15 Blank & Jones - Beyond Time (Ambient Edit)


01 Tosca - Fuck Dub (Brazilia-Remix)
02 Trüby Trio - Lover Uncovered
03 EMO - First Time Experiences
04 Fused - Twisted (Reprise)
05 Randy Crawford - Gimme The Night (Chill Night Mix)
06 The Maxwell Implosion - Tic Tac (Jet Sounds Remix)
07 Vienna DC - Dope Control
08 Smith & Mighty - Maybe It's Me
09 Solasoap - Look Around
10 Trio Electro - Echo Parcours
11 Nicola Conte - Fica Mal Com Deus
12 S-Tone Inc. - In The Mood For Love
13 Megablast - Love Is Always There
14 Mo Horizon - Gonna Be (Ben Human Remix)
15 Shazz - Fallin' In Love

link to download :

"These CDs are amazing. I was looking for a CD that all my favorite bands such as Thievery, Tosca, Nicola Conte, Morcheeba...It is perfect for having company over for cocktails or to get you in the mood or just chilling with a glass of wine. People always ask me what I am playing. If you are looking for mood music, this is perfect!!!!

"Heard this first last weekend at one of the girls' dorms at James Madison University. The girl in charge of the stereo that night played this CD and described it as "the wettest" music she'd ever heard. Listening to it, the girls seemed absolutely mesmerized! My girlfriend insisted we track down a copy of our own... and I can personally attest to its effect! 'Nuff said. So spread the word! ALLISON B."

Vol 4. - Bare Jewels (2005)

Cd 1 - Soft And Lazy

01 Sade - Lovers Rock
02 Blank & Jones - I Love You
03 Solar Moon - Inside Out
04 Pluto Project - Erophone
05 Soul 'N' Soda - What Kind Of Woman
06 Mo' Horizons - Dance Naked Under Palmtrees
07 Bent - I Love My Man
08 Funky Lowlives, The - You Have To Come With Me
09 Tanga - Sink
10 Trio Elétrico - Wandance Paris
11 Tosca - Forte
12 Brauns - Around Us
13 Bebel Gilberto - O Caminho
14 DJ Krush - Danger Of Love
15 Boozoo Bajou - Take It Slow
16 Sven Väth - Je T'aime

CD 2 - Quick And Dirty

01 Blank & Jones - Closer To Me
02 Vargo - Beauty
03 Strike Boys, The - Playtime Theme
04 Ian Pooley - Sentimento
05 Jazzamor - Sometimes
06 Moca - Funky Plüsch
07 Minus 8 - Pussycat
08 Eddy Meets Yannah - Can't Hide Love
09 Koop - Relaxin' At Club F****n (Dorfmeister Vs. Madrid De Los Austrias)
10 Lenny Mac Dowell - Je Te Veux
11 International Pony - Super You
12 Trüby Trio - Universal Love
13 Faithless - Why Go?
14 Infusion - Love And Imitation
15 Chris Le Blanc - Into My Dream
16 2Raumwohnung - Sasha (Sex Secret)

Link to download:

"Well despite the title and all cheezy images it conjours up this is in fact a well put together compilation of Jazzy laid back tracks that are equally at home when having a romantic meal, a dinner party or just chilling out. The tracks are a mixture of soulful mellow dance tracks that all follow a similar feel. I enjoyed this compilation and have now added the other three to my collection."

Vol 5. - Secret Affairs (2006)

CD 1 - Soft & Lazy

01 Sarah McLachlan -Dirty Little Secret
02 Jazzamor -Lovin' You
03 MOCA -Kleine Träumerei
04 Naoki Kenji -Bedtime
05 Moodorama -Weird Love
06 Lucky Loop feat. Lemn Sissay & -Take A Look
07 Roberto Sol feat. Ines -Nube de Agua
08 Groove da Praia -Is This Love (Edit)
09 Zimpala -Fall In The Water
10 Azymuth -Morning
11 Lyambiko -Give It Up
12 Hooverphonic -Others Delight
13 Smood vs. Natascha Grin -Principle Of Love
14 Slackwax feat. Trinah -Midnight
15 Opensouls -In Your Hands
16 Nightmares On Wax -I Am You
17 Sumatic -Heut' Nacht

CD2 - Quick & Dirty

01 Bloomfield -Mon Coeur
02 DJ Monique vs. Stephan Le Coqu -You're Like An Angel
03 Trinah -Let's Stay Together
04 Kieser.Velten feat. JEN -Together
05 Luisito Quintero feat. Ananè -Our Love
06 Farida -Entao Eu Vou
07 Hacienda -Late Lounge Lover
08 Chic Mopà:Do What?
09 Janice feat. Concorde À L'Oran:Sparkling Desire
10 Majestic 12 -Alone Again
11 Phreek Plus One -The Model
12 Seductive Souls -Love Theme From Seductive Soul
13 Product.01 -Heart Ov Glass
14 Voom Voom -Best Friend
15 Hacienda feat. Caitlin Devlin -Data Love

Links to download:


Sinners Lounge - The Erotic Sessions (2006)

CD 1

01 Morcheeba - Slow down
02 Clara Hill - What for
03 Sofa Surfers - Can I get a witness [Thievery Corporation mix]
04 Kruder & Dorfmeister - Deep shit pt. 1 & 2
05 Stratus feat. Howie Beck - Uplink
06 Herbalizer - Song for Mary
07 Micatone - Nomad
08 Division Kent - Brooklyn dub
09 Mum - Zero gravity
10 Kabanjak - Revelation dub
11 Aromabar - 2 perfect lovers
12 Boozoo Bajou feat. Wayne Martin - Every hour
13 Spyritual - All is not what it seems
14 Dj Krush - Song 1 (5:19)

CD 2.

01 Taxi! - Sunday suburban dream
02 Yonderboi - Even if you are victorious
03 Minus 8 feat. Billie - Sometimes [Compost original edit]
04 Jimi Tenor - Barcelona sunrise
05 Markus Kienzl - Send some love
06 Alif Tree - Enough
07 Pathless - Goddess
08 Boards Of Canada - Oscar see trough red eye
09 Deela feat. Inga L?hning - Naked
10 Zero 7 - Your place
11 Federico Aubele - El amor de este pueblo
12 808Funk - Chanson d amour
13 Gabriel Le Mar - Seaside [X-Tended album mix]
14 Max Melvin - Sand

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